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  • Forrester: How To Become A Superstar Security Leader
    Source: Google
    White Paper: As an IT leader your fellow executives trust you to protect, support, and drive business performance. However, expectations of IT security have changed with the increase of digital data. Download this Forrester report to read specific examples of how today's top information security professionals are rising to the occasion.
  • InRule + Forrester Research: The New Era of Digital Decisioning
    Source: InRule
    White Paper: New research from Forrester reveals how enterprises currently use software to inform and automate operational decisions - and how they plan to handle the ever-increasing amount of decisions to be managed in the future to keep pace with customer demands.

    The study, entitled Step Into the New Era of Digital Decisioning Platforms, uncovered that enterprise IT leaders feel overwhelmed when it comes to keeping pace with the use of existing and emerging decisioning technologies, such as statistical analysis tools, business rules, machine learning and real-time event processing, to satisfy customer expectations.

    Forrester's research indicates that we are on the cusp of a new era of decisioning technologies. These technology innovations are being driven by customers' demand for firms to understand them in the moment and address them in context. Forrester's findings emphasize that to meet customers' growing and evolving demands, firms must automate more of their business decisions, even as the complexity of decisions grows.
    Forrester's research revealed that:

    • Only one-third of organizations surveyed are using Machine Learning and Deep Learning for operational decision making
    • Most organizations need help understanding their technology options with regard to decisioning applications
  • 7 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Digital Transformation
    Source: Google
    White Paper: The way we do business is changing. With new technologies available to improve customer experience, management, security and more, there's few organizations that haven't started the process of digitizing their business for a competitive edge. Find out the key questions CIOS are asking as they consider their next digital investment.
  • IDC: Jumpstarting Your Company's Digital Transformation
    Source: Google
    White Paper: Digital transformation is an important evolution of how smart companies run their businesses, how they interact with their customers, and how they drive ongoing value. This IDC white paper explores the importance of embracing cloud computing as part of DX, and offers CIOs a plan for driving transformation so they emerge as important leaders.
  • 2017s 5 Most Dangerous DDoS Attacks & Steps to Mitigate Them
    Source: Radware
    White Paper: Enter the digital age, where lines of code and terabytes of information determine who has the tactical advantage. Of late, the pendulum has swung in favor of cyber-attacks. Rate-based technologies, once considered adequate to handle the most advanced distributed denial-ofservice (DDoS) threats, have fallen obsolete as tech-savvy adversaries move beyond the static concepts of most conservative corporate budgets and know how to overcome name-brand mitigation technologies. These ultra-adaptive hackers have given rise to the top five nastiest attack techniques in 2017.
  • Nutanix InstantOn for Citrix Cloud
    Source: Nutanix | Citrix
    White Paper: Given the speed at which the modern workplace is changing, IT organizations are increasingly challenged to keep pace with new digital workplace requirements. Growing businesses, especially those with smaller IT teams and lower budgets, struggle with implementing new solutions and delivering enterprise-level services. Further, legacy IT infrastructure, composed of separate silos of compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources, creates IT complexity, increases costs, reduces business speed and elevates risk.

