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  • Citrix Customers Put Google Chromebooks to Work
    Source: Citrix-Google
    Webcast: Work is no longer where we go in the morning, work is what we do - what we get done. Watch this Citrix and Google webcast to learn how you can implement a secure, fast, simple and sharable solution within your organization today.
  • 2016 Malware Year in Review: Tricks, Threats, and Triumph
    Source: PhishMe, Inc.
    Webcast: Listen to PhishMe Threat Intelligence Expert, Brendan Griffin, to learn about the widespread implementation of anti-analysis methods, a notable evolution in techniques and tools to deliver malware, and the growing threat of encryption ransomware. Now more than ever, it has become more important to detect and interdict malware during the delivery phase. What can you do to defend your environment? What will threat actors do to step things up in 2017?

    Join Brendan Griffin, to learn about:
    - The evolution of malware and encrypted ransomware and 2016's most prevalent threats
    - Identifying the latest malware delivery tools and techniques
    - Developing a modern defense strategy and empowering your users
    - What to look out for in 2017
  • Technology Can Stop Phishing Breaches? Oh, Really??
    Source: PhishMe, Inc.
    Webcast: Ransomware was the #1 cybersecurity threat in 2016. Phishing continues to thrive as the #1 attack vector used by hackers today. And technology continues to fail to stop it. In 2016, spear-phishing attacks rose 55%, Ransomware attacks grew 4X and Business Email Compromise (BEC) losses skyrocketed 1300%.
    Join PhishMe as we look back on the top attacks and explore how to use a combination of Human and Technology to stop phishing attempts before they progress to a breach. In this presentation, we will cover:
    - The big phishes of 2016 and what to look out for in 2017
    - Why good employees click on bad emails - the emotional and situational triggers
    - How engagement can decrease susceptibility
    - How IR teams can stay on top of attacks in progress
  • How an Entire Town Backed Up Over 1.5TBs of Data to the Cloud with Cloudberry Backup on AWS
    Source: Amazon Web Services
    Webcast: The IT department of Edgartown, Massachusetts was maintaining over 1.5 terabytes of data in on-premises and offsite storage. It needed a solution to simplify the management of backup data on the town's employees and citizens and move their tape backups onto the AWS Cloud, as they proved to be too complex and raised issues with recovery. CloudBerry Backup's central management portal and integration with Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier made it easy for the engineers to automate the scheduling of backups and provided inexpensive storage their backup and archive data

    Join our upcoming webinar with experts from AWS, CloudBerry Lab, and the Town of Edgartown IT to discuss best practices for simplifying online backup management and cutting costs.

    When: May 10, 2017 | 10am-11am PDT

    Join us to Learn:
    - How to leverage CloudBerry Backup on AWS for cost-effective offsite backup storage and archiving
    - Best practices for effective disaster recovery, using elastic compute and CloudBerry image backup
    - How to test services by seeding initial backups and customizing traffic flow
  • Seamlessly Extend Your Datacenter to the Cloud with Commvault on AWS
    Source: Amazon Web Services
    Webcast: Like many organizations, Logitech was looking to automate its administrative processes, eliminate tapes from its environment, and get out of the business of maintaining physical servers. Commvault and AWS provide a joint, cost-effective solution that simplifies the move to the cloud. Integration with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) enables Commvault to simplify on-premises and cloud orchestration, workload protection, and reducing storage costs by leveraging deduplication.

    Join our upcoming webinar to learn how Commvault and AWS helped Logitech leverage the cloud and gain control over their data and backup infrastructure, workload protection, and bi-directional migration to regain control of their systems and data.

    When: May 3, 2017 | 10am-11am PDT

    Join us to Learn:
    - How to empower IT to support business requirements with innovative cloud integration
    - How to improve protection of cloud-based workloads to meet on-premises standards
    - Best practices for accelerating modernization and mitigate risk through automation
  • Transform Your Organizational Security Culture
    Source: TITUS
    Webcast: Successful digital transformation requires organizations to keep up with an unprecedented pace of change. There is an ever increasing need and ability to share information - but this also brings new risks and challenges.

    Organizations that understand the importance of protecting the digital information of their customers also understand that end users are key to effective information protection. To succeed in today's economy, organizations need to establish a culture of security and privacy to ensure consistent and continued protection of sensitive data.

    Join Forrester Research and TITUS in this On Demand Webinar as they discuss strategies and solutions to help your organization embed positive information security behaviors in your employees, helping reduce the risk of information loss while simultaneously growing your business.

