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  • New Relic Helps FlightStats Improve the Travel Experience of Millions of Travelers around the World
    Source: New Relic
    White Paper: FlightStats is the leader in global flight data services and solutions to travelers and the companies that serve them. The company provides real-time global flight information which includes about 90,000 global flights per day, serving airlines and airports, travel agencies, developers, consumers, and others.
  • Lending Club Disrupts the Financial industry with a Game-Changing Marketplace
    Source: New Relic
    White Paper: Lending Club (NYSE: LC) is the world's largest online marketplace connecting borrowers and investors. The company's mission is to transform the banking system to make credit more affordable and investing more rewarding, helping millions of people achieve their financial goals. Lending Club operates at a lower cost than traditional banks and passes the savings on to borrowers in the form of lower rates and to investors in the form of solid returns. Since launching in 2007 the company has built a trusted brand with a track record of delivering exceptional value and satisfaction to both borrowers and investors.
  • New Relic for Docker: Shed light into your Docker containers
    Source: New Relic
    White Paper: In today's constantly evolving, modern architectures, distributed applications are being rapidly built and shipped with the ability to run anywhere-and platforms such as Docker are paving the way. New Relic helps Docker users gain visibility into the performance of their containers within the context of their overall environment.
  • Got PaaS? Better Get Visibility
    Source: New Relic
    White Paper: Industry experts believe that PaaS will be the enabling technology for what are considered to be next-generation applications: composite, cloud-native applications composed of modular services or microservices, with each service running in its own container and communicating via middleware and network connections.
  • ReachLocal Keeps its Focus on the Client Experience with New Relic
    Source: New Relic
    White Paper: In 2003, ReachLocal set out to help local businesses in the United States to acquire,maintain, and retain customers via the Internet. Today, the company enables its more than 21,000 clients around the world overcome increasingly complex marketing challenges by delivering state of-the-art solutions that include: search engine marketing, Web presence, display advertising and remarketing, online marketing analytics, and assisted chat service.
  • Achieving Innovation: The Importance of Policy at Scale
    Source: Apcera
    White Paper: Trust is crucial for scaling. ITOps needs to trust that the right resources are in play and that the information flows securely. Creating and enforcing pervasive policy is the only way to trust the cloud, as it enables your infrastructure and teams to scale effectively across the organization.
  • Cisco and Citrix: Building Application Centric, ADC-enabled Data Centers
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: As businesses quickly move to make the data center more agile, application centric automation and virtualization of both hardware and software infrastructure become increasingly important. Cisco ACI builds the critical link between business-based requirements for apps and the infrastructure that supports them. Citrix NetScaler ADC connects infrastructure and apps and makes that insight available to the Cisco APIC though deep integration. Read this white paper to learn more.
  • Cloud Service Spur Enterprises to Seize New Opportunities
    Source: VMware
    White Paper: Enterprises that extend their data centers to the cloud can benefit from reduced costs, faster deployment and maximized flexibility while ensuring high levels of performance, availability and security. Public cloud services that are open, integrated and enterprise-class allow companies to seamlessly move workloads to the public cloud without having to rewrite applications, adopt different tools or acquire new skillsets.
  • What CIOs Need to Know to Capitalize on the Software-Defined Data Center
    Source: VMware
    White Paper: The software-defined data center (SDDC) combines exceptional performance with unprecedented flexibility, enabling IT assets and IT organizations to operate and change at the speed of business. This interview with Pat Gelsigner, CEO of VMware, explores the business opportunities and technical capabilities of SDDC and reveals the key things that CIOs should know and do about it.
  • The Shifting Technology Landscape: Reshaping Career Opportunities
    Source: Randstad Technologies
    White Paper: The current expansion of third platform technologies presents a wealth of job opportunities for IT professionals with skills and ambition in mobile computing, social networking, the cloud and big data analytics.
  • US Government Palo Alto Networks
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: As one of the premier government research and development (R&D) organizations for national security in the world, this organization needed to secure some of the country's most sensitive weapons information. With over 5,000 employees and a relatively small real estate footprint, they were convinced that they could consolidate their multi-vendor approach into a singular next-generation cyber security platform. Given its mission, the importance of the information to be secured could not be underestimated. Palo Alto Networks was a natural fit.
  • Security Orchestration for the Software-defined Data Center: The 4 Critical Success Factors
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: The past several years have seen service providers make massive investments in data centers, acquiring millions of square feet of DC space. In order to maximize the returns on these investments, providers are racing to adopt a "software-defined everything" approach to delivering services. Open solutions such as KVM and OpenStack are favored in these hyperscale environments because of cost and flexibility. However, simply putting a firewall at the perimeter of the SDDC does not meet the security or operational needs. Orchestrated security must be embedded within the SDDC architecture. This solution brief outlines how Palo Alto Networks enables the key requirements for security in these environments.
  • Breaking the Attack Kill Chain
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: Cybercrime is big business. By many estimates, cybercrime is now a US $1 trillion dollar industry. Every organization with digital assets is vulnerable to attack and the growing sophistication of cyber criminals and their evolving tactics only increases the chance of a security breach involving the theft of sensitive data. Effective cyber defense must withstand changes to adversaries' tactics and tools that traditional, non-integrated "best of breed" approaches cannot address. It must also protect against advanced known threats, as well as unknown threats, which can be challenging to address with legacy solutions. The Enterprise Security Platform from Palo Alto Networks is a modern approach to providing new defense and resilience in detecting and preventing attacks at every stage of the Attack Kill Chain.
  • 10 Things Your Cybersecurity Solutions Must Do
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: Cybersecurity requires multiple detection and prevention capabilities to enable teams to manage risk and mitigate attacks. As cybercrime evolves, so must the tools and techniques you use to secure your organization. But, using individual products to solve individual problems isn't the answer. Choosing a holistic cybersecurity solution that can dynamically adapt to the changing threat landscape is vital.
  • 10 Things Your Next Firewall Must Do
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: Users continue to adopt new applications and technologies - and the threats carried by them. In some organizations, obstructing the adoption of new technologies can be a career-limiting move. Even when it isn't, applications are how employees get their jobs done, or maintain productivity in the face of competing personal and professional priorities. Because of this, safe enablement is increasingly the correct policy stance. But to safely enable these applications and technologies, and the business that rides atop them, network security teams need to put in place the appropriate policies governing use, but also controls capable of enforcing them. The ten things described here are critical capabilities for putting the necessary controls in place - especially in the face of a more varied and rich application and threat landscape. Without the network security infrastructure to cope with that variety and depth, security teams cannot safely enable the necessary applications and manage risk for their enterprises.

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