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  • Application Performance Optimization: Tackling the Challenges of a Remote and Mobile Workforce
    Source: Riverbed Technology
    White Paper: More than half of today's enterprise workforce transitions between the office and working remotely. Supporting this increasingly remote and mobile workforce puts significant pressure on IT teams to deliver seamless connectivity and superior application performance to any location. Learn how you can boost productivity and improve both employee and customer experiences by improving application performance to the edge of the enterprise in this white paper.
  • The Changing Face of Mission-Critical IT
    Source: Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel
    White Paper: Recent IDG research illustrates that mission-critical systems require customers to balance performance, availability and risk against cost. In a world where loyalty and revenue can be lost in seconds, this paper discusses how to evaluate the options for your mission critical environment.
  • Delivering Business Continuity for Vital Applications
    Source: Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel
    White Paper: Learn tips for evaluating a business continuity plan for your vital applications. Explore three approaches for geographically distributed business continuity for critical infrastructure to meet disaster recovery and data loss prevention objectives. Download the best practices guide.
  • Reducing Cost in your Oracle Database Environment
    Source: Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel
    White Paper: Explore best practices for reducing cost by as much as 35% on your Oracle database architecture by moving from scale-out to x86 scale-up infrastructure with a fast-failover solution. Learn four ways to save on Oracle licensing costs. Download the best practices guide.
  • Taking the Constituent-Centric Perspective to Improve Government Services
    Source: Pegasystems Inc
    White Paper: Governments are charged with the exceptional responsibility of representing public interests. This requires continuous improvement of constituent services for very complex and unique requirements. The concept of government customer service represents a new paradigm posing significant benefits:

    * Improved constituent access and satisfaction
    * Proactive service
    * Better efficiency
    * Enhanced flexibility
    * Reduced costs

    Explore the challenges and opportunities by downloading the whitepaper today.
  • A Unified System to Meet Diverse Needs
    Source: Pegasystems Inc
    White Paper: As a government leader, your mandate is to deliver services while meeting the expectations of a demanding and overwhelming digital citizen base. Yet you are plagued with:

    * Manual processes and lack of self-service options
    * Complex policy and rules
    * Complex IT environment and scarce IT staff
    * High cost legacy systems
    * Waterfall COTS solutions that do not meet end user needs
    * Agency silos and disconnected government

    Download the whitepaper to learn both traditional and forward-thinking approaches to solving these challenges.
  • Transforming the Client Lifecycle: Bringing Customer and Product Onboarding into the Digital Age
    Source: Pegasystems Inc
    White Paper: Increased KYC regulatory requirements, heightened customer expectations and operational challenges are driving financial institutions to re-examine their end-to-end client lifecycle management experience.

    This paper explores the challenges banks face in the area of onboarding, the opportunities created by CLM technology to help them address these challenges, improve customer experience and protect and grow their businesses, and the next steps they can take to move forward.
  • Increase Productivity with Social Collaboration
    Source: Protonet
    White Paper: The ability of individuals and groups to collaborate effectively on an unrivaled scale is today's new business goal. A lack of effective collaboration impacts the company's bottom line. Learn more about how social collaboration can help you to increase productivity and grow competitive advantages.
  • Proofpoint Advanced Security Platform for Office 365
    Source: Proofpoint Inc
    White Paper: As Microsoft continues to invest in securing its infrastructure, today's threat actors are exploiting people as their favorite way to beat cybersecurity. Email is the most reliable way to reach nearly every person in every organization around the world. That is why more than 90 percent of targeted attacks continue to reach victims through email to compromise your network, steal credentials and gain access to your assets.
  • Application Migration to Cloud: Drive Business Agility and Performance
    Source: Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel
    White Paper: Cloud is critical to delivering the agility and speed that business demands. With up to 90% of IT budgets spent on maintaining existing systems, businesses are looking for new ways to accelerate service delivery, gain efficiencies, and reduce costs. By moving the right workloads to a mix of public and private cloud, you can deliver services faster, quickly scaling as your business grows, while keeping your most sensitive data securely on-site.
  • Solution Design and Configuration Guide: Migrate a 3-tier Web Application to a Private Cloud
    Source: Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel
    White Paper: Cloud computing has gained acceptance and mind share with enterprise data center managers. Increasingly, IT professionals are adopting public, private, or hybrid cloud technologies to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and increase business agility for new application deployments. In this Guide, learn how to migrate a traditional 3-tier Web application confidently to a private cloud-based environment using HPE hardware, software, and services.
  • Application Migration to On-Premises Cloud
    Source: Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel
    White Paper: If moving new applications or services to the cloud is key to your strategy, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has the expertise to help you achieve the right mix of private and public cloud, so you get the best of both environments. Get practical tips on tested approaches in this Best Practices Guide for Application Migration to On-premises Cloud.
  • Enabling Transformation to a Digital Enterprise
    Source: Dimension Data
    White Paper: As enterprise organizations move to adopt digitization, leveraging technologies of the Third Platform, the impact on enterprise networks will be profound as they contend with balancing business and technology forces. More importantly enterprises have concerns with supporting and managing new architectural models and operating practices that new IT workloads require.

    Join this webcast to hear Leslie Rosenberg from IDC discuss market trends, business drivers and requirements for successfully leveraging support and managed services to accelerate ROI on enterprise networking investments.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 End of Life Transition Methodology
    Source: PC Connection
    White Paper: Many companies are past the deadline for retiring SQL Server 2005 and there are inherent challenges in planning the upgrade of an environment that has likely been in place for several years and sometimes decades. This document is meant to outline at a high level our methodology for approaching a SQL Server 2005 Transition Event, as you can see from the chart above, upgrading will not only help you secure the SQL Server platform that your computing infrastructure relies so heavily on, it is also likely to allow you to bring efficiencies to it that may be completely unexpected.
  • Forrester Report: 2016 Cloud Predictions
    Source: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    White Paper: The next stage of IT will focus on expanding cloud use cases and infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals' attitudes around automation and relinquishing some control. Read this Forrester brief to learn the 11 key developments coming to the world of cloud in 2016 and specific recommendations for I&O leaders.

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