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  • Enterprise Mobile VPN Technologies -- How Do They Compare?
    Source: Netmotion Wireless
    White Paper: The secure remote access market is evolving and each type of VPN solution is designed for a specific application and type of user. Learn about the characteristics of an ideal mobile VPN and see a side-by-side feature comparison of the different VPN solutions available.
  • Addressing the ROBO IT Paradigm
    Source: PC Connection
    White Paper: In the remote office, branch office (ROBO) IT paradigm, central IT organizations struggle to support distributed environments with the same service level that exists in the central office. This often results in a host of challenges, from WAN latency and application performance to security and central database availability. Furthermore, many of the ROBO offices have little to no staff with IT experience, and struggle to provide the simplest IT services on their own--even print serving and other simple office workloads. This paper takes a close look at these pain points, and how business leaders can overcome these obstacles.
  • HP Desktop Mini: The Desktop Has Evolved
    Source: PC Connection
    White Paper: With the ever increasing pace of business, streamlining of workloads and workflows, shrinking technology, network file storage, and the cloud, the desktop PC is evolving. No longer does every task require a power-centric, large, expandable PC chassis with massive hard drives. Performance, simplicity, versatility, space-saving, and power efficiency are the demands of today's business desktop PC. Yet, in the enterprise, security and manageability are still critical. With desktop virtualization just emerging, a powerful business PC is still where the majority of daily work gets done. HP's newest and smallest business desktop platform, the HP Desktop Mini, fits the bill without filling the space.
  • Find, Freeze, and Fix Advanced Threats
    Source: McAfee
    White Paper: Your management is asking for an advanced malware detection and response strategy that is as sophisticated and adaptive as the attackers your organization faces. This technology blueprint explores the options available in advanced malware security and how they affect the performance, efficacy, cost, and management complexity of an overall solution.
  • Deeper Inspection. Better Threat Protection
    Source: McAfee
    White Paper: Stealthy malware can slip past your intrusion prevention system, gateway, and firewall. This graphic shows you how to supercharge your defenses with McAfee Advanced Threat Defense. The combination of sandboxing and static code analysis can spot even the stealthiest malware.
  • Busted: Seven Myths of Advanced Malware
    Source: McAfee
    White Paper: Advanced malware is the catchall term for the most sophisticated, evasive, destructive, and ever-evolving cyber threats. Fed by lack of understanding and anxiety--and sometimes perpetuated by security vendors--a number of misconceptions have arisen concerning this cyber menace. This guide will examine seven common misconceptions and distinguish between myth and reality.
  • Take an Integrated Approach to Advanced Malware Threats
    Source: McAfee
    White Paper: With today's advanced malware threats, IT departments need to expand their coverage with an appropriately configured security infrastructure. Finding, freezing and fixing advanced exploits fast requires a fully integrated, well managed approach to IT security.
  • Building a Better Sandbox
    Source: McAfee
    White Paper: As malware becomes ever more sophisticated and evasive, new technologies are emerging to uncover threats no matter how well they're camouflaged. This paper proposes a logical design strategy for dynamic malware analysis that optimizes detection effectiveness, efficiency, and economics.
  • Advanced Targeted Attacks: It Takes a System
    Source: McAfee
    White Paper: At Black Hat 2013, McAfee polled attendees to see where they struggled with the advanced malware used in low-prevalence and targeted attacks. While detection led the list of challenges, false positives, protection, and timely response and repair represented huge frustrations--and huge costs as well. However, with McAfee® Threat Intelligence Exchange and the McAfee Security Connected Platform, security professionals now have a high-performance system that integrates workflows and data to overcome siloed operations and shift the model to agile, intelligent threat prevention.
  • Neutralize Advanced Threats
    Source: McAfee
    White Paper: Sophisticated advanced targeted malware requires a sophisticated approach. This solution brief explains how to defend your organization with a comprehensive, layered approach that identifies, contains, and remediates these insidious threats.
  • The Evolution and Impact of Hidden Mobile Threats: Why your Organization Needs a Multi-Level Security Solution
    Source: Wandera
    White Paper: We only hear about the high profile cyber attacks in the news, but what about the every day threats affecting your organization right now? It's likely that you're already the unsuspecting victim of hidden mobile attacks. Find out what practical steps you can take to uncover and neutralize these threats.
  • Best Practices for Fending off Hackers in the Cloud
    Source: SMS PASSCODE
    White Paper: Cloud services have become massively popular, as organizations enable remote access to more and more applications stored offsite. With this spike in remote access comes a new challenge in ensuring security and compliance by authenticating the identities of users accessing that data.
  • Deployment Best Practices and Guidelines to Deliver Any App to Mobile Users
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: As organizations embrace smartphones, tablets and mobile applications, they are moving beyond simply providing mobile email and browser capability to offering mobile access to Windows-based and other corporate applications. Access to corporate applications allows mobile workers to be more productive, responsive and informed when serving customers or collaborating with peers, helping to achieve business goals such as improved customer satisfaction and faster time to market for new products and services.
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integration Brokerage
    Source: IBM Corporation
    White Paper: In this first-release MQ, Gartner evaluates providers on service delivery, B2B Network/Collaboration, Integration Functionality and success in capitalizing on vision. Rated against an extensive 15-criteria evaluation, IBM earned one of only three Leader positions, and outpaced the competition in "completeness of vision," signifying our strength in delivering the most competitive solution to the marketplace
  • Secure Cloud Networking
    Source: Level 3 Communications
    White Paper: Secure cloud networking; learn how the biggest barrier to moving to the cloud - security - can be overcome by utilizing the right network connectivity and security bundles.

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