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  • When Cryptors Attack: Timeline of a Ransomware Infection
    Source: Kaspersky Lab Inc
    White Paper: The total amount of damage caused by cryptomalware can be divided into two parts: the ransom and the related losses. Drawing from our survey of over 4,000 small- and medium-sized companies conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, we take a closer look at the numbers behind the damage.
  • Top 6 Things Small Businesses Need to Know About Cybersecurity
    Source: Kaspersky Lab Inc
    White Paper: Small businesses often lack the budget, staff, and sophistication to assemble strong defenses, making them an easy target where the chances of thieves getting caught is much lower. And no company is "too small to be worthwhile" for the bad guys. Making sure your business is adequately protected can seem like an overwhelming undertaking. We've compiled a list of the top things startups and small businesses need to know about cybersecurity to help you get started.
  • Business Perception of IT Security: In the Face of an Inevitable Compromise
    Source: Kaspersky Lab Inc
    White Paper: IT Security Risks Report 2016 for North America: The security industry finds itself at the point when traditional solutions do not cover some new threats and businesses are still uncertain about 'beyond-prevention' methods like staff training, security audits and consulting. These new methods of protection are strikingly different from the old ones, and may initially seem a bit more difficult to deploy and measure results. So what's the right approach?
  • Whodunit: The Mystery of the APT
    Source: Kaspersky Lab Inc
    White Paper: Cybercriminals can be certain about a few things.
    -Most companies store their important data on their networks. Patents, innovative designs, customer information, and confidential data - it's all there.
    -Intellectual property is highly valuable, making it the number one thing cybercriminals target.
    -Many companies don't understand the latest security practices and don't install the latest patches on their security products, leaving an open door for cybercriminals to steal what matters most.
    -You don't have to be a large government agency or an energy company to be an attractive target. Every company, no matter how small, has sensitive data that can be stolen and re-sold.
    -This is a growing and lucrative market.
  • Realize the Full Potential of VDI
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: Companies are often challenged to implement new solutions or deliver enterprise-level services using smaller IT teams and lower budgets. Nutanix InstantON VDI for Citrix simplifies and accelerates virtual desktop (VDI) deployments for companies of any size. If you are new to VDI or looking for a way to grow your VDI footprint, Nutanix and Citrix deliver better end-user performance at an affordable price point.
  • Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp Runs on Nutanix Acropolis
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: Learn about how Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)-built on Nutanix Acropolis-and with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop provide a complete, fully supported solution for application and desktop virtualization that enhances enterprise security, enables workforce mobility, and lowers the cost and complexity of application, desktop, and infrastructure management by as much as 70%.
  • Citrix XenDesktop on Acropolis Hypervisor
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: Citrix XenDesktop on Nutanix is a powerful solution which offers unrivaled user experience, simple administration and web-scale flexibility and economics. This reference architecture document provides recommendations for the design, optimization and scaling of XenDesktop deployments on Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor.
  • Simplify VDI and Lower Risks with Citrix Validated Solutions for Nutanix
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: Learn how to use the Citrix Validated Solution for Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform to run Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp, which delivers an excellent end-user experience for a diverse mix of users spread across diffferent locations, for hundreds to tens of thousands of end users.
  • Accelerate Your VDI Journey from Pilot to Production with Nutanix and Citrix
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: Desktop and application virtualization have emerged as powerful tools to address a variety of IT challenges. Whether you are deploying hosted shared or virtual desktops or virtualizing end-user applications, Citrix® and Nutanix can help you succeed, allowing you to start small and scale smart while doing more with less.
  • SSL: Enterprise's New Attack Frontier
    Source: NSS Labs
    White Paper: Secure sockets layer (SSL) and transport layer security (TLS) have become an integral part of the Internet, and adoption rates have skyrocketed. More than 45% of websites are encrypted today (up from 30% in October 2015) and 40-50% of enterprise traffic is encrypted, compared to just 25%-35% in 2013. This growth offers significant opportunities-but it also comes with risks. On one hand, SSL is a key component of enterprise security and helps ensure a higher level of protection. But its adoption also comes with a downside: As use increases, hackers can use SSL to camouflage malware and cyberthreats, thus creating a blind spot in your defenses.
  • Choose the Right Hosting Solutions for Global Digital Business Initiatives
    Source: CenturyLink
    White Paper: Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders that are launching digital business initiatives on a global basis can use our decision tree to choose the right infrastructure hosting options.
  • IDC Report: Matching Workloads to Cloud Platforms: Finding the Optimal Fit
    Source: CenturyLink
    White Paper: When it comes to cloud migration, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Effective deployments demand an accurate pairing of workloads and cloud platforms. Download the IDC Analyst Q&A for advice on how to go about aligning workloads to the best infrastructure for the job.
  • CenturyLink Cloud Application Manager Solution Brief
    Source: CenturyLink
    White Paper: Cloud Application Manager enables customer IT transformation by orchestrating the delivery of infrastructure, applications and services across multiple clouds.
  • Bridge the Talent Gaps in Your IT Team
    Source: Insight
    White Paper: There is a talent challenge that has led to a spike in outsourced managed service providers. To offload your IT tasks to a managed service provider without losing control of your infrastructure, you need to strike the right balance between leveraging outside resources and efficiently relying on your full-time team. Here are the most popular options for mature IT operations and what your business should consider.
  • Dell EMC Analytic Insights Module
    Source: Dell Inc
    White Paper: Most data analytics initiatives fail or stall as organizations struggle to extract business value from their many data sources. Learn how the Dell EMC Analytic Insights Module has been engineered to combine self-service data analytics with cloud-native application development in a single cloud platform, enabling organizations to rapidly transform data into actionable insights with high business value - in days or weeks rather than months.

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