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  • Winning the Talent Wars
    Source: Cornerstone OnDemand
    White Paper: With opportunities for sought-after, highly skilled employees increasing, companies must learn how to successfully locate - and entice - these valuable workers. And the challenge doesn't end there - companies must also succeed at onboarding, training, managing, motivating, and retaining those employees. Successfully solving the talent management challenge requires a concerted, collaborative effort across departments and among managers - including IT, HR, and varying business units.
  • Unleashing Big Data
    Source: Talend
    White Paper: Ever expanding amounts of data - structured, unstructured, enterprise data, social data - are driving many businesses to embrace Big Data initiatives. But a recent survey finds IT struggling with data quality and integration issues. Self-service data preparation can empower business users and speed results. Download this report to learn more.
  • Harvard Research Group Assessment: IBM DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: Download this Harvard Research Group Assesment to learn the benefits of adopting a near real-time in-memory data analytics solution like IBM DB2 10.5.
  • In-Memory Databases Put the Action in Actionable Insights
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: While Hadoop is ideal for storing and processing large volumes of data affordably, it is less suited to this type of real-time operational analytics, or Inline Analytics workload. For these types of workloads, a different style of computing is required. The answer is in-memory databases.
  • Follow the Money: Big Data ROI and Inline Analytics
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: The key finding of this research by Wikibon is that the sponsors of Big Data projects should measure success by:

    - The time taken to create Inline Analytic algorithms to automate decisionmaking directly into the operational systems of record, and,
    - The effectiveness of supporting Deep Data Analytics to reduce the cycle time for improving the Inline Analytic algorithms and finding new data streams to drive them.
  • Affordable, Scalable, Reliable OLTP in a Cloud and Big Data World
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: This white paper discusses the concept of shared data scale-out clusters, as well as how they deliver continuous availability and why they are important for delivering scalable transaction processing support.
  • Addressing PCI Compliance Through Privileged Access Management
    Source: CA Technologies
    White Paper: An effective privileged access management approach allows an organization to restrict, log and monitor all activity performed by privileged accounts, such as network, system and database administrators. As a result, they gain better control and visibility over privileged users and their "super user" access to the crown jewels of the business. Without it, many organizations not only struggle to meet the PCI DSS v3 identification, authentication and access control requirements, they also fall short in minimizing their risk exposure to breaches and attacks. Learn how you can leverage privileged access management to help meet PIC DSS requirements in this white paper.
  • Cambridge University Uses DCIM to Cut IT Energy Costs by 40%
    Source: Emerson Network Power
    White Paper: Cambridge University was challenged to achieve higher efficiencies by virtualizing platforms and refreshing equipment. Consolidating server rooms into a centralized data center with DCIM is allowing the university to simplify management, improve availability and cut energy costs. Find out how.
  • Calculating the ROI of a DCIM Solution
    Source: Emerson Network Power
    White Paper: The value and impact a DCIM solution can have for your data centers with the Emerson Network Power DCIM ROI Tool.
  • Debunking Five Myths About Deploying DCIM
    Source: Emerson Network Power
    White Paper: This ebook explores the myths and realities of a DCIM deployment, helping you answer questions, such as "How long does it take to deploy DCIM?", "What it the typical payback period?"' and "What resources are required?" It is a must-read for any organization evaluating the potential of DCIM.
  • Extending Investments in Microsoft Applications with Adobe Acrobat DC
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: Employees are constantly seeking ways to be more productive by making the most of available resources, including the reuse of existing content. This presents IT with the opportunity to put easy-to-use tools and services directly into the hands of the workforce. Documents are the underpinning of office work, and PDF and Microsoft Office are the most commonly used formats in the everyday business workflow, along with Microsoft SharePoint. This paper illustrates how the combination of Acrobat DC and Office applications, as well as SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365, can simplify day-to-day tasks, paying dividends towards overall workforce productivity.
  • Blue Coat/Elastica "Shadow Data Report" 2015
    Source: Blue Coat Systems
    White Paper: Based on the analysis of over 63M documents shared in the cloud, this report highlights key trends and insights into the usage and security of cloud apps and the data residing in them.
  • Cloud Data Protection? Ask The Tough Questions.
    Source: Blue Coat Systems
    White Paper: Lots of marketing claims are being made by Cloud Data Protection Gateway providers. It's time for critical analysis. This Blue Coat paper reviews the key questions Security, Governance & Risk and IT should be asking vendors.
  • Data Residency, Privacy & Security in the Cloud
    Source: Blue Coat Systems
    White Paper: This Blue Coat white paper details potential issues to consider before using cloud services; and how encryption and tokenization can enable you to safely adopt the cloud while adhering to appropriate guidelines.
  • The Top 7 Things you Must Know about vSphere Storage Performance
    Source: Infinio Systems
    White Paper: Many factors impact storage performance in vSphere environments. In this paper, vExpert Eric Siebert shares the top 7 things you should know about improving this performance, including some tips you can begin using immediately.

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