    To address these challenges, Nutanix and Citrix have partnered to create Nutanix InstantOn for Citrix Cloud, a tightly integrated hybrid cloud solution that simplifies and accelerates virtual application and desktop (VDI) deployments for companies of any size. For businesses that are new to VDI or app virtualization, Citrix and Nutanix can deliver better end-user performance without all the infrastructure complexity. This combined with a low, subscription-based software licensing model enables businesses to grow their app and desktop virtualization footprint without upfront CapEx.
  • A Secure Way to a Digital Future
    Source: Connection
    White Paper: By 2020, 60% of enterprises will be implementing a full-scale digital strategy. The problem is today, 60% of enterprises are at a "digital impasse." Download this Tech Dossier from Connection to learn how Microsoft 365 can break that logjam and help you accelerate toward your organization's digital future.
  • Special Report: Decision Automation
    Source: ServiceNow Inc
    White Paper: Artificial intelligence and machine learning can yield game-changing solutions for enterprises. Here's what senior IT leaders need to know to launch and maintain a successful machine learning strategy.
  • Viavi Solutions Observer GigaStor 288T
    Source: Viavi
    White Paper: Rapid increase in network traffic volumes (including the move to 40Gbe), security threats, and application complexity all underscore the importance for lossless data capture, analysis, and storage to provide crucial raw data for post event analyst and remediation. Critical functions like network security forensics and service troubleshooting need to have 100 percent of the network data available if they are expected to be 100 perfect effective in their jobs.
  • Troubleshooting OSI Layers 4-7
    Source: Viavi
    White Paper: In this two-part white paper series, learn to quickly locate and resolve problems across the OSI layers using the Troubleshooting Cheat Sheet. The root cause of application anomalies don't stop at Layer 3 of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model. In fact, some of the most difficult to diagnose service issues are rooted in, or manifest themselves at the Transport Layer (Layer 4) or higher.
    Since the Transport layer is responsible for building and maintaining sessions between devices, it serves to connect the lower layers (1-3) to the higher layers (5-7). It can also be the point of referred pain, when the real source of the problem lies elsewhere.
    A methodical process to resolving service issues that reside at Layers 4-7 can clear up ambiguities and accelerate problem resolution. Mike Motta, NI University instructor and troubleshooting expert, and Tony Fortunato Senior Network Performance Specialist and Instructor with the Technology Firm, place typical user complaints into three categories:
    - Slow Network
    - Inability to Access Network Resources
    - Application-Specific Issue
  • EMA - Comprehensive Cloud and Hybrid IT Monitoring Strategy
    Source: Viavi
    White Paper: As enterprises become more distributed, leveraging the benefits of cloud applications and virtualization, network performance monitoring needs change. This paper explains active test monitoring, how it complements packet-based monitoring and three common visibility challenges that can be addressed with active testing.
  • Source Data for Network Security Investigations
    Source: Viavi
    White Paper: It's not enough to focus on network security prevention and detection. Organizations must improve their ability to identify and address a security breach. This paper identifies three ways to reduce the impact of a network breach, the data and tools needed and what data will stand up in court.
  • Automated Campus: Fabric, Policy, Management, and Analytics
    Source: Extreme Networks
    White Paper: Faster, simpler, and safer. By combining fabric-based networking technology, with industry-leading software and the #1 ranked support services, Extreme Networks delivers an integrated solution that enables you to perform complex networking tasks with ease.
  • Quantifying the Value of Extreme Networks
    Source: Extreme Networks
    White Paper: Your network needs to be an enabler for your company to grow, not an anchor holding it back. Download ESG's Economic Value Validation to learn how Extreme can help you significantly lower capital and operational expenses with an end-to-end solution and superior support capabilities.
  • The Expert Guide to VMware Disaster Recovery and Data Protection
    Source: Veeam Software
    White Paper: Drastic changes in data center technologies and growing business demands dictate the need to transform data protection and disaster recovery. Traditional backup doesn't make sense within modern data centers that leverage virtualization, cloud and software-driven, scale-out storage. To enable Always-On™ operations, you need to make a shift from backup and recovery to Availability.

    In this e-book, Mike Preston, IT pro and blogger, gives you a comprehensive guide to disaster recovery and data protection for modern data center environments that run on VMware vSphere and integrate with cloud infrastructures. You'll learn the drawbacks to backing up VMware environments with traditional tools and presents technologies that help companies to address the challenges of data growth and Always-On Availability for services.

    Mike Preston proves that Availability software must leverage virtualization, storage and the cloud to their fullest while delivering advanced functionality for business continuity. In his VMware data protection e-book, Mike lists the imperative criteria of a modern Availability solution. He suggests Veeam Backup & Replication as an example of a true Availability solution, and explains how high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, verified recoverability, leveraged data and complete visibility tied together enable applications and data Availability in VMware environments.

    In this e-book, you'll learn about the components of a modern data center, and you will also see use cases for Veeam's value-add capabilities, including combining backup and replication for VMware disaster recovery and using replication for data center migration.

    Read this FREE e-book to learn more about:

    Creating application-consistent backups
    Using modern snapshot methods
    Choosing a backup storage
    And more!

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