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  • Maturing and Specializing: Incident Response Capabilities Needed
    Source: HP
    White Paper: The SANS 2015 survey of the incident response capabilities of more than 500 security professionals found good news and bad news. The good news is that reported malware incidents, breaches, and remediation time declined slightly compared to last year, indicating a maturing of defenses and incident response capabilities. The bad news is 37 percent of respondents said their teams are unable to distinguish malicious events from nonevents, and most organizations still experience significant impediments to incident response.

    Read the 2015 survey results to learn:
    - The kind of data most targeted by hackers
    - Remediation practices used by respondents
    - The threat intelligence and detection technologies that work
    - The greatest impediments to fast and effective response
  • Turn IT Challenges into IT Opportunities
    Source: PC Connection
    White Paper: In this white paper, you will learn how Cisco, EMC, and Microsoft have integrated best of breed technologies to unify computing, networking, and storage resources into a single platform.
  • Intelligent Power Management: Strategic Key to Optimized Virtualization
    Source: Dell | Eaton
    White Paper: Looking for the best way to extend and enhance the benefits of virtualization? The answer could be hiding in plain sight in your data center - power management. In this white paper, learn how Intelligent Power Management solutions like those offered by Eaton can increase infrastructure flexibility, agility, and reliability by monitoring and managing power consumption - all while ensuring high performance in the virtualized environment.
  • Vulnerability Management Begins at the Endpoint
    Source: Qualys Inc.
    White Paper: As mobility and the global network infrastructure expands, the need for security assessment and policy compliance is essential. See how CIOs, CSOs and CTOs can stay ahead of evolving global network security and read about the next phase of innovation in security assessment.
  • 7 Reasons You Need Predictive Analytics Today
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: Learn why advanced analytics tools are essential to sustain a competitive advantage.
  • Infographic: Predictive Analytics Provides FP&A Advanced Capabilities
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: View this infographic from the Aberdeen Group to compare metrics and results from organizations that utilize advanced analytics in their financial planning and forecasting and the percentage in their confidence in creating a more reliable view of their outcomes and accurate scenario analysis.
  • Digitizing Financial Services Systems to Win on Customer Experience
    Source: Capriza
    White Paper: The financial services industry is being disrupted by new market entrants offering fast, mobile, immediate transactions. Find out how banks and other financial institutions are retooling their existing applications to deliver on exceptional customer experiences and remain competitive in the market.
  • Modernize Existing Systems to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences
    Source: Capriza
    White Paper: Industries are being shaped today by the dramatic shift in consumer expectations. New companies are emerging that are delivering fast, mobile, immediate transactions. Find out how established enterprises are retooling existing applications to deliver cutting-edge customer experiences and remain competitive in today's market.
  • IPM Equals Business Continuity
    Source: Dell | Eaton
    White Paper: IT professionals depend on software to increase resiliency while cutting capital expenses. But don't take it from us, here is what IT professionals have to say about software and its impact on business continuity.
  • Batteries - the heart of your UPS
    Source: Dell | Eaton
    White Paper: Before the days of sealed, maintenance-free batteries, you could check the battery's electrolyte with a hydrometer to determine its ability to retain a charge. Now, with sealed batteries, the only way to measure battery capacity is to discharge the cell. To accomplish this, ABM technology periodically initiates a brief discharge cycle to check the internal impedance which is calculated and compared to the ideal.
  • Best Practices for WiFi in K-12 Schools
    Source: Dell Inc.
    White Paper: As school districts increase technology access for students and staff, whether through school provided devices, BYOD programs, or a hybrid approach, they must ensure the district wireless LANs (WLANs) can deliver the reliability, performance and security needed to keep learning productive. This best-practices guide explores the top 10 considerations when choosing a WLAN to support digital learning initiatives and provides assistance in selecting a WLAN architecture.
  • Blueprint for a Modern Campus Network
    Source: Dell Inc.
    White Paper: Businesses' campus networks today must provide reliable, high-performance wired and wireless connectivity capable of delivering rich applications and access to corporate resources irrespective of device. This Reference Architecture is a blue print for a modern campus network, providing network design principles and best practices to design and deliver user connectivity incorporating switching, mobility and security to simplify the complex deployment and manageability of separate sites in a campus or across branches.
  • SDN-Based Open Networking Building Momentum Among IT Decision Makers
    Source: Dell Inc.
    White Paper: Two of the most important technologies today are open networking and SDN. For the past few years, both have gained acceptance in data centers due to their promise of improved IT agility, flexibility and manageability. Open network allows companies to mix and match different brands which can improve cost efficient scalability. Read on to learn more about SDN and open based networking.
  • Is Dell Driving the Open Future of Networking?
    Source: Dell Inc.
    White Paper: As open networking becomes more prevalent, we believe the networking market will mimic what we have already seen in servers and storage with more standards, more virtualization, and more heated competition. This trend towards standardization will enable better agility for businesses. Currently, the move to open networking is a server vendor's best opportunity, as customers break from the traditional status quo and investigate new architectures and potentially new vendors. Dell's focus on driving openness into their products makes them a compelling alternative as IT customers look for change.
  • How do software-defined networks enhance the value of converged infrastructures?
    Source: Dell Inc.
    White Paper: Virtualization and cloud computing are changing the dynamics of IT management and deployment in networks, as well as in the overall data center. In order to address new challenges for speed, bandwidth, resilience, simplified manageability and agility, the designers of networks and data centers must take new approaches and adopt new technologies. Both SDN and converged infrastructure address today's challenges.Learn why IT decision makers should seek out vendors that support SDN in their switches, fabrics and controllers.

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