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  • 10 Steps to User Experience Success When Moving Microsoft Office to the Cloud
    Source: AppNeta
    White Paper: Are you considering or in the process of migrating to Office 365? Concerned about performance impacts on user experience? Our eBook is your guide to ensuring user experience success as you prepare to migrate to the cloud.
  • Hadoop for Dummies
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: Today, organizations in every industry are being showered with imposing quantities of new information. Along with traditional sources, many more data channels and categories now exist. Collectively, these vastly larger information volumes and new assets are known as Big Data. Enterprises are using technologies such as MapReduce and Hadoop to extract value from Big Data.

    View now as we provide you with a solid understanding of key Big Data concepts and trends, as well as related architectures, such as MapReduce and Hadoop. We also present some suggestions about how to implement high-performance Hadoop.
  • Analytics: The Real-World Use of Big Data
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: "Big data" - which admittedly means many things to many people - is no longer confined to the realm of technology. Today, it is a business priority, given its ability to profoundly affect commerce in the globally integrated economy. In addition to providing solutions to long-standing business challenges, big data inspires new ways to transform processes, organizations, entire industries and even society itself. Yet extensive media coverage makes it hard to distinguish hype from reality - what is really happening? Our newest research finds that organizations are using big data to target customer-centric outcomes, tap into internal data and build a better information ecosystem.
  • The IBM Big Data Platform
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: IBM is unique in having developed an enterprise class big data platform that allows you to address the full spectrum of big data business challenges. The real benefit of the platform is leverage -- the ability to start with one capability and easily add others over your big data journey.
  • Operational Analytics from A to Z
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: As the market demands faster and more accurate responses to opportunities and threats, operational analytics is becoming the foundation for real-time decision making. The paper outlines the business value and technological foundations of operational analytics.
  • Hype Cycle for Big Data
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: This Gartner Hype Cycle will help enterprise information strategists separate differing approaches and technology solutions in order to find a new way of working with huge amounts of information that will be the new norm.
  • Powering Transformation: The IT Revolution is Now
    Source: ServiceNow
    White Paper: The cloud platform makes integration easy, no matter what your infrastructure, and upgrades are delivered automatically, relieving IT of yet another burdensome and costly chore. As technology continues to advance and the new reality is based on an infrastructure that includes physical, virtual and cloud resources, IT departments need to find new ways of managing and securing this vastly different technology ecosystem. Learn more on how cloud-driven technology gives your IT team the tools to understand what customers actually want and need.
  • Cram Session: Hyper-Converged Systems Modernize the Enterprise Data Center
    Source: Datacore Software
    White Paper: Hyper-converged systems have become the basic building blocks of the software defined data center, but they are anything but basic, and their future is bright. Analysts estimate the current hyper-converged systems market is $500 million, and will grow quickly to tens of billions of dollars in the coming years. This get-up-to-speed guide will help you understand what hyper-converged systems are all about, and the kind of value it can deliver to your business.
  • IDC Report: An Under the Hood Look at Azure Site Recovery
    Source: Microsoft Corporation
    White Paper: Historically, small and medium sized businesses have suffered from limited budget, little IT bandwidth, and a lack of technical skills to implement sophisticated software to give their applications and data a viable availability and recovery plan. This IDC report discusses the changing nature of classic high-availability software with the rise of cloud solutions, and explains why DR as a Service (DRaaS) is a viable and affordable option for SMBs and large enterprises alike. It also takes an in-depth look at the Microsoft Azure Site Recovery, which enables the failover of Hyper-V and vSphere VMs, as well as physical instances that are running on-premises, to Microsoft Azure, and how the targeted pricing and customized level of scalability works for the benefits of SMBs.
  • Extend your Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution
    Source: EMC Corporation
    White Paper: This paper covers key areas in which enterprises can further extend the value of their Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution-and how IT can leverage it as they take the next steps toward a more comprehensive IT as a Service model.
  • Gartner on Business Continuity in 2015
    Source: Windstream Communications
    White Paper: Disasters are an inevitable part of business. According to a recent Gartner report, 86% of organizations have had to use a recovery plan within the last 24 months. Fortunately, with the right business continuity management (BCM) program, you can help ensure that you stay in business no matter what comes your way. Gartner's BCM report explores:

    -Common BCM mistakes and shortcomings
    -Ways to accurately measure BCM program effectiveness
    -How far into the future to look when building a BCM program improvement roadmap
  • Why NoSQL?
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: In a world where the pace of software development is faster and data and piling up, how you architect your data layer to ensure a global user base enjoys continual access to data is more important than ever.

    Download our new whitepaper now to explore

    -Why the new category of NoSQL databases has become a popular option
    -The various types of NoSQL databases available today
    -Differences and commonalities of NoSQL databases
    -Why you should consider implementing a NoSQL solution
  • Four App Deployment Disasters Every Business Should Know About
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: While successful mobile apps can elevate and transform your brand, hidden deployment disasters can tear down all your hard work in the blink of an eye.
    Download this white paper to avoid disasters of scale, microdowntime and connectivity, location data and upfront costs.
  • ArcelorMittal: Deploying a Seamless Global B2B Network
    Source: Open Text
    White Paper: ArcelorMittal ranks as today's only truly global steelmaker. Its Europe Flat Products division embarked on an initiative to migrate from a plethora of point-to-point connections with individual trading partners to a single, seamless B2B network solution.
  • Today's State of Work: The Productivity Drain
    Source: ServiceNow
    White Paper: ServiceNow surveyed nearly 1,000 managers in the US and the UK to understand the effectiveness of the tools and processes in their corporate environment. Results revealed nearly two days a week are spent on administrative tasks that are not core to their jobs. There's an exponential impact on an organization's top and bottom lines as employees have less time to do their jobs and it takes more people to complete the job. Learn about how your organization can overcome the obsessive use of email and spreadsheets to get real work done.

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