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  • Extend your Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution
    Source: EMC Corporation
    White Paper: This paper covers key areas in which enterprises can further extend the value of their Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution-and how IT can leverage it as they take the next steps toward a more comprehensive IT as a Service model.
  • Gartner on Business Continuity in 2015
    Source: Windstream Communications
    White Paper: Disasters are an inevitable part of business. According to a recent Gartner report, 86% of organizations have had to use a recovery plan within the last 24 months. Fortunately, with the right business continuity management (BCM) program, you can help ensure that you stay in business no matter what comes your way. Gartner's BCM report explores:

    -Common BCM mistakes and shortcomings
    -Ways to accurately measure BCM program effectiveness
    -How far into the future to look when building a BCM program improvement roadmap
  • Why NoSQL?
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: In a world where the pace of software development is faster and data and piling up, how you architect your data layer to ensure a global user base enjoys continual access to data is more important than ever.

    Download our new whitepaper now to explore

    -Why the new category of NoSQL databases has become a popular option
    -The various types of NoSQL databases available today
    -Differences and commonalities of NoSQL databases
    -Why you should consider implementing a NoSQL solution
  • Four App Deployment Disasters Every Business Should Know About
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: While successful mobile apps can elevate and transform your brand, hidden deployment disasters can tear down all your hard work in the blink of an eye.
    Download this white paper to avoid disasters of scale, microdowntime and connectivity, location data and upfront costs.
  • ArcelorMittal: Deploying a Seamless Global B2B Network
    Source: Open Text
    White Paper: ArcelorMittal ranks as today's only truly global steelmaker. Its Europe Flat Products division embarked on an initiative to migrate from a plethora of point-to-point connections with individual trading partners to a single, seamless B2B network solution.
  • Today's State of Work: The Productivity Drain
    Source: ServiceNow
    White Paper: ServiceNow surveyed nearly 1,000 managers in the US and the UK to understand the effectiveness of the tools and processes in their corporate environment. Results revealed nearly two days a week are spent on administrative tasks that are not core to their jobs. There's an exponential impact on an organization's top and bottom lines as employees have less time to do their jobs and it takes more people to complete the job. Learn about how your organization can overcome the obsessive use of email and spreadsheets to get real work done.
  • How B2B Integration Drives Superior Supply Chain Performance
    Source: Open Text
    White Paper: Increased globalization combined with newer technologies such as cloud, mobile and big data, are driving transformation in the manufacturing supply chain. Research by IDC Manufacturing Insights outlines the changing dynamics and provides recommendations.
  • Orchestration For Modern IT: Helping IT Accelerate Business
    Source: ServiceNow
    White Paper: Modern IT requires an evolved approach to orchestration - one that erases the barriers separating people, process and technology. Modern IT also demands tools, including orchestration, that promote action and agility. Without high levels of automation, virtual machines and cloud services will quickly grow out of control. IT organizations choose evolved orchestration to deliver business agility while also maintaining control. This white paper describes how ServiceNow Orchestration empowers IT organizations to do all of this and more.
  • Sharpening Your Competitive Edge with Managed Services
    Source: Open Text
    White Paper: Many organizations struggle to achieve the core technical infrastructure, operational expertise, and foresight necessary to maximize B2B e-commerce potential. Learn how B2B managed services can improve the capabilities of your business, and explore the issues to consider when selecting a provider.
  • ServiceWatch Impact Study
    Source: ServiceNow
    White Paper: Today, enterprises are increasingly dependent on business services delivered by their IT organizations. These services underpin almost every business function, ranging from manufacturing and supply chain through to customer service and online sales. Because of their critical nature, business services need to be highly available and responsive - any disruption has a major financial and customer impact.

    Download this study to learn more about ServiceNow's ServiceWatch and how it can help your organization prevent outages that could lead to:
    - Lost revenue
    - Lost employee productivity
    - Lost customers
  • Delivering Enterprise Value with Service Management
    Source: ServiceNow
    White Paper: Leading technology research firm, IDC, reports customers using ServiceNow's suite of cloud-based service management solutions are seeing substantial savings and business value for both their IT and business operations.

    Download this report to learn how ServiceNow is making employees
    - Reducing fragmentations of IT and business environments
    - Automating repeatable processes
    - Improving service delivery
  • Top 8 Considerations to Enable and Simplify Mobility
    Source: ServiceNow
    White Paper: IT departments have a huge opportunity to make their enterprises more agile, cost efficient & competitive by embracing the opportunities available through mobile devices & constant connectivity. Supporting a more mobile workforce & customer base is a necessity.
  • Transform IT: Transform the Enterprise
    Source: ServiceNow
    White Paper: This paper provides IT leaders with insight into three IT imperatives that 24 CIOs and senior IT executives used to reposition IT and transform the enterprise: Learn how CIOs are:
    - Driving Enterprise Visibility and Standardization
    - Creating Intuitive, Approachable, and Business-Friendly IT Service Delivery
    - Automating and Accelerating IT Responsiveness and Innovation
  • The Future of IT: From Chaos to Service Automation
    Source: ServiceNow
    White Paper: Learn how innovative CIOs are automating IT services and:
    - Consolidating, standardizing, and globalizing systems for total visibility and control
    - Delivering business solutions, including cloud services and app development on one SaaS platform
    - Shifting focus from cost to agility and growth across the enterprise
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  • Consolidation: The Foundation for IT Business Transformation
    Source: ServiceNow
    White Paper: This white paper explores how to consolidate legacy, redundant IT services and shows how consolidation can accelerate growth while cutting costs and reducing complexities and enhance competitiveness.

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