    Watch the On Demand Webinar now!
  • The Future of Cloud in Enterprise IT
    Source: Nutanix
    Webcast: Virtualization revolutionized IT. Now cloud models are poised to dramatically change IT again. Public cloud solutions such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are gaining in popularity as enterprises look for ways to increase IT productivity and lower costs. Though virtualization is still a major component, the cloud model moves the focus from infrastructure to application delivery and services. Join this session as we review the cloud deployment models, key criteria for selection, discuss the pros and cons of design choices, and lean how Nutanix Enterprise Cloud provides a turnkey solution that perfectly aligns with the key benefits of IT in the cloud era.
  • Peloton Cycle: Streaming Live Spin Classes to Thousands with Loggly & AWS
    Source: Loggly
    Webcast: Peloton Cycle knows firsthand how vital it is to have real-time visibility across a complex cloud infrastructure. Peloton Cycle provides live-streamed cycling classes to thousands of people, running entirely on AWS. As they stream their service, they need immediate insight into their cloud infrastructure so they can quickly identify and resolve issues, before they impact the real-time experience of customers participating in their classes. Join our upcoming webinar to learn how Peloton Cycle leverages Loggly to gain end-to-end visibility across its entire stack on AWS. Learn why Peloton has selected Loggly to collect, view, and analyze log data from their systems, delivering the best possible experience to Peloton Cycle customers.

    Join us to Learn:
    - Why log data management is essential for successful DevOps practices
    - How Loggly can help you yield actionable insight from your log data
    - How Peloton Cycle utilizes Loggly to manage the health of its applications on AWS in real time

    When: April 20, 2017 | 10am-11am PST
  • Distil Networks 2017 Bad Bot Report: 6 High Risk Lessons for Website Defenders
    Source: EMA Analyst Research
    Webcast: Gain actionable insights on how to defend your websites and APIs for the coming year's onslaught of automated threats. Join leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and Distil Networks as they dive into the latest Distil Networks Bad Bot Report data to reveal 6 high-risk threats every IT security pro must protect against.
  • The State of Legacy Monitoring Tools
    Source: SevOne
    Webcast: The problem with legacy platforms is that organizations didn't set out to use outdated tools. But as complexity of the networks and infrastructures grew, so did the need for additional tools to manage the additions.

    Today most organizations have cobbled together disparate tools from a variety of vendors that often don't work together, don't scale, don't provide insight into the overall health of the infrastructure and are not able to support the growing requirements of the company. But organizations have struggled to replace them.

    322 IT and operations professionals from a variety of departments provided their insight on their legacy tools and whether they support their company's current and future business objectives in a brand-new survey.

    Join this webcast to learn more about:
    -How happy organizations are with the ROI of their current tools
    -What's concerning organizations the most about the future
    -How many report choosing new digital infrastructure management tools in the coming years
  • The Tide is Shifting to Project-based ERP and PSA
    Source: Deltek
    Webcast: Are you tired of bolt-ons, manual processes and temporary IT fixes to deliver the agility, collaboration and anywhere-access growing services firms like yours demand? You're not alone.

    The tide is shifting to Project-based ERP and PSA. Get insight from Gartner Research before you make decisions that could impact your firm for years to come.
  • How Icelandair Group Leveraged IBM & AWS to Streamline Backup Deployments
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: Icelandair Group, Iceland's largest company, looked to migrate their mission critical services to AWS, including their backups. Managed service provider, Nyherji helped Icelandair Group execute this plan using IBM Spectrum Connect. With IBM Spectrum Connect, Icelandair Group was able to deploy backups on AWS in a fraction of the time it took using their on-premises infrastructure, while also protecting and recovering business data without any investments in on-premises or recovery center infrastructure. Attend our upcoming webinar with Icelandair, Nyherji, and IBM to learn more.

    Join this webinar to learn:
    - How IBM Spectrum Protect and AWS enable Icelandair to seamlessly store backups across different geographic regions, and recover data quickly.
    - How IBM Spectrum Protect offers scalable data protection with simplified monitoring, giving you more control and oversight on your backup services
    - How you can efficiently move data to and from AWS, while maintaining business agility and meeting compliance standard

    When: May 9, 2017 | 10am-11am PDT
  • Yale University Transforms Their Backup and Recovery with a Cloud-Integrated Approach
    Source: NetApp
    Webcast: As organizations scale, their IT teams must spend more time on data management and data protection--often taking the place of more strategic projects. Yale University was seeking a better way to backup massive amounts of data and implement a disaster recovery strategy for their hybrid cloud environment. Join our webinar to learn how Yale worked with NetApp to back up over 2.5 PB of on-premises data to the Amazon S3 cloud service while reducing their cloud storage needs by nearly 80% utilizing AltaVault on AWS.

    Join us to Learn:
    - How Yale University implemented backup to AWS in less than 90 minutes
    - Best practices from NetApp and AWS to advance your hybrid cloud strategy
    - How Yale reduced backup volumes by nearly 80% with AltaVault on AWS

    When: May 4, 2017 | 1:00 pm ET; 10:00 am PT
  • Security Considerations In the Agile I.T. Journey
    Source: CloudPassage
    Webcast: As organizations move more applications and data to the cloud, agile computing is becoming more common - and essential - to allow faster, more nimble app development and delivery. But how secure is agile computing? Can agile I.T. actually make security better? This webcast takes you through the agile journey, the security impact, and offers strategies for agile security and compliance, including gaining efficiency and scale by harmonizing security with agile practices.
  • Staying Protected While We are Always Connected
    Source: Connection
    Webcast: Hear from Connection's Security and Mobility Practice Director as he explains how you can stay protected while connected with Connection's Mobility Practice.

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