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  • The Evolution of the CIO
    Source: Workday Inc.
    White Paper: Organizations led by transformational and strategic CIOs who focus on building adaptable, collaborative, insights-rich ecosystems gain a competitive advantage by driving improvements in strategic initiatives. How can CIOs transform to accomplish these objectives?
  • 7 Ways to Transform Your Retail Organization with Mobile
    Source: MicroStrategy
    White Paper: Mobile technology is the link that delivers real-time, user-friendly and unified information across every retail organization. With the right mobile solutions in place, retailers can provide the personalized experience today's shoppers desire while improving organizational efficiencies. The results? Higher revenue and lower costs across the organization.

    Download the white paper to explore seven ways mobile can power a unified retail strategy.
  • Have You Tried a Simpler Workload Migration Solution?
    Source: Double-Take Software
    White Paper: Migration solutions designed for quick implementation of new systems, regardless of OS or Hypervisor. Execute quick, easy, predictable migrations with near-zero downtime, even in complex environments. Implement a better technology - faster for a more favorable ROI.
  • 7 Data Visualizations You're Not Using Enough
    Source: MicroStrategy
    White Paper: Businesses today rely on a variety of charts, grids, and graphs to convey business information. Each chart tells a story differently, and choosing the right visualization depends on the type of data, as well as the intended audience.
    In this paper, we highlight seven frequently overlooked charts and graphs that help analysts convey information more efficiently. With these unique data visualizations, you can:
    - Present information in an intuitive and compelling way
    - Uncover hidden insights with interactive slicing and dicing
    - Enable quick cross-departmental decision-making
    - Make data accessible and understandable to more users across the organization

    Discover how to tell better stories with data by reading the "7 Data Visualizations You're Not Using Enough" white paper.
  • Is Your Infrastructure as Flexible & Modern as It Should Be?
    Source: Double-Take Software
    White Paper: Easy Windows and Linux workload migration for physical, virtual and cloud servers. Double-Take Move for Windows and Double-Take Move for Linux quickly and easily migrate physical, virtual, and cloud server workloads over any distance with minimal risk and near zero downtime. Read this Data Sheet to learn more!
  • 2016 State of Resilience Report
    Source: Double-Take Software
    White Paper: Today's IT world is exploding with volumes of data and pressure to fulfill corporate expectations of near-continuous uptime. In this 8th Annual State of Resilience Report, Vision Solutions reviews how IT professionals around the globe evaluate their business environment, determine the best tools and ensure system-wide resilience. A review of our 2015 research will give you statistics, trends and insight into the state of IT systems world-wide.
  • The Power of Information Availability: What Every Retail IT Manager Needs to Know
    Source: Double-Take Software
    White Paper: This white paper describes how high availability software, like Vision Solutions' MIMIX information availability solution, eliminates planned and unplanned downtime and ensures that retail data and applications remain available even in the face of disasters or hardware and software failures or during inevitable maintenance periods.
  • The One Essential Guide to Disaster Recovery: How to Ensure IT and Business Continuity
    Source: Double-Take Software
    White Paper: This white paper provides a basic understanding of the building blocks of IT and business continuity - from understanding the concepts of disaster recovery and information availability to calculating the business impact of downtime and selecting the right software solution. Readers can quickly match their specific optimum uptime objectives with the easiest and most cost-effective IT strategy.
  • The Ultimate Pain Killer For Enterprise Mobility
    Source: Nyansa
    White Paper: Technology advances in IT analytics, fusing wired and wireless information, promise to radically transform network IT operations.
  • Delivering Quantifiable Insight into the End-User Application Experience
    Source: Nyansa
    White Paper: IT executives have a significantly different mandate than they did just five years ago. Now, entrenched in the digital era, business leaders must move faster than ever before. In turn, competitive advantage is no longer based on who has the best products, the smartest people or the lowest prices. Instead, companies that are the most adaptable to change and are constantly challenging the status quo and innovating will sustain market leadership. In other words, business agility within this digital era is no longer optional.
  • 13 FAQ: User Application Analytics
    Source: Nyansa
    White Paper: Voyance now supports the ability for organizations to measure and analyze application use and health of a myriad of SAAS, custom, video and unified communications (UC) applications on a per user basis. These application analytics are tied to and correlated with users' Wi-Fi performance, the internet link performance, as well as underlying lower-layer network service performance upon which applications are dependent.
  • Service Overview
    Source: Nyansa
    White Paper: Nyansa's cloudsourced enterprise IT network analytics platform is the world's first analytics service that uniquely correlates application and client performance with the underlying wired and wireless network infrastructure to deliver a fundamentally new approach to improving user experience within today's increasingly mobile enterprise infrastructure.
  • Analyzing Your Network from the Cloud
    Source: Nyansa
    White Paper: Most enterprises are acutely aware that their ICT infrastructure is mission critical, and they are taking steps to improve reliability and performance. The list of techniques is broad, from upgrading equipment and adding redundancy to back-up processes that don't rely on ICT systems, like manual order-taking. But our research shows that the number 1 method by far, used by 2 out of 3 network managers, is to improve monitoring capabilities.
  • E-Discovery Best Practices For Enterprises with Office 365 Data
    Source: Zapproved, Inc
    White Paper: As cloud adoption increases, and more enterprise data is moved onto cloud systems, enterprise legal and IT teams are seeking strategies to successfully transition their preservation processes for ESI and prepare to manage e-discovery in an increasingly Office 365 world.

    In-house legal teams and their IT counterparts realize that current processes and technology are challenged to keep pace with the increased complexity of the task of this hybrid on-premise / cloud data environment and as systems are incrementally migrated.

    In this O365 e-discovery solution brief, learn the 4 factors to consider when managing e-discovery in an O365 environment:

    - Are there ESI sources outside of Office 365 for which to preserve and collect?
    - Does Office 365 provide all the functionality necessary for a defensible workflow?
    - Is the enterprise staffed with appropriate levels of expertise to effectively use the Office 365 Compliance Center?
    - Is using Office 365 cost effective for the enterprise?
  • Practical Approaches to Taking Control of In-House E-Discovery
    Source: Zapproved, Inc
    White Paper: Today's burdensome data trends require practical new approaches to e-discovery - combining true-SaaS technology and "Intelligent Discovery" processes gives corporate legal departments greater control, reduces costs, and improves access to data.

    Learn why E-Discovery Challenges Require New Technology / New Thinking and get workflow tips on topics:

    - Expediting Review Through Instant Data Access
    - Using Technology to Make Data Processing Efficient
    - Preserving in Place Defensibly
    - Collecting Only the Data You Need When You Need It

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