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  • CloudFlare Advanced DDoS Protection
    Source: CloudFlare
    White Paper: Although DoS attacks are not a recent phenomenon, the methods and resources available to conduct and mask such attacks have dramatically evolved to include distributed (DDoS) and, more recently, distributed reflector (DRDoS) attacks-attacks that simply cannot be addressed by traditional on-premise solutions.
    In this whitepaper, you'll learn the anatomy of each attack method and how to protect your web presence from attacks, such as Layer 3 and 4, DNS amplification, SMURF, ACK, and Layer 7.
  • Is Your Team Prepared for a Data Breach?
    Source: AllClear ID
    White Paper: As data breaches increase in scale and frequency, businesses must prepare today to ensure an effective, high-quality, and swift response. Consumers, regulators, and the media want a well-orchestrated response launched just days after a data breach, and preparation in advance is critical to success. Download this Incident Response Workbook and learn:
    * Key consideration for data breach preparation and customer notification
    * Best practices for the customer-facing aspects of data breach response
    * Recommendations for planning and executing a well-orchestrated response
  • Focus on Human Nature to Respond More Effectively During a Breach
    Source: AllClear ID
    White Paper: To execute an effective breach response, organizations must consider the significant role that human emotions can play during a crisis. The most thorough preparation pre-breach won't matter if your response team is derailed by emotions like denial, tunnel-vision, and anger.

    Download this whitepaper, Factoring the Human Element Into Your Data Breach Response, to learn:
    * Which emotions are most likely to derail a team during a crisis
    * How to prepare to effectively address the human element in breach response
  • Don't Let Your Security Strategy Become Irrelevant
    Source: AllClear ID
    White Paper: A new report from Forrester Research says most security strategies do not align with overall business goals, and are in danger of losing credibility. Don't fall into this trap of irrelevance. Download the report and learn 6 steps your business can take today to build a more relevant security strategy that aligns with larger business goals.
  • Your Security Strategy Should Revolve Around Customers, Not Technology
    Source: AllClear ID
    White Paper: Technology is a key component of any security strategy, but even the best tech will not prevent a data breach. A new report from Forrester Research advises building a risk management framework that that keeps organizations secure, while also building and retaining customer trust.

    Download the report today and learn:
    - How to create an adaptive risk management framework
    - Actionable steps to build a security program that retains customer trust
  • Forrester Market Overview: Cloud Workload Security Solutions
    Source: CloudPassage
    White Paper: Forrester Research published this comprehensive market report related to the cloud infrastructure security space. This report is a must-read for anyone planning their security strategy for public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • Survey Results: Orchestrating Security in the Cloud
    Source: CloudPassage
    White Paper: This report summarizes results from a survey conducted by SANS of 485 IT professionals using a variety of cloud providers and service models, including SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS implementations.
  • SANS Institute: A DevSecOps Playbook
    Source: CloudPassage
    White Paper: This playbook summarizes how DevOps and information security can co-exist through the application of a new approach referred to as DevSecOps.
  • Managing the Software Defined Enterprise
    Source: WEI
    White Paper: The most innovative organizations today are redefining entire business sectors by having embraced software driven technology. This white paper makes the case for the software defined model as it is applied across the enterprise, discusses the architectural components of software defined systems and the top 5 benefits of a Software Defined Enterprise.
  • Benefits of the Software Defined Data Center
    Source: WEI
    White Paper: With all aspects of the data center abstracted and working in unified cohesion, organizations can control costs, reduce costs of ownership, reduce IT complexity, increase availability and greatly enhance the agility of operations. This paper explores the benefits of SDDC which take business agility to a whole new level.
  • Managing SDDC: Challenges and Opportunities
    Source: WEI
    White Paper: The benefits of the SDDC may have you convinced, but there are challenges that stem from transitioning the traditional data center that may make you cautious, such as storage and security concerns. This paper prepares you for the transition by discussing how to proactively plan for these challenges, positioning your company to take advantages of the opportunities the SDDC provides.
  • A Proactive Approach to Cyber Attack Prevention
    Source: CDW Corporation
    White Paper: With 1,500 network security reviews under our belts using CDW Threat Check, we've learned a few things about how organizations can close up security loopholes. By offering this complimentary Threat Check assessment, our team of security analysts can passively monitor an organization's networks to identify vulnerabilities and malicious activity. As we head toward our 2,000th review, here are a few lessons learned that reiterate the importance of a holistic security approach - no matter how big or small your business.
  • Cybersecurity Resolutions
    Source: CDW Corporation
    White Paper: New Year's resolutions provide an opportunity to focus on important things that may have slipped through the cracks the previous year. While resolutions typically center on goals like losing weight or saving for that trip to Cabo San Lucas, IT managers can also use the New Year to rededicate themselves to improving their organizations' security hygiene. By adopting a few security-related New Year's resolutions, IT managers can make their environment more secure and trouble-free in 2016 and beyond.
  • Do You Follow Password Security Best Practices?
    Source: CDW Corporation
    White Paper: As part of its Penetration Testing services, the CDW Security Assessment team analyzes passwords - A LOT of passwords. Whenever we are able to obtain administrator privileges through our testing, which is most of the time on internal assessments, we perform an analysis of password security. We start the process by "dumping" the encrypted passwords from Active Directory, and then running them through tools like oclHashCat.
  • Modernizing Web Access Management: The New Era of Secure Access
    Source: Ping Identity
    White Paper: Today's security must be dynamic and instantly responsive to a user's location, behavior, network and device. Learn about the evolution of access management and what's driving modern access security requirements.

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