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  • Data Center Transformation and Its Impact on the Branch
    Source: Riverbed Technology
    White Paper: IT departments are under pressure to deliver higher-performance services worldwide. To achieve this, they must transform their datacenters using a combination of consolidation, virtualization, and automation in order extend the datacenter's virtual edge to branch offices where services are delivered locally from centrally managed infrastructure. Download to learn about the changing role of branch IT in the age of datacenter transformation.
  • ESG: Why IT Performance is Strategic for Data Center Transformations
    Source: Riverbed Technology
    White Paper: The reality today is that organizations have to transition their data center environments in order to remain competitive in a highly dynamic global market. It will be important to understand that the network will play a critical role in determining the success or failure of this process. Download now to learn more.
  • 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant Report
    Source: Riverbed Technology
    White Paper: For the 7th year in a row, Riverbed is in the "Leaders" Quadrant of the 2014 Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers. In this report, Gartner presents an overview of the WAN optimization market and its latest trends. Find out what Gartner has to say about the strategic value of WAN optimization solutions and their evaluation of the technology vendors that provide them. Access the complete Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers, 2014.
  • Cloud Computing eGuide
    Source: Windstream
    White Paper: Predictions say that this is the year cloud computing will overcome nearly all remaining hurdles and establish itself as the cornerstone or corporate IT. With many concerns such as security and control now in the past, enterprise IT departments are ready to move full-steam ahead with cloud to reap the agility, cost savings, and eased management this model offers. However, there are considerations to weigh when implementing cloud in order to achieve strong results and continue moving forward.

    In this eGuide, CIO, Computerworld, and InfoWorld offer advice, tips, news, and predictions regarding cloud implementations in the coming year and beyond. Read on to learn how to make cloud work for your organization.
  • Hardware Test Equipment is the Key to Accurate Network Testing
    Source: Spirent
    White Paper: Surprisingly, many organizations are not adequately testing their networks. Network testing is crucial for any IT organization that wants to ensure availability, security and performance of applications and services running on their networks.
  • Top 5 Reasons You Need Network Testing NOW
    Source: Spirent
    White Paper: IT organizations are not testing their networks as often or as adequately as they should be. Network testing is crucial for any IT organization that wants to ensure an efficient user experience. The availability, security, and performance of applications and services on the network are among the most important aspects of an IT organization, and must be tested to ensure performance. Download this white paper to learn the top 5 reasons why you should test your network sooner rather than later.
  • The IBM Big Data Platform
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: IBM is unique in having developed an enterprise class big data platform that allows you to address the full spectrum of big data business challenges. The real benefit of the platform is leverage -- the ability to start with one capability and easily add others over your big data journey.
  • Data Warehouse Augmentation: The Queryable Data Store
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: Big data does not spell extinction for the data warehouse. On the contrary, big data problems can be better addressed by an enhanced data warehouse. And big data technology can be used to augment the warehouse's value. IBM has identified three approaches to data warehouse augmentation, one of which is a queryable data store. This paper focuses on the benefits of a queryable data store and big data technologies available to support data warehouse augmentation.
    Read the paper to understand how data can be stored and optimized with Hadoop, to assess whether or not you need a queryable data store, and to find out how you can try IBM InfoSphere BigInsights software's key enterprise features for free.
  • The Top Five Ways to Get Started with Big Data
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: Despite the increased focus on big data over the past few years, most organizations are still talking about what big data is rather than focusing on what problems big data can address.

    Through customer surveys, analyst reports, more than 300 customer and prospect discussions and hundreds of big data solutions implementations, IBM has identified the top five high-value big data use cases. This paper will help you determine which of the five can be your first step into big data.
  • Hadoop for Dummies
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: Today, organizations in every industry are being showered with imposing quantities of new information. Along with traditional sources, many more data channels and categories now exist. Collectively, these vastly larger information volumes and new assets are known as Big Data. Enterprises are using technologies such as MapReduce and Hadoop to extract value from Big Data.

    View now as we provide you with a solid understanding of key Big Data concepts and trends, as well as related architectures, such as MapReduce and Hadoop. We also present some suggestions about how to implement high-performance Hadoop.
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Client Management Tools
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: IBM is positioned in the leaders quadrant. The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Client Management Tools evaluates tools that manage configurations and support system administration tasks for client devices.These tools automate system administration and support functions that would otherwise be done manually.
  • Automation for a Better Tomorrow
    Source: RES Software
    White Paper: Check out the five most common annoyances facing enterprise IT service desks today, and how automation can resolve all of them. Download the white paper
  • Managing Risk in an Active Directory Integrated Virtualized Environment
    Source: Dell Software
    White Paper: Explore the interdependent and combined security issues of Active Directory (AD) and virtualization, as well as how to identify and manage these risks. Gain insight into the native audit capabilities of these technologies and learn how they provide centralized visibility into your IT environment.
  • Ensuring Enterprise Visibility, Auditing and Reporting
    Source: Dell Software
    White Paper: Learn how to easily identify and report on who has access to what files, folders and shares (and on what servers) in Active Directory. Plus, reduce the risk of security breaches and compliance failures in the process. Read this insightful tech brief.
  • Proven Approaches to Mobile-Enable Enterprise Apps
    Source: Dell Software
    White Paper: Identifying the best approach to make enterprise applications available to mobile users requires both business and technical considerations given the existing infrastructure. This paper examines:
    - Pros and cons of different approaches to mobile-enable enterprise applications
    - Considerations for new app development
    - Ensuring support for various multiple device types, operating systems and screen sizes
    - The role of desktop virtualization
    - Desktop-as-a-Service options

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