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  • Leveraging Automation for Advanced Network Troubleshooting
    Source: NetBrain Technologies
    White Paper: When the network goes down, every minute counts. Data from a 2013 CDW survey suggests that network outages cost enterprises over $1.7B in lost revenue over the previous year. Much of this loss could have been avoided if network teams were able to discover the source of problems more quickly. Many enterprises have already deployed network monitoring systems to help them react to incidents faster, but it's not enough.

    In this paper, we'll examine why network troubleshooting is so challenging and look at opportunities to improve incident response times with a divide and conquer strategy. We'll address how automation can be applied to a traditional troubleshooting methodology for isolating the problem, gathering information, and automating the analysis of critical data.

    This white paper will address some of the following questions and topics:

    - Why is network troubleshooting so hard?
    - Causes and costs of network outages
    - A divide and conquer strategy for troubleshooting with automation
    - A case study for troubleshooting automation
  • 9 Must-Have Contact Center Features: From VoIP to Social Media Management
    Source: Compare Business Products
    White Paper: Did you know that two-thirds of customers have hung up the phone during a customer service call, with more than 70 percent experiencing significant frustration during a call? Eliminate negative customer experiences and improve your contact center with these must-have solution features.

    Customer satisfaction can make or break a business and, in today's highly communicative world, one unhappy customer can have a devastating effect on a company's reputation. Our expert writer details the contact center solution features you need to keep your customer's happy, including:

    - Auto Number Identification (ANI),
    - Dialed Number Identification System (DNIS), and
    - Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
  • Applying Automation to Maintain Accurate Network Diagrams
    Source: NetBrain Technologies
    White Paper: With up-to-date network diagrams we can accelerate troubleshooting, drive safer network changes, and mitigate security risks. Today, most network teams haven't found a universally good way of maintaining accurate diagrams. They rely on manual diagramming methods which are extremely time-consuming.

    Evolving and dynamic enterprise networks require a more dynamic diagramming strategy. Dynamic maps by NetBrain are built from live network data, accessible on-demand, and updated automatically.

    So does this mean that your team won't spend hours on drawing Visio diagrams? Yes.

    In this 9 page whitepaper, you will learn about:

    - Disadvantages of manual diagramming
    - Dynamic maps, and how they beat any Visio diagram hands down
    - Creating a dynamic map from a live network automatically
    - Automatically updating maps as the network changes
    - Using dynamic maps to troubleshoot much faster
    - Exporting dynamic maps to professional Visio diagrams in a single click
    - Case study: British Telecom saves over $1M using NetBrain
  • Gartner Critical Capabilities for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms
    Source: MicroStrategy, Inc.
    White Paper: The Gartner "Critical Capabilities" report is the companion piece to their well-known Magic Quadrant. This publication leverages customer survey data and analyst opinion to evaluate vendors across a variety of key product capabilities. MicroStrategy 10 is the top vendor in the Critical Capabilities report. Download the report now to find out how:
    * MicroStrategy's data discovery features are at functional parity with gold standards in the market today and the positioning in the report is reflective of strengths in centralized BI, large scale trusted self-service, big data connectivity, and mobile BI.
    * Data and analytics leaders should assess the measures that directly influence customer satisfaction with a BI and analytics vendor on top of an evaluation of functionality, integration and cost-of-ownership requirements.
    * To evaluate BI and analytics products based on the use cases needed by each organization.

    Read the full 2016 report to see how Gartner evaluates MicroStrategy across each critical product capability.
  • Checklist to Implement Governed Self-Service Analytics for Business Users
    Source: MicroStrategy, Inc.
    White Paper: Business Intelligence solutions have always struggled to serve the critical business needs of enterprises while also being easy to use. And not only that, but to provide a "single version of the truth" as it relates to centralizing data. There's been a surge in demand from both IT personnel and business users for easy-to-use, agile tools that provide more data analysis capabilities to business users for faster, more accurate decision-making. Download this checklist to understand:

    * The need for governed self-service analytics and how business users, in additional to IT, should be adopting these tools.
    * Business user concerns with existing BI infrastructure, the long-term strategic concerns of this, and the ideal approach to turn this around.
    * How MicroStrategy offers self-service capabilities to business users through intuitive workflows that allow them to be self-reliant, while also providing enterprise-level data centralization and robust features mandatory for IT.
  • Total Cost of Ownership and Key Considerations for Business Intelligence Solutions
    Source: MicroStrategy, Inc.
    White Paper: The total cost of BI extends beyond the initial software license costs; as a result, in order to properly measure BI costs decision makers must examine BI costs by evaluating TCO. Leading industry analyst studies conclude that IT personnel cost is the single largest factor affecting BI TCO and accounts for over 75% of the total cost of ownership. As such, a BI platform that can significantly reduce IT workload can provide a greater TCO advantage in the long run. In this whitepaper, find out:
    * The breakdown of the three-year TCO for BI, and costs as they relate to IT personnel.
    * The efficiencies gained and costs saved through using administration and automation tools such as MicroStrategy 10.
    * How to save costs by adopting the right business intelligence platform, which includes self-service data analysis tools to reduce the IT workload.

