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  • Gartner 2016 Critical Capabilities Report for BI and Analytics Platforms
    Source: Logi Analytics
    White Paper: The BI market has shifted to more user-driven, agile development of interactive dashboards with data from a broader range of sources. Analytics leaders should augment IT-centric, reporting-based platforms with modern platforms that improve business value and speed time to insight. See how Gartner ranks BI vendors.
  • BI Buyer's Guide: Evaluating Your Options
    Source: Logi Analytics
    White Paper: The rise of data has caused a tech evolution. Users today expect better data insights from within their applications and workflows-so solutions have to stay relevant by delivering data in more intuitive ways. As users increasingly expect the same ease of use in their enterprise applications as they experience in consumer apps, learn which products are at the forefront of the BI evolution.
  • 2016 State of Embedded Analytics Report
    Source: Logi Analytics
    White Paper: The fourth annual State of Embedded Analytics Report by Logi Analytics provides insights for executives, product managers, and technology leaders on why and how organizations are embedding analytics capabilities into their applications.
  • How to Solve 3 Common Data Capture Challenges
    Source: Ricoh Corporation
    White Paper: Why is there still such heavy reliance on paper given the digital and mobile world we live in? Common data capture challenges are standing in the way of greater adoption of digitization. Read on for proven ways to solve the 3 most common data capture challenges and learn how you can make business processes as mobile as your workforce.
  • Managing Documents and Data in an Era of Information Mobility
    Source: Ricoh Corporation
    White Paper: For small- and medium-sized companies, paper- and manual-based systems create workflow bottlenecks and delays that are time-consuming and costly. This drains IT resources, taxes budgets, and creates operational inefficiencies. Discover how information mobility solutions automate and streamline workflows, enabling organizations to process documents faster, identify hidden bottlenecks and dramatically reduce the costs and inefficiencies related to paper-based business processes.
  • Blue Hill Research: IBM Cognos Analytics: Converged and Governed Analytics for the Masses
    Source: IBM Corporation
    White Paper: Learn how IBM Cognos Analytics has come to market with a substantial refresh of its new user experience and self-service access to core enterprise capabilities.
  • Eckerson Group: Governed Data Discovery. Balancing Flexibility and Standards
    Source: IBM Corporation
    White Paper: Learn how modern BI platform blend the best of both top-down and bottom-up BI in a governed discovery environment tailoring self-service capabilities to business users based on their skills, roles and responsibilities.
  • TEC Spotlight Report: IBM Cognos Analytics - Simple, Powerful, and Practical for a New Generation of Users
    Source: IBM Corporation
    White Paper: This report offers you an in-depth look at the capabilities and features of new IBM Cognos Analytics offering, as well as an analyst perspective of the new solution from IBM.
  • Blue Hill Research: Enterprise BI Essentials: The Convergence of Self-Service Autonomy and Enterprise Scalability
    Source: IBM Corporation
    White Paper: This report is for organizations to turn data into actionable insights at an organizational scale, they must balance competing forces of control and agility. Hybrid offerings from top vendors bridge gap and present an opportunity for greater success in data initiatives.
  • Maximize Document Security with Distributed Capture
    Source: Ricoh Corporation
    White Paper: Distributed capture has been found to be a best-in-class approach to expedite the digital recording of paper documents into a content management system. Particularly useful for small and midsize businesses, it can promote the secure capture of data and reduce the burden on IT. This white paper explains how to get started with distributed capture and benefit from enhanced document security, enforced document-retention policies, reliable audit trails, streamlined compliance, less workload on IT staff and reduced costs.
  • Why You're Approaching Workflow Automation the Wrong Way
    Source: Ricoh Corporation
    White Paper: Chances are, you're wasting time. In fact, employees spend less than 40% of their time doing actual strategic work bogged down with antiquated, paper-intensive processes. The sheer quantity of data that businesses must manage points to the need for automating workflows. Learn how workflow automation reduces error-prone manual labor, increases productivity, and streamlines the flow of your information - capturing, managing, and transforming it to improve worker efficiency and business performance.
  • Achieving the Value of Threat Intelligence: Putting Your ROI into Perspective
    Source: InfoArmor, Inc
    White Paper: Security solutions are derived to protect companies from liabilities that can occur. In order to properly protect against the threats that are most pertinent to your organization you cannot play the guessing game. You need precise intel on the threats that will do you the most harm - you can only get that from a pure threat intelligence solution. Effective threat intelligence comes down to being accurate and actionable. You can have all the data points in the world, but if you can't make sense of them or they don't pertain to your specific situation, it will do you no good. Learn how you can reap the rewards of threat intelligence and realize its true ROI while reducing the risks and costs associated with doing business in today's cyber world.
  • E-Paper: Fulfilling the Potential of Cloud Computing with Hybrid Networking
    Source: CenturyLink
    White Paper: Cloud computing is converging with the enterprise network, creating a new approach to computing: hybrid networks-the modern approach to networking that allows you to be more agile, save money and enable greater IT innovation.
  • IDC Technology Assessment: Cloud and Drive for WAN Efficiencies Power Move to SD-WAN
    Source: CenturyLink
    White Paper: This complimentary IDC technology assessment discusses the importance of WAN performance in supporting enterprise digital transformation strategies and how SD-WAN technology can improve application availability and network security at enterprise branch/remote locations. IDC also evaluates different SD-WAN solutions and buyer considerations for migrating to SD-WAN.
  • IDC Analyst Report: How Will SD-WAN Address Network Connectivity Challenges for Enterprises?
    Source: CenturyLink
    White Paper: The growth of cloud-services and pressure to increase business agility is driving more organizations to consider SD-WAN as a cost-effective solution for branch connectivity. This Q&A with IDC's Nav Chander addresses the different drivers, use cases and benefits of adopting SD-WAN.

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