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  • The SMB Guide to Cloud-Based Analytics
    Source: Microsoft Corporation
    White Paper: Just collecting data is not enough. But spotting trends and real-time analysis is challenging, especially for smaller businesses. This guide explains how cloud-based solutions enable small and midsize businesses to take advantage of Big Data for customer relationship management, marketing, and predictive analytics by uniting data from all sources to effectively drive decisions and improve results -- without complexity or high costs.
  • 5 Microsoft Azure Myths Debunked
    Source: Microsoft Corporation
    White Paper: Some rumors just keep spreading, no matter how incredulous they seem. For example, have you heard that the average person accidentally swallows eight spiders a year during their sleep? Thankfully, the rumor isn't true. We hear there is a myth running around that Microsoft Azure doesn't support Open Source. Ridiculous! And false!

    Don't believe everything you hear about Microsoft Azure. This infographic debunks five common myths about Microsoft Azure to help you get to the bottom of the truth!
  • What CIOs Need to Know to Capitalize on the Software-Defined Data Center
    Source: EMC Corporation
    White Paper: The software-defined data center (SDDC) combines exceptional performance with unprecedented flexibility, enabling IT assets and IT organizations to operate and change at the speed of business.
  • Evaluation of Hybrid Cloud Strategic Options for Enterprise VMware Installations
    Source: EMC Corporation
    White Paper: In this research report that compares main IT players' strategies, Wikibon asserts that EMC has a clear 1-2 year lead in the Hybrid Cloud market.
  • What CIOs Need to Know to Capitalize on Hybrid Cloud
    Source: EMC Corporation
    White Paper: In this CIO Magazine interview, David Goulden describes how Hybrid Cloud gives businesses the agility to leverage public cloud services alongside enterprise applications, seamlessly and securely. Learn why Hybrid Cloud is the most efficient and automated platform for leveraging mobility, social media and big data. Gain insight into the surprising speed and ease of deployment, and the flexibility and scalability that it delivers to IT organizations.
  • ESG: EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution Brings Private and Public Cloud Together
    Source: EMC Corporation
    White Paper: This Analyst Report addresses the challenge of managing and administering both on-premises private cloud and off-premises public cloud models together. The EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution simplifies deployment of a hybrid cloud operating model, enabling IT to become a broker of trusted cloud services sourced from on-prem private clouds and off-prem public clouds, enabling IT to support the ever-expanding set of workloads their business requires.
  • SAML as an SSO
    Source: Gigya
    White Paper: The rise of eCommerce, social networks, mobile and connected devices has surfaced SAML as a key solution to develop a customer identity access management (cIAM) strategy to keep up with the flood of cross-channel consumer data.

    What's in this guide:
    - SAML use cases and technology considerations for cIAM
    - How SAML stands out from other authentication mechanisms
    - Benefits and implications of implementing SAML
  • Navigating the New Identity Ecosystem
    Source: Gigya
    White Paper: Download this guide to get a grasp of the latest trends in user data management.

    Consumer identity data is becoming increasingly unmanageable with the growth of Big Data and mobile, social and digital channels. Modern businesses need a better way to solve today's identity and access management (IAM) problems that removes service maintenance and reliability burdens from IT's shoulders.

    Take an in-depth look at 3 challenges facing IT professionals today, and the solutions that can be used to navigate this new identity ecosystem:
    - Complying with Privacy Regulations
    - Centralizing User Data Management
    - Mobilizing Identity Data
  • Customer Data Management Framework
    Source: Gigya
    White Paper: Companies recognize the importance of managing employee identities, data and permissions. But managing customer identity data requires an entirely different set of tools and technologies in order to keep up with the flood of data being generated as consumers interact across channels and devices.
    Strategies covered in this white paper include:
    - Balancing usability and security using social login
    - Federating consumer identity using a variety of SSO standards
    - Managing and normalizing unstructured data
    - Breaking down organizational data silos
    - Automating data privacy compliance
    - Wasted spend on non-targeted marketing efforts
    - Loss of online accountability among users
  • Plan, Predict and Execute Effective Retail Promotions with IBM ExperienceOne
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: Your customers have more power today than ever before. They decide what they buy and where and how they buy it. With more products, channels and competitors than ever before, the challenge for retailers to plan, predict and execute effective promotions only increases. However, identifying and delivering the best promotions is not as challenging as you think....when you have the right tools.
  • Capacity Management for Hybrid Environments
    Source: BMC Software
    White Paper: Gain real-time visibility into IT capacity under even the most dynamic business demands. In this analyst commentary, find out how BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization helps you:
    *Manage current and anticipated usage in a single holistic view
    *Time the delivery of services for optimal cost efficiency
    *Reserve capacity for planned initiatives to speed time-to-value
  • Merchandising Moments of Influence
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: This report traces the customer journey and examines how and where the right marketing influences and decisions can help benefit the customer, and help the retailer achieve success in the process.
  • Capacity Management Benefits for the Cloud
    Source: BMC Software
    White Paper: In this study conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by BMC, you'll find out why 93% of US and UK IT decision-makers surveyed consider capacity management important or very important to their cloud strategy. Learn how using capacity management to manage workloads in the cloud can help Increase flexibility and continuity for your organization.
  • Digital Business Requires Application Performance Management
    Source: BMC Software
    White Paper: As digital business operations transform your products, customer experience, and workplace, it becomes critical to manage the rising complexity of application delivery.
    In this Forrester study sponsored by BMC, learn how IT leaders are using application performance management (APM) to address their top business priorities.
  • The Inside HPC Guide to Genomics
    Source: Dell Inc.
    White Paper: Personalized medicine holds the key to groundbreaking approaches to manage diseases on an individual level. Dell has teamed with Intel to create innovative solutions that can accelerate the research, diagnosis and treatment of diseases through personalized medicine. Labeled the Dell Genomic Data Analysis Platform (GDAP), this solution is designed to achieve fast results with maximum efficiency. This guide describes the GDAP architecture and explains how it solves a number of security, compliance and data management challenges, including the perception that implementation must be large-scale in nature.

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