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  • Harvard Business Review- Collaboration Tech: Boosting The Midsize Organization
    Source: Insight
    White Paper: An Insight-sponsored report by Harvard Business Review Analytics Services surveyed how collaboration tools are helping businesses make better decisions. Get the complimentary whitepaper to see how you can increase efficiency, improve productivity, cut costs and more by optimizing your communication technology.
  • 7 Best Practices for SMB Virtualization
    Source: Insight
    White Paper: Virtualization offers Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) a wealth of benefits - from enhancing agility and security to offering greater operational efficiency, a stronger disaster recovery policy and more. Download our complimentary whitepaper to learn how to virtualize your data center systems.
  • Magic Quadrant for WAN Technologies
    Source: Silver Peak Systems Inc
    White Paper: Not all WAN solutions are equal; read the 2016 report on WAN technologies and learn why Silver Peak was again named a leader, and positioned the farthest on the "completeness of vision" axis.
  • The Shift to SD-WAN Research Study
    Source: Silver Peak Systems Inc
    White Paper: Silver Peak and IDG Connect conducted an official survey of 160 mid-market & enterprise companies to determine the true adoption of Software Defined WANs (SD-WAN).
  • Not all SD-WANs are Created Equal: Performance Matters
    Source: Silver Peak Systems Inc
    White Paper: As applications increasingly migrate from the corporate data center into the cloud, networking professionals are quickly realizing that traditional WANs were never architected for such a dynamic, Internetbasedenvironment. It is clear that backhauling traffic destined to the cloud from the branch to headquarters to the internet and then back again to the branch, negatively impacts application performance and user experience.
  • It's Not You; It's Your WAF. How To Make AppSec Easy
    Source: tCell
    White Paper: Web app firewalls have the right idea - protect apps in production from attacks, but the execution is all wrong. It bogs down Security Teams with false alarms. We need to rethink how we approach application security. It's more than just a firewall and easier than perfect coding. It's time for the application to protect itself.
  • 7 Ways to Achieve Operations Reliability with APM
    Source: GE Power
    White Paper: Things are happening to your assets that you can't see - things that can stop operations at the worst possible time. What you need is a bird's eye view coupled with drill-down alerts before an issue leads to production downtime. Download the e-book to learn:

    -7 steps to take immediately to reduce unplanned downtime
    -How 50% of asset-intensive organizations will use APM solutions by 2018
    -Why 91% of global power leaders say the time to act is now
  • 2017: Top Digital Trends for the Electricity Value Network
    Source: GE Power
    White Paper: Read about the 2017 top digital trend predictions for the power and utility industry, and gain a competitive edge by understanding what's next. Across the Electricity Value Network (EVN) - from generation through T&D and end user management, first movers and proactive digital adopters are far more likely to thrive in the future. Read the new Brief and learn how:

    -The adoption of the "Platform Economy" will create both disruption and new opportunities for power leaders
    -The power industry remains vulnerable to cyberattacks which could cost the US economy up to $1 trillion if not protected
    -Multi-Directional is the New Grid with the rise of intelligent grid technology, two-way power flows and greater quality power delivery
  • Cloud-Native Evolution: How Companies Go Digital
    Source: Dynatrace
    White Paper: 92% of companies anticipate going cloud-native in the next 5 years. This shift is imperative to move quickly and remain competitive. So, what does it take for successful migration?

    This report details a winning strategy, that will show you how to tackle both technical and cultural challenges.
  • Forrester: Rules of Engagement
    Source: ServiceNow
    White Paper: As the remediation costs, customer impacts, and reputational damage of a data breach continue to skyrocket, the security industry must find new ways to prevent the exfiltration of proprietary data by cybercriminals and other malicious actors. This report is a call to action for developing more automated threat response processes and a set of cyber rules of engagement. Doing so will empower security professionals to act more quickly and aggressively and stop data breaches before they impact the business.
  • 5 Reasons Enterprises Need a New Access Model
    Source: Akamai Technologies Inc
    White Paper: Most enterprises are providing employees and third parties with remote access to their applications in much the same way they did 20 years ago - through VPNs, proxies, and remote desktops - but new and growing realities are forcing enterprises to take a different path. Read this whitepaper to learn five reasons why enterprises need a new access model.
  • Painless, Secure Third-Party Access
    Source: Akamai Technologies Inc
    White Paper: Companies use outside resources more than ever to stay competitive and it is essential that outside contractors and suppliers have access to specific enterprise applications to be productive. Yet, traditional access methods, such as VPNs, are cumbersome and put enterprises at risk. Read this solution brief to learn about a new painless, secure approach to remote access.
  • 3 Reasons IT Needs a New Approach for Third-Party Access to Sharepoint
    Source: Akamai Technologies Inc
    White Paper: Microsoft's SharePoint Platform is used by tens of thousands of enterprises worldwide to share information with employees and third parties. Many of these users access Sharepoint remotely, which is cumbersome and put the enterprise at risk. Read this paper to learn three reasons why IT needs a new approach to third-party access to Sharepoint.
  • The State of Endpoint Protection & Management
    Source: Absolute
    White Paper: Devices with sensitive data may get lost or stolen; and the very endpoint agents that are critical for seeing and controlling the devices become broken. Employees also go off the corporate network for long stretches of time without the latest patches, updates and security files thus leaving them exposed to advanced threats. Critical software agents are also lost when firmware is flashed, the device is re-imaged, the hard-drive is replaced, or if the OS is reinstalled. All of these scenarios create "dark endpoints" which fracture visibility and open up unacceptable vulnerabilities to insider threats, malicious attacks or other risks affecting business operations.
  • Future-Proof Your Business with a Hybrid Cloud Strategy
    Source: Amazon Web Services
    White Paper: For CIOs who are beginning to explore cloud migration, many wonder how to mix on-premises or collocated data centers with hyperscale cloud infrastructure such as that offered by Amazon Web Services. A hybrid approach can bridge the old and the new--especially when migrating Microsoft application.

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