Global DDoS Attacks & Cyber Security Insights Report

In this latest release of global research we see that the risk and impact from DDoS attacks remains high. In May 2017, organizations around the world reported a fever pitch of harmful and overwhelming DDoS attacks, but they also announced an overwhelming intention to invest in better defenses and get back out in front of trouble. In the following pages, we see an increase in those investments and a return of attack levels similar to Fall 2016. Attack rates remain high, but rather troubling is the increased success attackers have had in breaching organizations while using DDoS as part of the assaults.

Determined DDoS attackers are running into more determined defenders, but unfortunately they are achieving more breach success than a year ago, especially in terms of reported theft. As digital transformation to cloud technologies in the modern enterprise continues to take hold, organizations will need to evolve protection strategies and continue to work to counter ever-evolving DDoS assaults.

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