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  • A Solution to Network Security That Actually Works
    Source: Ixia
    White Paper: Facing unique challenges, enterprises need a comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach to network security. This document provides a planning framework and how Ixia can help at each step to strengthen and protect your network and ensure ongoing security resiliency.
  • The Myths and Truths of Testing Enterprise Security
    Source: Ixia
    White Paper: Your network and applications are caught in the crosshairs of attackers intent on finding any weakness they can exploit. Although companies are spending heavily to deflect these crippling cyber attacks, most lack a viable means of testing before they invest, and validating future changes.
  • Cloudy with 100% Visibility: Monitoring Application Performance in Hybrid Clouds
    Source: New Relic
    White Paper: The hybrid cloud model - combining public cloud services with private (on-premises) resources - is immensely appealing to many organization. Why? Because hybrid cloud computing lets you keep elements of your environment on-premises - such as transaction processing systems - while running other parts of applications such as an e-commerce front-end in the cloud to gain better scalability, faster deployment, and lower costs.

    This white paper will help you understand how you can achieve end-to-end visibility into application performance no matter where your application or parts of your application are running.
  • Onboard the Business to Your Cloud Strategy
    Source: New Relic
    White Paper: It's all too easy for CIOs and technology management to build a strategy around any new technology area that is focused on delivering lower technology costs and greater operational efficiency. However, to get your cloud strategy right, you have to learn to move away from measuring the success of change against technology management care-abouts and focus on the priorities of the business. These surveys show a start disconnect between technology management's and the business' desired outcomes from cloud computing; embracing the shift to cloud services means driving and measuring its success against metrics defined by the business before those of IT.
  • ESG: Private Cloud Trends
    Source: NetApp
    White Paper: Early server virtualization was based on consolidation and cost containment. Today, automation, elasticity, and usage-based tracking is transforming virtualized data centers into private cloud infrastructures.
  • ESG: Extending the Data Center to the Cloud
    Source: NetApp
    White Paper: 41% of ESG research respondents reported that the cloud enabled them to realize IT cost reductions with 26% seeing improvements in productivity. Learn how you can achieve these benefits by reviewing common IT scenarios detailed in private and hybrid cloud, data protection, BYOD and data movement use cases.
  • CIO Mag: Hybrid Clouds: Deriving the Biggest Business Impact
    Source: NetApp
    White Paper: The steady growth of HYBRID CLOUDS signals the continued need by organizations for greater flexibility and agility while responding to changing business needs. Learn about best practices, business and IT considerations, and customer success stories for hybrid clouds.
  • ESG: NetApp Multi-Cloud Private Storage: Take Charge of Your Cloud Data
    Source: NetApp
    White Paper: 75% of enterprise-scale organizations currently use some type of cloud service. With major cloud providers continually competing to offer new capabilities and low prices, choice abounds. No single cloud is guaranteed to meet all your needs today and in the future. Opt for a more flexible solution. Download this paper to learn about a hybrid, multi-cloud approach that keeps you free to choose the right cloud resources for business at hand.
  • IDC: Enterprise Storage: The Foundation for Application and Enterprise Availability
    Source: NetApp
    White Paper: Learn how storage environments can help address high-availability needs and identify critical features necessary for businesses to meet the bar for six 9s availability. You'll also see how two customers have leveraged NetApp storage solutions to meet their stringent requirements for uptime as they manage dynamic, high-growth businesses.
  • Tapping the True Value of Data
    Source: NexGen Storage
    White Paper: Is your enterprise's data treated equal instead of based upon its business value? Concerned over time it takes to get business critical systems live after downtime?

    Not all data has equal value, yet storage and data management solutions treat diverse data uniformly. Taking a value-driven approach can take the pain out of data management and deliver predictable application performance for a top-notch user experience.

    When an enterprise needs higher performance, most storage vendors accelerate all data indiscriminately, regardless of its value to the business. A recent survey demonstrates that IT pros recognize the value of managing stored data according to its business value, but less than a third are attempting to do so in a formal manner. A new approach providing improved flash utilization to manage workloads, not capacity, and QoS managed caching, makes it easier to manage data based on business priorities and the value of the data.

    Download now to get the facts and see how you can more efficiently manage data based on business value.
  • 5 Ways to Transform Business Processes to Optimize Agility
    Source: K2
    White Paper: In a world where speed matters, businesses need agility and flexibility to quickly modify their processes and business practices to stay competitive. Take these 5 ways and apply them to your current processes today!
  • Solve Your Top 5 SAP Challenges with Business Apps
    Source: K2
    White Paper: For many companies, in-house SAP support is no longer even an option due to the costs and challenges involved in making direct changes to SAP systems. Learn how other companies are tapping SAP from every angle!
  • Low-code Application Solutions for High-Turn Delivery
    Source: K2
    White Paper: Are low-code platforms the answer to making companies more agile and flexible in a business world that is constantly evolving and changing? Find out in this Forrester report response whitepaper.
  • A Better BPM
    Source: K2
    White Paper: When driving any major change within an organization, strategy and execution are intrinsic to a project's success. Nevertheless, closing the gap between strategy and execution remains a challenge for many organizations, an issue explored in the Process Excellence Network report: Shift Business Excellence Into High Gear: Drive Strategic Performance Through Process Excellence.
  • Secure Your Network Through Its Life-Cycle
    Source: Ixia
    White Paper: This book will help you create a network that is resilient to security threats, by providing insights into the network's four main life-cycle stages and their different security needs.

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