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  • 5 Things You Didn't Know About Cloud Backup
    Source: Druva
    White Paper: IT departments are embracing cloud backup, but there's a lot you need to know before choosing a service provider.
    For example, did you know:
    * That encryption doesn't guarantee privacy?
    * That you could lose data by choosing the wrong cloud?
    * That cloud backup doesn't have to be slow?
    Learn all the critical things you need to know by accessing the white paper, 5 Things You Didn't Know About Cloud Backup.
  • Bridging the Gap Between Business and IT
    Source: RES Software
    White Paper: There's a growing gap between business users and IT services. Differences between what users want and what IT can provide are driving a wedge between these two camps. Learn how this gap can be closed with the RES IT Store delivering automation in an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement package.
  • Beyond the Enterprise App Store
    Source: RES Software
    White Paper: Leverage proactive, secure and automated IT Service delivery to move beyond the traditional App Store and empower your users. Read the white paper to learn how.
  • Automation for a Better Tomorrow
    Source: RES Software
    White Paper: Check out the five most common annoyances facing enterprise IT service desks today, and how automation can resolve all of them. Download the white paper
  • Transforming Business Performance with Hybrid Networks
    Source: Riverbed Technology
    White Paper: Businesses are rapidly adopting virtualization, cloud infrastructure, and SaaS applications broadly across the enterprise to minimize costs and enable seamless collaboration and communication. This is significantly straining the traditional network paradigm. In this white paper, learn how IT organizations combat this challenge to transform network architectures to deliver the right performance and reliability cost-effectively while retaining control.
  • Increase Network Performance with Path Selection
    Source: Riverbed Technology
    White Paper: The hybrid networking model with path selection technology from Riverbed Technology enables organizations to adopt hybrid networks to maximize the performance of applications, increase network availability, and reduce costs while retaining IT control and minimizing complexity.
  • EMA Research: The Network Factor in VDI Success
    Source: Riverbed Technology
    White Paper: Organizations are embracing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). To reap the full benefit of a VDI deployment, organizations must assure the best possible end-user experience. The network plays a critical role in making that a reality when trying to extend VDI deployments to remote/branch sites.
  • Evaluating File Sync and Share Solutions: 12 Questions to Ask about Security
    Source: Dropbox
    White Paper: File sync and share can increase productivity, but how do you pick a solution that works for you? There will likely be a number of factors guiding your decision, and if you're like most businesses, security is high on the list. Download to learn some important questions to ask file sync and share vendors about security.
  • 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant Report
    Source: Riverbed Technology
    White Paper: For the 7th year in a row, Riverbed is in the "Leaders" Quadrant of the 2014 Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers. In this report, Gartner presents an overview of the WAN optimization market and its latest trends. Find out what Gartner has to say about the strategic value of WAN optimization solutions and their evaluation of the technology vendors that provide them. Access the complete Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers, 2014.
  • IDC ROI Infographic
    Source: Riverbed Technology
    White Paper: The IDC study "Improving the Business Value of WAN optimization," documented the business impact of WAN optimization solutions on enterprise organizations. Current trends and issues explored include evolving and shifting communication patterns, connection types, applications and bandwidth. So how can you leverage this information to maximize your business ROI? Learn more.
  • Infographic: What's Stealing Business Performance?
    Source: Riverbed Technology
    White Paper: Riverbed spoke with IT management and other technology professionals at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference to develop this infographic on the causes of loss of business performance and recommendations for an effective SharePoint deployment.
  • Secure, Intelligent WAN Op for Exchange Server 2013
    Source: Riverbed Technology
    White Paper: Improve productivity and reduce WAN impact and costs allowing you to consolidate exchange servers. Test results show that Riverbed Steelhead appliances dramatically accelerate email operations typically used in an organization, and significantly reduce WAN bandwidth utilization.
  • Selecting the Best Translation Options for Your Business
    Source: Smartling
    White Paper: Every translation option has advantages and disadvantages. Smartling's guide reviews these and provides best practice guidance. Selecting the best options for your business is key to every successful translation project. There are many options to consider, including professional human translation, trans-creation by human professionals, computer-generated translation with human editing, and more. The right solution for your business should be evaluated against multiple criteria including the importance of quality and cost.
  • Data Center Projects: Project Management
    Source: APC by Schneider Electric
    White Paper: In data center design/build projects, flaws in project management and coordination are a common - but unnecessary - cause of delays, expense, and frustration. The ideal is for project management activities to be structured and standardized like interlocking building blocks, so all parties can communicate with a common language, avoid responsibility gaps and duplication of effort, and achieve an efficient process with a predictable outcome. This paper presents a framework for project management roles and relationships that is understandable, comprehensive, and adaptable to any size project.
  • Accelerate Apps to Gain a Competitive Edge
    Source: Cisco Systems
    White Paper: What would you do with faster applications and faster answers? Getting faster results-the fuel for better decision making-is increasingly at the root of competitiveness, even survival. Learn how the all-flash Cisco UCS Invicta Series can put IT at the center of the acceleration solution.

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