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  • Mobile Content, Collaboration & IDC's 3rd IT Platform: The Next Frontier for the Mobile Enterprise
    Source: Box
    White Paper: IDC focuses this article on talks about the new IT platform. This 3rd IT Platform will be the new wave for about the next 25 years, so they urge all current companies to embrace it themselves.

    They also talk about how mobile is a huge part of this new platform, and that not only sales for smartphones are rapidly expanding, but so is developer interest. Offices are requiring more and more features built into their mobile devices so they can contribute in and out of office.

    IDC finishes with three pieces of advice for companies. 1) Embrace 3rd Platform technologies such as mobile content and collaboration 2) Take a strategic and holistic approach to enterprise mobility and 3) Accelerate the cloud.
  • Empowering Your Mobile Workers
    Source: Box
    White Paper: A modern mobile IT strategy is no longer an option, it is an absolute necessity.

    Today's most productive employees are not tied to a desk, an office, or a location. They are mobile. And your company's IT strategy has to be ready to support them with easy, reliable, 24/7 access to the business information they need, from anywhere in the world, across a broad range of communication devices.

    Here's how some of the nation's most progressive corporations are meeting the many needs of their mobile workers - without overwhelming their IT departments - with the help of Box.
  • AIIM Trendscape: The New Mobile Reality
    Source: Box
    White Paper: This AIIM Trendscape report shares data, expert opinions, and a unique perspective on the impact of cloud and mobility in the enterprise, surfacing issues that are not readily apparent in existing coverage about mobile technologies. With in-depth interviews of 50 senior end-users and industry leaders, this report highlights expert recommendations to maximize mobile opportunities within the enterprise and offers a 7-point mobile action plan that organizations can execute in the next 12 months.
  • Mobile First: Securing Information Sprawl
    Source: Box
    White Paper: Mobile device management solutions are designed to set and enforce management at the device level, but have no inherent control of applications or content on those devices. As a result, IT leaders are looking to enterprise mobility management solutions to enable management, configuration and security across devices, applications and content - effectively addressing the problem of information sprawl. Learn how the partnership between Box and MobileIron can help you execute a "mobile first" strategy that manages and secures both mobile apps and content.
  • Delivering enterprise information securely on Android and Apple iOS tablets and smartphones
    Source: Citrix
    White Paper: Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets offer new mobility and flexibility for people and IT, but they also pose new challenges for information security and privacy. This white paper discusses the security implications and capabilities of the major mobile OS platforms, and presents comprehensive technologies and best practices to ensure control and security without impairing productivity.
  • 10 essential elements for a secure enterprise mobility strategy
    Source: Citrix
    White Paper: Mobility can help your organization's workforce achieve new levels of productivity and agility. But to be successful, your enterprise mobility strategy must ensure protection and compliance for sensitive business information while providing the convenient user experience people demand. This white paper highlights 10 key points encompassing security, user experience, IT operations and BYOD to help your organization realize the full benefits of mobility.
  • The Ten "Must Haves" for Secure Enterprise Mobility
    Source: Citrix
    White Paper: While enterprise mobility brings opportunity for your users and organization, it also invites risk - with data breach and data leakage topping the list of concerns. This concern grows as an increasing number of smartphones and tablets not only connect to the corporate network but also access a wide variety of business applications and content repositories. Download this white paper for an enterprise-ready mobile security framework and a checklist for evaluating enterprise mobility vendors.
  • The Benefits of Cloud Networking
    Source: Aerohive
    White Paper: Cloud networking introduces a new way to deploy, operate, & manage distributed enterprise networks. It delivers network capabilities via a cloud infrastructure with minimal capital investment or IT resources. This paper provides details on cloud networking, the state of the cloud market & its benefits
  • Secure Mobility Myth Buster
    Source: Samsung
    White Paper: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) (managing mobile devices like tablets, notebooks, and smartphones) is dynamic and multi-faceted. Organizations seeking mobility solutions are faced with conflicting security paradigms and divergent architectures, with competing solutions from dozens of software suppliers and device vendors.

    As organizations try to make sense of the Secure Mobility cacophony, they most often encounter a collection of confusing and conflicting myths instead of useful information to guide key evaluation and acquisition decisions.

    This document reviews the more common myths and misconceptions about secure mobility and EMM, and a sensible and enlightened debunking of each.
  • Think Your User Authentication is "Good Enough"? Think Again
    Source: SMS PASSCODE
    White Paper: Recent high-profile hacks have made it clear: user names and passwords do a terrible job of protecting data. In response, the market is flooded with multi-factor authentication solutions claiming that they've got what it takes to keep you secure. Use this step-by-step guide to avoid the common pitfalls when selecting an authentication solution.
  • Best Practices for Fending off Hackers in the Cloud
    Source: SMS PASSCODE
    White Paper: Cloud services have become massively popular, as organizations enable remote access to more and more applications stored offsite. With this spike in remote access comes a new challenge in ensuring security and compliance by authenticating the identities of users accessing that data.
  • Security and BYOE - 3 Best Practices You Need to Know
    Source: SMS PASSCODE
    White Paper: When today's hacker and identity theft threats combine with the new challenges presented by the trend of 'bring your own device' (BYOD), companies must take decisive action to deliver secure, flexible and convenient authentication to employees and their devices alike.
  • Modern Threats Demand a New Breed of User Authentication
    Source: SMS PASSCODE
    White Paper: Modern cyber threats have overtaken the trusted first generation two-factor authentication tokens. A new generation of more secure real-time multi-factor authentication solutions is needed.
  • Exchange & BYOD: Avoid Disaster, Plan for Success
    Source: Good Technology
    White Paper: Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) is the protocol underpinning many BYOD programs. However, if not properly managed, the combination can be disastrous with an increasingly diverse set of untested devices connecting and potentially degrading Exchange performance. Learn how careful planning, good operational processes as well as new techniques and tools can help organizations avoid these pitfalls and make BYOD work.
  • Managing Large-Scale Mobile Deployments
    Source: Good Technology
    White Paper: As enterprise mobility becomes pervasive, service interruption can severely and adversely impact the bottom line. However, unlike tier-one systems that were designed, architected and built for reliability and supportability, the rapid emergence of mobility has necessitated a series of compromises. Is IT ready for the growing mobility challenge?

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