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  • Advanced Attacks Demand New Defenses
    Source: McAfee
    White Paper: Security threat and response is a vicious circle of escalating (and increasingly cagey) attacks and sophisticated (and increasingly costly) defenses. The latest generation of malware includes deviously creative evasive techniques crafted to exploit ambiguities in the Internet's underlying technology, flaws in network software stacks, and limitations of security appliances. In this report, we discuss these techniques, how IT teams can test their level of exposure, and how to detect and block attacks using advanced packet normalization.
  • Mission Critical: Managing Mobile Applications & Content
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have become embedded in enterprise processes, thanks to the consumerization of IT and a new generation of workers raised on mobile technologies. Consumer devices and bring-your own-device (BYOD) programs are driving a new wave of business process innovation, changing the way customers, employees and partners interact with organizations and with each other. In fact, mobile devices and applications are catching up with -- and in many cases surpassing -- PCs in the quality and functionality of their applications.
  • Scaling SaaS Delivery for Long-Term Success
    Source: Equinix
    White Paper: Thanks to increased SaaS adoption, there is greater opportunity for providers to expand their customer bases. This paper provides recommendations for SaaS executives on using the cloud to increase market share and retaining their customers amid a growing number of consumer options.
  • A Non-Geek's Big Data Playbook
    Source: SAS
    White Paper: This white paper is designed to be a visual playbook for the non-geek yet technically savvy business professional who is still trying to understand how big data, specifically Hadoop, impacts the enterprise data game we've all been playing for years. Specifically, this Big Data Playbook demonstrates in six common "plays" how Apache Hadoop, the open source poster child for big data technologies, supports and extends the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) ecosystem. It begins with a simple, popular play and progresses to more complex, integrated plays.
  • 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Launching Your DG Program
    Source: SAS
    White Paper: Good judgment and sound decision making are at the heart of data governance. From failing to define data governance, to premature launch, or expecting too much from a sponsor, this white paper explains ten common mistakes that can be avoided when launching your data governance program. Read this white paper to learn more.
  • Flying High on the Use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    Source: Red Hat
    White Paper: Flybe was one of the 21 companies that were interviewed for quantitative results on their operations as part of an IDC ROI analysis. This case study presents the qualitative side of the company's success story.
  • Maintain Less. Create More.
    Source: Red Hat
    White Paper: Spend less on maintenance and spend more time creating with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Read on to learn how Red Hat can help you lower operating costs by up to 34%.
  • 8 Steps to Fill the Mobile Enterprise Application Gap
    Source: Citrix
    White Paper: Mobile devices and applications are quickly becoming as important and widespread in the enterprise as PCs and traditional business apps. Thanks to the consumerization of IT and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs, the workplace has expanded beyond the office and even the home to wherever the user happens to be. Traveling executives and Millennials alike expect to communicate, collaborate and access their important work applications and data from anywhere on whatever device they choose.
  • How Four Citrix Customers Solved the Enterprise Mobility Challenge
    Source: Citrix
    White Paper: Organizations must empower people to be productive anywhere, from any device, while fortifying information security. A complete enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution addresses apps and devices and keeps company data safe. Find out how customers across diverse industries put EMM to work.
  • Video is the New Document: Four Things You Can't Miss
    Source: Polycom
    White Paper: Video documents are quickly becoming the new way to communicate and learn. They are easier to share and socialize, and for the user does not tie up as much time as a lengthy whitepaper. Download this research summary to find out the 4 reasons why video is quickly replacing print media and see how this can fit in with your organizations content strategy plan for 2014.
  • The Role of the User Experience in Video Conferencing
    Source: Polycom
    White Paper: While video conferencing can offer significant, measurable benefits to companies and their employees, all video conferencing solutions are not alike. To ensure successful deployment and implementation--and to maximize (ROI)--managers must choose their video conferencing tools wisely, matching the right technology to the right use cases. This is critical to ensure that employees actually benefit from the technology, and to keep management costs and headaches as low as possible. This paper will highlight the key elements companies should look for in a video conferencing system, and offer best-practices recommendations for identifying and working with a video solutions provider.
  • Gartner MarketScope for Group Video Systems
    Source: Polycom
    White Paper: The Gartner "MarketScope for Group Video Systems" evaluates seven group video system vendors based on six customer-focused criteria such as customer experience, market responsiveness and track record, and offering strategy. The report offers guidance for IT leaders who want to start or expand the use of video collaboration within their organizations. Find out why Polycom was rated in the highest category "Strong Positive."
  • The Challenges and Opportunities of Mobile Application Development
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: Nearly all business users now demand mobile devices--their own or company-owned--along with anywhere access to corporate applications and data. What turns mobile devices into productivity engines for enterprises? Mobile applications. In this report, we'll look carefully at some of the primary challenges and risks organizations face in developing and managing mobile apps. And, we'll look at opportunities to optimize the process of mobile application development.
  • Planning for Mobile Success
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: Many organizations are seeing clear and quantifiable benefits from the deployment of mobile technologies that provide access to data and applications any time, anywhere. These benefits often include increased profits, a more efficient and productive workforce, and enhanced customer service. But along with these gains come a number of tough challenges. Most common are problems surrounding implementation, management, resource allocation, security and long-term planning for mobile environments. And as mobile demands continue to increase in the years ahead, IT administrators will be under even greater pressure to provide necessary bandwidth, server capacity and storage resources.
  • Securing Mobility, From Device to Network
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: At one time, the process of managing and securing mobile devices and applications was fairly straightforward. Most organizations worried about one application (email) on a single platform (often BlackBerry devices). Those days are long gone. Over the past 10 years, the bring-your-down-device (BYOD) movement has introduced an assortment of devices, apps and services to the enterprise. The massive growth of mobile computing has greatly increased the complexity and difficulty of managing and securing mobile assets.

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