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  • The Network Impact of 802.11ac
    Source: Aerohive
    White Paper: Two industry trends are converging - 802.11ac and the need for personalizing user's mobile experiences to deliver anytime, anywhere access without wreaking havoc on network operations and cost controls. This paper discuss two approaches for efficient WLAN design. Both let you integrate 802.11ac into your WLAN and help lay the foundation for future, high-speed technologies.
  • Dell Mobility Solutions: A powerful portfolio
    Source: Dell Software
    White Paper: How do you balance security with freedom of access when rolling out a BYOD strategy? Read this new white paper to see how Dell Mobility Solutions can help. Custom BYOD solutions offer the flexibility of anytime, anywhere access while enhancing security and streamlining complex IT management.
  • Enhance and optimize your mobility/BYOD infrastructure
    Source: Dell Software
    White Paper: Grow your mobile workforce without risking security or increasing administrative complexity. This new white paper explains how Dell Mobility Solutions can help you increase mobile/BYOD performance and capacity while protecting company resources and streamlining IT management.
  • Transforming enterprise applications for mobile environments
    Source: Dell Software
    White Paper: What's the best way to provide your diverse mobile users access to the apps they need? This white paper explains how the Dell Application Modernization and Development Solution Set can help you know when to develop new mobile apps, modernize existing apps or set up a desktop virtualization solution.
  • Future-proof your mobility strategy with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management
    Source: Dell Software
    White Paper: Looking for ongoing ways to securely connect your mobile team to the resources they need today and in the future? Read this new white paper to learn how Dell Enterprise Mobility Management can help your IT team adapt as devices, operating systems and work habits constantly evolve.
  • Enabling devices and device management for your mobility/BYOD program
    Source: Dell Software
    White Paper: Which mobile devices will best meet your business goals while satisfying employees? This white paper explains how to select the right devices for your organization and manage them efficiently, flexibly and securely - using Dell Enterprise Mobility Management and a range of Dell mobile devices.
  • Maximizing mobile efficiency and productivity
    Source: Dell Software
    White Paper: BYOD programs help employees be more productive, but how does your mobile strategy affect IT resources? Read this white paper to learn how Dell solutions can help optimize your IT infrastructure, maintain data security, streamline administration, and develop and modernize apps for mobile employees.
  • Securing the enterprise workspace: protect your organization while supporting mobility and BYOD
    Source: Dell Software
    White Paper: Check out this new white paper to learn how Dell Mobility Solutions for security can help protect your organization's information, systems and networks while simplifying administration and supporting employees with forward-thinking mobility initiatives for a range of devices and operating systems.
  • Proven Approaches to Mobile-Enable Enterprise Apps
    Source: Dell Software
    White Paper: Identifying the best approach to make enterprise applications available to mobile users requires both business and technical considerations given the existing infrastructure. This paper examines:
    - Pros and cons of different approaches to mobile-enable enterprise applications
    - Considerations for new app development
    - Ensuring support for various multiple device types, operating systems and screen sizes
    - The role of desktop virtualization
    - Desktop-as-a-Service options
  • Optimization Strategies to Better Support Mobile
    Source: Dell Software
    White Paper: Expand the capacity of your infrastructure to handle more mobile users while controlling costs. This white paper offers best practices to streamline identity and access management, address performance issues cause by increased device density, understand bandwidth needs driven by mobility, and ensure secure remote access and defend against threats, while not over purchasing hardware.
  • Do More With Less: How CARFAX Consolidated Their Security Solutions
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: CARFAX, a leading provider of vehicle history information, needed to protect its website from attacks, ensure website availability, prevent data theft, and enhance the scalability of its infrastructure. Through a consolidated F5 solution, CARFAX cut site downtime to zero, secures its data, and deployed a high-performance infrastructure to support its rapid growth.
  • Fight Malware, Malfeasance and Malingering
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: Every year brings an even more extreme set of threats to the enterprise than the last. Spam email used to be the number one headache. Now it's been replaced with malware, spear phishing, and the infamous spin-off of the two, the advanced persistent threat (APT). Employee internet usage is also changing in ways that challenge traditional enterprise security. If not managed effectively, all of these issues have the potential to be very costly for the organization. The good news is that enterprises have a range of mitigation options. The question is which solution offers the organization the greatest protection and control without adding complexity or unnecessary costs. Download this whitepaper to learn how F5's Secure Web Gateway Services provide the broadest and deepest coverage available to enterprises today.
  • How to Fill the Threat Management Gateway Void
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: The recent discontinuation of Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) requires enterprises to find a new solution to secure corporate access to the web. In choosing a new solution, it's important for decision-makers to ensure that the solution they select includes the features and functionality necessary to ensure safe and appropriate web access. Combining comprehensive features and functionality with superior scalability and performance, F5 Secure Web Gateway Services are uniquely positioned to provide the best alternative for TMG replacement.
  • Network Testing for the Real-World: 7 Tips for Reliable Test Results
    Source: Spirent
    White Paper: Network Testing for the rest of us... In the world of large companies and testing labs, what options do Enterprises have when it comes to an affordable solution and reliable test results? Download 7 Tips for Reliable Test Results to find out!
  • Infographic: Converged Infrastructure Benefits
    Source: VCE
    White Paper: In order to meet fast-evolving business needs, many IT leaders are turning to converged infrastructure systems. This Infographic quantifies the savings organizations are realizing from increased deployment speed, higher availability, and lower annual costs.

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