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  • Remote Monitoring Provides Real-Time Information for Improved Servicing
    Source: PTC
    White Paper: In the "Quick Start Guide: Monitoring Equipment with IoT" eBook, Tech-Clarity, an independent manufacturing technology research firm, shows how manufacturers can use remote monitoring to quickly identify failures and efficiently repair equipment. Tech-Clarity provides actionable steps that manufacturers can take to connect remote equipment, gather the right data and put that data to use.

    Download the "Quick Start Guide: Monitoring Equipment with IoT" eBook to learn how:

    • Remote monitoring provides immediate value, while also creating a strong analytics foundation for broader IoT strategies
    • Enhanced service intelligence creates better uptime, increased customer loyalty, faster time to repair and more
    • Implementing remote monitoring best practices creates an efficient and effective equipment communication channel
  • 4 Reasons Remote Monitoring is Your Best Move to Better Service
    Source: PTC
    White Paper: Download this free e-book to discover how companies are realizing proven returns with IoT-enabled remote monitoring, which can be quickly implemented and monetized.

    In this free e-book, you'll learn how to:

    • Improve first time fix rates while also decreasing truck rolls and service calls.
    • Increase customer satisfaction and renewal rates.
    • Create new service models that drive revenue.

    Complete the form to download your copy!
  • Service Transformation: Evolving Your Service Business in the Era of Internet of Things
    Source: PTC
    White Paper: How can manufacturers create new revenue streams while also competing more effectively in a global market that seems fixated on lowest-cost production? Service transformation, enabled by connected technologies and alternative service approaches, is the key to diversifying manufacturing revenue streams while generating unprecedented value for customers. In this paper, PTC, a global provider of technology platforms and solutions that transform how companies create, operate and service products, looks at changes that are enabling manufacturers to redefine service. PTC commissioned International Data Corporation (IDC), the premier provider of market intelligence, to provide research, analysis and commentary on evolving market dynamics.
  • Securing Privileged Access with Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager (PAM)
    Source: Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.
    White Paper: Privileged accounts, like their name suggests, are accounts designed to provide broad access to systems and data. They are an integral part of every IT infrastructure and play a key role in a large variety of day-to-day operations, from the management of operating systems and application servers by administrators to providing appropriate security for running services, or securing communication between interdependent business applications.
  • CEO Disconnect is Weakening Cybersecurity
    Source: Centrify Corporation
    White Paper: As business models have become increasingly digital, high-profile, reputation-damaging security breaches are grabbing more news media headlines. Leading companies have ramped up their investments in cybersecurity, yet that spending is often not well aligned with actual threats. Studies have shown that server-focused solutions such as network anti-virus, malware detection and website firewalls attract the biggest investments, ignoring the fact that misuse of privileged credentials is by far the most common cause of breaches. The reasons for this disconnect are not well understood, in part because it sits at the intersection of the people and technology domains. This survey, conducted by WSJ Custom Studios with sponsorship from Centrify, seeks insights into senior-level thinking on this issue, including current cybersecurity priorities and the perceived degree of alignment between threats and solutions.
  • Multiple Layers of Security Are Needed to Protect Mobile Devices
    Source: Panasonic
    White Paper: Mobile devices have become essential tools for companies reacting to today's breakneck rate of change. Just as customers and consumers expect to be able to do more with devices such as smartphones and tablets, so too do employees and the companies that hire them.

    A new survey from Panasonic and IDG demonstrates the increasing importance of mobile devices from the perspective of business and IT managers who purchase and deploy mobile devices for business use, mainly outside of traditional office settings. In the survey, 84% of respondents report that their companies rely on data captured by mobile devices to benefit the business to a "large" or "very large extent."
  • Identity Services Buyers' Guide
    Source: Centrify Corporation
    White Paper: A Zero Trust approach to security requires a combination of Identity Services to deliver identity assurance, trusted endpoints, conditional policy and least privilege. This guide identifies the specific capabilities you need within four key areas of identity and helps you compare capabilities across major vendors with respect to Application Services, Endpoint Services, Infrastructure Services and Analytics Services.
  • Managing More Than One Worksite? Don't Sweat I.T.
    Source: Frontier
    White Paper: Let's take a look at some tech issues multisite businesses frequently run into, and how you can get in front of them to provide a productive workplace-wherever that might be.
  • Are You Future Proofing Your Future Proofing?
    Source: Frontier
    White Paper: Future-proofing starts with taking stock of current policies, procedures, tools, and technologies that are helping you succeed-then looking at how you can continue to leverage them and identify new ones to keep you on the same trajectory. And we aren't talking six months from now. Think, at minimum, three to five years.
  • Security is one thing. Confidence is another.
    Source: Frontier
    White Paper: With today's "always-on" connectivity, you could be overlooking all the areas for possible vulnerability. Let's explore some common security issues, how to address them, and what it takes to heighten your own security measures.
  • Your Team Can't Talk If Your Tools Don't
    Source: Frontier
    White Paper: You spend the meeting passively participating, unable to answer questions and frustrated that the people who don't have the right information are the ones making the decisions. Your work feels reactive, and you're anxious to check the call off the list so you can move on to the next task, because trying to show your expertise isn't working.
  • 2018 Webroot Threat Report
    Source: Webroot Software
    White Paper: At Webroot, we know that, in this volatile environment, being reactive won't keep businesses and users safe. That's why we've devised a uniquely proactive approach. Our patented machine learning methods help us analyze and correlate real-world, real-time data from all over the globe to not only detect threats in real time and automatically counter them, but also to predict where new threats are likely to emerge.

    Looking back over the breadth of historical data and threat trends we've accumulated, we can see how attackers think, and how they adapt to avoid defenses. We build this understanding into our threat intelligence, forming the foundation for all Webroot products to secure the connected world.

    The 2018 edition of our annual Threat Report shares a glimpse into our discoveries and analysis of threat activity throughout 2017, to equip you with the knowledge you need to overcome modern cybercrime.
  • Hyperconverged IT: Key to Increasing IT Agility
    Source: Hitachi Vantara
    White Paper: The IT infrastructure market has long sought to balance the simplicity and control advantages of centralized architectures with the modular flexibility of distributed approaches. In today's increasingly cloud-centric enterprise IT environment, innovations on the centralized model are making hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) one of the hottest new concepts.
  • Software-centric, Application-aware Networking is Part of the Enterprise Digital Transformation - Research Report by Ovum
    Source: Infovista
    White Paper: This report from Ovum Research highlights the emergence of software-centric and application-aware network services, hybrid IT architectures and cloud services, and their impact on the complexity of managing application performance in line with business objectives.
  • The Forrester Wave: Mobile Development Platforms
    Source: Progress Kinvey
    White Paper: Learn which Mobile Development Platforms scored the highest in the current Forrester Wave. This report details the research findings about how well vendors fulfilled the 32 criteria to help you select the right partner for your mobile development platform needs. Download a free copy of the report compliments of Kinvey, a Progress company.

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