    In addition to this downloadable whitepaper, please enjoy this complimentary TCO Survey Analysis from Gartner in which customers rate their Business Intelligence platform ownership cost.
  • Business Intelligence in the Cloud Whitepaper
    Source: MicroStrategy, Inc.
    White Paper: Cloud business intelligence has been an emerging segment in the market for BI tools and solutions. While other industries have readily adopted the move to the cloud, many organizations are reticent to do this with their critical data infrastructure that gets reported on within a business intelligence suite. MicroStrategy has begun to overcome the fears of the enterprises as it relates to their data analytics platform by providing a secure cloud environment built from the ground up with our base of Fortune 1000 customers, and their data, in mind. In this independent analysis by the Eckerson Group, you will learn about:
    * The BI analytics market overview, the differences between SaaS and PaaS in the BI world, and what to look for in a vendor depending on your company goals.
    * The MicroStrategy Secure Cloud product, the product profile, and competitor analysis and differentiators as they relate to BI in the cloud.
    * Reason to buy or not to buy analytics in the cloud, and how the vendor cloud architecture weighs into this decision.
  • 5 Ways Mobile Apps Are Driving the Store of the Future
    Source: MicroStrategy, Inc.
    White Paper: Mobile technology is forever changing the face of retail, empowering consumers with detailed information about competitors' products via mobile devices. Retailers are arming their store managers and associates with powerful mobile apps that are easy to use and jam-packed with customer insights, these tools are helping retailers prepare for the future. This whitepaper outlines the 5 key benefits of a winning mobile app strategy, and new ways retailers can effectively leverage mobile technology as a competitive advantage.
  • How Retailers Use Analytics to Stay Ahead
    Source: MicroStrategy, Inc.
    White Paper: Today's retail environment is more competitive than ever. Online and mobile channels have created additional pressure on retailers to offer lower prices. To stay ahead, retailers need to leverage technology to optimize operations, maximize margins, and deliver exceptional customer services.
  • The State of Mobile BI in the Enterprise
    Source: MicroStrategy, Inc.
    White Paper: MicroStrategy conducted a survey to get a snapshot of the latest trends in enterprise mobility, with the goal of cutting through the noise and seeing what is actually happening in the large business. Based on responses gathered from over 550 participants from companies of various sizes, industries, geographies, and business functions, it's evident that enterprise mobility is diverse, yet widespread. This paper highlights and discusses the key takeaways of the survey, including:

    * Enterprises are adopting mobile, but in many different ways, and the expectations of these mobile apps varies.
    * Rules, hybrid rules and the demands of driving company mobile policy, operating systems and more.
    * How to start and where you can take mobile once you get the first foothold.
    * Top benefits of mobile, including better access to information and boosted productivity.
  • Combating Private Sector Cyber-Attacks With Military-Grade Cyber Security
    Source: General Dynamics Commercial Cyber Services
    White Paper: Cyber criminals are everywhere, and their presence is only becoming more ubiquitous by the day. In addition to the increasing quantity and variety of cyber threats, organizations also face more sophisticated and treacherous attackers. And while this pervasive problem continues to grow, businesses increasingly rely on cloud solutions in order to remain competitive on a global scale, which can put their data at risk. This whitepaper from General Dynamics Commercial Cyber Services and IDG leverages new research to show the value of military-grade protection measures in addressing these growing concerns.
  • Four Reasons Why An APT Will Breach Your Network, And How To Prevent It
    Source: Cybereason
    White Paper: Lockheed Martin and Cybereason have joined forces to develop a product and services to help organizations combat the growing threat of APTs.

    Read Cybereason's joint white paper with Lockheed Martin to:

    * Examine why advanced persistent threats (APTs) are a continuous and growing issue for organizations across all industries
    * Reveal four common issues faced by cyber-security teams that put their organizations in jeopardy of a network breach
    * Discover several solutions to address these issues and protect networks from APTs
  • Five Emerging Threats Enterprise Security Must Not Ignore
    Source: Cybereason
    White Paper: Cybereason's researchers have reviewed data from 1 million customer endpoints, including computers and servers in some of the world's best known and frequently targeted companies, to gather insight on the latest techniques, tactics and procedures used by adversaries. Read about the five emerging threats our research team has determined enterprise security cannot ignore.
  • Hadoop for the Enterprise: Making Data Management Massively Scalable, Agile, Feature-Rich, and Cost-Effective
    Source: Sas Institute Inc
    White Paper: This vendor-neutral 'Best Practices' report from TDWI provides an overview of the many new products, technologies, and best practices that have emerged recently around Hadoop. It helps readers map newly available options to real-world use cases, with a focus on mainstream enterprise uses, while respecting tried-and-true IT practices and delivering maximum business value. The report is sponsored by vendor firms Actian Corporation, Cloudera, Exasol, IBM, MapR Technologies, MarkLogic, Pentaho, SAS, Talend, and Trillium Software.
  • Five Important Truths about Digital Workspaces in a Dangerous World
    Source: RES Software
    White Paper: How can you build better security measures into your employees' workspaces without undermining productivity? Find out is this paper that covers:
    - Key considerations to secure employees' digital workspaces
    - Why Identity and Access Management and Mobile Device Management are not enough
    - How to understand policy-appropriate access for each person's digital workspace
    - Avoiding frustrated users and complications of Shadow IT
    - Managing and automating employees' provisioning and de-provisioning
    - The need for real-time, context-aware mobile security

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