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  • Accelerate Apps to Gain a Competitive Edge
    Source: Cisco Systems
    White Paper: What would you do with faster applications and faster answers? Getting faster results-the fuel for better decision making-is increasingly at the root of competitiveness, even survival. Learn how the all-flash Cisco UCS Invicta Series can put IT at the center of the acceleration solution.

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    Sponsored by Cisco UCS® Invicta™ Series Solid State Systems with Intel® Xeon® processor
  • The Wall Street Journal: CIO Journal
    Source: ServiceNow
    White Paper: Article describes how cloud ITSM:
    * Reduces drain on IT, increased response time
    * Eliminates roadblocks to completion
    * Enables IT to deliver better usability and access
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  • Upstream Print Solutions improve customer service
    Source: ServiceNow
    White Paper: Upstream Print Solutions improves customer service following SaaS rollout
  • Transform IT: Transform the Enterprise
    Source: ServiceNow
    White Paper: This paper provides IT leaders with insight into three IT imperatives that 24 CIOs and senior IT executives used to reposition IT and transform the enterprise: Learn how CIOs are:
    * Driving Enterprise Visibility and Standardization
    * Creating Intuitive, Approachable, and Business-Friendly IT Service Delivery
    * Automating and Accelerating IT Responsiveness and Innovation
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  • The Truth About Cloud Security
    Source: Dropbox
    White Paper: "Security" is the number one issue holding business leaders back from the cloud. But does the reality match the perception? Keeping data close to home, on premises, makes business and IT leaders feel inherently more secure. But the truth is, cloud solutions can offer companies real, tangible security advantages. Before you assume that on-site is the only way to keep data safe, it's worth taking a comprehensive approach to evaluating risks. Doing so can lead to big benefits.
  • Evaluating File Sync and Share Solutions: 12 Questions to Ask about Security
    Source: Dropbox
    White Paper: File sync and share can increase productivity, but how do you pick a solution that works for you? There will likely be a number of factors guiding your decision, and if you're like most businesses, security is high on the list. Download to learn some important questions to ask file sync and share vendors about security.
  • The Keys to Securing Data in a Collaborative Workplace
    Source: Dropbox
    White Paper: Losing data is costly. According to the Ponemon Institute, the average data breach costs US organizations an estimated $200 per record, or $5.4 million total per breach. And apparently these breaches are equally likely to be from criminal attack as from employee or contractor negligence. It makes sense then that surveys point to data loss via unsecured file sync and share solutions as one of IT's biggest concerns. IT professionals have spent years learning how to protect their organizations from hackers, but how do you ward off both external and internal threats when employees are seeking ways to collaborate more and more?
  • What is this "File Sync" Thing and Why Should I Care About It?
    Source: Dropbox
    White Paper: Not so long ago, the office was the only place you could work. But when smartphones and tablets came along, the only thing holding us back from getting work done anywhere, any time was having access to our data. That led to the creation of a whole new class of solutions designed to keep files current across our rapidly proliferating fleets of devices - through a technology known as 'sync.' All of a sudden, getting a file from your work laptop to your iPad became as simple as clicking "Save." So it's no surprise that 55% of information workers in North America and Europe who use a tablet at work are using file sync and share tools
  • 5 Ways Dropbox for Business Keeps Your Data Protected
    Source: Dropbox
    White Paper: Protecting your data isn't a feature on a checklist, something to be tacked on as an afterthought. Security is at the heart of Dropbox for Business, informing not only how we approach new features and enhancements, but also how we've designed the product itself. Download here to find out how we've built Dropbox for Business to keep data safe for all our users.
  • Who does NSS Labs "Recommend" for NGFW?
    Source: Fortinet
    White Paper: In 2012, NSS Labs found that most available NGFW solutions "fell short in performance and security effectiveness." In 2013 NSS Labs noted "marked improvement" and bestowed their "recommended" rating on 6 vendors. Click here to find out who they were.
  • How to Address Advanced Evasion Techniques Challenges
    Source: McAfee
    White Paper: Advanced hacking methods, like advanced evasion techniques (AETs) have become more prevalent and harder to detect. Yet many network security vendors have downplayed the threat they pose as purely theoretical. Learn the false sense of security many IT professionals are under, why more cybercriminals are using AETs, and how a novel, next-gen firewall can address the challenges of AETs.
  • Magic Quadrant for ADCs
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: Citrix is positioned in the Leaders Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers for the seventh consecutive year: the Gartner Magic Quadrant Report focuses on vendor's ability to solve complex application deployment challenges. Don't miss this chance to learn from Gartner's independent research.
  • Solving the ADC Market Share Riddle: Why Citrix NetScaler is Winning the Data Center
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: Today's IT infrastructure faces intense new demands for virtualized and cloud-based data centers. No other ADC is better equipped to master those transformations than Citrix NetScaler. Gartner Inc.'s market share report confirms that NetScaler alone lives up to the full potential of ADCs for supporting today's IT requirements. Learn why other leading ADCs fall short while Citrix NetScaler gained market share consistently for six consecutive quarters.
  • Tolly Test Report - How NetScaler outperforms F5
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: Measurable performance is a key factor when selecting an Application Delivery Controller(ADC) solution for modern data centers. In this report, Tolly evaluates the performance of several Citrix NetScaler ADC models vs. that of comparable products. Learn how NetScaler fared and provided up to 480% the performance of F5.
  • Top 5 must-haves to update your WAN optimization solution
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: The core value propositions for WAN optimization have long been understood and are also well proven. However, these foundational capabilities and the benefits they deliver are no longer sufficient. Today's organizations are rapidly adopting virtualization, video, cloud computing and other emerging technologies to reduce capital expenditures, improve operational efficiencies and maintain a competitive edge. Read this paper to learn more how WAN optimization offerings need to evolve to provide coverage for these and other business-driven IT trends and initiatives.

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