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  • The Untapped IT Strategy
    Source: Intuit QuickBase
    Webcast: Unleashing Citizen Development

    Historically, Citizen Development has been broadly used to describe the value of non-IT employees within business application development. Gartner recently found that, "by 2020 at least 70% of large enterprises will have established successful Citizen Development policies, up from 20% in 2010."

    To date, most IT leaders have focused more on the risk of Citizen Development than on the tremendous value it could bring to their organization. That is because, until now, there have been few definitive authorities on Citizen Development, who could demonstrate its ROI potential to IT leaders.

    Request the on-demand recording and presentation for this webinar to hear Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer of Adjuvi, LLC,and a QuickBase Platform Evangelist discuss the findings from the first in-depth poll on Citizen Development and outline the definitive framework for how IT leaders can maximize the value of Citizen Developers.

    Watch this webinar and discover:

    Quantifiable metrics to assess your Citizen Development opportunity and risk
    Definitive guide on how IT can maximize Citizen Development for business application development
    Real world examples of how this strategy has transformed organizations like yours

    With the hard hitting figures and frameworks presented in this webinar, you'll be able to drive the application development outcomes you desire and eliminate your IT backlog.
  • Document is Empty - Screen Reader End User Experience
    Source: OpenText
    Webcast: This video showcases visually impaired users share their experiences with online PDF documents - the challenges, impact on their lives and the hope for an inclusionary experience through automation technology. Learn why large organizations are now adopting automated document accessibility technology.
  • OpenText Output Accessibility Solution
    Source: OpenText
    Webcast: This video presents the first-to-market PDF document accessibility solution developed by OpenText (formerly Actuate). Based on patented technology, it automates the remediation of high-volume, system-generated PDF documents.
  • Fox Sports: Software Defined Data Centers Delivers
    Source: VCE
    Webcast: Fox Sports in Australia delivers high quality content in real-time to over 3.5 Million households across any device. With a modern data center based upon VCE VBlock that is fully integrated with cloud computing, Fox Sports is able to centralize the management of their operations, and has become a software-defined television station that is 100% responsive to the needs of the business. Watch this video to hear their story.
  • Kent State University: Meeting the Demands of its Students with Virtualization
    Source: VCE
    Webcast: Kent State University, the 2nd largest university in Ohio, needed a way to meet the demands of tens of thousands of students and to improve the performance of key business applications such as student registration. After creating a matrix to assess the needs of the institution, they selected VCE Vblock Systems. Hear directly from Kent State University leadership and students about the positive impacts of VCE Converged Infrastructure.
  • 451 Group Webinar
    Source: Infinio Systems
    Webcast: Webinar featuring TIm Stammers from 451 group discussing modern storage architectures, and why software-based storage acceleration is a disruptive choice for datacenter storage plans.
  • King County Washington Avoids More Than $1M in Spend By Backing Up To Cloud
    Source: NetApp
    Webcast: King County has struggled for years with legacy backup solutions for the 20 terabytes of data it must back up daily. By using Amazon Web Services and NetApp AltaVault, King County avoided spending an estimated $1.1 million on infrastructure upgrades.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    - Why King County selected NetApp AltaVault
    - Best practices from the public cloud implementation
    - How to determine if cloud backup is right for your organization
  • NetSure Allows You to Keep What is Working
    Source: Curvature
    Webcast: Watch this video to see how you can upgrade your Servers, Storage, and Networking gear on YOUR TERMS.
  • 5 Actions to Convert Mobile Insurance Metrics into Customer Insights
    Source: Apteligent | Forrester
    Webcast: Live Event Date: Tuesday, February 23, 2016, 11:30 AM EST

    Today, it's no longer enough to identify and collect mobile insurance metrics. To fulfill the promise of your mobile business strategy, you have to do something with the information you gather. Digital insurance teams must use analytics to develop customer insights from the vast amounts of contextual data that mobile phones generate. But too often, mobile measurement strategies are failing to deliver key insights, especially around customer experience. Join Forrester Research principal analyst Ellen Carney for answers to these questions:
    * What's the state of mobile insurance performance measurement?
    * How can mobile insurance metrics strategies evolve to meet the evolving needs of mobile insurance customers?
    What are the five actions that mobile insurers must take to identify the right metrics that measure mobile ROI?
  • Identity-Defined Security for the Digital Enterprise
    Source: Ping Identity Corporation
    Webcast: The transformation to a digital enterprise requires a fundamental shift in security. Cloud-based identity and access management solutions are a core component of any modern security strategy.

    In this audio webcast, you will hear about the challenges of securing a digitally transformed enterprise and the steps you can take to shift from perimeter-defined security to identity-defined security.
  • Simplify Management
    Source: Rackspace
    Webcast: Watch the full session of this video and learn about the latest flexible, scalable solutions for hosting SQL Server on Private Clouds and Microsoft Azure in multi-cloud environments.
  • Avoiding Data Breaches in 2016: What You Need to Know
    Source: EMA Research
    Webcast: Register now for this live event, February 23 @ 11AM/ 2PM Eastern

    Join David Monahan, research director for security and risk management at leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and David Cramer, vice president of product management for Data Center Automation and Cloud at BMC, for this webinar that will cover how to set a strategy to protect your organization.
  • Is Your Data Center Sustainable? How to Proactively Prepare Your Business
    Source: CenturyLink
    Webcast: Live Date: Wednesday, March 02, 2016, 01:00 PM EST

    Sustainability is no longer an optional benchmark for today's data centers. It's mandatory. Faced with emerging green and compliance requirements, business leaders must proactively invest in alternative energy resources across IT infrastructures. Our expert panel will discuss challenges and solutions on:

    - What strategies and technologies leaders employ to ensure sustainability
    - How to leverage emerging technology directly, or via strategic partnerships
    - The corporate and legislative commitments for sustainability
    - How CenturyLink is using latest fuel cell technology to drastically reduce the data center carbon footprint.

    Hear from:
    Sophia Vargas, Analyst, Forrester Research
    Peter Gross, Vice President, Mission-Critical Systems, Bloom Energy
    Drew Leonard, Vice President, CenturyLink

    We look forward to you joining us for the live event!
  • Secure Shadow IT with aPaaS
    Source: Intuit QuickBase
    Webcast: With as much as 30% of total IT budgets being spent outside of IT departments, technical workarounds by the business, also known as "shadow IT", can no longer be ignored.

    In order to strike a necessary balance between IT control and business-driven efforts, many IT leaders are turning to aPaaS solutions for Citizen Development. Successful implementation of aPaaS hinges on effective change management around people, processes, and technology.

    Join Francois Tricot, CIO of Ceva as he and QuickBase Manager Angela Maglione explore:

    Factors contributing to the rise of shadow IT
    Rules of engagement for IT leaders and business users who both want to benefit from aPaaS
    Real-world examples of effective IT leaders who are currently managing shadow IT
    Actionable next steps and key questions to consider before embarking on your own Citizen Development journey
  • Shielding Office 365 from Advanced Threats
    Source: Proofpoint Inc
    Webcast: Today, email is the most effective option for delivery of advanced threats, such as 0-day exploits. Many organizations have migrated to Office 365 for performance benefits and although there are security tools built into the cloud platform, it can't protect your data from all advanced threats.
    In this webinar, learn how to secure your Office 365 environment and defend users and data from advanced threats and phishing attacks. Examine how to harden your data to fulfill rigorous compliance requirements and mitigate:
    -Compromised USB keys
    -Drive by downloads
    -Watering holes
    -And more

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