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  • The Network Impact of 802.11ac
    Source: Aerohive
    White Paper: Two industry trends are converging - 802.11ac and the need for personalizing user's mobile experiences to deliver anytime, anywhere access without wreaking havoc on network operations and cost controls. This paper discuss two approaches for efficient WLAN design. Both let you integrate 802.11ac into your WLAN and help lay the foundation for future, high-speed technologies.
  • Optimization Strategies to Better Support Mobile
    Source: Dell Software
    White Paper: Expand the capacity of your infrastructure to handle more mobile users while controlling costs. This white paper offers best practices to streamline identity and access management, address performance issues cause by increased device density, understand bandwidth needs driven by mobility, and ensure secure remote access and defend against threats, while not over purchasing hardware.
  • Network Testing for the Real-World: 7 Tips for Reliable Test Results
    Source: Spirent
    White Paper: Network Testing for the rest of us... In the world of large companies and testing labs, what options do Enterprises have when it comes to an affordable solution and reliable test results? Download 7 Tips for Reliable Test Results to find out!
  • Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service
    Source: Oracle
    White Paper: Modern organizations are under intense pressure to provide accurate, reliable, and speedy financial information to business decision-makers. Furthermore, complying with global standards has become more of a headache than ever before.
  • Advanced threat detection methods for securing remote users
    Source: OPSWAT
    White Paper: Remote users can introduce significant threats to your network. As employees and other business partners increasingly work from the road and remote offices, the risks have grown exponentially. To secure remote users, unique advanced threat detection solutions are needed.
  • Enhancing Business Value with HP Wireless Networking Solutions
    Source: HP
    White Paper: To determine the business value of implementing HP wireless networking solutions as part of a holistic end-to-end network, IDC interviewed six midmarket customers in the United States and Europe that have been using HP wireless networking solutions in production environments.
  • HP Unified Access
    Source: HP
    White Paper: This white paper explores the changing requirements for campus networks, driven by mobility and the bring your own device (BYOD) movement, as well as the increasing adoption of rich-media applications balanced against ongoing IT resource constraints.
  • Creating a Mobile-Centric Organization
    Source: HP
    White Paper: This road map outlines steps for embedding mobility in an organization's strategies, work processes and policies, and for aligning investments with business goals.
  • Manage WLANs with Ease
    Source: HP
    White Paper: This white paper highlights seven common challenges confronting WLANs in campuses and branch offices, and describes how a unified approach to network management can help deliver more reliable connectivity and a better user experience.
  • Put Wireless Security Worry to Rest
    Source: HP
    White Paper: As your wireless needs grow, so does your exposure to wireless security threats. The HP Wi-Fi Clear Connect solution provides integrated wireless threat detection with real-time reporting.
  • Four Little-Known Ways WAN Optimization Can Benefit Your Organization
    Source: Riverbed Technology
    White Paper: You know that WAN optimization has evolved into a complete system that optimizes traffic across a broad range of most popular applications while providing deep visibility into performance. However, today's comprehensive solutions can improve just about every major IT initiative. Read this short white paper to learn how next-generation WAN optimization solutions can benefit your organization more than ever before.
  • Transforming Business Performance with Hybrid Networks
    Source: Riverbed Technology
    White Paper: Businesses are rapidly adopting virtualization, cloud infrastructure, and SaaS applications broadly across the enterprise to minimize costs and enable seamless collaboration and communication. This is significantly straining the traditional network paradigm. In this white paper, learn how IT organizations combat this challenge to transform network architectures to deliver the right performance and reliability cost-effectively while retaining control.
  • Protect Against Advanced Evasion Techniques
    Source: McAfee. A Part of Intel Security.
    White Paper: Understand the essential design principles to detect and stop advanced evasion techniques. Learn how to use multilayer traffic normalization and data stream-based inspection to prevent AET attacks.
  • Advanced Evasion Techniques for Dummies
    Source: McAfee. A Part of Intel Security.
    White Paper: Advanced evasions will break the security protection model that most organizations are using today. Given this changing threat landscape we need to rethink traditional security models. Here's advice on how to evade AETs.
  • Meander Medisch Centrum success story
    Source: Citrix Systems, Cisco, & NetApp
    White Paper: Meander Medisch Centrum needed a new desktop infrastructure for better provisioning and support for medical apps, and to reduce locally-installed PCs. Discover why they chose an integrated solution from Citrix, Cisco and NetApp to accelerate deployment, improve app performance and server utilization.

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