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  • Top 10 Criteria for Selecting a Managed Services Provider
    Source: IBM Corporation
    White Paper: When you're faced with growing expectations to create business value with limited resources, where can you turn? Increasingly, IT organizations are looking to trusted IT services providers like IBM to help reduce cost, manage complexity, maintain leading-edge skills and adopt technology innovation. Read the white paper to find out how managed services and cloud computing can help you deliver on the transformation agenda your business requires. Plus get guidance on the top 10 criteria to consider when selecting an external partner.
  • The Next-Generation Data Center: A Software Defined Environment Where Service Optimization Provides the Path
    Source: IBM Corporation
    White Paper: This white paper explores IBM's vision for the next-generation data center, its potential to be truly revolutionary and the prescribed pathway for getting there.
  • IDC Report: Managed Services: Ensuring Enterprise Transformation to Hybrid IT
    Source: IBM Corporation
    White Paper: In this report, IDC discusses how to ensure a smooth transformation to the hybrid IT environment.
  • Closing the Cloud and Virtualization Gap - Use Cases For Workload Security
    Source: HyTrust
    White Paper: IT wants to maximize benefits and minimize risk around virtualization efforts from SDDC to the public cloud. However, with virtualization a lot of the rules have changed. Better visibility, automated compliance and eliminating configuration errors can help ensure a better outcome.
  • Virtualize Active Directory Infrastructure to Unleash Savings
    Source: HyTrust
    White Paper: Virtualization has reached almost every part of the data center except the Windows Domain Controller, where challenges around secure encryption have slowed progress. There are now solutions allowing IT to virtualize and encrypt domain controllers.
  • HyTrust CloudControl for VMware NSX
    Source: HyTrust
    White Paper: The Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) has brought considerable agility and power to the data center, but tools like VMware NSX have also broken down administrative silos, granting wider administrative power than has traditionally been the case. What if you could have the control of traditional approaches with the power of NSX?
  • A Practical Guide to HIPAA-Compliant Virtualization
    Source: HyTrust
    White Paper: No longer a toothless tiger, with larger fines and stricter enforcement, HIPAA now has teeth. The good news is that even in virtual and cloud environments, there are concrete steps you can take to maintain compliance.
  • How to Virtualize More by Virtualizing More Securely
    Source: HyTrust
    White Paper: Better virtualized security and compliance can enable organizations to move forward toward more virtualization, a step which brings greater agility and savings. Learn how recent advances allow organizations to take advantage of wider virtualization while containing risks.
  • A CIO's Guide to Enterprise Apps in the Cloud
    Source: Puppet
    White Paper: For oil company Laredo Petroleum, cloud has become the default choice. In fact, adopting more cloud solutions is part of the corporate strategy. The reason is simple: Laredo is "not a data center or application software provider," says CIO Lars Crotwell.

    That sentiment is shared by the 43 percent of respondents to a Deloitte Growth Enterprise Services report who said that cloud applications have the highest potential to produce the greatest productivity gains.

    But don't rush blindly into cloud applications. As with any technology selection process, there are lessons you can from those who've gone before and common mistakes to avoid.

    That's where this CIO Wrapsheet comes in. You'll hear from IT leaders about their experience implementing cloud applications and learn how they've achieved efficiencies. You'll also hear from experts who share advice for how to get started, evaluate cloud applications, choose the right vendors and make the biggest impact on your business.
  • Guiding Principles for the Transition to Cloud 2.0
    Source: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    White Paper: Cloud computing is rapidly entering an entirely new phase – one destined to prove far more transformative and disruptive than the initial phase of cloud deployment, especially as IT decision-makers begin to view the emerging cloud construct as a proxy for the transformation of IT itself. This 451 Research report delves into the transformative impact of Cloud 2.0 and provides key findings and recommendations for enterprises undergoing the transition to a multi-cloud, hybrid infrastructure.
  • Gartner Research: Three-Step Roadmap to Bimodal Adaptive Sourcing: Leverage Digital Urgency to Be an IT Broker
    Source: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    White Paper: To cope with rapid digital business innovation, businesses will likely implement bimodal IT and restructure their sourcing portfolio. As a result, sourcing executives have an opportunity to align to business innovation, evolve their sourcing portfolio and take a central, brokering role in IT. Read the Gartner Report to learn the three steps sourcing executives must execute in order to implement successful digital business initiatives and adaptive digital processes.
  • Encryption Buyers Guide
    Source: Sophos Inc
    White Paper: This guide details the capabilities to look for when evaluating endpoint encryption solutions. It's separated into specific encryption features - full-disk encryption, file and folder encryption, mobile, etc. - for ease of use. It also includes key questions to ask vendors to help you identify which solution best meets your requirements.
  • Five Stages of a Web Malware Attack
    Source: Sophos Inc
    White Paper: Today's web attacks are extremely sophisticated and multi-faceted, motivated by a massive underground economy that trades in compromised computers and user information. This paper shows you how modern web attacks work, broken down into five stages, from entry through execution.
  • CXO Guide to Security and Archiving Challenges with Office 365
    Source: Proofpoint Inc
    White Paper: Microsoft Office 365 is a robust set of email and collaboration tools that is offered in a number of configurations with varying levels of features and functions. Office 365 represents Microsoft's latest - and arguably, most successful - venture into the cloud services space in the 13+ years that the company has offered hosted services.
  • Proofpoint Advanced Security Platform for Office 365
    Source: Proofpoint Inc
    White Paper: As Microsoft continues to invest in securing its infrastructure, today's threat actors are exploiting people as their favorite way to beat cybersecurity. Email is the most reliable way to reach nearly every person in every organization around the world. That is why more than 90 percent of targeted attacks continue to reach victims through email to compromise your network, steal credentials and gain access to your assets.

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