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  • Enhancing Application Protection and Recovery with a Modern Approach to Snapshot Management
    Source: CommVault
    White Paper: Massive data growth and shrinking application recovery windows are creating a huge challenge for IT administrators. Legacy backup models can't cope with multi-terabyte applications. However, by leveraging a modern approach to data protection that uses your current disk array snapshot technology, you can leave your recovery problems behind.  This CommVault Business Value and Technology White Paper explains how Simpana IntelliSnap® Recovery Manager can make your application recovery fast and reliable.
  • Windows® XP Migration: Protect and Secure Critical Data
    Source: CommVault
    White Paper: With the end of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system's lifecycle on April 8, 2014, businesses are faced with the decision to migrate to a newer operating system or to continue with XP without continuing security updates. This solution brief discusses how CommVault Simpana software can help business protect and secure data, whether a company is looking to migrate or stick with Windows XP.
  • Neustar 2014 DDoS Attacks and Impact Report
    Source: Neustar Inc.
    White Paper: For the third consecutive year, Neustar surveyed hundreds of companies on distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The survey reveals evidence that the DDoS attack landscape is changing. The number of companies attacked is up, but attack duration is down. Read the full report to learn more.
  • Do More With Less: How CARFAX Consolidated Their Security Solutions
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: CARFAX, a leading provider of vehicle history information, needed to protect its website from attacks, ensure website availability, prevent data theft, and enhance the scalability of its infrastructure. Through a consolidated F5 solution, CARFAX cut site downtime to zero, secures its data, and deployed a high-performance infrastructure to support its rapid growth.
  • Fight Malware, Malfeasance and Malingering
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: Every year brings an even more extreme set of threats to the enterprise than the last. Spam email used to be the number one headache. Now it's been replaced with malware, spear phishing, and the infamous spin-off of the two, the advanced persistent threat (APT). Employee internet usage is also changing in ways that challenge traditional enterprise security. If not managed effectively, all of these issues have the potential to be very costly for the organization. The good news is that enterprises have a range of mitigation options. The question is which solution offers the organization the greatest protection and control without adding complexity or unnecessary costs. Download this whitepaper to learn how F5's Secure Web Gateway Services provide the broadest and deepest coverage available to enterprises today.
  • How to Fill the Threat Management Gateway Void
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: The recent discontinuation of Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) requires enterprises to find a new solution to secure corporate access to the web. In choosing a new solution, it's important for decision-makers to ensure that the solution they select includes the features and functionality necessary to ensure safe and appropriate web access. Combining comprehensive features and functionality with superior scalability and performance, F5 Secure Web Gateway Services are uniquely positioned to provide the best alternative for TMG replacement.
  • eBook: Definitive Guide to Next Generation NAC
    Source: ForeScout Technologies
    White Paper: Download your copy of the new eBook entitled "Definitive Guide™ to Next-generation Network Access Control." This 84-page resource provides security practitioners with key capabilities, implementation considerations, use cases and operational advice for network access control (NAC) and details on how modern NAC platforms can be applied by IT organizations to achieve continuous monitoring and mitigation.
  • Advanced threat detection methods for securing remote users
    Source: OPSWAT
    White Paper: Remote users can introduce significant threats to your network. As employees and other business partners increasingly work from the road and remote offices, the risks have grown exponentially. To secure remote users, unique advanced threat detection solutions are needed.
  • Demand More, Get the Most from the Move to a Next-Generation Firewall
    Source: McAfee. A Part of Intel Security.
    White Paper: Beyond the basics in a next generation firewall, to protect your investment you should demand other valuable features: intrusion prevention, contextual rules, advanced evasion analytics, secured access control, and high availability.
  • Protect Against Advanced Evasion Techniques
    Source: McAfee. A Part of Intel Security.
    White Paper: Understand the essential design principles to detect and stop advanced evasion techniques. Learn how to use multilayer traffic normalization and data stream-based inspection to prevent AET attacks.
  • Advanced Evasion Techniques for Dummies
    Source: McAfee. A Part of Intel Security.
    White Paper: Advanced evasions will break the security protection model that most organizations are using today. Given this changing threat landscape we need to rethink traditional security models. Here's advice on how to evade AETs.
  • The SSL Heartbleed Vulnerability: Impacts and Countermeasures
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: Heartbleed is one of the worst security vulnerabilities in recent memory for organizations trusting OpenSSL to protect their data. Here are three easy steps to protect your business.
  • Anti-Evasion: Why It's a Critical Component of Intrusion Prevention Systems
    Source: Dell Software
    White Paper: Learn why anti-evasion is a critical component for your intrusion prevention system. Sophisticated exploits that utilize advanced evasion techniques are all too common. Decoding and normalizing traffic across the network to detect and combat these attacks is critical for your network security plan.
  • Five Steps to Achieve Success in your Application Security Program
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: This white paper provides a general framework your organization can use to create or build upon an application security program. It includes guidelines that can be useful at different stages of your security program's maturity. By addressing key considerations, providing clear and actionable items, and offering real-world examples, these five steps provide an adaptable strategy to help your organization get started and maintain an effective, ongoing application-security strategy.
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security
    Source: IBM
    White Paper: The market for application security testing is changing rapidly. Technology trends, such as mobile applications, advanced Web applications and dynamic languages, are forcing the need to combine dynamic and static testing capabilities, which is reshaping the overall market.

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