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  • How to Prioritize Daily Concerns vs Strategic Initiatives
    Source: Peer 1 Hosting
    White Paper: IT budgets are on the rise, a new IDG research study shows. But how are CIOs allocating those increases to achieve business goals? This paper examines the results of an in-depth survey among IT executives and looks at ways organizations are targeting growth while ensuring day-to-day concerns are addressed.
  • Trust in Cloud Technology and Business Performance: Reaping benefits from the cloud
    Source: Google
    White Paper: Trust in cloud technology and business performance is an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report, sponsored by Google, that explores links between cloud use, cloud trust and organisational performance. It offers insights to executives navigating the evolving and nebulous world of the cloud as it grows in scope and scale.
  • Your Journey to the Cloud:Making change easy with G Suite
    Source: Google
    White Paper: Cloud-based tools are helping businesses around the world improve their operational efficiency while cutting costs. But the transition can be a major undertaking for IT managers. G Suite makes it easy by integrating with existing solutions and seamlessly syncing important data. Explore benefits, best practices and more in this white paper.
  • Predicts 2016: Excellent Customer Experiences Hinge on Continuous Digital Experiences
    Source: Google
    White Paper: Customer experience has emerged as the new competitive battleground for companies seeking loyalty and success. In its 2016 predictions, Gartner counsels product managers to design digital experiences that are seamless, continuous and integrated. That's what customers are beginning to expect from devices, apps, wearables and connected-home systems.
  • Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2016: At a Glance
    Source: Google
    White Paper: From wearable devices to virtual personal assistants, Gartner highlights new technology trends that will disrupt the workplace as we know it. Find out how IT leaders can take advantage of today's most powerful tools, such as cloud services, interconnected devices and adaptive security architectures.
  • How to invent the Future: A perspective by Google and Harvard Business
    Source: Google
    White Paper: In this Harvard Business Review article, author and entrepreneur Nilofer Merchant examines how innovative teams can challenge the status quo and bring new ideas to life together. (She also tells a story about monkeys along the way.) Then the Google Cloud team offers its own perspective on the topic, describing three ways in which Google helps innovation flourish within the company.
  • The Forrester Wave: Dynamic Case Management, Q1 2016
    Source: IBM Corporation
    White Paper: IBM is a leader in the 21 criteria ranking by Forrester of 14 dynamic case management vendors . This report will help enterprise architecture professionals select the best providers to meet their needs.
  • Embrace Advanced Case Management Capabilities for a Seamless Customer Experience
    Source: IBM Corporation
    White Paper: Frost & Sullivan recently invited select companies to participate in a new and unique thought leadership forum-a Virtual Think Tank on Embracing Advanced Case Management Capabilities for a Seamless Customer Experience.
  • The Fast Path to SDN
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: The new matrix of technology deployment for IT is a real challenge-handling both customer-facing issues and internal, departmental challenges. IT's customers, the business units, want agility when it comes to application deployment across multiple new technologies-from cloud to software-defined networking (SDN). To help IT departments adapt to this agile environment, vendors are offering a smart solution: they're partnering with other vendors or integrators to offer new technologies in as close to a turnkey model as possible.
  • Dynamic Document Capture for Advanced Case Management
    Source: IBM Corporation
    White Paper: Customers interact with companies through a variety of channels, and a company's ability to gather and manage customer information across channels-via a strong document capture and case management strategy-is crucial to faster decision making and achieving positive business outcomes.
  • Data Breach Digest
    Source: Verizon
    White Paper: Learn from our data breach investigations. We investigate hundreds of data breaches every year. Take a look at our case files.
  • How can you make better use of your backup data?
    Source: Verizon
    White Paper: An introduction to copy-data virtualization with Verizon Cloud Backup and Actifio
  • Free up IT staff while you improve app performance
    Source: Verizon
    White Paper: See how our managed hosting services free up in-house staff and improve performance with top-tier facilities and support.
  • What makes a secure cloud?
    Source: Verizon
    White Paper: Verizon Cloud's layered-security approach helps protect your sensitive data as you expand globally. And by teaming with a proven partner like Verizon-we monitor more than 500 million security incidents on average each year-you can maintain business growth and keep customer trust intact.
  • Make sure your data is there when you need it
    Source: Verizon
    White Paper: Verizon Cloud Data Assurance Services help you simplify how you protect your cloud data. We also help you control costs and give you better peace of mind with new alternatives for backup and disaster recovery

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