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  • Managing applications in the age of BYOA: Reclaiming IT's strategic role
    Source: LogMeIn
    White Paper: This research report delivers the information you need to manage apps and reclaim your strategic role in the enterprise. You'll learn:
    - How the risks of the BYOA trend are accelerating
    - Why IT departments are being sidelined
    - Strategies for protecting your most important data
    - How to embrace users desires and boost productivity
    - How BYOA has become both a challenge and blind spot for many IT professionals.
  • AppGuru Reference Guide: Conquer BYOA Challenges, Leverage BYOA Benefits
    Source: LogMeIn
    White Paper: As the advantages of Bring-Your-Own-Application environments become increasingly apparent, BYOA is quickly becoming a reality for organizations of all sizes. But with the benefits of BYOA come challenges - and that's where AppGuru comes in. This advanced cloud application management solution delivers the capabilities IT needs to effectively manage BYOA. This guide describes common IT issues with BYOA, and how AppGuru by LogMeIn can resolve them.
  • BYOA: Embracing the Opportunity, Controlling the Risk
    Source: LogMeIn
    White Paper: This whitepaper explores the shift from BYOD to BYOA (bring-your-own-application) and how IT departments today can address this new change in the IT landscape and it's impact on their environments. Read more to learn:
    - How to assess the BYOA landscape
    - Next steps your organization can take to gain central management and control
    - How to embrace the BYOA trend and drive your business forward
  • The BYOA Opportunity
    Source: LogMeIn
    White Paper: Visual demonstration of problems that unmonitored, employee-introduced cloud apps can cause a business, and why IT managers need a solution to help and manage them. AppGuru is the solution for IT pros who needs a way to protect their IT environments and keep employees happy.
  • The business impact of BYOA: Five major challenges and how your enterprise can solve them
    Source: LogMeIn
    White Paper: As the Consumerization of IT and the bring-your-own-app trends continue to be pervasive in the workplace, IT professionals are challenged with how to gain back control of their environment. This E-Book reviews five major challenges of BYOA with key subject matter experts and outlines how businesses can solve them. Key issues covered are:
    * Data leakage
    * Compliance
    * Operational Inefficiency
    * Impact on IT
    * Impact on Productivity
  • Global Growing Pains: Tapping into B2B Integration Services to Overcome Global Expansion Challenges
    Source: Open Text
    White Paper: A recent survey by IDG Research explored both the challenges and pain points companies face when growing globally, as well as the capabilities they're seeking in B2B integration partners.
  • Using Packet Analysis for Quality of Experience Monitoring
    Source: SolarWinds
    White Paper: In this whitepaper, we will what Packet Analysis is, some of the useful information it can provide, and how this info can be used to monitor the application end-user experience.
  • Rightsizing Your Network Performance Management Solution: 4 Case Studies
    Source: SolarWinds
    White Paper: This white paper discusses challenges encountered as organizations search for the most cost-effective network performance management solution. You'll read 4 case studies that will show you how to select a solution that delivers a total cost of ownership for your organization.
  • 2013 Network Management Software (NMS) Buyers Guide
    Source: SolarWinds
    White Paper: This white paper from SolarWinds contains an independent comparison study of six different network management solutions and provides guidance on how you can choose a network management solution that balances the tradeoffs between price, features, and user preference. Download the white paper to get started!
  • IDG Research Survey: Are you Paying Too Much for Your NMS?
    Source: SolarWinds
    White Paper: Feel like you're paying too much for network monitoring? You're not alone. This survey brief summarizes findings from research recently fielded by IDG to find how organizations feel about their network monitoring solutions.
  • Bring Your Own Device: From Security to Success
    Source: Apperian
    White Paper: BYOD has proven to provide benefits for organizations, from increased productivity to decreased IT costs. But to realize these benefits, BYOD programs must be implemented correctly and take mobile apps and data into consideration. Download this e-Book to learn best practices for executing a BYOD policy.
  • What Makes a Cloud Solution Truly Enterprise-Grade?
    Source: Peer 1 Hosting
    White Paper: "Enterprise grade" has not been a term associated with multi-purpose or commodity public cloud, and for good reason. Future enterprise cloud capabilities will evolve from five core elements that IT leaders should look for today as they evaluate potential cloud service providers.
  • The Keys to Securing Data in a Collaborative Workplace
    Source: Dropbox
    White Paper: Losing data is costly. According to the Ponemon Institute, the average data breach costs US organizations an estimated $200 per record, or $5.4 million total per breach. And apparently these breaches are equally likely to be from criminal attack as from employee or contractor negligence. It makes sense then that surveys point to data loss via unsecured file sync and share solutions as one of IT's biggest concerns. IT professionals have spent years learning how to protect their organizations from hackers, but how do you ward off both external and internal threats when employees are seeking ways to collaborate more and more?
  • Best practices for facing today's log management challenges
    Source: Alert Logic
    White Paper: Log management is an organizational requirement that extends beyond simple data collection. Today's compliance regulations demand the ability to collect, analyze and report on all data collected. This whitepaper discusses key best practices to consider when evaluating automated log management solutions.
  • 5 Ways Dropbox for Business Keeps Your Data Protected
    Source: Dropbox
    White Paper: Protecting your data isn't a feature on a checklist, something to be tacked on as an afterthought. Security is at the heart of Dropbox for Business, informing not only how we approach new features and enhancements, but also how we've designed the product itself. Download here to find out how we've built Dropbox for Business to keep data safe for all our users.

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