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  • Blue Coat/Elastica "Shadow Data Report" 2015
    Source: Blue Coat Systems
    White Paper: Based on the analysis of over 63M documents shared in the cloud, this report highlights key trends and insights into the usage and security of cloud apps and the data residing in them.
  • Cloud Data Protection? Ask The Tough Questions.
    Source: Blue Coat Systems
    White Paper: Lots of marketing claims are being made by Cloud Data Protection Gateway providers. It's time for critical analysis. This Blue Coat paper reviews the key questions Security, Governance & Risk and IT should be asking vendors.
  • Data Residency, Privacy & Security in the Cloud
    Source: Blue Coat Systems
    White Paper: This Blue Coat white paper details potential issues to consider before using cloud services; and how encryption and tokenization can enable you to safely adopt the cloud while adhering to appropriate guidelines.
  • The Top 7 Things you Must Know about vSphere Storage Performance
    Source: Infinio Systems
    White Paper: Many factors impact storage performance in vSphere environments. In this paper, vExpert Eric Siebert shares the top 7 things you should know about improving this performance, including some tips you can begin using immediately.
  • IDG Market Pulse Survey Results: Performance Through Acceleration
    Source: Infinio Systems
    White Paper: The growing trend toward virtualized environments has opened the door for organizations to enjoy a host of benefits, including data center consolidation, extended application life, as well as simplified provisioning. However, at the same time, the consolidation efforts have increased the workloads on the host, resulting in system bottlenecks, as well as less-than-ideal storage performance. As a result, organizations of all sizes are constantly dealing with how to improve storage performance without further taxing already tight budgets.
  • vSphere 6 Whitepaper
    Source: Infinio Systems
    White Paper: 3rd party white paper written by Eric Siebert, VMware vExpert. Includes messaging on Infinio and his recommendation to use it to address storage performance problems ahead of upgrading to vSphere 6.0.
  • Why AFA Architecture Matters as Enterprises Pursue Dense Mixed Workload Consolidation
    Source: Violin Memory
    White Paper: Enterprise storage workload requirements have evolved, and so have the needs for a comparable alternative to hard disk drive (HDD) storage arrays. In their place, all flash arrays (AFAs) have proven themselves able to meet the requirements of high performance dedicated application environments.

    In this report, IDC assess the current state of the AFA market and how it might effectively become the enterprise storage workhorses of record for all tiers of primary applications. From total cost of ownership (TCO), reliability, scalability and more, read on to see if AFAs can effectively assume the primary storage array role in your enterprise.
  • Demartek: Violin Memory 7300 Flash Storage Platform Supports Multiple Primary Storage Workloads
    Source: Violin Memory
    White Paper: When it comes to real-world application workloads, the IOPS numbers quoted on product datasheets may not be as accurate as you think. In many cases, the real-world workloads are larger and more varied than the 4K block sizes typically used to obtain the datasheet IOPS numbers. These variations can sometimes have unpredictable effects on the storage array once it is put into actual use.

    With this in mind, Violin Memory commissioned Demartek to test the Violin Memory 7300 FSP by running four workloads against it at the same time. Some key findings included:

    -Real-world workloads are "messy" with variable read-write ratios and average block sizes ranging from 8K to 64K.
    -The Violin Memory 7300 FSP provided consistent performance without experiencing the increase in latency frequently observed with mixed workloads.

    Read the full report to look beyond IOPS recommendations and better understand the true capabilities and limitations of all-flash arrays (AFAs).
  • The Hard Disk is Dead Autopsy
    Source: Violin Memory
    White Paper: The hard disk is dead. Or at least it should be.

    Cause of death? The performance demands of the modern data center. Enterprise storage expectations and needs have changed, but the capabilities of HDDs and even solid state disks (SSDs) have not. So now it's time for a new solution. Storage Switzerland performed a technology autopsy to find out where the hard disk failed and the benefits of switching to a low latency and high performance all flash array instead.
  • Blue Coat: Data Privacy & Compliance in the Cloud
    Source: Blue Coat Systems
    White Paper: Don't let SaaS data security concerns stop you from migrating to the cloud. Learn how encryption and tokenization satisfy legal requirements and industry mandates for protecting sensitive data in SaaS cloud applications.
  • DNS User Guide
    Source: CatchPoint Systems Inc
    White Paper: It's clear that Domain Name Systems are key parts of a website's infrastructure, but do you understand how the translation from a domain name to an IP address works? Can you explain how the quality of your DNS resolution process affects your users' experiences? With the DNS User Guide, you can better understand the complexities of DNS, and how optimizing your DNS servers will improve the performance of your website.
  • Making a Business Case for Performance Analytics
    Source: CatchPoint Systems Inc
    White Paper: Businesses, both online and brick-and-mortar, are constantly updating their technologies to attract more customers and keep up with competition. While this approach can certainly be beneficial in customer acquisition, the process creates complicated issues for the IT department, which is already struggling against budget cuts and departmental downsizing.
  • A New Engineered Solution for Big Data with MapR and Samsung
    Source: Samsung
    White Paper: The MapR Converged Data Platform integrates Hadoop and Spark, real-time database capabilities, and global event streaming with big data enterprise storage, for developing and running innovative data applications. The MapR Platform not only provides enterprise-grade features such as high availability, disaster recovery, security and full data protection, but also allows Hadoop to be easily accessed as traditional network-attached storage (NAS) with read-write capabilities. The MapR Platform is a modern, read-write capable, NFS-mountable distributed file-system written in C++ that directly accesses storage hardware - dramatically improving performance while providing ease of administration. In this whitepaper, we focus on the benefits of PCIe-connected SSD for big data using the MapR Platform.
  • Big Data Without Big Headaches
    Source: Vormetric
    White Paper: The challenge of how to handle Big Data is only partially addressed by the databases that are used to store it. One of the most pressing issues around Big Data adoption is security, as more and more organizations adopt it in the coming years. Read on to find out how to benefit from Big Data while eliminating potentially big headaches.
  • Securing the Keys to the Kingdom
    Source: Vormetric
    White Paper: With all of this data, there is also risk, specifically those entities within the organization that may have access to confidential data either due to their job function or because they are gaining it through surreptitious means. When used with an Operational Intelligence platform such as Splunk, the Vormetric Data Security Platform not only encrypts and controls access to your files and databases, but also provides information that is utilized by Splunkbase. Whether the deployment is physical or virtual, the joint solution can alert when unusual or improper data access is detected, and can offer detailed user and process information to help investigation.

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