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  • Your Money or Your Files - A Short History Of Ransomware
    Source: KnowBe4
    White Paper: "The year 2014 may well go down in the history books as the year that extortion attacks went mainstream." -Brian Krebs, security journalist.

    In this whitepaper you will learn about the skyrocketing ransomware infection rates, its history, ransomware families, cryptolocker and copycats, ransomware infection vectors and effective mitigation strategies.
  • Predictive Analytics: Revolutionizing Business Decision Making
    Source: SAS Institute Inc
    White Paper: Exploring predictive analytics for the first time? Malene Haxholdt, global marketing manager for business analytics at SAS, explains what you need to know to get started.
  • In-Memory Analytics: Get Faster, Better Insights from Big Data
    Source: SAS Institute Inc
    White Paper: A successful analytics program should translate quickly into monetizing the data - where the data (and learnings from this data) helps the organization increase revenue, manage risks and pursue new product or service innovation. To accomplish this, what's needed from a technology perspective? The key is to remove barriers and latencies associated with analytics lifecycle steps and remove the processing constraints caused by complex big data requirements.
  • A New Breed of BI: Self-Service Analytics That Your Business and IT Users Will Love
    Source: SAS Institute Inc
    White Paper: Gone are the days when you could afford to rely on reports that took days or even weeks to build and required technical skill to create and understand. It's risky to even think that you can run a competitive business if you can only send traditional, static reports to an executive sitting behind an office desk.
  • Optimizing the WAN
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: The real goal of building a wide area network (WAN) is to deliver applications: making vital enterprise tools available to users who are away from the enterprise campus (perhaps in a branch office). Whether the WAN is built across a private multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) network or the Internet, network managers always have the goals of improving performance, applying control and gaining visibility. Together, these functions are generally referred to as network optimization - they can be further distinguished as WAN and Application Optimization.
  • Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Regulatory Compliance
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: IT managers face uncertainty and disruption on many fronts, whether it's the impact of mobility trends such as bring-your-own-device or the latest zero-day exploits. But there's one thing they can count on: New data security rules will arrive on a regular basis, while the body of existing standards will continue to require attention.
  • Keeping a Watchful Eye - Next-Generation Security: IPS
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: It can happen in the blink of an eye: Your sensitive data goes missing. Gone without a trace. It's not hard to see how. Organizations must secure more entry points than ever before while dealing with an increasing number of intelligent attacks like advanced persistent threats (APTs). Without eyes in the back of their heads, IT managers may lose sight of security.
  • Risk Management and Security Consulting
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: Security threats are out there, lurking. With the security landscape constantly changing, protecting your network can prove difficult. We get it. Our Security Assessment Services experts can help you identify security risks and vulnerabilities so you can keep your organization safe from threats.
  • Next-Generation Firewalls: The New Norm in Defense
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: Increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks have led organizations to adopt correspondingly sophisticated levels of security control. Information security professionals now expect cyberattacks to be part of their normal operating environment and realize that these attackers wield effective tools that greatly exceed the capabilities of yesteryear's script kiddies. Such advanced weapons require equally sophisticated defensive measures.
  • Unlock the Key to Repel Ransomware
    Source: Kaspersky Lab, Inc.
    White Paper: You're at your desk, working to finish a project on a deadline when, all of a sudden, your screen freezes and a dialogue box pops up to tell you that your computer is locked and your files will all be destroyed if you don't pay up. Unfortunately, this is not the script for a crime drama. Since many victims are willing to pay the ransom, this type of cryptomalware, is on the rise, netting millions of dollars for cybercriminals looking for a substantial return on their minimal investment.
    Download Kaspersky Lab's Unlock the Key to Repel Ransomware to learn:
    * Common ransomware scenarios and delivery mechanisms
    * Trends in this growing form of cybercrime
    * Recommendations to help your organization avoid victimization
  • Who's Spying on You?
    Source: Kaspersky Lab, Inc.
    White Paper: You're aware of the threats of malware to your business but what about the ever-changing ground rules? Cybercriminals today are launching attacks against businesses by copying sophisticated malware and techniques used to target governments and high-profile organizations. Download this report to learn more.
  • Best Defense: Effective Cyber Security for S&L
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: Cybersecurity is a top concern of state and local government IT professionals. Attackers today pose a significant threat to every organization. State and local governments are no exception. The rise of mobility, cloud computing and other technologies requires a reassessment of the security posture. Effective defense against cyberthreats has become much more complicated, and the various regulations that agencies must comply with complicate matters further. All organizations must rethink their security practices and ensure that they are following a holistic strategy throughout the enterprise to secure sensitive data.
  • 2014 Global IT Risks Report
    Source: Kaspersky Lab, Inc.
    White Paper: Kaspersky Lab's report provides a look at the attitudes and strategies toward IT security including insight into the views, opinions and strategies of other IT professionals and valuable data to help benchmark your IT security against industry peers.
  • Practical Guide to IT Security Breach Prevention Part I: Reducing Employee and Application Risks
    Source: Kaspersky Lab, Inc.
    White Paper: With users connecting to unsecured public networks and running multiple applications from both company and personal devices, sensitive corporate data is more vulnerable than ever before. For your security policies to be effective, they need to bring all devices and applications under IT control and regulate user behavior.

    Kaspersky Lab has created a set of IT & Data Security Breach Prevention Practical Guides to simplify this seemingly daunting task. Download Part I: Reducing Employee and Application Risks to read:

    * Practical tips for setting password policies
    * Advice to help employees avoid falling for phishing schemes
    * Best practices for setting up automatic application patches and updates
  • Top 10 Tips for Educating Employees about Cybersecurity
    Source: Kaspersky Lab, Inc.
    White Paper: Do you know the most common risk factor for corporate cybercrime? Employees. Download Kaspersky Lab's Top 10 Tips for Educating Employees about Cybersecurity to learn:

    * Why and how to develop an effective security policy
    * Examples of common threats to employees and your business
    * Tools to reduce risk and cybercrime

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