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  • 2013 Cyber Risk Report
    Source: HP
    White Paper: The "Cyber risk report 2013 Executive summary" presents the major findings of HP Security Research's comprehensive dive into today's cyber vulnerability and threat landscape. It provides information you need to effectively plan your cyber security strategy and deploy your defenses.
  • Seven Steps to Software Security
    Source: HP
    White Paper: After a decade of news detailing countless successful cyber‑attacks, it's hard to imagine a corporation not understanding they need a software security solution. Unlike implementing software quality assurance, the processes that go into making applications more secure are still relatively immature. As well, ownership for the security of software in an organization is not always consistent or clear. This paper provides seven practical steps organizations can begin today to secure their applications and prevent the damages cyber‑attacks can bring.
  • SANS - Survey on Application Security Programs
    Source: HP
    White Paper: How do your peers secure their mobile apps? The SANS Institute surveyed 488 respondents on the state of their application security programs and practices. Download this report to see how mature and effective these programs are as well as what tools they use and how they justify budget.
  • Know the Big Three
    Source: HP
    White Paper: How do you protect your mobile applications? Check out this whitepaper on three of the top mobile application security threats facing businesses today and recommendations on how to mitigate the risk.
  • SANS - Securing Web Applications Made Simple and Scalable
    Source: HP
    White Paper: The weakest point in modern networking infrastructures is often not the low-level hardware and software running on the servers, but the web applications that are developed and hosted upon them. According to the SANS survey on application security, poor understanding of web security needs on the part of developers also limit the effectiveness of application security programs.
  • The Server Solution That Delivers More
    Source: PC Connection
    White Paper: Simplify your server infrastructure with Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) with Intel® Xeon® processors. Get ready to ease provisioning, manage sprawl, and decrease costs.
  • Overcome Your Cloud Security Woes
    Source: PC Connection
    White Paper: There is no one-size-fits-all version of cloud technology. Cloud computing technologies are like raw materials that you can combine in multiple ways to achieve your desired outcomes. Like many IT professionals, you're probably considering cloud computing in your organization, but you're also worried about keeping your data and assets secure.
  • It's Time to Refresh Your Data Center
    Source: PC Connection
    White Paper: Want to discover the health of your data center infrastructure in a single question? Call someone in IT and ask, "How old is our server?" Seems simple enough, right? But be ready to be asked which server you're specifically asking about. Applications, storage, email--you may have several assigned to just as many tasks. And that's only part of the problem.
  • Are You Ready for a VDI Initiative?
    Source: PC Connection
    White Paper: For anyone who has thought about VDI, this might be the perfect time to take it from idea to implementation. Of course to do it well, you'll need to understand the security implications, mobility requirements, and promise of portability. So why now? Periods of forced market transitions often present an ideal opportunity to look at technology adoption.
  • Microsoft's Analytics Platform System (APS)
    Source: HP
    White Paper: The Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS) is a purpose built, turnkey appliance solution designed for Big Data analytics. APS is comprised of SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse, Microsoft MPP RDBMS platform and HDInsight, Microsoft's Hadoop distribution. This paper will focus exclusively on the SQL Server PDW workload within APS so that you can learn more about how PDW achieves breakthrough results, and how upgrading to SQL Server PDW will benefit your business. PDW's benefits are so remarkable that you might think it all sounds too good to be true! However, PDW's benefits are real and the result of a well-engineered system that is purpose-built for data warehousing workloads, including the growing business needs for data warehousing to integrate the analysis of Hadoop and relational data.
  • Microsoft's SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse Provides High Performance and Great Value
    Source: HP
    White Paper: Data Warehouse appliances may be difficult to compare and contrast, given that the different preconfigured solutions come with a variety of available storage and other specifications. Value Prism Consulting, a management consulting firm, was engaged by Microsoft® Corporation to review several data warehouse solutions, to compare and contrast several offerings from a variety of vendors. The firm compared each appliance based on publicly-available price and specification data, and on a price-to-performance scale, Microsoft's SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse is the most cost-effective appliance.
  • Socializing Dashboards - How to Go Beyond Clicks & Analytics
    Source: iDashboards
    White Paper: Analyzing data is no longer the only use for a dashboard. From motivation to accountability to LCDs in the lobby, this whitepaper discusses the different ways organizations can utilize dashboards, allowing them to communicate and engage a wider audience.
  • HP and Microsoft Put the Power of Big Data in Everyone's Hands
    Source: HP
    White Paper: Empower your people with a scalable, finely tuned Big Data analytics platform that can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively with confidence from HP and Microsoft.
    The HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Microsoft®Analytics Platform (APS) is purpose-built, factory-integrated, and tuned for the data intensive workloads you require for your Big Data, business intelligence (BI) and analytics applications. This appliance integrates in-memory performance, massively parallel processing data warehouse (MPP DW), Hadoop, and HP Support Pack all in one appliance. Built on Microsoft technologies, this appliance brings together the worlds of relational and nonrelational data with a single query engine for both structured and unstructured data.
  • Georgia Institution Stretches Budget with iDashboards
    Source: iDashboards
    White Paper: Dalton State College needed a dashboard solution that would assist them in summarizing, presenting and monitoring higher education metrics. They were able to efficiently convert their Fact Book, which usually took six weeks to finish, into dashboards to make more informed, timely decisions.
  • HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Microsoft Analytics Platform Solution Architecture Extend the Power of Information to Everyone to Speed Business Advantage
    Source: HP
    White Paper: HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Microsoft Analytics Platform combines the best in breed HP hardware solution with the software from Microsoft, along with world class support provided by both companies. The HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Microsoft Analytics Platform allows you to start small and grow your ConvergedSystem later as business needs change. The solution provides great flexibility by allowing a customer to have a SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse solution running in the same ConvergedSystem as the HDInsight Hadoop data cluster. This gives customers the option of analyzing both structured and unstructured data sets within the same ConvergedSystem platform.

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