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  • Becoming an Enterprise Digital Business - A Perspective From Featured Gartner Analyst Donald Feinberg
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: The Internet of Things, smart connected devices, and mobile are driving a continuous information proliferation. While these forces might represent opportunity, chaos and potential threat simultaneously, a digital business will have the ability to spot and exploit opportunities that might span just a matter of seconds. Organizations must have an infrastructure capable of sustaining new breeds of analytics that deliver near real time insight. But what does this mean for business and IT leaders? How can this be turned into an innovative and cost effect opportunity resulting in smarter business outcomes?

    Register for this exciting webcast as Gartner analyst Donald Feinberg provides his view point of the Digital Business, the impact to organizations and society as a whole, how it breaks down traditional barriers between industry segments, creating completely new value chains and new business opportunities. He is joined by Mark Simmonds of IBM who discusses the Analytics Platform portfolio for IBM z Systems and how it helps support a digital business. Join us and receive a complimentary copy of "The impact of big data, mobile, customer expectations and cloud on today's business critical analytics" report.

    Donald Feinberg - Vice President, Gartner

    Donald Feinberg is a vice president and distinguished analyst in Gartner Intelligence in the Information Management group. Mr. Feinberg is responsible for Gartner's research on database management systems and data warehousing infrastructure and Big Data.

    Mark Simmonds - IT Architect and Senior Marketing Professional IBM z Systems

    Mark Simmonds is an IT architect and Senior marketing professional in IBM z Systems with 20 years IBM service. He is a thought leader in big data, analytics, mobile and information governance in the Analytics Platform Division.
  • Webinar: How to Build Performance Dashboards that Resonate with Executives
    Source: SevOne, Inc.
    Webcast: You spend a ton of time building the perfect performance monitoring dashboard. It's a thing of beauty, loaded with graphs and data about the health of your infrastructure. And then an executive sees it, and you have to start all over again.
  • Enterprise Solutions with Proven Bottom-Line Impact
    Source: OpenText
    Webcast: The volume of content is exploding. With growing amounts of information and a host of formats to manage and leverage, organizations need to manage their information.
    Enterprise Information Management (EIM) from OpenText helps organizations more effectively manage their information to:

    -drive faster decision making
    -improve agility
    -ensure security
    -exploit opportunities
    -reduce the risks of unmanaged enterprise information.

    Unleashing the power of information will drive value across your enterprise.

    Discover how to take full advantage of your enterprise information with EIM solutions from OpenText.
  • Evolution of Flash in the Datacenter
    Source: Nutanix
    Webcast: Driven by trends of virtualization and cloud computing, storage requirements have significantly changed in last few years. The question is no longer about the need for flash, but how to best use flash to meet the needs of today's and future applications.

    Join this webinar with IDC analyst and storage/flash expert Eric Burgener, as he discusses the evolution of flash in the datacenter from DAS to network storage to hyperconverged infrastructure. He will cover how to evaluate choices for next-gen flash-based storage infrastructure including performance, scalability and management. We'll end with a Q&A with industry experts on variety of topics including hyper-convergence and designing for performance and availability.
  • Digital Financial Transactions Flying High in the Clouds
    Source: Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc.
    Webcast: Banks need to quickly launch new products, address customer and regulator demands, and operate efficiently in today's competitive environment. Bank IT executives are under pressure to re-examine their technology landscape and implement a nimble infrastructure architected around new delivery models such as private and hybrid clouds.

    Whether the cloud is a truly innovative revolution or merely the next technological evolution, it is becoming an important step for financial institutions. Flexible, modern IT infrastructure with agile virtualized network solutions and communications services can mean the difference between success and failure.

    Listen to this On Demand webinar as we review cloud infrastructure trends and solutions for the financial services industry.
  • Customer IAM is Fundamentally Different from Employee IAM
    Source: Janrain, Inc.
    Webcast: Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) has quickly become a big topic running through organizations. And although identity management is by no means a new discipline, managing your employee facing identities is much different than managing the identities and access of your customers.

    In this webinar with our guest Forrester Research's Andras Cser, VP, Principal analyst serving Security & Risk Professionals, we explore why Customer IAM is suddenly such a big topic, and why and how it is different from Employee IAM. Andras also provides tips to address CIAM effectively and shares Forrester's predictions for the customer facing IAM market.
  • While You Can't Control the Weather, You Can Control Your Uptime!
    Source: APC by Schneider Electric
    Webcast: Just as relevant as customer interfaces are your behind-the-scenes needs: safeguarding equipment and data. From the router that connects you to your CRM database or your local e-mail server, your business applications deserve your proactive attention throughout the year.

    1. How do you ensure that your network stays up and running during power disturbances?
    2. How do you protect your converged voice-data network?
    3. Have you virtualized your servers?
    4. Now, the million-dollar question: when was the last time you replaced the batteries in your UPS?

    It goes without saying that every season potentially is power season. Learn how to Storm-proof your network based on your specific business needs.

    Date: Tuesday, June 23, 2015, 1:00 PM EDT
  • Fox Sports Wins with Converged Infrastructure
    Source: VCE
    Webcast: Fox Sports in Australia had grown from a startup with one channel to a business with 7 broadcast channels and an active online presence. With a growing audience of 3.5 million viewers, they needed an agile and automated infrastructure to meet the business' demands. In this video, the Fox Sports CTO candidly shares the story of their VCE Vblock™ System deployment.
  • Introducing VCE Vscale Architecture
    Source: VCE
    Webcast: VCE pioneered converged infrastructure, setting unparalleled standards of operational simplicity. This brief video introduces VCE Vscale - an innovative architecture that enables scale-up and scale-out data centers through a modular, grow-as-needed design with optimized on-demand resource sharing for applications across multiple systems and data center elements. Find out how VCE is re-defining converged solutions.
  • Bank IT Leader Shares Converged Infrastructure Key Benefits
    Source: VCE
    Webcast: Hear how global banking giant, BNP Paribas leveraged VCE Vblock™ Systems to help transform the bank from a transactional-based world to an analytics-driven world
  • How VCE Vblock Supports World's 15th Largest Retailer
    Source: VCE
    Webcast: Woolworths is the world's 15th largest retailer. With high availability and redundancy as top priorities, Woolworths turned to VCE converged solutions. Hear from Woolworths' Head of Infrastructure as he explains how the Vblock™ System has enabled them to meet online and in-store business demands with agility, free IT staff, and achieve consolidation goals, all at a cost that was 27% less than the closest competitive offering.
  • Are You Stuck in an Inefficient Upgrade Cycle?
    Source: VCE
    Webcast: Stuck in an inefficient upgrade cycle, A. Duie Pyle, a business offering dedicated truckload and warehousing solutions, turned to VCE converged solutions.
  • Asset Performance Management
    Source: Meridium
    Webcast: Consider one of the top drivers of today's digital business transformation: big data. View this on-demand webcast to learn how the proliferation of data from multiple sources is opening opportunities across other domains for it to extend its expertise and influence - to the benefit of the business.
  • OpenText Output Accessibility Solution
    Source: OpenText
    Webcast: This video presents the first-to-market PDF document accessibility solution developed by OpenText (formerly Actuate). Based on patented technology, it automates the remediation of high-volume, system-generated PDF documents.
  • The Benefits of App Virtualization for Healthcare
    Source: Citrix
    Webcast: A Citrix partner describes why Citrix XenApp app virtualization is so important in healthcare and how they literally got high fives from doctors after rolling out Epic for a hospital using Citrix.

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