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  • The Future of Cloud: Public, Private or Network-Enabled?
    Source: AT&T
    Webcast: Cloud Services have transformed the way businesses operate and manage IT. But, with such a wide range of solutions available, it can be difficult to tell which is right for your organization.

    Join us for this on demand virtual event and hear from IDC's Melanie Posey and AT&T NetBond VP René Dufrene as they explore the cloud models available and discuss why a network-enabled approach may be right for you. Afterwards, you can visit the NetBond Showcase to learn more about NetBond ecosystem members, including Microsoft Azure, and Equinix.
  • Press the Start Button on Information Governance: From 'Big Size' to 'Right Size'
    Source: IBM Corporation
    Webcast: How do ants eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Identifying, analyzing, and then acting on unstructured data in preparation for a data clean-up project, merger/acquisition, eDiscovery request, records classification, internal investigation, cloud migration, or even a data analytics project can seem overwhelming...just like an ant trying to eat an elephant...until we understand where to start.

    Join IBM for a webinar on October 8, 2014 featuring Cheryl McKinnon, Forrester principal analyst, as we discuss how to turn your unmanaged, unstructured data into relevant data, helping you jump start your information governance initiatives.

    As many of you know, the primary source of enterprise data growth, unstructured data, comes from disparate data sources, is spread across departments and locations, and is governed by ever changing compliance mandates and regulations. The nature of unstructured data makes finding that information governance "start button" a real challenge. Practitioners across legal, records, compliance, and IT struggle to answer these basic questions:
    - Do you know how much data you have?
    - Do you know where it's located and how much is classified?
    - Do you know who owns it?
    - Do you know how old it is?
    - Do you know how much is relevant to your business or just taking up space?
    - Do you know if it contains personally-identifiable information (PII) or other highly confidential information?

    Like an ant eating an elephant, it's all about perspective. Join us for a discussion on how to transform your "elephant size" unstructured data into "right size" relevant data and jump start your critical data-driven initiatives.
  • 5 Key Components of an Enterprise Mobility Strategy
    Source: Box
    Webcast: Overcome the top speed bumps in implementing a secure mobile content management strategy for your organization. This Webcast examines the rapid evolution of mobile workers, highlights the key considerations to support mobile collaboration (both within the company and with partners and customers), and examines how to meet the fundamental challenges of mobile security and data protection.
  • Mastering Business with the Speed of In-Memory Computing
    Source: Enterprise Management Associates
    Webcast: One key technique to establish competitive advantage is to decrease the time between data availability and actions taken based on that information. To accomplish this goal, many organizations are turning to low-latency operational and analytical processing. Join Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Managing Research Director for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, John Myers, and GridGain Founder and CTO, Nikita Ivanov, for this informative webinar to learn how your organization can build a competitive advantage.
  • Solved Video: Data Center
    Source: CDW
    Webcast: Converged Infrastructure: Built and implemented by CDW. Learn how one organization implemented a virtualized ERP system and primed their data center for the future with the help of CDW.
  • Introducing K2's 5th Generation
    Source: Kaminario
    Webcast: The Kaminario K2 is an enterprise-grade, general-purpose, all-Flash storage array designed to work with the mixed workloads of OLTP, analytic and virtualized applications.
    Watch this 2 minute video to get a quick overview of this high-performance, cost-efficient storage platform, its architecture and enterprise-class features.
  • What's Next In Managing Your Data Center Infrastructure
    Source: CDW
    Webcast: The way data centers work is rapidly evolving. IT organizations are being asked to manage multiple platforms and virtualized environments often with the same resources. Teams are expected to better understand performance, usage trending, and managing and quickly resolving issues before they become an impact. Join CDW Solution Architect, Kevin Meccia, and VMWare experts to learn more about the latest trends used to solve infrastructure needs.
  • How to Understand Network Dependencies: Best Practices for Automation and Limiting Risk
    Source: Enterprise Management Associates
    Webcast: Everyone knows that effective network management practices start with establishing a full foundational understanding of the network. But simply monitoring individual elements can only get you so far. Join Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Vice President of Research, Jim Frey, for an informative Webinar that will reveal insights from new research.
  • Contact Center Modernization
    Source: Genesys
    Webcast: Is it time to modernize your contact center? Genesys can help. Customers' expectations have changed, making contact center modernization imperative. By modernizing you can reduce costs and improve ROI, while providing better customer experiences and employee empowerment. This all leads to a focus on what really matters, your customers.
  • How Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud Eliminates Risk
    Source: Interactive Intelligence
    Webcast: In this 90 minute web event, Dave Michaels, Principal Analyst, TalkingPointz and Tim Passios, Interactive Intelligence vice president of solutions marketing will discuss the total cost of ownership (TCO) debate between a premises and cloud - how "built-in" obsolescence can affect a premises-based purchase; what if your business model changes and you need to make a technology change; where are you if there is a significant downturn in the economy; what if your selected vendor doesn't keep up competitively?
  • Important Insights into VDI Trends
    Source: PC Connection
    Webcast: More than ever, IT departments want to realize the benefits of desktop virtualization--cost savings, the ease of management, improved security, and platform independence. Sounds simple? Not so fast. Many organizations have no idea where to start or where virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) will offer the greatest ROI potential.
  • A Guide to Server-Side Flash Storage for Oracle RAC
    Source: HGST
    Webcast: In order to support today's high-transaction and data-intensive analytics applications, flash storage has moved into the mainstream to replace spinning disks.

    HGST's Server-side PCIe flash storage is a high-performance and cost-effective alternative to a traditional SAN architecture. However, in Oracle environments, the requirement of shared access to all primary storage has limited the full potential of flash storage.

    Watch this webinar to learn how to:
    - Leverage Oracle's own Automatic Storage Management capabilities
    - Build a highly-available primary storage platform using PCIe cards inside the database servers
    - Scale flash storage capacity independently of compute resources
  • Establish Cyber Resiliency: Developing a Continuous Response Architecture
    Source: Bit9, Inc
    Webcast: Live Event Date: September 24, 2014 1:00 PM EST

    Compromise is inevitable and detection can be bypassed at will. This is largely because many enterprises fail to proactively prepare the battlefield for a data breach by only leveraging outdated techniques that focus on the perimeter or use scans or signatures to detect, respond or prevent advanced threats in your environment.
  • Office 365 and Dell Services: Productivity and ROI for SMBs
    Source: Dell Inc.
    Webcast: We're on the go. With cloud technology and virtual apps, Office 365 makes it easier to work remotely from any device, anytime. This webcast highlights the new features of Microsoft Office 365 and Dell Services, driving greater productivity, efficiency and ROI in any workplace.
  • How a Healthy API Program Can Accelerate Innovation and Increase Revenue
    Source: Intel® Services
    Webcast: As a highly regulated, critical ecosystem of fragmented constituents that provide valuable services and manage our protected health information, the healthcare industry has struggled to break free of legacy systems to adopt the innovative technologies that other industries have already implemented. However, some leading healthcare companies are championing APIs as a secure way to share data and easily create innovative offerings that provide new revenue, improve processes, and enhance patient care. Greenway Health is one such company that has leveraged APIs to facilitate secure partner integrations with its PrimeSUITE integrated EHR and practice management solution for a low total cost of ownership.

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