A New Era: Hybrid IT and the Fully-Integrated Provider

In every industry, IT professionals are watching their roles and objectives evolve rapidly. The world is now digital and data is at the core of how enterprises, governments and individuals manage their core functions. The impact of data is being felt beyond the IT department; it is reverberating through every aspect of our lives.

Data enables communication and commerce and is the driving force behind globalization. Data is also revolutionizing how we consume media and changing how we interact with our government and elected officials. This pervasive presence means the digital landscape is growing larger and more complex. Now, more than ever, CIOs and CTOs are challenged to build sustainable IT strategies against a constantly changing backdrop. To understand where IT is going and be able to plan ahead, it is important to understand the evolving role data centers play in day-to-day IT management and how hybrid IT is driving strategy. Data has moved out of the back office and into the forefront of how organizations and people build relationships, enhance experiences and streamline operations.

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