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  • Key Considerations When Evaluating Cloud-integrated Storage
    Source: Nasuni
    White Paper: After reading this paper by Mark Peters, Senior Analyst at ESG, you will be armed with valuable information to guide you in selecting the right cloud storage solution for your organization.
  • CIO Guide: Hybrid Cloud Use Cases That Reduce TCO and Drive Business Value
    Source: NetApp
    White Paper: This CIO Guide examines several innovative solutions from NetApp that enable organizations to leverage Microsoft Azure in a hybrid cloud environment. NetApp AltaVault helps organizations to lower costs and reduces backup and archiving risks, while NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure improves disaster recovery and deploys primary enterprise workloads.
  • 10 Metrics to Monitor in the LTE Network
    Source: SevOne, Inc.
    White Paper: The deployment of LTE increases dependency on your underlying network. In order to ensure Quality of Experience (QoE) for your customer, you must monitor a number of key performance metrics. The authentication process, PDN and Serving Gateways, and 3GPP signaling interfaces are just a few components from which you need to collect, baseline, and monitor valuable performance data. Learn the ten critical metrics for successful monitoring of an LTE network and solutions to your LTE monitoring challenges.
  • How can MSPs Generate More Revenue and Attract New Customers
    Source: SevOne, Inc.
    White Paper: IT is more than just a business expense for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). MSPs make money by delivering managed IT services, giving them a unique set of IT challenges and opportunities. This whitepaper provides industry insight on these following topics:

    - Structure a tiered service offering that accommodates a variety of target customers
    - Attract new customers with differentiated services
    - Beat out competition with advanced PM capabilities as part of your service catalog
  • How the IoT Will Impact Your Performance Monitoring Strategy
    Source: SevOne, Inc.
    White Paper: The inevitable trend towards an all-IP connected world poses many challenges, starting with concerns over security. But when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), network and IT teams need to consider other impacts, such as new devices and protocols, increased IPv6 deployment, and more. If the impacts of IoT are ignored, your organization will suffer from infrastructure performance visibility gaps, putting SLAs, customers, end user experience, and revenue at risk. Learn five ways the Internet of Things will fundamentally disrupt your current performance monitoring strategy and processes.
  • 4 Ways Service Providers Can Improve Capacity
    Source: SevOne, Inc.
    White Paper: Today's service providers are under intense and constant pressure to increase capacity and keep costs down. Because of these opposing requirements they must be sure they're investing in upgrades that are needed now - not those that can wait until later. The result is an environment in which accurate and timely capacity planning is key. Fortunately, the right performance monitoring system can make creating these capacity forecasts faster, easier and more accurate. Learn 4 ways you can use your performance monitoring platform to improve capacity forecasting process.
  • 7 Critical Questions to Demystify DRaaS
    Source: Vmware | CenturyLink
    White Paper: This whitepaper is not a sermon on Disaster Recovery and why you need it. You don't need a lesson in the perils of disasters or a theoretical "business case" that proves unpredictable events can damage your data and cost you thousands of dollars. In fact, if you were not already aware of the need for Disaster Recovery you probably would not be reading this document.

    So what is this whitepaper? It is a guide with a goal to make you a well-informed DRaaS customer by helping you pose insightful yet practical questions to DRaaS vendors.
  • Cost Analysis of Traditional Storage vs. Nasuni Cloud NAS
    Source: Nasuni
    White Paper: Enterprise storage infrastructures are complex with many components from multiple vendors. This white paper examines the cost savings of a new model of storage, Nasuni's Cloud NAS, and proposes a model to realistically examine the costs of traditional storage vs. Cloud NAS for comparison purposes.
  • How to Overcome the Four Obstacles to Cloud Storage
    Source: Nasuni
    White Paper: In this Market Report, analyst firm Storage Switzerland covers the four most relevant obstacles to cloud storage - and how to overcome them using hybrid cloud technologies. Download your copy today.
  • 5 Ways Cloud-integrated Storage Reduces Costs
    Source: Nasuni
    White Paper: Many companies are considering using cloud storage to reduce costs and the IT burden of storing data in the enterprise. However, simply calculating the annual cost of a SAN or NAS server versus the per GB cost of cloud storage does not produce an accurate view of cost savings, because cloud storage alone is not equal to all the functionality found in today's enterprise-class storage solutions. This brief discusses how Cloud-integrated Storage (CiS) delivers the benefits of cloud storage with the features and functionality that enterprises require, while still reducing the cost of storage.
  • Emulex Keeps SCADA Infrastructures Humming
    Source: Emulex Corp
    White Paper: A long list of organizations and enterprises that rely on a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) infrastructure to control and monitor their increasingly intelligent machinery, equipment and infrastructure. See how Network Visibility Product solutions ensure their reliable and secure operation.
  • Emulex Enhances the Performance of Content Delivery Networks
    Source: Emulex Corp
    White Paper: Content delivery service providers and TV broadcasters move vast amounts of audio, video and mixed-media information, both internally and out to consumers. Network Visibility Product solutions ensure performance.
  • Emulex Enhances Security Incident Investigations
    Source: Emulex Corp
    White Paper: Security threats are a concern for every enterprise, large and small. Packet capture is absolutely essential for catching network intrusions and rooting out their causes.
  • Emulex Keeps Financial Institutions in the Black
    Source: Emulex Corp
    White Paper: The impact that network congestion can have on transaction processing, execution trades, as well as client and server productivity issues, is a major concert for financial services organizations.
  • Accelerating Enterprise Docker Strategy with Private PaaS
    Source: Apprenda
    White Paper: While providing tremendous flexibility, portability, and freedom to developers, many enterprise organizations have been struggling with how to provide Docker's benefits to their internal application teams safely, securely, and in a manageable way. Rather than create meaningless false choices such as public vs private cloud, IaaS vs PaaS, or PaaS vs Docker/containers, Apprenda customers can embrace and integrate new application and infrastructure technology such as Docker today.

    Enterprise Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) helps you accelerate your organization's Docker strategy and deliver the benefits developers want, all while maintaining the control IT operations needs. Learn more about how Apprenda integrated Docker into its Enterprise PaaS to support:

    - Infrastructure Segmentation and Phased Rollout
    - Application Composition Controls
    - Consistent Management of Docker, Existing and Other Workloads
    - Runtime Cloud Enablement for Applications

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