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  • Unifying Spreadsheets and Centralized Performance Management
    Source: Tidemark
    White Paper: In today's digital age in planning, a new role of the "modern modeler" is coming to surface to bridge the gap between finance, operations and strategic IT. Whether the task is ad-hoc spreadsheet analysis or centralized planning, bringing together both environments will require the need for flexible and efficient planning tools to provide the company with real-time and contextualized models.
    View a complimentary copy of the Blue Hill research report - 'Unifying Spreadsheets and Centralized Performance Management' and learn:
    * The role, skills and background of the "modern modeler"
    * Strategies and tools that provide for transition to this role for individuals, and for success in this approach for the companies themselves
    * Detail the technology and processes that support moving to the "modern modeler" capability
    * Best practices and pitfalls in moving to this set of skills
  • Survey Analysis for Zscaler - An Osterman Research Executive Brief
    Source: Zscaler
    White Paper: Osterman Research surveyed C-level IT decision makers on deploying next generation firewalls. Learn what they had to say about migrating to next-generation firewalls, including adoption drivers, key decision criteria, rules and best practices.
  • Zscaler Next Generation Firewall
    Source: Zscaler
    White Paper: Traditional firewall appliances are no longer enough to protect you from sophisticated malware. The Zscaler Next Generation Firewall protects your organization's Internet access against application-based threats across your distributed enterprise.
  • What does the Cloud mean to Enterprise Security?
    Source: Zscaler
    White Paper: Download this whitepaper and discover how a Direct-to-Cloud approach to enterprise security can streamline your IT infrastructure, reduce security-related and network costs, while providing better security than appliance-based solutions.
  • Automating Network Provisioning for Private Cloud
    Source: Infoblox
    White Paper: In this whitepaper, we'll explore some of the problems inherent in virtualized datacenters and cloud environments, specifically enterprise private clouds, and we'll discuss solutions that can take you down the last mile of the automation journey so that your business can fully achieve agility and extract maximum value from its private-cloud investments.
  • Simplifying Private Cloud Deployments Through Network Automation
    Source: Infoblox
    White Paper: Advancements in private cloud technology are leading IT professionals to bet big on highly virtualized, automated data centers and private clouds. There are vast benefits to private cloud strategies, but be careful. While some elements of private cloud deployments are well understood and highly automated like servers and storage, other elements are mostly manual and can cause problems with your networking.

    In this white paper, you'll learn a new approach to private cloud deployment. Read more and find out how this approach will help you reap the benefits of private cloud solutions, such as:
    - Convenient self-service for internal customers
    - Seamless scalability of workloads
    - And more
  • Infographic: The PBX Dilemma: Hosted or Premises-Based?
    Source: XO Communications
    White Paper: This infographic weighs the pros and cons of hosted and premises-based PBX solutions and shows you why more businesses of all sizes are choosing to go hosted.
  • Is Hosted VoIP Right for You? 6 Must-Ask Questions
    Source: XO Communications
    White Paper: Download this complimentary eBook to discover the six questions that companies must ask and answer before they migrate to a hosted VoIP provider. It also provides insight into how to calculate the cost of a hosted service and whether potential customers will want to add collaboration capabilities to the voice service.
  • The UC Imperative
    Source: XO Communications
    White Paper: Supporting mobile workers is a fact of life for most any IT organization. Now, though, the stakes are higher as employees need to use a multitude of devices to access all of the apps and data they need to do their jobs. Read this paper to find out how IT can make this a reality by coupling a comprehensive Unified Communications plan with a sound networking strategy.
  • Key Tools for Maximizing Your Hybrid Cloud Investment
    Source: XO Communications
    White Paper: Explore the optimization tools that give you the ability to see and control the performance and security of your WAN traffic, a vital component to your cloud success. Among other things, these tools help you counteract the effects of latency introduced by geographical WAN distances and allow you to alleviate network congestion that might results from sending a lot large files and retransmitting dropped packets.
  • The Role of the WAN in Your Hybrid Cloud
    Source: XO Communications
    White Paper: Is your WAN ready to support your hybrid cloud? Discover how to prepare your WAN to get the most out of your investment in a hybrid public/private cloud.
  • The Evolution from Network to Multi-Clouds
    Source: XO Communications
    White Paper: David Linthicum, enterprise technology expert, examines the challenges of adopting multiple clouds and striking the right balance between your networks and clouds in Part 1 of this eBook series focused on building a network that empowers digital business. Explore why companies adopt multiple clouds and learn how to identify your stage of cloud evolution.
  • Clearing the Network Hurdle to Cloud Deployment
    Source: XO Communications
    White Paper: Although enthusiasm is high among IT pros for cloud services, an IDG Research Quick Poll survey found that, in fact, the cloud is at a crossroads. That's because IT execs understand that the main benefits of cloud - lower costs and business agility - won't be felt by their employees unless WAN links to the cloud perform at a high level. To assure that critical performance, network and application performance management tools are critical.
  • Putting the Kibosh on Shadow IT: Best Practices for Hybrid Cloud Management
    Source: XO Communications
    White Paper: When individual departments procure cloud service for their own use, they usually don't consider the hazardous organization-wide implications. Read this paper to learn best practices for setting up an internal, IT-based cloud brokerage function that service the entire organization. Find out how this approach enables you to retain top-down visibility and control of network security and manage the impact of cloud traffic on your WAN.
  • What's Missing from Your BYOD Strategy?
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: Mobile device programs play an important role in enabling enterprise productivity. However, mobile device management (MDM) solutions have led to poor user experience, privacy concerns, security risks and ballooning costs. Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is a far better approach to managing personal devices in a corporate setting at scale. Learn how XenMobile uses EMM to enable BYOD and CYOD/COPE mobility programs without impacting user experience, and without inflating costs or introducing security risks.

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