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  • Advance Case Management: Empower the Knowledge Worker
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: A new report from Aberdeen Group shows how companies using ACM are achieving superior results in key measures such as staff utilization and quality of service levels by empowering employees with relevant and timely knowledge.
  • AIIM White Paper: Broadening the Scope for Advanced Case Management
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: Read this AIIM report to see more results from a recent survey on the adoption of case management solutions, and find out how leading organizations are integrating advanced case management systems to improve productivity, ROI, and business results.
  • It's All About the Customer
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: This white paper fleshes out some of the key business and information technology trends and issues facing insurance markets. It reviews how insurers can respond through processes, distribution and the customer's increasing desire for self-service, but also highlights the need to communicate quickly with friendly, knowledgeable staff.
  • Human Capital Management
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: As the workplace grows more diverse and budgets shrink, human resources (HR) professionals have strong incentives to improve overall HR efficiency and reduce the cost of managing critical employee information. This white paper addresses 10 major challenges that HR organizations face and describes how enterprise content management tools can increase efficiency, reduce costs and minimize risk.
  • Large Organizations Need a Unified Approach to IAM
    Source: Centrify Corporation
    White Paper: Yesterday's approach to identity & access management (IAM) isn't working anymore. Tedious error-prone processes and identity silos have created operations headaches and security risks that will only get worse without decisive action. Today's CIO wants an identity solution geared to the needs of a mobile and distributed workforce operating in an app-driven and rapid response world. Kickstart your plan for secure identity with key insights from a white paper by IT research firm Enterprise Strategy Group
  • Top Six Things to Consider with an Identity as a Service Solution
    Source: Centrify Corporation
    White Paper: The amount of apps, passwords, and identities that your employees need to manage every day can really stunt productivity. IT doesn't like it either. After all, they're just trying to ensure the security of your enterprise but they're often burdened with password retrieval activities when they could be focused on more value-added tasks. Because your employee have work to do, and they're suffering from password fatigue, they resort to using passwords that circumvent security practices-inviting hackers into your enterprise data. Solutions to solve the problem are often cumbersome making a complicated problem...well, more complicated.

    Is there a better way?

    Absolutely: unified identity management with an identity as a service solution (IDaaS).

    Download the white paper: Top Six Things to Consider with an Identity as a Service Solution. You'll discover how an IDaaS can help you drive user productivity, enhance IT efficiency, improve security, mitigate risk, and lower total cost of ownership.
  • Hadoop Integration Adds Promise (and Complexity) to Big Data Projects
    Source: HP
    White Paper: Big data projects hold promise for revolutionizing the way data is managed, analyzed and shared. But there are plenty of challenges as well. One of the biggest: Integrating Hadoop into conventional data warehouse architectures.
  • Top 3 Reasons to Give Insiders a Unified Identity
    Source: Centrify Corporation
    White Paper: Although publicity around computer security points to hackers and other outside attacks, insider threats can be particularly insidious and dangerous, whether caused by malice or employee negligence. This paper identifies three top insider threats and how organizations can avoid them.
  • Building a Foundation for Big Data Storage and Analytics
    Source: HP
    White Paper: What does it take to become more responsive to the data-driven enterprise? A new survey finds a growing interest in big data storage and analytics initiatives to more efficiently handle the rising tide of big data.
  • The Interconnectivity Infopaper
    Source: Equinix
    White Paper: The Internet of Everything is bringing exciting growth to the digital world. But sometimes that growth can mean latency, bandwidth and security challenges for companies that aren't prepared. To succeed, you'll need to be better connected than your competitors. Read our interconnectivity infopaper to find out how tapping into our more than 950 networks and 450 cloud providers can give you secure, high-bandwidth connections with zero latency and ensure your success in the Internet of Everything era.
  • Evolution of Network Monitoring: From Data Center to Cloud
    Source: ThousandEyes
    White Paper: The enterprise data center used to be the hub for application delivery. Now it's just another segment in the application delivery chain. Current environments are more complex, diverse and distributed, and require an altogether new approach to network monitoring.
  • The Hybrid Cloud Myths Whitepaper by CITO Research
    Source: Equinix
    White Paper: It's time to debunk the myths about hybrid cloud bandwidth and reliability. As the flexibility and economy of scale in the cloud continue to expand, and as visibility into data and systems becomes even more extensive, the case for the hybrid cloud has never been stronger. Get insights about your cloud options and learn how you can use hybrid cloud to make a difference in your business.
  • The Strategic Data Center Ebook
    Source: Equinix
    White Paper: The key trends affecting our current (and near-future) state of technology are mobility, consumer technology, cloud services, hyperdigitization, and globalization. But what could this mean for your business? The technological landscape is transforming rapidly and with the right strategy in place, your data center can help you take advantage of these trends. Start with a data center with the resources, support and strategy to accommodate the changes and challenges ahead. Learn how having the world's largest Internet ecosystem and the most extensive global reach of any data center provider can position you for success.
  • Application Performance Infopaper
    Source: Equinix
    White Paper: The expectation for superior end-user Quality of Experience (QoE) has never been greater. What does this mean for your consumers? And why is superior application performance more important than ever? Failure to deliver quality apps can lead to lower productivity, decreased revenue and market share, and permanent damage to brand reputation. Our infopaper outlines this changing landscape and the steps necessary to ensure that your app performance has what it takes to provide the best end-user QoE possible.
  • Threat Brief: A Detailed Analysis of Targeted Email Attacks
    Source: Fortinet
    White Paper: Curious about how email attacks can still bypass established defenses and, more importantly, what you can about it? Respected Threat Researcher Margarette Joven, Fortinet Labs, shares an in-depth analysis and summary of a single representative attack that highlights techniques used by today's cybercriminals to fool security technologies and savvy end users alike. You'll also get a first-hand look at the advanced analysis of the threat, demonstrated by Fortinet's FortiSandbox, which helps prevent such attacks, especially when used in combination with FortiMail Secure Email Gateway.

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