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  • Secure Mobility Myth Buster
    Source: Samsung
    White Paper: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) (managing mobile devices like tablets, notebooks, and smartphones) is dynamic and multi-faceted. Organizations seeking mobility solutions are faced with conflicting security paradigms and divergent architectures, with competing solutions from dozens of software suppliers and device vendors.

    As organizations try to make sense of the Secure Mobility cacophony, they most often encounter a collection of confusing and conflicting myths instead of useful information to guide key evaluation and acquisition decisions.

    This document reviews the more common myths and misconceptions about secure mobility and EMM, and a sensible and enlightened debunking of each.
  • Think Your User Authentication is "Good Enough"? Think Again
    Source: SMS PASSCODE
    White Paper: Recent high-profile hacks have made it clear: user names and passwords do a terrible job of protecting data. In response, the market is flooded with multi-factor authentication solutions claiming that they've got what it takes to keep you secure. Use this step-by-step guide to avoid the common pitfalls when selecting an authentication solution.
  • Best Practices for Fending off Hackers in the Cloud
    Source: SMS PASSCODE
    White Paper: Cloud services have become massively popular, as organizations enable remote access to more and more applications stored offsite. With this spike in remote access comes a new challenge in ensuring security and compliance by authenticating the identities of users accessing that data.
  • Security and BYOE - 3 Best Practices You Need to Know
    Source: SMS PASSCODE
    White Paper: When today's hacker and identity theft threats combine with the new challenges presented by the trend of 'bring your own device' (BYOD), companies must take decisive action to deliver secure, flexible and convenient authentication to employees and their devices alike.
  • Modern Threats Demand a New Breed of User Authentication
    Source: SMS PASSCODE
    White Paper: Modern cyber threats have overtaken the trusted first generation two-factor authentication tokens. A new generation of more secure real-time multi-factor authentication solutions is needed.
  • Exchange & BYOD: Avoid Disaster, Plan for Success
    Source: Good Technology
    White Paper: Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) is the protocol underpinning many BYOD programs. However, if not properly managed, the combination can be disastrous with an increasingly diverse set of untested devices connecting and potentially degrading Exchange performance. Learn how careful planning, good operational processes as well as new techniques and tools can help organizations avoid these pitfalls and make BYOD work.
  • Managing Large-Scale Mobile Deployments
    Source: Good Technology
    White Paper: As enterprise mobility becomes pervasive, service interruption can severely and adversely impact the bottom line. However, unlike tier-one systems that were designed, architected and built for reliability and supportability, the rapid emergence of mobility has necessitated a series of compromises. Is IT ready for the growing mobility challenge?
  • 10 Tips for Successful BYOD
    Source: Good Technology
    White Paper: No longer is BYOD a disconnected project with a handful of users... In fact, it's becoming an industry standard. BYOD can deliver improved user productivity, engagement and satisfaction, not to mention cost savings. Get the top 10 best practices for the successful implementation of a BYOD program.
  • Managing Exchange in a Post-PC World
    Source: Good Technology
    White Paper: A successful mobile deployment using ActiveSync depends on giving users a reliable, stable sync experience. But if any of the many moving parts in the EAS data path fail or degrade, the experience will suffer. Get ahead of EAS challenges by providing reliable mobile service.
    Download the managing EAS whitepaper >
  • Together at Last: BYOD and Solid Security
    Source: Good Technology
    White Paper: Employees want to use their own mobile devices, which is often met with IT resistance. But there's no need for conflict! Read this whitepaper - Give All the People What They Want (Safely) - to learn how you can give employees the freedom to BYOD, while still providing rock-solid enterprise security.
  • Best Practices to Reduce WAN Costs by up to 40%
    Source: Exinda
    White Paper: How much are you investing to manage your network? And are those investments delivering real value? For most organizations, wide area networks (WAN) are considered a necessary evil and make up the most significant network spend. Download our whitepaper on best practices to reduce WAN costs while solving today's pressing IT problems.
  • Data Visualization Techniques: From Basics to Big Data with SAS Visual Analytics
    Source: SAS
    White Paper: Regardless of how much data an organization has, creating visuals of data will deliver the most meaningful analysis. This paper discusses some of the basic issues concerning data visualization, from data size and column composition, to solving unique challenges presented by big data.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Troubleshooting Network Problems
    Source: Exinda
    White Paper: Today's network is more complex than ever. As more devices, applications, locations and users generate unprecedented levels of network activity, new performance issues emerge, and it's more difficult to solve them quickly. To ensure a reliable user experience, you need to resolve network issues quickly. Read our whitepaper on how to identify & solve network problems.
  • 5 Tips to Prevent BYOD Pitfalls
    Source: Exinda
    White Paper: Perhaps more than any other networking topic "bring your own device" (BYOD) captured our collective attention in 2013. For many IT networking professionals, BYOD almost seemed to become white noise in the background as every day another email, report or webinar popped up with commentary on the subject. Read our whitepaper on how to develop a successful BYOD program for your network and provide consistent access to corporate applications.
  • RSA Receives Highest Rating by Gartner in MarketScope for IT GRC
    Source: EMC
    White Paper: RSA, the security division of EMC has received the highest rating of "Strong Positive" in Gartner MarketScope for IT Governance, Risk & Compliance Management (IT GRC) 2013 for the fifth consecutive time.

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