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  • Buyer's Guide to Mobile Application Platforms
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: Good mobile app development requires more than a compelling user interface. In fact, the majority of the cost and effort happens behind the UI - the app testing, integration, security, quality assurance and ongoing management.
  • Why Your UC Deployment Will Fail (and 3 Ways to Save It)
    Source: Jabra
    White Paper: Why do so many UC deployments fail? Recent data suggests that up to 80% of deployments fail to live up to expectations - and in an age where the C-suite has identified technology as the prime mover of industry change and collaboration as a top priority, this is more than just an IT problem.
  • The 2 Shifts That Will Propel Skype for Business Adoption and Usage
    Source: Jabra
    White Paper: The secret of all great change initiatives is the one, small voluntary step. Getting people to move in your direction comes down to getting them to make a small move in your direction, even if the move itself is almost negligible. Find out 2 trends that will make that change happen for Skype for Business.
  • Why Your Remote Workers Hate You (It's Not What You Think)
    Source: Jabra
    White Paper: Unified Communications has made what was once impossible - meaningful collaboration with people who aren't in the room - not only possible but quite promising. But there's a downside to remote collaboration that no one likes to talk about.
  • Real-Time Visibility
    Source: Interactive Intelligence
    White Paper: Get real-time visibility in the contact center. See immediate benefits. Real-time visibility in the contact center is crucial. When you don't have the info you need to make decisions, you lose out on the single best way to create a competitive advantage. Solving this issue is simple, though. With an all-in-one solution, you can get a broad and specific view of what's happening in your contact center - and see near-instant benefits!
  • Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Multichannel Cloud Contact Center Vendor
    Source: Interactive Intelligence
    White Paper: As businesses continue to replace their existing premise-based contact centers with cloud solutions, vendors are rapidly developing their capabilities and making acquisitions in the space. It can be difficult for enterprises to navigate the broad array of available cloud contact center offerings. This report reviews many of the leading cloud contact center solutions, with particular emphasis on the ability of providers to handle multichannel customer interactions and connect data through analytics. It compares solutions based on the strength of their technology platforms, the views of their customers, and the impact that each company has in the marketplace.
  • How Omnichannel is Delivering on the Promise of Multichannel
    Source: Interactive Intelligence
    White Paper: In order to deliver on the promise of multichannel communications, contact centers must provide customers with an omnichannel experience. This means that customer interactions are seamless, integrated, and consistent across phone and digital channels alike - and anticipating that customers might start in one channel and move to another as they progress to a resolution. But it also means deploying technologies to make the transition between channels as convenient and enjoyable as possible.
  • Essential Steps to Creating Great Customer Experiences
    Source: Interactive Intelligence
    White Paper: A great customer experience has become the holy grail of competitive advantage. But the leap from good service to a great experience requires contact centers to follow a new strategy, beyond traditional performance metrics and the "acceptable level of service." Richard Snow of Ventana Research and Karina Howell of Interactive Intelligence outline the essential steps contact centers must take to make the customer experience a great one.
  • Workforce Optimization and the Stellar Customer Experience
    Source: Interactive Intelligence
    White Paper: Effortless, seamless, proactive and personalized. If only every company approached the customer experience this way to create a pleasant "journey" as they interact. But they don't. Behind-the-scenes elements are often shortchanged, and this vision isn't as blissful as hoped. Lori Bocklund of Strategic Contact and Brian Spraetz of Interactive Intelligence embark on a journey of a different sort. They help you understand what your customers expect from their experience, and how leveraging workforce optimization tools can help deliver a positively memorable event.
  • Encryption for Mobile and Cloud Computing
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: As organizations increase their use of mobility and cloud computing, they're finding it more complex than ever to create an effective security strategy and protect sensitive data. Users demand access to data no matter where it is, as new technologies expand the perimeter of the enterprise network. Organizations strive to keep this data out of the wrong hands, but the challenge to protect it is growing.
  • Securing the Private Cloud
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: To achieve cost savings, scalability and other important benefits, many organizations have migrated applications and sensitive data to private clouds. However, concerns over how to secure a private cloud and the resources within it often delay these migrations. Virtualization technologies, in particular, are very important to cloud security. Yet many IT staff members do not have experience securing or managing them. It is not always clear how an organization's security policies for traditional IT systems can be supported in a cloud environment.
  • Cloud Security Reference Guide
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: CDW's Technology Insights guides provide a high-level, informative take on today's most pressing IT solution areas and related issues. Speaking to the interests and concerns of IT managers and their staff, as well as their enterprise counterparts, the guides provide up-to-date summaries, strategic guidance and best practice tips on the technologies driving IT operations forward.
  • The Lifecycle of Mobility Management Services
    Source: Tangoe
    White Paper: Since its rise to prominent a decade ago, mobility has continued to expand its profound influence on how we work and communicate. But as mobility continues to evolve and grow, so do the management complexities that it creates. In light of this new reality, organizations are migrating towards Managed Mobility Services (MMS) which offer a deliberate and methodical approach to meeting the challenges of the mobile lifecycle.
  • Return on Mobility: The Power of Mobility to Catalyze Business Growth
    Source: Tangoe
    White Paper: The role of the CFO is growing in relation to managing mobility. To better understand the issues CFOs are dealing with related to management of mobile technology, infrastructure, and processes, CFO Research and Tangoe conducted a survey of senior finance executives and discovered that CFOs are making difficult choices and tradeoffs related to their firms' mobility strategies.
  • Nucleus Research - Analytics Value Matrix
    Source: Good Data Corporation
    White Paper: Nucleus Research's semi-annual report on BI and analytics platforms evaluates key business intelligence (BI) and analytics vendors based on their ability to deliver value to both business users and data scientists. Nucleus has found that, across the board, vendors are trying to make their analytics applications more intuitively usable and accessible. Native cloud vendors are proving to be more successful at providing for the business users' needs than the traditional legacy analytics systems. Cloud solutions are also often able to provide a faster release cadence that supports more frequent, less disruptive upgrades and user access to new capabilities. Read the full report for more...

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