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  • Blue Hill Research: IBM Cognos Analytics: Converged and Governed Analytics for the Masses
    Source: IBM Corporation
    White Paper: In this report, Blue Hill Research explores the implications of adopting IBM Cognos Analytics for business decision-makers as they evaluate avenues to best provide democratized, yet trusted, analytic insight throughout their organization. Blue Hill Research examines decision criteria, differentiators, and value points relevant to these constituents.
  • Eckerson Group: Governed Data Discovery. Balancing Flexibility and Standards
    Source: IBM Corporation
    White Paper: Learn how modern BI platform blend the best of both top-down and bottom-up BI in a governed discovery environment tailoring self-service capabilities to business users based on their skills, roles and responsibilities.
  • IBM Announces General Availability of Cognos Analytics: A View into the Next Wave of IBM Business Intelligence Software
    Source: IBM Corporation
    White Paper: IBM Cognos Analytics boasts a range of features and functionality for self -service BI and analytics to support a full range of requirements from adhoc data exploration to production reporting to performance management. As one of the IBM Cognos Analytics customers stated, "business staffs ability to author their own BI assets is huge for us. They can now access their own data sets and create their own UI from scratch."
  • Advanced Attacks: What They Are and Why You Should Care
    Source: Symantec
    White Paper: Cyber criminals grow more professional and devious every day.

    You face relentless sophisticated attacks, targeting information vital to your safety and brand. When you're stretched defending against both targeted and random threats, you'll lose focus and steal resources from the rest of your business.

    In our solution brief, Advanced Attacks: What They Are and Why You Should Care, you'll learn:

    How advanced attacks are stealthier and far more dangerous than ever
    How to block attacks across all endpoints, and reduce the noise of false positives
    How to contain and remediate threats in minutes, with just one click
    How to preempt future attacks with automatic risk assessment.
  • Maximize Your Endpoint Protection Solution
    Source: Symantec
    White Paper: Your endpoint protection does a good job of blocking threats. But it simply isn't enough. In 2015, Symantec discovered roughly one million new pieces of malware each day-and these stealthier, more complex targeted attacks continue to evolve. To stay ahead of advanced attacks, you must go beyond threat prevention to include threat detection and response.

    Read our solution brief, 4 Reasons to Upgrade to Symantec Intelligent Endpoint Solution. In it, you'll learn how Symantec Intelligent Endpoint Solution uncovers threats that others miss, enables you to focus on what matters the most, and helps you put up better defenses to truly stay ahead of advanced threats. - Please complete the form to download a complimentary copy of the solution brief.
  • Situational Awareness-Better Protection for Your Bottom Line
    Source: Interfocus Technologies
    White Paper: One in four businesses didn't know if they'd been hacked or not. Whether you have some visibility into your security risks or feel completely in the dark, learn how Interfocus helps to improve visibility and situational awareness to strengthen your protective posture and secure your bottom line.
  • IT that Creates Value-Delivery Model for Secure Productivity
    Source: Interfocus Technologies
    White Paper: Value creation is one of IT's top challenges. Many executives see just the expense line, not the benefits. This white paper explores how, in today's digital economy where securing productivity and virtual assets is securing profitability, IT can shift the value proposition from cost to profit.
  • Taking On Ransomware
    Source: Kaspersky Lab Inc
    White Paper: The rise of ransomware presents a serious threat to networked enterprises. A new IDG survey of IT managers shows more than half of large enterprises have been victims of ransomware attacks, sustaining losses in revenue, productivity, recovery costs, stolen data, and brand value. This white paper explores how ransomware works and how IT pros can prevent it from costing their enterprises.
  • Fed Up with Legacy Monitoring Tools? It's Time for Composable IT Monitoring
    Source: Moogsoft
    White Paper: The monitoring technology of the early 2000s is now woefully inadequate to meet the diverse needs of next-generation operations. It's time to move forward with modern ops monitoring tools and approaches.

    In particular, composable monitoring is an approach to modularizing the technologies necessary to implement comprehensive IT monitoring.

    Composable monitoring is important for meeting customers' expectations of performance and usability in today's digital world, and it is the only approach that has the flexibility and variety to meet the vast diversity of enterprise needs.

    Composable monitoring, however, requires architecture: an instrumentation layer, a management layer, and 360┬░ situational awareness, as modern MoM tools like Moogsoft's must work at the 'software-defined everything' layer-taking into account the fact that much of the enterprise infrastructure is virtualized.
  • Today's State of Work: The Productivity Drain
    Source: ServiceNow, Inc.
    White Paper: ServiceNow released the results of a new report, "Today's State of Work: The Productivity Drain," revealing that managers in corporate environments spend nearly two days a week on unnecessary day-to-day administrative tasks that are not core to their jobs. This unleashes the possibility for exponential impact on an organization's top and bottom lines as employees have less time to just do their jobs and it takes more people to get the work done.
  • Today's State of Work: Employees are Stuck in the Past
    Source: ServiceNow, Inc.
    White Paper: Global Survey of 2,400 Managers Highlights Major Gap Between Workplace Service and Consumer Services.
  • Today's State of Work: The Service Experience Gap
    Source: ServiceNow, Inc.
    White Paper: Global Survey of 2,400 Managers Highlights Major Gap Between Workplace Service and Consumer Services.
  • IDC White Paper - Delivering Enterprise Value with Service Management
    Source: ServiceNow, Inc.
    White Paper: Leading technology research firm, IDC, reports customers using ServiceNow's suite of cloud based service management solutions are seeing substantial business value for both their IT and business operations.
    Business highlights from the study include the following results seen over five years:
    - Total discounted benefits - $36.8 Million
    - Average Return on Investment (ROI) - 449%
    - Average payback period - 7.4 Months
    Download this IDC report to learn more about the savings and value ServiceNow is driving by reducing fragmentation of IT and other environments, automating repeatable processes, and improving service delivery, all with the ultimate goal of making employees more productive and IT and business processes more efficient.
  • Digital Revolution Enables Population Health Management
    Source: Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
    White Paper: Regulatory reform, advances in technology and changing demographics are driving major changes in the way healthcare services are offered. In response, healthcare organizations are shifting to new patientcentric care models that make care more collaborative and focused on outcomes. New investments will need to focus on the power of combined information sources, deriving greater context. This is needed to more effectively and securely leverage patient data, recognize patterns faster, and manage the health of populations more effectively. The transformation to population health management will improve health outcomes and reduce the overall cost of care.
  • Digital Applications: The Key to Releasing Your Business's Full Potential
    Source: Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
    White Paper: Innovative software is transforming entire industries, yet dated applications still hold back far too many organizations. The solution? Digital applications that leverage both documented, published interfaces and cost-effective computing resources. They help organizations unlock the information contained within their legacy systems, then combine it with information from disparate sources - including external sources from cloud-based applications or partner systems - to deliver in-context results to dramatically improve business outcomes.

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