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  • Vulnerability Disclosure Policy Best Practices
    Source: HackerOne
    White Paper: Download the definitive guide for crafting a Vulnerability Disclosure Policy (VDP) that works as intended.
  • ABI Research: The Power of IoT Platforms for Building AR Applications
    Source: PTC
    White Paper: Augmented Reality, or AR, is quickly becoming one of the hottest digital technology trends for the industrial enterprise. When coupled with new data sources from the Internet of Things and historic product data from CAD files, the outcome is a truly transformative experience that is driving many enterprises to completely re-evaluate how they design, produce, sell, and support their products.

    Read this white paper, written by Ryan Martin, ABI Research Senior Analyst, to:
    • Get an overview of AR application markets and benefits
    • Understand the challenges of building AR applications enhanced by IoT data
    • See the power of IoT platforms for building AR applications
    • Learn how companies, like PTC Customer Griiip, are leveraging their existing 3D CAD and IoT data to create AR experiences.
  • O'Reilly Media: Augmented Reality for the Industrial Enterprise: A Hands-On Introduction to Rapid AR Development
    Source: PTC
    White Paper: Augmented reality (AR) was already making gains in business and industry by the time Pokémon GO came along. But, now that the game has firmly planted in the public (and corporate) mind what AR is and how it works, use of this technology is poised to take off in the enterprise. With this in-depth report, you'll explore ways that AR can help organizations gain unique insight into many different processes, from manufacturing, assembly, and construction to real estate and education. Author Leah Hunter not only explains AR's possibilities, but also describes many use cases that demonstrate how companies are using AR now. You'll learn how these projects provide significant time and cost savings, while expanding the skills of employees.

    • Look at a business justification for AR through a detailed case study
    • Understand why AR is a key tool for digitally transferring the knowledge of skilled workers and for gaining cross-domain skills
    • Learn about the technologists who are exploring, refining, and creating different ways of using, building, and piloting AR programs
    • Create AR content hands-on with a tutorial from ThingWorx Studio for Enterprise
    • Examine strategies for AR growth and learn how to cash in financially and ethically from AR over the next 5 years
  • Accelerate Healthcare Transformation and Clinician Workflows with a Secure Digital Workspace
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: Healthcare professionals are highly motivated to provide great care to patients. But imagine how much more effective and productive they could be with a truly mobile, anywhere, anytime, digital workspace. Fortunately, this is no longer a distant dream. Healthcare is already going mobile, and that provides the opportunity to not only reduce the costs of end point devices but also to improve care services, outcomes, and the patient experience itself.
  • Embrace Digital Transformation in Healthcare
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: Clinicians and healthcare staff are highly mobile by nature. They roam not only from one patient room to the next, but also from one specialized type of medical arena to another. Today, the need for crucial case information extends beyond the institution walls to home offices or remote work locations as well. In the 24 x 7 x 365 mobile world in which doctors and clinical staff must operate, healthcare solutions from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Citrix combine to enable instant access to health records, data, and applications that can make a significant difference in driving positive patient outcomes. This joint solution - proven to withstand the rigors of hospitals and clinical environments - empowers clinicians and staff in healthcare entities to work anytime, anywhere, and on any device from a secure digital workspace.
  • Navigating BYOD and BYOA in healthcare without compromising security
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: In a recent survey of clinicians conducted by HIMSS Analytics on behalf of Citrix, 17 percent of survey respondents admitted to having used unauthorized technology to complete a work-related task. Not only do the violations by survey respondents include devices - such as cell phones and personal computers - but also, unauthorized applications, such as those for file sharing.
  • 3b DNA base pairs - processed at the speed of life
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, a not-for-profit genome research center, started in Huntsville, Alabama in 2008. With 200 scientists working on the non-profit side and 600 on the for-profit side, the Institute's 152-acre campus is home to researchers and scientists across a variety of disciplines. Their common interest is the science of genomics, which promises unprecedented understanding of the cause and treatment of disease. The Institute's researchers are also keen to collaborate to generate fresh, crossdisciplinary insights and deepen the understanding of health trends and patient pools on a global basis.

