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  • Unified Communications in The Cloud: Every Journey is Different
    Source: TetraVX
    Webcast: Unified Communications (UC) has proven to be of immense value to businesses of all kinds. UC consolidates communication modes, increases user productivity and lowers costs. But because UC is not always easy to implement, many organizations have yet to reap these benefits. That's changing, though, thanks to cloud-based UC as-a-Service. In this webinar, Dean Pipes, Chief Innovation Architect at TetraVX, will walk through how each organization's journey to the cloud is different and provide a complete and holistic view of what it takes to build a proper, and cost efficient, strategy and implementation plan.
  • How to Deliver the Best Skype for Business User Experience Over Any WAN
    Source: Infovista
    Webcast: For most organizations, Unified communications (UC) is a critical component of their digital transformation. Watch this video to learn how Ipanema, InfoVista's Application Aware SD-WAN can help you guarantee smooth collaboration and deliver the best possible user experience by orchestrating Skype for Business performance over any WAN, dynamically and in real-time.
  • Ensure the best possible user experience when migrating to Microsoft Office 365
    Source: Infovista
    Webcast: Migration to Office 365 presents many challenges for IT organizations because, of the business-aligned application performance requirements in line with business objectives. Watch this video to learn how Ipanema, the Application Aware SD-WAN from InfoVista, can help you ensure fast, efficient migration to Office 365, while delivering the best possible user experience.
  • The Best Way to Maximize Application User Experience over Hybrid WAN
    Source: Infovista
    Webcast: Delivering flawless application user experience over complex hybrid WAN architectures is a challenging task for all businesses and IT teams. Ipanema, the Application Aware SD-WAN from InfoVista, allows you to easily deploy and operate your Hybrid WAN and deliver the consistent user experience your business demands!
  • Digital Transformation and Modern App Factory
    Source: Progress Kinvey
    Webcast: Highly responsive applications are the foundation of a successful digital transformation, leading to better business processes, increased sales and deeper customer engagement.

    Join Forbes contributor and industry analyst Maribel Lopez, to see how market leaders are redesigning their existing apps and processes for a mobile, cloud-native world. She discusses how a Modern App Factory speeds both development and updates for apps that lead the industry in user adoption and engagement.

    In this webinar, we discussed:

    • How to decrease the time it takes to develop and update
    • How to improve adoption and engagement by delivering better performing apps
    • How to reduce the cost and complexity of mobilizing enterprise data
  • 5 Architecture Considerations for Highly Innovative CIOs
    Source: Progress Kinvey
    Webcast: Your application architecture will make or break digital transformation efforts critical to innovation. As technology executives, we know we can't simply start over, we have to leverage existing systems while transitioning to a cloud-native architecture.

    Join serial entrepreneur, CTO and innovation expert Dmitri Tcherevik, as he discusses five architecture considerations necessary to overcome digital complexity while mitigating cost, compliance and other major concerns.

    Dmitri's five considerations will cover these critical topics:

    • Preparing your architecture for upcoming modes of engagement, from chatbots to VR
    • Delivering new digital capabilities while also modernizing existing systems
    • Implementing cloud-native, serverless technologies to speed delivery while staying on budget
    • Meeting data governance, security and compliance requirements without sacrificing speed and agility
    • Delivering native experiences quickly across all touch-points by standardizing and reusing code
  • Downtime, No Matter How Short, is Never Good
    Source: Neustar Inc
    Webcast: Your customer can't find you. Your brand and reputation suffers. Sales plummet.

    In today's complex world, you absolutely need a solid environment and strong infrastructure. The bitter truth is that, if you increase your Internet footprint but fail to 'up' your DNS game, you will feel the pain in terms of latency, query speed and increased downtime which is why you need an experienced provider.

    Watch our short whiteboard video to view the advantages of Neustar UltraDNS and its multitude of features
  • Saving Millions with a Better View of Your IT Infrastructure
    Source: Software AG
    Webcast: You need to deliver on your digital strategy, but how do you gain enough control and oversight of your IT infrastructure to identify the necessary savings?

