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  • Hardware Test Equipment is the Key to Accurate Network Testing
    Source: Spirent
    White Paper: Surprisingly, many organizations are not adequately testing their networks. Network testing is crucial for any IT organization that wants to ensure availability, security and performance of applications and services running on their networks.
  • Top 5 Reasons You Need Network Testing NOW
    Source: Spirent
    White Paper: IT organizations are not testing their networks as often or as adequately as they should be. Network testing is crucial for any IT organization that wants to ensure an efficient user experience. The availability, security, and performance of applications and services on the network are among the most important aspects of an IT organization, and must be tested to ensure performance. Download this white paper to learn the top 5 reasons why you should test your network sooner rather than later.
  • Demand More, Get the Most from the Move to a Next-Generation Firewall
    Source: McAfee. A Part of Intel Security.
    White Paper: Beyond the basics in a next generation firewall, to protect your investment you should demand other valuable features: intrusion prevention, contextual rules, advanced evasion analytics, secured access control, and high availability.
  • Augmented VPN
    Source: McAfee. A Part of Intel Security.
    White Paper: Constantly available networks typically rely on several Internet service providers to ensure always-on connectivity and increase bandwidth. Augmented VPN aggregates all Internet Service Provider links to obtain a single high capacity tunnel.
  • Protect Against Advanced Evasion Techniques
    Source: McAfee. A Part of Intel Security.
    White Paper: Understand the essential design principles to detect and stop advanced evasion techniques. Learn how to use multilayer traffic normalization and data stream-based inspection to prevent AET attacks.
  • Advanced Evasion Techniques for Dummies
    Source: McAfee. A Part of Intel Security.
    White Paper: Advanced evasions will break the security protection model that most organizations are using today. Given this changing threat landscape we need to rethink traditional security models. Here's advice on how to evade AETs.
  • The New Business Case for Video Conferencing: 7 Real-World Benefits Beyond Cost-Savings
    Source: Polycom
    White Paper: Organizations today are using video conferencing and collaboration in many ways that were not imaginable just a few years ago. These implementations and use cases are delivering hard and soft benefits far beyond the cost savings associated with business travel and general purpose meetings.

    This white paper provides insight into the value of video conferencing in today's business environment, and real-world examples of how organizations--large and small--are leveraging visual collaboration to find new clients, serve existing clients better, and improve their bottom line.
  • The SSL Heartbleed Vulnerability: Impacts and Countermeasures
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: Heartbleed is one of the worst security vulnerabilities in recent memory for organizations trusting OpenSSL to protect their data. Here are three easy steps to protect your business.
  • Leave No App Behind with Software Defined Application Services
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: F5 Software Defined Application Services (SDAS) is the next-generation model for delivering application services. SDAS takes advantage of F5 innovations in scalability models, programmability, and an intrinsic decoupling of data and control planes to create a unique application service fabric capable of extending the benefits of F5 application delivery services to all applications, irrespective of location. SDAS is the first fabric-based application delivery and control system. It enables service injection, consumption, automation, and orchestration across a unified operating framework of pooled resources.
  • Architecting the Network of the Future
    Source: F5 Networks
    White Paper: Both IT and the business are requiring more of their networks. But networks designed to simply forward packets don't have the capability or the intelligence to understand these high-level, application-related demands. Networks need to change, as does the way IT thinks about and manages them. Read why IT must now add higher levels of flexibility and automation to its arsenal to accommodate changing business needs quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Why Projects Fail
    Source: iRise
    White Paper: CIOs are expected to deliver more projects that transform business, and do so on time, on budget and with limited resources. An IDG survey reveals the top three drivers of project failure and offers CIOs insight into how to prevent or overcome project failure.
  • 2014 Survey Report: Remote Collaboration Challenges and Strategies to Overcome
    Source: Polycom
    White Paper: In late 2013, Polycom invited customers and partners around the world to participate in a survey that focused on collaboration challenges. More than 5,000 business professionals from all job levels, functions and vertical sectors responded, candidly sharing insights about their obstacles and the strategies they deploy to overcome them.

    The survey reveals that 85% of the respondents believe video conferencing helps them achieve their business goals. See how they successfully use video in their profession and how you can leverage technology to defy distance and improve remote collaboration within your organization as well.
  • The Total Economic Impact of Polycom Voice Solutions for Microsoft Lync
    Source: Polycom
    White Paper: Download this study to learn how one organization with 24,000 Polycom voice devices and Lync Enterprise Voice achieved a 98% risk-adjusted ROI and a payback period of 21 months. Polycom voice solutions for Microsoft Lync helped an Organization achieve the following cost savings and business benefits over three years:

    - $452K Employee relocation cost savings
    - $12M Improved productivity and collaboration
    - $15M Total cost savings and benefits
    - $582K Managed services cost savings
    - $2M Phone purchase and installation savings

    *Commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Polycom and Microsoft.
  • Anti-Evasion: Why It's a Critical Component of Intrusion Prevention Systems
    Source: Dell Software
    White Paper: Learn why anti-evasion is a critical component for your intrusion prevention system. Sophisticated exploits that utilize advanced evasion techniques are all too common. Decoding and normalizing traffic across the network to detect and combat these attacks is critical for your network security plan.
  • Guarding the Castle
    Source: Dell Software
    White Paper: Learn the strategies and tools that cybercriminals use to infiltrate your network and how you can stop them. See how you can secure your network every minute of the day, against all types of malware, with a high performance firewall that protects against the latest global threats.

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