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  • Budd Van Lines Moves Data Closer to Home
    Source: Infinio Systems
    White Paper: Shipping and logistics company Budd Van Lines uses Infinio to improve performance on their VDI environment. The company employs a virtualized datacenter based on VMware vSphere supporting XenApp/XenDesktop for VDI.
  • Advanced Attacks Demand New Defenses
    Source: McAfee
    White Paper: Security threat and response is a vicious circle of escalating (and increasingly cagey) attacks and sophisticated (and increasingly costly) defenses. The latest generation of malware includes deviously creative evasive techniques crafted to exploit ambiguities in the Internet's underlying technology, flaws in network software stacks, and limitations of security appliances. In this report, we discuss these techniques, how IT teams can test their level of exposure, and how to detect and block attacks using advanced packet normalization.
  • CIO Guide to Data Center TCO
    Source: Super Micro Computer Inc.
    White Paper: Quantifying the savings of just one watt in server power, demonstrates the domino effect of lower electric power and capital costs. The TCO model in this white paper provides a framework for calculating the savings of highly efficient data center power and cooling strategies.
  • Increase Compute and Storage Performance while Lowering Power Use
    Source: Super Micro Computer Inc.
    White Paper: Expand your compute and storage capacities while dramatically lowering power consumption without performance sacrifices. This benchmark report highlights how a system designed to realize extremely low PUE in data centers significantly reduces electric power costs even in free-air cooled environments compared to other systems.
  • Insist on High Quality, Server-Grade Memory
    Source: Super Micro Computer Inc.
    White Paper: Get the most our of mission-critical server and storage solutions by insisting on the best, server-grade memory available. Manufacturing quality and reliability varies greatly form memory supplier to supplier, lot-to-lot, and bin to bin. Memory that has passed Supermicro's rigorous three-phase engineering and production testing regimen ensures a dramatic difference in memory quality, signal integrity and margin.
  • Don't Trust Your Data Center to Generic Memory
    Source: Super Micro Computer Inc.
    White Paper: System memory plays too critical a role in your data center to chance with generic memory. Discover the difference memory quality and rigorous testing can make in mitigating margin issues that may lead to failures under stress or stress due to aging, noise and signal integrity issues, and known problems caused from low-quality generic memory.
  • Energy Efficient Servers
    Source: Super Micro Computer Inc.
    White Paper: The Gartner Group, a technology research firm, estimates that in the nearterm data centers will have to support up to 300% increased workload. As large enterprise data center utility bills exceed $10+ million per month, the potential savings opportunities are significant with ROI payback periods of less than two years. Data centers are estimated to consume 2% of the U.S. electrical grid capacity resulting in $2 billion per month in utility bills. The cost of energy
    for these power-hungry IT systems has become a major concern, and governments and private industry agree they must find ways to control and reduce energy demand while improving performance.
  • The Critical Incident Response Maturity Journey
    Source: EMC Corporation
    White Paper: As organizations rebalance their security defenses to combat today's sophisticated threats, they're recognizing that centralized incident response capabilities are key. This white paper discusses how organizations can assess and improve their incident response maturity. It also introduces RSA products and services, including RSA Security Analytics, that can help accelerate the maturity journey.
  • Taking Charge of Security in a Hyperconnected World
    Source: EMC Corporation
    White Paper: In today's highly interconnected business environment, information security can no longer be an isolated endeavor: it's the responsibility of an entire business ecosystem or value-chain. This RSA Security Brief looks at the areas for improvement where investment will typically generate the greatest security benefit.
  • Building an Intelligence-Driven Security Operations Center
    Source: EMC Corporation
    White Paper: The openness of today's networks and the growing sophistication of advanced threats make it almost impossible to prevent cyber attacks and intrusions. This technical brief discusses why combating advanced threats depends on organizations shifting more security resources from prevention to detection and remediation, and developing intelligence-driven security programs
  • Business Benefits of Running SAP on True Converged Infrastructure
    Source: VCE
    White Paper: Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examined the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by replatforming SAP on factory-integrated systems. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact on their organization of implementing a VCE converged infrastructure solution for SAP.
  • The Big Data Security Analytics Era Is Here
    Source: EMC Corporation
    White Paper: New security risks and old security challenges often overwhelm legacy security controls and analytical tools. This ESG white paper discusses why today's approach to security management-that depends on up-to-the-minute situational awareness and real-time security intelligence-means organizations are entering the era of big data security analytics.
  • Transforming Security: Designing a State-of-the-Art Extended Team
    Source: EMC Corporation
    White Paper: The information security mission is no longer about implementing and operating controls. This report by the Security for Business Innovation Council (SBIC) describes how information security teams are transforming to include a much broader set of technical and business-centric activities, to better manage the wider risks to information assets.
  • Top 10 Endpoint Backup Mistakes
    Source: Druva
    White Paper: The mobile workforce is rapidly obsoleting traditional backup strategies. Failure to adapt puts your data (and your job) at risk.
    * Mistake #1: Not backing up laptops and mobile devices makes every device a ticking time bomb
    * Mistake #7: Not picking the right deployment model could cost you thousands down the road
    * Mistake #9: Disregarding BYOD leaves data on personal devices in the dark
    Access the white paper "Top 10 Endpoint Backup Mistakes" and learn how to avoid them.
  • Gartner Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Endpoint Backup
    Source: Druva
    White Paper: Given the rise of mobility and BYOD, endpoint backup must evolve to meet the unique needs of the mobile workforce. To help organizations evaluate backup solutions to meet these needs, Gartner compared 7 vendors against 11 critical capabilities in their report.

    For the 2nd year in a row, Gartner ranks Druva #1 for overall product rating, with highest scores in key categories including mobile device support, security, and data reduction.

    Access the report to learn why inSync received the highest overall rating and is the top choice for the mobile workforce.

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