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  • Charting Your Analytical Future- "From Insight to Foresight with Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics" Webinar
    Source: IBM Corporation
    Webcast: Reporting on historical information to bring meaning to your business operations is just the beginning of the business analytics journey. In order to gain a competitive edge, operational knowledge of your business must go beyond managed reporting and include predictive capabilities to help you understand where the business is headed and provide strategic advantage. To make game-changing decisions, predictive analytics enables you to discover trends, patterns and relationships in your data and helps to strengthen and attain business goals.

    Attend this session to learn the value of business intelligence and predictive analytics for more precise, accurate and timely decisions and see demonstrations of an integrated set of IBM analytic capabilities.
  • Webinar: AIG Pioneers User-Centric Security Strategy
    Source: ObserveIT
    Webcast: In this recorded webinar, learn how AIG Israel utilizes User Activity Monitoring to monitor privileged users with access to sensitive servers as well as meet compliance requirements. This webinar will also show you how to meet PCI compliance requirements, monitor third party virtual desktops and more!
  • How to Detect System Compromise & Data Exfiltration
    Source: AlienVault
    Webcast: Have you ever wondered how the bad guys actually get control of a system? And, how they convert that system into a data-syphoning droid? Then you won't want to miss our next live demo, where AlienVault security guru Tom D'Aquino will walk you through the steps of a system compromise, including how AlienVault USM detects these nefarious activities every step of the way.
  • PCI DSS Reporting Requirements for People Who Hate PCI DSS Reporting
    Source: AlienVault
    Webcast: If you're like most IT practitioners, you are busy. You have a million things to do and preparing the reports needed to prove PCI DSS compliance requires time you just don't have. It doesn't have to be so hard. In this practical webinar, PCI DSS compliance experts walk through strategies for taking the pain out of PCI DSS reporting.
  • An Incident Response Playbook: From Monitoring to Operations
    Source: AlienVault
    Webcast: As cyber-attacks grow more sophisticated, many organizations are investing more into incident detection and response capabilities. Event monitoring and correlation technologies and security operations are often tied to incident handling responsibilities, but the number of attack variations is staggering, and many organizations are struggling to develop incident detection and response processes that work for different situations.
  • Six Steps to SIEM Success
    Source: AlienVault
    Webcast: In this webinar, we cover the six key steps every IT practitioner should take to go from installation to insight as quickly as possible with a SIEM solution. You'll learn how to leverage SIEM event correlation to aggregate, correlate and analyze all of the security-relevant log data in your environment so you can:
    - Detect threats (known and emerging)
    - Identify vulnerabilities
    - Accelerate incident response
    - Identify policy violations
    - Simplify compliance management
  • How to Detect Ransomware Before it's Too Late with AlienVault USM
    Source: AlienVault
    Webcast: When dealing with ransomware threats like CryptoWall, which encrypt your data and demand payment to unlock it, spotting infections quickly is critical in order to limit the damage. AlienVault USM uses several built-in security controls working in unison to detect ransomware like CryptoWall, usually as soon as it attempts to connect to the command and control server. Watch this demo on-demand to see how AlienVault USM detects these threats quickly, saving you valuable clean-up time and limiting the damage from the attack.
  • Watering Hole Attacks: Detect End-User Compromise Before the Damage is Done
    Source: AlienVault
    Webcast: Attackers are becoming increasingly skilled at planting malicious code on websites frequented by their desired targets, commonly called "watering hole" attacks. These can be very difficult to detect since they happen as users are going about their normal business. Join us for a live demo showing an example of such an attack, and how to detect it immediately using AlienVault USM.
    You'll learn:
    - Common browser vulnerabilities used to execute these attacks
    - What attackers do next to take control of the system
    - How to catch it before the attacker moves further into your network
  • Best Practices for Leveraging Security Threat Intelligence
    Source: AlienVault
    Webcast: The state of threat intelligence in the information security community is still very immature. Many organizations are still combating threats in a reactive manner, only learning what they're dealing with, well...when they're dealing with it. There is a wealth of information in the community, and many organizations have been gathering data about attackers and trends for years. How can we share that information, and what kinds of intelligence are most valuable? In this presentation, we'll start with a brief overview of AlienVault's Open Threat Exchange™ (OTX), and then we'll discuss attack trends and techniques seen in enterprise networks today, with supporting data from AlienVault OTX. We'll also take a look at some new models for collaboration and improving the state of threat intelligence going forward
  • Vulnerability Management: What you Need to Know to Prioritize Risk
    Source: AlienVault
    Webcast: While vulnerability assessments are an essential part of understanding your risk profile, it's simply not realistic to expect to eliminate all vulnerabilities from your environment. So, when your scan produces a long list of vulnerabilities, how do you prioritize which ones to remediate first? By data criticality? CVSS score? Asset value? Patch availability? Without understanding the context of the vulnerable systems on your network, you may waste time checking things off the list without really improving security. Join AlienVault for this session to learn:
    - The pros & cons of different types of vulnerability scans - passive, active, authenticated, unauthenticated
    - Vulnerability scores and how to interpret them
    - Best practices for prioritizing vulnerability remediation
    - How threat intelligence can help you pinpoint the vulnerabilities that matter most
  • PST Archiving: Your Employees' Dirty Little Secret
    Source: CommVault
    Webcast: Learn more about what PST data is, the risks relating to it, and how the new PST Archiving feature in the Simpana 10 software can help efficiently and effectively manage it in this short video.
  • The Human Side of IT Security
    Source: Dell Inc.
    Webcast: The importance of IT security has vastly increased with the expansion in mobility, cloud computing, and social networking. IT security professionals are finding it increasingly difficult to protect their organization's assets without inhibiting users. The proliferation of applications, devices, users, and network connectivity makes it difficult for the IT organization to provide the services required while at the same time provide information protection. Securing the organization is difficult enough, but it is considerably more difficult because of a number of factors tied to people.

    Join this webcast to learn:

    • How to categorize your workforce and full user base
    • A new way to look at Defense-In Depth
    • Essential guidance on successfully integrating people and policy in the security infrastructure
    • How Dell advocates transforming IT security into a function of enablement to support the business
  • Optimize Your Business Critical Applications with Flash
    Source: CDW
    Webcast: We now live in a flash centric world where all active data must be on flash. This doesn't mean, however, that all data must be on flash. The best approach is to understand your application mix and workload requirements. Some key apps, like databases, are latency intolerant and should be pinned to flash. Others apps can benefit from fully-automated storage tiering. EMC's market leading VMAX and VNX systems are flexible choices that can deliver all-flash and hybrid services. CDW and EMC has you covered!
  • Master the Changing SAP Landscape with Performance Management
    Source: Compuware
    Webcast: SAP landscapes are not getting simpler. Gradually, business processes that used to be contained on a single SAP system now involve a range of cloud based services, mobile endpoints, and other applications. With this hybrid environment comes the challenge of maintaining high level of performance and availability along with increasing user expectation and application complexity.
  • Generating Revenue with AWS: How McGraw-Hill Made the Switch
    Source: Compuware
    Webcast: Please join us as we speak to Shane Shelton, for McGraw-Hill, who will share the business drivers, challenges and lessons learned after executing a two-year migration plan for the global deployment of all MHE platforms to the Amazon Cloud.

    During this webinar, Shane will share:

    - Automation of processes
    - Technical hurdles MHE had to overcome
    - Business challenges in making the transition to cloud
    - The Successful transition of $2.5 billion print business to digital
    - Business drivers for migrating MHE's revenue generating services to the cloud

    Learn best practices for cost analysis, managing technical hurdles, and managing business needs as you plan your company's migration to the cloud.

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