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  • Data Driven Healthcare: How Healthcare Companies are Using Analytics to Drive Business Results
    Source: Clarity Solution Group
    White Paper: Healthcare payers' business models are undergoing seismic changes, changes that are affecting the entire industry. The most successful companies are making use of that data to address their challenges. This paper examines some of the best uses of healthcare analytics.
  • Harnessing the Three Forms of Big Data Analytics Innovation
    Source: Clarity Solution Group
    White Paper: While other models address what Big Data "is", or what big data "does", few succeed at providing the pragmatic executive an actionable roadmap to achieve tangible business value. This paper lays out that roadmap by analyzing the three type of big data innovation.
  • Big Data for Good: Using Data & Analytics to Benefit Society (And Make Money)
    Source: Clarity Solution Group
    White Paper: While the application and use of big data to find cost savings, new customers and improve retention is widely embraced, some companies are finding ways to accomplish all of that and more. Learn how companies are saving money and conserving energy, reducing water waste and more.
  • Turning Data into Dollars
    Source: Clarity Solution Group
    White Paper: Learn how Clarity Solution Group worked with a social media giant to revolutionize the art and science of both understanding and influencing customer behavior, successfully boosting advertisers' marketing effectiveness as a result.
  • Why Your Business Needs Enterprise-Strength Password Management
    Source: Keeper Security
    White Paper: For over a half a century, the password, a secret sequence of characters known only to the authorized user, provided computer access security. Now, well into the second decade of the 21st century, the venerable password is no longer adequate. At least not in its current form.

    This whitepaper discusses the emergence of the password as the primary authentication method in today's digital world and educates readers on authentication techniques, methodologies, technologies and best practices.

    Download the white paper now to learn more.
  • Password Management Evaluation Guide for Businesses
    Source: Keeper Security
    White Paper: Weak passwords are at the heart of the rise in cyber theft, causing 76% of data breaches. To mitigate this risk, businesses are adopting password management solutions. This is a comprehensive password management evaluation guide with recommended security, implementation and productivity requirements.
  • The Utility of DNS Traffic Management
    Source: Neustar Inc
    White Paper: The domain name system, or DNS, is a protocol that translates user understandable names (like domain names - for example, .co, .biz, .au) and labels (like website addresses - for example, into IP addresses that are understood and accepted by computers and routers to move and direct packets around the Internet.
  • World Wide DDos Attacks and Protection Report
    Source: Neustar Inc
    White Paper: In the summer of 2016, Neustar commissioned a global, independent research study of 1,002 directors, managers, CISOs, CSOs, CTOs, and other c-suite executives to find out how distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are affecting them, and what precautions they're taking to mitigate the threat. The respondents represent diverse industries such as technology (18%), financial (14%), retail (12%), and government (7%).
  • Quantifying the Value of NetApp All-Flash FAS (AFF) Storage Arrays
    Source: NetApp
    White Paper: This comprehensive economic analysis by ESG provides prospective customers with a return on investment model for evaluating NetApp AFF storage arrays.​​
  • 2016 Magic Quadrant for Solid State Arrays
    Source: NetApp
    White Paper: Solid-state arrays have matured beyond performance-oriented workloads, and the benefits are now compelling for all primary storage plus old and new unexpected workloads. This Magic Quadrant will help IT leaders better understand SSA vendors' positioning in the market.

    Gain insights into the rapidly evolving market for solid-state arrays with this Gartner report. Discover vendor strengths and the criteria that must be met to be positioned in the leaders' quadrant.
  • SolidFire & EMC XtremIO Architectural Comparison
    Source: SolidFire
    White Paper: This architectural comparison provides an overview of EMC's XtremIO architecture as it compares to SolidFire's series of all-flash arrays.
  • SolidFire & Pure Storage Architectural Comparison
    Source: SolidFire
    White Paper: This architectural comparison includes general information about the Pure Storage architecture as it compares to SolidFire.
  • Guaranteeing Storage Performance
    Source: SolidFire
    White Paper: This SolidFire Definitive Guide provides an overview on storage Quality of Service and its importance in the Next Generation Data Center.
  • Designing the Next Generation Data Center
    Source: SolidFire
    White Paper: This white paper introduces five architectural principles guiding the development of the Next Generation Data Center (NGDC)- scale-out, guaranteed performance, automated management, data assurance and global efficiencies.
  • 2016 State of IT
    White Paper: This is the year you make your mark. Download the new 2016 "State of IT" report to read the results of Salesforce's global survey of 2,200 IT leaders.

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