    In this short presentation, you'll hear how Software AG's Alfabet IT Transformation Platform (ranked #1 by Gartner and Forrester) has helped many of the world's largest companies save millions in IT costs.

    You'll learn how to:

    • Gain full transparency across applications, devices and technologies
    • Monitor how well existing applications support the business
    • Identify unnecessary IT costs and save tens of millions over the next few years
  • It's Time to Strengthen Your DDoS Defense Against Cyber Attacks
    Source: Neustar Inc
    Webcast: DDoS attacks are bigger than ever. Neustar's on-demand webcast with DDoS security pioneer Barrett Lyon explains why - and how you can strengthen your DDoS defense.

    You will learn how to mitigate DDoS attacks of any size, which can potentially save millions in revenue if your organization's website is attacked.

    In the webcast, Barrett shares practical tips illustrated with insights from new global research by Neustar - the security leader in DDoS mitigation.

    The webcast describes:

    • Why more spending on typical DDoS defenses isn't working
    • How to cut risks by identifying and responding faster
    • How to boost defenses against attacks greater than 50Gbps
    • Why having the right DDoS defense could potentially save millions in revenue
  • Uncovering the Latest BEC Attack Trends
    Source: AGARI Data Inc
    Webcast: The FBI reports that Business Email Compromise (BEC) dollar losses are 50X greater than Malware. And research findings show that almost every organization faces BEC attacks. Watch this webinar to get practical steps your organization can take to thwart BEC attacks.
  • Stop Unknown Threats with Intercept X
    Source: Sophos
    Webcast: With 75% of malware unique to a single organization, you need to detect never-seen-before threats now.

    Download this on demand webcast to see how Intercept X leverages multiple advanced techniques, including deep learning, anti-ransomware and anti-exploit technology, to stop both known and unknown malware, dead.

    This session covers:
    *How deep learning transforms your protection against unknown threats
    *The evolution in ransomware - and how to stop it
    *Stop the techniques, stop the attack
    *What the experts have to say about Intercept X
  • What's a Managed SOC? People, Process, Technology.
    Source: Rapid7
    Webcast: If you're hiring a third-party to detect attacks, you don't want stale, false-positive alerts...or worse, to miss true signs of a breach. In this session, learn why infosec teams are embracing Managed Detection and Response Services to augment their people, process, and technology. We'll share the structure of the Rapid7 SOCs, our SIEM powered by user behavior analytics, and how we detect both opportunistic threats...and the targeted attack.
  • On-Demand Webinar: The Spectrum of Mobile Risk
    Source: Lookout
    Webcast: The world has changed. Yesterday everyone had a managed PC for work and all enterprise data was behind a firewall. Today, mobile devices are the control panel for our personal and professional lives. This change has contributed to the single largest technology-driven lifestyle change of the last 10 years.

    As productivity tools, mobile devices now access significantly more data than in years past. This has made mobile the new frontier for a wide spectrum of risk that includes cyber attacks, a range of malware families, non-compliant apps that leak data, and vulnerabilities in device operating systems or apps. A secure digital business ecosystem demands technologies that enable organizations to continuously monitor for threats and provide enterprise-wide visibility into threat intelligence.
  • Webinar: Why Mobile Security Is Keeping CISOs Up at Night
    Source: Lookout
    Webcast: Mobile security is making the role of today's CISO more complicated than ever. Watch the webinar for a discussion of current threats, a review of mobile security solutions, and best practices for adoption and implementation.
  • Case Study: Learn How CareFirst Created an Engagement-Focused Digital Portal
    Source: OpenText
    Webcast: Your website is a fundamental yet powerful tool for both acquiring new customers and delighting paying customers, partners and stakeholders. Customers' expectations are high, and organizations are now paying much-deserved attention to their loyal customers to differentiate themselves from competitors.

    CareFirst, the largest health care insurer in the Mid-Atlantic region recognizes this need. Join this webinar to discover how CareFirst has been able to deliver highly personalized information to their payers, providers, brokers and employees through authenticated digital experiences.

    Date: Tuesday, March 27, 2018, 01:00 PM EDT US

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