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  • How Identity Management Can Accelerate Digital Transformation
    Source: Okta
    White Paper: Identity management is proving to be the key ingredient for enterprises engaged in digital transformation. Taking control of access, security, and apps through a single integrated solution has helped progressive companies to better serve their customers and enabled their employees to focus on key initiatives.
  • Pay it Forward: Solving Three Key Challenges in Payments Processing
    Source: IBM Corporation
    White Paper: The stakes are high. In this ebook, IBM analyzes the top three payments challenges that confront merchants and billers, and outlines solutions to address immediate needs while future-proofing a payments system to adapt to continued change.
  • eBook: Adaptive Network Control Solutions
    Source: Level 3 Communications
    White Paper: In today's enterprise, the network is critical. Do you want to sharpen your competitive edge? Integrate a fast, easy and highly scalable solution that allows your network to move with your business like never before. Learn how you can enable greater visibility and gain more granular control over network functions to seamlessly adjust to shifting demands all while controlling costs.
  • A Conversation: Make Your Network Work Smarter, Not Harder
    Source: Level 3 Communications
    White Paper: Make no mistake, today's organizations run on their networks. And network decisions are business decisions. If you expect to thrive, your network must be able to respond instantly to changing requirements. It needs to help control costs and improve productivity. That's where the new capabilities of Level 3 Adaptive Network Control Solutions (ANCS) deliver real advantages.
  • 2016 Data Genomics Index
    Source: Veritas
    White Paper: The Data Genomics Project was an initiative designed to change the way we think about managing data. This benchmark report, the Data Genomics Index, encompasses a community of like-minded data scientists, industry experts, and thought leaders together with the purpose of better understanding the true nature of the unstructured data that we are creating, storing, and managing on a daily basis - a report on real storage environments' composition.
  • Databerg Report Executive Summary
    Source: Veritas
    White Paper: Organizations across Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific are hoping to harness the power of information in the face of a growing data deluge. A study, conducted by research firm Vanson Bourne, covering some 2,550 respondents across 22 countries, looks at the issues surrounding the phenomenon of the Databerg and uncovers how organizations throughout the globe are on track to waste more than $3.3tn by 2020. This report is a must-read for IT executives.
  • Roadmap to Reliability
    Source: Juniper Networks
    White Paper: Simply reaching "acceptable" network performance levels is no longer okay in today's operating environment. As companies strive to become truly digital enterprises, research shows there is an urgent need for both agility and reliability. This paper discusses the factors driving the need for scalability and speed, and how to negotiate them.
  • Osterman Research Whitepaper: Best Practices for eDiscovery and Regulatory Compliance in 0365
    Source: Proofpoint Inc
    White Paper: eDiscovery and compliance are essential activities for any organization, regardless of its size, the industry that it serves or the jurisdictions in which it operates. To be sure,"heavily" regulated organizations - such as those in the financial services, healthcare,life sciences, energy and certain other markets - face higher levels of compliance obligation than their less heavily regulated counterparts. However, every organization must factor eDiscovery and compliance into its communications and collaboration strategy.
  • Sharpening Your Competitive Edge with B2B Managed Services
    Source: OpenText
    White Paper: Are you finding it hard to roll out solutions beyond a few key business partners? Can you keep pace with changing standards and technologies? Are you lacking in technical support and local expertise in the various countries in which you trade in? Read this whitepaper to learn how well-managed B2B operations can help your organization maintain a competitive edge in today's marketplace.
  • One Connection to Your Entire Trading Community
    Source: OpenText
    White Paper: B2B e-commerce is costly, complex, and requires continuous investments in integration technology and skilled professionals to manage it. This white paper details how B2B Managed Services empowers your company to free up internal resources to focus on core business objectives and reduce costs.
  • Unlock the Value of Your Supply Chain Through Embedded Analytics
    Source: OpenText
    White Paper: This IDC white paper details how leveraging the Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) framework can assess any given business situation and enable analytics to drive unforeseen operational benefits in the supply chain.
  • Forrester Report: Optimize Customer Experiences With Digital Intelligence
    Source: IBM Corporation
    White Paper: The opportunity to engage customers digitally has never been greater - but so is the threat of not meeting their expectations and losing out to competitors that do. Current digital analytics practices are siloed, tactical, and fixated on channel-obsessed dashboard reporting that is not actionable. This report describes Forrester's vision of digital intelligence: a modern competitive approach to analytics that customer insights (CI) professionals can use to combine insights from existing, new, and emerging channels to enable timely, customer-obsessed decision-making.
  • From Data to Insights to Opportunities
    Source: IBM Corporation
    White Paper: Ordinary analytics tools can't keep up with today's digital, multichannel and demanding customers. This guide highlights three major challenges associated with traditional analytics and how innovative strategies combined with IBM's Customer Experience Analytics solution can solve them.
  • IBM Payments Merchant Study
    Source: IBM Corporation
    White Paper: The majority of merchants have multiple gateways or point-to-point integrations to processors and banks.

    Introducing the 2016 IBM Payments Merchant Study! Reach this report to learn:
    -Merchant viewpoint on consumer payments influence on growth
    -Challenges merchants face when expanding payment capabilities
    -Capabilities merchants desire most within payment acceptance solutions

    Read the report to learn more!
  • Reducing Online Checkout Friction On A Global Scale
    Source: IBM Corporation
    White Paper: For today's empowered consumers, finding the right product at the right price is not enough. Consumers must be comfortable through the entire experience, from their initial encounter with the brand through payment and even post-purchase. If any element in the shopping journey is less than perfect, it is simple to move on to the next search engine result or click through a competitor's promotion.

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