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  • Language: The Missing Piece in Your Marketing Technology Stack
    Source: Smartling
    White Paper: Today's marketing technology stack offers a simplified, streamlined view of prospects and allows marketers to automate the customer conversion process. You may have a content management system ready to generate compelling content and email and social media marketing systems poised to send that content to prospects in a timely manner. The problem is that many of them don't speak your language.
  • Reducing Expenses Starts with the Programming Skills of Operations Groups
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: Tools available today make it possible to significantly reduce the daily tasks that consume the time of IT operations groups like automation. And with today's new cloud and SDN architectures being deployed or just on the horizon, automation is no longer just optional. No matter what we call it the technology industry looks obsessed with the idea of automation, continuous delivery and programmability. With good reason, because the evidence is all around us-saving time is not trivial if you are starting many cloud instances. The important point, is not that programmability is a magic panacea that may or may not improve the company bottom line, but that employees in system and network administration positions have been asking for investment in these areas for years. Read this article to learn how to implement these concepts, improve the bottom line, and make the dreams of your admins come true.
  • The F5 ADC is a Platform, Not a Product
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: Platforms are a key success factor whether we're talking about phones or cloud or Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs). F5's offering--TMOS--has been a platform supporting an extensible ecosystem of application-focused "apps." Over the past 10 years, the ADC market has continued to experience growth with the upper limit on the ADC market constrained only by current definitions. Thus, the ADC must be a platform and not a product to continue to adapt to the needs of applications and businesses over time. Read this article to learn how the ADC ecosystem of capabilities will continue to evolve and transform as needed by the applications it delivers.
  • DNS Challenges in a Changing Landscape
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: IDG Research Services surveyed DNS administrators from large organizations to understand the challenges of deploying an available, secure, high-performance DNS infrastructure. Download the infographic to see the survey results.
  • Web Application Acceleration: Practical Implementations
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: Web application acceleration implementations use combinations of three key acceleration principles: 1. Send data as efficiently as possible; 2. Send data as infrequently as possible; and 3. Send as little data as possible. Different combinations can produce very different results and, more importantly, they can require dramatically different investments in time and resources. To decide on the best practical implementation of acceleration technologies for a particular organization, it is important to explore how each implementation employs the key acceleration techniques as well as the costs and benefits that result. Read this whitepaper to learn more about the available application acceleration solutions that focus on reducing administrative overhead while delivering significant performance benefits for users.
  • Three Key Principles to Accelerating Web Applications
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: Most organizations are concerned with the speed of their applications. Whether it involves an internal business application or a customer-facing shopping site, web application performance can have a huge impact on business performance. A faster-performing web application results in greater sales, better user engagement and improved productivity. The aim of accelerating these web applications is to improve the end-user experience with faster page-load times and more responsive interactivity. Read this article to learn more about the essential principles driving web application acceleration technologies today.
  • The ADC's Role in the New Network Infrastructure
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: Cloud computing and the BYOD trend will impact the design of future datacenters and their supporting networks. To attain the business agility that companies now demand, network infrastructure, including higher-layer network and security services, needs to provide the flexibility required by cloud application workloads and the changing traffic patterns fostered by BYOD. To make networks more agile, new approaches to network implementation need to be enabled, that can optimize resource provisioning and consistently apply policies across workloads and platforms. As these trends continue, application delivery controllers (ADCs) will be critical elements in the new network infrastructure.
  • How to Keep Company Assets Secure with Federated Identity and Access Management
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: As enterprises continue to depend on the cloud for delivery of applications and more workers are using multiple types of devices to access those applications, the need to control who has access to what will grow. Too often, users suffer from password fatigue, having to create and remember many log-on procedures in today's siloed, multi-modal computing world. Critical to keeping company assets secure is a strong approach to identity and access management, often using a SaaS delivery model. This Technology Spotlight discusses the growing need for security in today's cloud-based, mobile world of IT, and the rise of SaaS-based solutions.
  • Architecting the Network of the Future
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: Both IT and the business are demanding more of their networks. But networks designed to simply forward packets don't have the capability or the intelligence to understand these high-level, application-related demands. Networks need to change, as does the way IT thinks about them and manages them. In this white paper, see how enterprises can accommodate today's needs while laying the groundwork for supporting tomorrow's more-advanced software-defined networks.
  • Five Key Issues for DNS - The Next Network Management Challenge
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: The Domain Name Service (DNS) is one of the most important components in networking infrastructure, enabling users and services to access applications by translating URLs (names) into IP addresses (numbers). Because every icon and URL and all embedded content on a website requires a DNS lookup loading complex sites necessitates hundreds of DNS queries. According to a recent IDG Research Services Survey this rate of traffic will only grow. What's driving this increase? The growth in volume is largely attributed to the rollout of new services and applications along with expanding migration to the cloud and traffic spikes according to the respondents. Are you ready for this surge of new services and applications along with potential DNS threats?
  • Leave No App Behind with Software Defined Application Services
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: F5 Software Defined Application Services (SDAS) is the next-generation model for delivering application services. SDAS takes advantage of F5 innovations in scalability models, programmability, and an intrinsic decoupling of data and control planes to create a unique application service fabric capable of extending the benefits of F5 application delivery services to all applications, irrespective of location. SDAS is the first fabric-based application delivery and control system. It enables service injection, consumption, automation, and orchestration across a unified operating framework of pooled resources.
  • The Shortfall of Network Load Balancing
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: Applications running across networks encounter a wide range of performance, security, and availability challenges as IT department strive to deliver fast, secure access from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Read this paper to learn why applications fail, why network load balancing alone offers little protection, and why context-aware application delivery is so critical to making mission-critical applications highly available, fast and secure.
  • Solving the ADC Market Share Riddle: Why Citrix NetScaler is Winning the Data Center
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: Today's IT infrastructure faces intense new demands for virtualized and cloud-based data centers. No other ADC is better equipped to master those transformations than Citrix NetScaler. Gartner Inc.'s market share report confirms that NetScaler alone lives up to the full potential of ADCs for supporting today's IT requirements. Learn why other leading ADCs fall short while Citrix NetScaler gained market share consistently for six consecutive quarters.
  • Defend Web Properties from Modern Threats with Citrix NetScaler
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: Today, defending your organization's web properties means more than just protecting a handful of enterprise web applications from advanced malware. Learn more on the complexity and challenges of defending against today's modern threats and discover how Citrix NetScaler application delivery controller (ADC) is an ideal defense solution.
  • Magic Quadrant for ADCs
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: Citrix is positioned in the Leaders Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers for the seventh consecutive year: the Gartner Magic Quadrant Report focuses on vendor's ability to solve complex application deployment challenges. Don't miss this chance to learn from Gartner's independent research.

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