    Today's biotech equipment - in particular, genome sequencers - generates enormous amounts of DNA research data. HudsonAlpha needs a robust infrastructure that is powerful enough to meet researchers' needs but manageable enough to run cost-effectively.
  • Gartner Report: Is your network ready for 10x growth?
    Source: Plexxi
    White Paper: As HCI systems modernize the data center, workloads will change dramatically. Clusters sizes will grow, I/O loads will increase by 10x and traffic patterns will shift.
    Is your Network ready?
    Read Gartner's "Leverage Networking to Ensure Your HCI Systems Can Support Demanding Workloads" and learn how to future proof your data center.
  • How Finance Leadership Pays Off
    Source: SAP
    White Paper: How finance leadership pays off for small and midsize companies.

    Oxford Economics recently surveyed 1,500 finance executives and it's clear that small and midsize companies are growing significantly faster than larger companies. But, there are also big opportunities for finance to increase efficiency, boost financial performance, and work more strategically. Why is that?

    *Discover the six traits of finance leaders
    *Learn why there is less focus on efficiency at small and midsize companies
    *Explore how the right technology is key to future success
    *Find out why finance professionals at smaller companies are better collaborators
    *Get recommendations on how to shift your finance function into high gear

    Learn how you can improve your own financial performance. Download the study today.
  • Accelerating Profitable Growth as a Professional Services Organization
    Source: SAP
    White Paper: What's the secret to profitable growth for organizations in the Professional Services space?

    New research from The Service Performance Insight's (SPI) study, 2017 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark says that Professional Service Organizations (PSOs) that key business processes have much higher performance and profitability.

    In this brief, we explore the findings of the SPI survey and help you compare your own PSO's performance by answering the following questions:

    *How can my organization gain a better view across the entire business?
    *How can my business rely less on spreadsheets and paper-based data?
    *How can my firm deliver projects and services profitably?

    Learn how you can accelerate growth of your PSO. Download our brief today.
  • Intelligent BOM Management for Today's Product Innovators
    Source: Arena Solutions
    White Paper: In the world of product design and manufacturing, the bill of materials (BOM) is a critical product information record for both the engineering and manufacturing teams. Managing BOMs with the wrong tools can cause product errors, delays and compliance failures.

    In this whitepaper, we outline the problems with manual BOM management tools like spreadsheets and email and compare them to a dedicated BOM management system.
  • The Hacker-Powered Security Report 2017.
    Source: HackerOne
    White Paper: 2017 Hacker-Powered Security Report: A Benchmark Performance Study of 800+ Programs and Nearly 50,000 Resolved Security Vulnerabilities.
  • The #1 Downloaded Bug Bounty Manual
    Source: HackerOne
    White Paper: Download the internet's most comprehensive guide to help strategize, plan and execute a successful crowdsourced security program.
  • Rx: life-saving medical technology that fits hospital budgets, resources
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: People depend on hospitals to help them navigate some of life's most deep, and personal challenges: health issues that disrupt their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Hospitals, in turn, must invest in life-saving diagnostics and care technologies, which are increasingly sophisticated and often expensive. So hospitals turn to GE Healthcare and HPE to help them select, implement, and support technology solutions, while minimizing the impact on hospital budgets and resources.
  • Hybrid IT: Realizing the Benefits of Both Worlds for Healthcare
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: Healthcare organizations are embracing hybrid IT (sometimes referred to as hybrid infrastructure) as an approach to enterprise computing where some workloads are migrated to the cloud and other workloads or IT resources remain on-premise. Healthcare organizations can elect to keep missioncritical applications that manage highly sensitive information, such as personally identifiable patient health information (PHI), on-premise or in private clouds, while undifferentiated applications such as email or DevOps are moved to public clouds. Blended computing models enable healthcare organizations to take advantage of the best of both worlds: the agility and cost-effectiveness of cloud services for some workloads and the predictable governance control of an on-premise datacenter for other workloads.

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