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  • Are You Ready for Mobile Capture?
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: Read this white paper by Kevin Craine to discover how mobile capture can improve the effectiveness of your organization's processes. Discover the top 10 questions to ask before you make your investment in mobile capture.
  • Digitizing The Enterprise Creates Content Transformation Challenges
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: As more and more businesses strive to become digital, there becomes a growing need for technology to handle diverse content formats. Today,businesses moving into the digital world must deal with multiple channels, such as the call center, the Web, kiosks, mobile devices, and the mail, for collecting and disseminating multiple content types like e-forms, email, voice, fax, and PDF - and no, paper is still not going away. IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine these growing content transformation usage requirements within enterprise organizations.
  • Store Less, Spend Less: Managing Data According to Its Economic Value
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: The term "big data" is now passing into the common vernacular. Although initially as much about the power of business analytics and data mining, the semantics have now swung to encapsulate data that is just big and of course, resource hungry, whether in terms of management, sheer storage capacity, or budgets.
    Spending the same amount to store all types and pieces of data-or even to keep any data which has no positive value to an organization-is a suboptimal approach from many perspectives. Read more to learn how to store and spend less on data.
  • IBM Value-based Archiving Solutions
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: This solution brief highlights IBM Value-based Archiving Solutions, which help enable organizations to apply specific archiving logic-including content-based analytics and classification, records declarations, and metadata processing-to address the requirements of archiving projects.
  • Buyer Brief: Improving the Management and Governance of Unstructured Data
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: Maximize efficiency with deeper insight to data value and automated, policy-based compliance, retention & disposition.
  • Dual Desktop Monitors Drive Productivity
    Source: Dell Inc.
    White Paper: The use of multiple monitor solutions is rapidly increasing as organizations recognize the benefits they provide. Adding dual-monitor systems to workstations is a relatively inexpensive way to boost productivity and improve the knowledge worker experience. This paper will convey the business and user satisfaction benefits of upgrading workers' monitor systems to HD and dual-monitor configurations.
  • The Document Disconnect in the U.S.
    Source: PC Connection
    White Paper: U.S. executives and managers in sales, HR, procurement, legal and other departments estimate that fixing the "document disconnect" could lead to 34% increase in revenue, 24% reduction in costs and a 14% reduction in risk. The new Acrobat DC can assist in helping mend the disconnect.
  • Optimizing the Hybrid Cloud
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: This analyst paper examines how Power architecture provides the scalability to leverage and support expanding needs of organizations to accommodate more users and more data.
  • 2015 Enterprise Mobility Survey
    Source: Apperian
    White Paper: The 2015 Enterprise Mobility Survey asked over 300 mobile professionals what their top enterprise mobility challenges are, their plans for equipping employees with mobile apps, and how they are driving value with mobility. Download the report today to benchmark yourself against your peers, and learn how to move ahead by implementing a mobile application lifecycle.
  • The Definitive Guide to Mobile Application Management
    Source: Apperian
    White Paper: Organizations of all sizes are recognizing vast opportunities to use enterprise mobile apps to foster collaboration across work teams and drive new levels of productivity. However, many IT administrators, developers, and organizational leaders are struggling to find the most effective way to securely deploy and manage mobile apps while stimulating user adoption. This guide is intended to help educate anyone who is interested in mobile apps while providing best-in-class techniques for achieving exceptional ROI.
  • Intelligent Power Management: Strategic Key to Optimized Virtualization
    Source: Dell | Eaton
    White Paper: Looking for the best way to extend and enhance the benefits of virtualization? The answer could be hiding in plain sight in your data center - power management. In this white paper, learn how Intelligent Power Management solutions like those offered by Eaton can increase infrastructure flexibility, agility, and reliability by monitoring and managing power consumption - all while ensuring high performance in the virtualized environment.
  • Gaining Clarity from the Chaos of Cloud Adoption
    Source: Tangoe
    White Paper: Deployment and use of cloud applications has far outstripped the ability of organizations to track the extent and monitor costs of this rapid transformation. While enterprises recognize the risks and consequences of the phenomenon known as 'Shadow IT,' few have the ability to identify and reign in employee use of non-sanctioned, cloud-related services that could lead to potential liabilities and security issues.
  • A Revolution in Cloud Networking: Citrix TriScale Technology for NetScaler
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: Citrix NetScaler with TriScale is an all-in-one web ADC that makes apps run 5x faster, reduces web app ownership costs & ensures apps are always available. It is enabling a revolution for enterprise cloud networks by providing a set of capabilities that smartly scale app & service delivery infrastructures, affordably & with no additional complexity.
  • Tapping into B2B Integration Services to Overcome Global Expansion Challenges
    Source: Open Text
    White Paper: As more and more companies seek to take advantage of the opportunities offered by a shrinking world, many are realizing that the challenges of expanding internationally are far from small. By partnering with OpenText, more and more firms are maximizing the benefits of global growth, while minimizing the pain of expanding their operations internationally.
  • Key business Drivers for Using B2B Outsourcing
    Source: Open Text
    White Paper: With a clear understanding of B2B Managed Services, you can begin to address whether your organization can benefit from this approach. Every organization is different with different business priorities, trading communities and supply chain strategies. However, some key business drivers for using Managed Services have emerged.

    Find out more about the 8 business challenges that are driving organizations to consider B2B Managed Services.

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