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  • IDC ExpertROI SPOTLIGHT Swiss Re Leveraging BMC's Cost Analyzing Software to Optimize Spending on Mainframe MLCs
    Source: BMC Software
    White Paper: Learn how Swiss Re is saving $2.55 million in MLC costs over four years-and how you can too.

    In this IDC case study sponsored by BMC, you'll learn how the world's second-largest reinsurance company uses BMC Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise to reduce mainframe MLC costs without impacting service delivery.

    * Learn about Swiss Re's selection and implementation process
    * Explore an in-depth four-year ROI analysis based on a real-world implementation
    * Discover business benefits beyond cost reduction
  • 10 Steps to Reducing Mainframe MLC Costs
    Source: BMC Software
    White Paper: Rising mainframe MLC costs consume an ever-larger share of IT budgets, making it more difficult to fund innovation. MLC charges can be difficult to understand, much less control-but a rational, data-driven approach can help you reduce billable workloads and negotiate better terms with vendors. In this white paper, you'll learn a step-by-step process to:

    - Develop a cost management strategy that's right for your business
    - Actively negotiate better contract terms based on insight into your unique requirements
    - Implement cost-cutting best practices like peak driver analysis and workload optimization
  • Five Levers to Lower Mainframe MLC Costs While Mitigating Risk
    Source: BMC Software
    White Paper: This paper will help you reduce overall mainframe costs and maximize the value of your existing mainframe investments without sacrificing service delivery. Five proven best practices- with real-world examples - provide guidance for an MLC optimization strategy based on higher visibility, predictability, and automation. In this paper, you'll:

    * Learn how to lower and limit your peaks without impacting service delivery
    * Find out how predictive modeling can help you make the right changes, the right way
    * Explore real-world examples of mainframe MLC cost optimization in action
  • An Insightful Approach to Optimizing Mainframe MLC Spend
    Source: BMC Software
    White Paper: This paper, "An Insightful Approach to Optimizing Mainframe MLC Costs," discusses how you can penetrate the complexity of IBM mainframe MLC products and the MLC price model to gain insight into the MLC cost drivers and leverage that insight to optimize MLC spend. With the approach described in this paper, you can slash MLC costs by 20 percent or more while minimizing the business risk typically associated with making changes to reduce MLC costs. What's more, you'll increase mainframe cost transparency for IT management and line-of-business owners.

    You will learn:
    - How workload utilization peaks drive MLC costs
    - How to gain insight into these peaks
    - How you can leverage this insight to adjust MLC factors to optimize MLC costs
    - How to take full advantage of IBM Defined Capacity without risk
  • 9 Noble Truths of Network, Server and Application Monitoring
    Source: Ipswitch, Inc
    White Paper: How can IT teams meet the need to thrive while dealing with an increasingly large and complex environment, constantly "doing more with less" and the requirements to deliver near-zero downtime?

    The nine noble truths of network, server and application monitoring explain the problem and describe the path to its solution.
  • 10 Monitoring Tips for Microsoft Applications and Environments
    Source: Ipswitch, Inc
    White Paper: Are you battling constant user complaints about downtime and slow performance for Microsoft applications like Sharepoint, Exchange, Lync and Microsoft Dynamics? Do you have challenges troubleshooting across technology stack components like IIS, application servers, SQL Server, and Active Directory?

    Here are 10 tips that will help boost the performance of your Microsoft applications and underlying environments.
  • Using the Network to Optimize a Virtualized Data Center
    Source: Dell Inc.
    White Paper: Enterprise IT has gone through several major shifts over the past several decades. The 1960s and 70s saw the rise of the mainframe. The mainframe ceded control in the client/server era, which in turn gave way to Internet computing. Today, the industry finds itself in the midst of another major computing transition: the shift to virtual computing. For the purposes of this report, virtual computing is defined as a computing model where all IT resources are virtualized and then tied together with the network. Virtual computing is the most network-centric computing paradigm to date (Exhibit 1). Virtualization technology has already reshaped the face of computing and applications, and now, for organizations to optimize the benefits of virtualization, the network needs to evolve.
  • Fabric that Fits: Matching the Network to Today's Data Center Traffic Conditions
    Source: Dell Inc.
    White Paper: In today's data centers that support virtualization, Big Data, and cloud, the network can be a prime contributor to efficient operations or a bottleneck preventing a company from realizing the full benefits of these critical applications.
    What many IT departments find when managing the large environments to support today's workloads is that old approaches to network infrastructure are often costly and hard to administer, make inefficient use of data center space, and can introduce latencies that degrade application performance.
  • Accelerating Network Convergence in Virtualized and Cloud Data Centers
    Source: Dell Inc.
    White Paper: Unifying disparate storage and data networks is a natural progression in many virtualization and cloud deployments. Dell™ converged networking innovations offer advanced switching capabilities and intelligent traffic management for these environments.
  • Better Security in the Cloud
    Source: Qualys Inc.
    White Paper: With high-profile data breaches continuing to occur across industries, security leaders are revamping their strategies to keep pace. Organizations in highly regulated industries need to ensure they are partnering with the right cloud security service provider. Read this paper for new insights into how to address these challenges, based on new research from IDG.
  • Rules Of Engagement: A Call To Action To Automate Breach Response
    Source: BMC Software
    White Paper: Discover how to quickly remediate aggressive security threats. Read this report from Forrester Research and get the facts about new automated compliance processes and how they will reduce your organization's vulnerability and risk. Learn to:

    * Adopt a set of cyber "Rules of Engagement"
    * Define the appropriate response through the "Response Index"
    * Create actionable response metrics
    * Ensure multiple levels of audit and reinforcement

    Plus, find out how to better align security and operations teams and put the right security tools in place.
  • Dell Networking Solutions Overview
    Source: Dell Inc.
    White Paper: By offering end-to-end solutions, including highly integrated, yet scalable options for mission-critical business workloads, Dell provides the flexibility, visibility and tools IT managers need to meet their most important business requirements. Download this paper for an overview of Dell's networking portfolio and learn more.
  • Tablets are Transforming the Way Government Works
    Source: Samsung
    White Paper: Federal government mandates are changing the ways in which public employees work, emphasizing flexible workplaces that encourage people to work from home, the road or nimble satellite offices. As the government looks to address key trends in the 21st century, it is emphasizing policies that reduce emissions through shorter or eliminated commutes, support an improved customer experience for its citizens, and allow employees greater work/life balance. Agencies must find cost-effective ways to improve processes, speed decision-making, increase customer satisfaction, and drive results from all areas of the organization.

    Frost & Sullivan research shows that the applications and devices that employees are using to do their jobs are increasingly designed to support a remote and virtual workforce management, while enabling advanced communication and collaboration - the very tools necessary for the new mobile workforce.
  • The Total Economic Impact of IBM Storwize V7000
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: This Forrester paper examines the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Storwize V7000 with Real-time Compression. Prior to Storwize V7000 with Real-time Compression, customers had limited storage virtualization/compression technologies within their environments.
  • ESG Lab Validation Report : Next Generation IBM Storwize V7000 Disk System
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: This report documents the results of ESG Lab hands-on testing of the IBM Storwize V7000 Midrange Disk System. It focuses on the powerful, enterprise-class features and functionality offered by the next-generation hardware platform including real-time compression with hardware acceleration, heterogeneous storage virtualization, tiering, capacity-efficient point-in-time snapshots, and unified storage capability.

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