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  • How to Solve Today's Mobile and IoT Security Challenges
    Source: Aruba, an HP Enterprise Company
    Webcast: IoT devices are on your network. Do you know how what to do with them?
    View this webinar to dive into the NTT i3 Global Threat Intelligence Report, and how to combat new IoT concerns and security gaps. Learn more about:
    * Misconceptions in the security model for wired vs. wireless networks
    * Managing policies for IoT in the enterprise using contextual data
    * The value of device roles and real-time enforcement for IoT
    Rich Boyer, CISO at NTT Innovation Institute Inc. (NTT i3), and Jon Garside, Product and Solutions Marketing Manager at Aruba will lead this technical discussion - don't miss it!
  • Get Your IT Infrastructure Ready for the Digital Workplace
    Source: Aruba, an HP Enterprise Company
    Webcast: The modern workforce expects to be able to work from anywhere at any time, but how to get the enterprise network ready for GenMobile is what keeps IT up at night. Join us to learn how Aruba can help you:

    * Meet the demands of a mobile workforce with a network the maximizes the entire RF spectrum
    * Gain deeper visibility into the end-to-end user experience with live monitoring app usage, device density and air quality
    * Protect against increased security threats caused by BYOD and IoT with real-time policies for both Wi-Fi and wired access.
  • Are You Protected Against the Weakest Link in Network Security?
    Source: KnowBe4
    Webcast: Despite all the funds you may have spent on state-of-the-art security software, the bad guys are just one gullible user click away from staging an all-out invasion. Watch this 2-minute video and learn how you can keep your users on their toes with security top of mind.
  • On Demand Demo: New School Security Awareness Training
    Source: KnowBe4
    Webcast: Today, your employees are exposed to sophisticated phishing attacks. Old school training doesn't hack it anymore. Your users are the weak link in your network security. Watch this 30-min demo of the innovative Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training Platform and see how to easily train and phish your users.
  • The Drivers and Inhibitors of Cloud-Based External DNS
    Source: Neustar Inc
    Webcast: As IT environments become more critical, complex, and security-driven, most businesses have begun a journey toward cloud-based applications and platforms. Yet a large majority of businesses continue to run their domain name server (DNS) needs on-premise. So what holds firms back from making the leap, and what considerations motivate those that do deploy in the cloud?

    Join our guest John Kindervag, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester and Rodney Joffe, Senior Vice President at Neustar, as they discuss findings from recent research evaluating the current market approach to DNS and the key factors organizations should be considering as they look to the cloud.
  • IT Security at SMBs: 2016 Benchmarking Survey
    Source: Cyren
    Webcast: Join Michael Osterman of Osterman Research for a preview of a just-concluded survey of IT and security professionals at companies with 100 to 3000 employees. If your company fits that category, this webinar will give you insight into what your peers are thinking and doing.

    Get a complimentary copy of the survey results and benchmark your own security planning with answers from hundreds of your peers, including:

    - How many suffered an infection or security breach in the past year, and how much did it cost them?
    - How fast are IT security-related budgets rising at small and mid-size companies?
    - What security features have they deployed, and from which vendors?
    - How are companies protecting traveling employees?
  • Managed Services SME Roundtable Video: Business Value and Infrastructure Management - The Keys to CIO Success
    Source: IBM Corporation
    Webcast: Watch this roundtable discussion from IBM experts to learn how managed services helps address the infrastructure management concerns of the CIO and C Suite executives.
  • Cybersecurity Crisis-Communication Planning
    Source: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Webcast: The bad guys just won. Now what? The first 48 hours are crucial when responding to breaches, and most organization lack a plan to keep stakeholders informed. MIT Technology Review talks with HPE and FireEye on how to build a strong crisis-communication framework before criminals come calling.
  • Talent is Key to Cybersecurity
    Source: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Webcast: The number of cybersecurity jobs available today far exceeds the number of qualified professionals available to fill them, and demand for cybersecurity talent is expected to grow by 53% through 2018. With the demand massively outstripping supply, how do you find and keep top talent? MIT Technology Review talks with HPE and FireEye about attracting and retaining the right mix of cybersecurity resources and expertise to protect your business.
  • Six Key Capabilities For Securing Office 365 Email
    Source: Proofpoint Inc
    Webcast: Join Kelley Mak, Forrester analyst, to hear his perspective on the six key capabilities for securing Office 365 email. Gain valuable insights about protecting against advanced threats, improving visibility and forensics, and rapidly reducing the attack surface to better safeguarding your Office 365 email.
  • Next-Gen Now - Outsmarting Ransomware, Rootkits, And Zero-Day Attacks
    Source: Sophos Inc
    Webcast: From ransomware to rootkits, old school security cannot keep pace with today's advanced attacks. Learn why these threats work and how to protect against them.
    Download this on demand webcast and hear how you can get innovative endpoint protection without impacting performance.
    - Prevent: stop the exploits before they hit by thwarting the attack methods of attacks used by advanced persistent threats
    - Detect: use the intelligence of next-generation endpoint and network security to detect and isolate attacks
    - Respond: laser in on critical alerts and address them with contextual security intelligence
  • Securing the New Digital Enterprise: Trackable, Controlled, and Authorized
    Source: EMA
    Webcast: While document and file sharing is increasing rapidly, 97% of organizations cite file sharing as a high risk for information loss, and 75% believe their organization is currently at risk for data loss. Join us to obtain guidance on how organizations can protect themselves from document sharing and e-signature risk while maintaining a high level of collaboration and productivity
  • Will Your Support Strategy Scale for Mobile Apps?
    Source: AetherPal, Inc.
    Webcast: Mobile apps are transforming financial services, field services, health care, retail, and nearly every industry. They enable users to complete business critical tasks at the optimal time and place, such as a point of sale, an accident site, or a patient's home. Modern workers are dependent on apps to perform their jobs and modern businesses are dependent on apps to operate.

    CIO and AetherPal conducted a study of IT decision makers to assess how they were supporting the wave of new apps and the resulting explosion in support requests, how users' expectations are evolving, and how enterprises are adapting their support strategies.

    Join this webinar to learn how these trends are affecting other enterprises and the tools available to address these growing requirements.
  • LIVE EVENT: Thurs, July 21st. 2-3 pm ET--Using Catchpoint for Better End-User Experience Monitoring
    Source: CatchPoint Systems Inc
    Webcast: As online traffic increases across channels, delivering an amazing end user experience is becoming more and more important, as companies who don't will soon find their customers flocking to their competitors. To pull this off, you need to have the right performance analytics tool to suit your needs.

    In this latest installment of OpsCast Spotlight, Using Catchpoint for Better End-User Experience Monitoring, the IT leadership team at eBags will explain why they decided to switch to Catchpoint for their performance analytics needs, and how their end-user monitoring and customer experience have improved as a result.
  • The Imposter in the Machine
    Source: Proofpoint Inc
    Webcast: Advanced threats are shifting once again. Impostor emails, otherwise known as business email compromise (BEC) or CEO fraud, are purpose-built to impersonate executives and trick you into sending money, or personal information to cybercriminals. Learn how Proofpoint employs our dynamic classifier and quarantine functionality to allow you to quickly see, report and stop this attack technique.

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