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  • How to Produce a World-Class Threat Intelligence Capability
    Source: Recorded Future
    White Paper: Learn how to overcome the political inertia that often accompanies building a threat intelligence team from the ground up.

    This white paper details how to merge operational and strategic capabilities to automate and analyze external attack data to identify current and future security threats.

    Discover the six core competencies that comprise a successful program, including:

    - Threat situational awareness and corresponding security control recommendations.
    - Proprietary information collection methodologies.
    - Employee and customer threat education.
    - And more...
  • Understand Your Attacker: A Practical Guide to Identifying TTPs With Threat Intelligence
    Source: Recorded Future
    White Paper: Combat threats by understanding your adversaries and the tools, techniques, and processes (TTPs) they're likely to weaponize.

    This white paper shares research on the latest attacker tools, provides architecture recommendations for organizations looking to strengthen security controls, and helps analysts use threat intelligence to more quickly and effectively identify threat trends.

    Download this white paper now and learn how to:

    - Apply methodologies for proactive and strategic source identification and information analysis.
    - Understand vendor information sources.
    - Prioritize threats in a business context.
    - Differentiate between vulnerability management and threat intelligence.
    - Use best practices for working with peer teams to test and strengthen security controls.
  • 50 Shades of Dark: How to Use the Dark Web for Threat Intelligence
    Source: Recorded Future
    White Paper: There's a lot of talk about the dark web these days, including how cyber criminals use it to spread malware, leak intellectual property, and publish user account credentials.

    Using open source intelligence (OSINT), our team explored the surface, deep, and dark parts of the web and investigated the links between them.

    Download this white paper to learn:

    - What the dark, deep, and surface web really are and why your information security team should care.
    - How stolen credit card information, credentials, and even exploit kits are marketed.
    - How OSINT sheds light on the darker parts of the web to help identify malicious activity.
  • Simplify the Digital Transformation of your Business
    Source: OpenText
    White Paper: By the year 2020, technologies like the cloud, mobile devices, big data, and the Internet of Things will have digitized our world in many ways. Find out how to simplify your Digital Transformation with Enterprise Information Management:
    1. Discover your digital maturity
    2. Explore digital business opportunities
    3. Plan your roadmap to go digital with EIM
  • Keeping you informed with proactive alerts
    Source: NetSupport Inc
    White Paper: NetSupport DNA features an extremely powerful Alerting module that automatically notifies technicians when changes occur across your organisation's network.
  • 6 Ways CIOs Can Bring New Value to their Organizations
    Source: Fuze
    White Paper: CIOs have more to deal with now than ever before. Because their day-to-day is no longer simply about making the organization's IT run smoothly, but helping chart a strategic path. Here are some recommendations for CIOs as their responsibilities become broader based on our research with IT professionals.
  • Aragon Research Hot Vendors in UCaaS, 2016
    Source: Fuze
    White Paper: With the growing popularity of distributed workforces over multiple locations, enterprises need a reliable option to power their business conversations. What makes Fuze hot is its focus on global voice combined with HD Video Conferencing capabilities. Read this report to learn why Fuze is one of the more robust UCC platforms on the market.
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service, Worldwide
    Source: Fuze
    White Paper: Fuze has been named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service, 2016. Fuze knows what you need and works hard to bring you the kind of UCaaS solution you expect. Learn why Fuze has been positioned as a leader in the report.
  • UC Buyer's Guide: Cutting Costs and Boosting Productivity
    Source: Fuze
    White Paper: Investing in unified communications can have an incredible impact on productivity, but identifying the correct solution can be hard. What factors determine the value of placing your communications in the cloud? This guide outlines the myriad of ways in which unified communications increases efficiency within businesses of all sizes.
  • How to Prepare for the Modern, Mobile Workforce
    Source: Fuze
    White Paper: The traditional office is increasingly becoming more and more obsolete. The new office is mobile, decentralized, and less rigid. To meet the needs of this evolving trend, businesses need to embrace robust unified communications solutions, or else risk falling behind their competitors.
  • Three Reasons Why Endpoints Cannot Remain a Security Blind Spot
    Source: Cybereason
    White Paper: After a period of stagnation, endpoint security is undergoing a renaissance with a slew of products debuting in the market. Antivirus software's promise of constant protection is unrealistic, giving rise to the more practical approach of detection and incident response at the user device.

    In this quick read, you'll learn Cybereason's take on:
    - Why endpoint visibility increases the chances for early detection
    - How using endpoint data can eliminate false positives
    - How endpoint data can help establish connections between multiple malicious activities
  • Cybereason 2016 Threat Insights Report
    Source: Cybereason
    White Paper: The billions of data points collected and analyzed by the Cybereason platform have demonstrated a clear trend in the threat landscape: the adversaries, targeting companies across geographies and industries are increasing in complexity.

    Our analysis shows that 46% of attacks are never-before-seen and cannot be detected by exclusively relying on traditional means, such as IOCs. Download this report to learn what tactics adversaries are using to defeat traditional security measures and infiltrate organizations.
  • Protecting Traffic in the Datacenter
    Source: CDW Corporation
    White Paper: A critical part of any data center security strategy is to employ next-generation physical and virtual firewalls working in concert to monitor and analyze all network traffic within the data center. Firewall appliances monitor traffic attempting to cross the data center's network perimeter, while virtual firewalls examine traffic going to or from the data center's virtual servers. Such an approach provides a robust security solution for cloud environments, where threats can potentially come from others using the same physical server for virtual services.

    IT leaders can address the threats within their data centers by strategically using firewall appliances and virtual firewalls from vendors, such as Palo Alto Networks
  • IT Systems Management for Financial Institutions
    Source: Kaseya
    White Paper: Automated IT systems management, or IT automation - where software manages the routine, day-to-day tasks of IT maintenance - is helping financial institutions of all sizes to work smarter, better and faster to maintain regulatory compliance and reduce risk. And where large banks have been turning to automation for decades, we're seeing an increasing number of small to midsized institutions taking the same route in the interest of advancing their competitive position with new services.
  • Banking IT Systems Management: Challenges and Solutions
    Source: Kaseya
    White Paper: Banking systems are inherently distributed in multiple branch and ATM locations, as well as home banking over the internet. As the number of access points grows, so does the complexity of IT systems management. Systems need to be readily available and productive yet secure and protected from data-breach. The risks of irregular maintenance and non-compliance of IT and security policies can cost the organization much in terms of fines, lost opportunities and a damaged reputation. With such a serious and complex challenge, employing an efficient and comprehensive solution is paramount to minimize risk and instill confidence in the organization's ability to fulfill on its compliance requirements.

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