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  • Security Metrics That Help Boards Assess Risk
    Source: Tenable Network Security
    White Paper: 11 security experts share lessons learned, best practices and key security metrics that help Boards assess risk. The experts have a wide range of expertise and share guidelines such as:
    - Security Metrics should show how well you're adhering to a plan
    - Security Metrics need to show that things are getting done
    - Security Metrics help CEOs balance the cost of loss against the cost of protection
    - A strategic approach to understanding and measuring cybersecurity risk
    - To be thorough, include vendor security metrics
    - Security Metrics make sense only in the context of risk
    - Define Security Metrics that are valuable across the C-suite
    - Security Metrics are about illustrating criticality vs. risk
    - Security Metrics need validation and context
    - Present Security Metrics using risk-based language
    - Security Metrics: It's a composite image
  • The Reign of Ransomware
    Source: Trend Micro Incorporated
    White Paper: The information provided herein is for general information and educational purposes only. It is not intended and should not be construed to constitute legal advice. The information contained herein may not be applicable to all situations and may not reflect the most current situation. Nothing contained herein should be relied on or acted upon without the benefit of legal advice based on the particular facts and circumstances presented and nothing herein should be construed otherwise. Trend Micro reserves the right to modify the contents of this document at any time without prior notice.
  • 4 Countermeasures to Protect Against Ransomware
    Source: Trend Micro Incorporated
    White Paper: By now, not only security professionals, but also many knowledge workers and consumers are well aware of the insidious nature of ransomware. As its name implies, ransomware is malicious software that holds data files hostage pending the payment of a ransom, typically with untraceable bitcoin as the currency of choice. Ransomware encrypts a series of files preventing access to those files. Absent the victim's ability to restore a backup, the hacker holds the encryption keys required to access the files until the ransom demand is met.
  • Fast, Predictable, Near-Zero Downtime Workload Migrations
    Source: Vision Solutions
    White Paper: Migration solutions designed for quick implementation of new systems, regardless of OS or Hypervisor. Execute quick, easy, predictable migrations with near-zero downtime, even in complex environments. Implement a better technology - faster for a more favorable ROI.
  • Solving the Technology Migration Puzzle
    Source: Vision Solutions
    White Paper: Like a 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, technology migrations are generally large, complex projects that can pose big challenges. Yet, while migrations can be labor intensive and time consuming, disruptive to the workplace and technology users, and ever-changing with unexpected hurdles along the way, with the right planning and methodology, you can successfully solve the migration puzzle.
  • Move Any Physical, Virtual or Cloud Server Anywhere, with Virtually no Risk and Near-Zero Downtime
    Source: Vision Solutions
    White Paper: Double-Take Move allows you to migrate physical, virtual, and cloud-based Windows workloads with real-time replication from a simple, intuitive user console. Protect your productivity with technology that minimizes user and application downtime during migrations.
  • Anything to Anywhere, Risk-Free, Near-Zero Downtime Migrations to Cloud or New Physical and Virtual Servers
    Source: Vision Solutions
    White Paper: Businesses that want to trim computing costs and improve efficiency have to take the benefits of virtualization and cloud computing for their server workloads into serious consideration. The value of simplified deployment and management - plus lower cost of ownership for infrastructure is increasingly clear.
  • Increase Business Agility Through Real-time Data Sharing
    Source: Vision Solutions
    White Paper: Sharing data across different databases, applications and physical, virtual or cloud platforms can be complex and have a negative impact on productivity and revenue. And, if you're not analyzing up-to-the-minute data housed in your disparate systems, you're missing out on valuable business intelligence.
  • Near-Zero Downtime Migration for IBM
    Source: Vision Solutions
    White Paper: Whether performing a hardware refresh, storage reorganization, data center consolidation or cloud adoption, migrations play an important role in keeping your data center up to date, efficient and productive. MIMIX Move performs those migrations painlessly and with near-zero downtime.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Upgrades Made Easy
    Source: Vision Solutions
    White Paper: Upgrading to the latest versions of Microsoft SQL Server can drive success by driving down costs and maximizing productivity. In benchmark tests, SQL Server 2014 measured 13 times faster than SQL Server 2005 and 5.5 times faster than SQL Server 2008. Imagine how that additional speed could accelerate your business!
  • Biometric Authentication: The Future Is Now
    Source: Samsung SDS America
    White Paper: Challenges with password management are leading more organizations to adopt biometric authentication solutions. In fact, a recent IDG Research survey of executives in the financial services and insurance industries finds that some firms are already adopting biometrics, and many more are looking to make the transformation in relatively short order.
  • FAQs for Using Lithium-ion Batteries with a UPS
    Source: Schneider Electric SA
    White Paper: Lithium-ion batteries offer several advantages over traditional lead acid batteries. Despite the benefits, the use of lithium-ion batteries in uninterruptable power supplies (UPSs or battery backups) is relatively new with valve-regulated lead acid batteries still the dominant energy storage technology used today. This will likely change as Li-ion costs continue to decrease, the benefits become more widely known, and manufacturers make their UPSs compatible. This paper serves to answer common questions about Li-ion batteries and their use in UPSs.
  • How to Prepare and Respond to Data Center Emergencies
    Source: Schneider Electric SA
    White Paper: Data center operations and maintenance teams should always be prepared to act swiftly and surely without warning. Unforeseen problems, failures, and dangers can lead to injury or downtime. Good preparation and process, however, can quickly and safely mitigate the impact of emergencies, and help prevent them from happening again. This paper describes a framework for an effective emergency preparedness and response strategy for mission critical facilities. This strategy is composed of 7 elements arranged across 3 categories: Emergency Response Procedures, Emergency Drills, and Incident Management. The paper describes each element and offers practical advice to assist in implementing this strategy.
  • Energy Efficient Cooling for Data Centers: A Close-Coupled Row Solution
    Source: Schneider Electric SA
    White Paper: The trend of increasing heat densities in data centers has held consistent with advances in computing technology for many years. As power density increased, it became evident that the degree of difficulty in cooling these higher power loads was also increasing. In recent years, traditional cooling system design has proven inadequate to remove concentrated heat loads (20 kW per rack and higher). This has driven an architectural shift in data center cooling. The advent of a newer cooling architecture designed for these higher densities has brought with it increased efficiencies for the data center. This article discusses the efficiency benefits of row-based cooling compared to two other common cooling architectures.
  • Selecting a Building Management System (BMS) for Sites with a Data Center or IT Room
    Source: Schneider Electric SA
    White Paper: A data center or IT room uniquely alters the requirements of a building management system (BMS). This is primarily because of the criticality of IT and its dependence on facility infrastructure. IT's reliance on power and cooling systems makes a BMS an important part of a larger data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution that brings together Facilities and IT. The cooperation and information sharing better ensures uninterrupted and efficient operation. This paper explains how the requirements for building management are affected by the presence of a mission critical data center or IT room (data rooms) and describes key attributes to look for in an effective BMS system. Common pitfalls of implementing and using a BMS for sites with IT along with advice on how to avoid them are also provided.

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