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  • LIVE EVENT: 5/7, The End of Data Protection As We Know It. Introducing a Next Generation Data Protection Architecture.
    Source: CA Technologies
    Webcast: Date: Wednesday, May 7, 2014, 10:00 AM EDT

    The backup and recovery market is quickly morphing as end-users weather a perfect storm hitting their infrastructure, affecting the efficiency of their operations. While trends point to a healthy and dynamic data protection market, end-users are faced with significant operational challenges driving the need to revisit the very essence of their data protection architecture.

    Traditional backup is going away, but where does this leave end-users?

    In this webcast, Eric Burgener, Research Director, Storage at IDC, and Christophe Bertrand, VP ARCserve Product Marketing at CA Technologies, will provide a perspective on these key trends and identify the requirements next generation data protection architectures need to meet to support IT and business objectives.
  • Take the Cost Out of Deploying Desktop Virtualization
    Source: Citrix Systems, Cisco, & NetApp
    Webcast: To achieve the full benefits of desktop virtualization, you need to be able to scale and optimize deployments. To do that, you must first understand where the bottlenecks are and how to overcome them. View this panel discussion to learn how to reduce infrastructure, deployment, and operations costs.
  • How to Optimize and Scale the Deployment of Virtual Desktops
    Source: Citrix Systems, Cisco, & NetApp
    Webcast: To achieve the full benefits of desktop virtualization, IT must be able to scale and optimize deployments. Converged solutions, which combine desktop operating systems and applications combined with compute, network, and storage are increasingly seen as the ideal solution. View this panel discussion to discover why.
  • Zoning in on Energy and Physical Infrastructure Management
    Source: Panduit Corp.
    Webcast: Running an energy-efficient data center has never been more important. By breaking down a data center into six zones, ranging from the physical building to the rack and cabinet, managers can better identify areas of improvement - most notably, cooling. In this Webcast you will learn how to develop and execute a strategy to optimize the energy efficiency of your data center.
  • Building Tomorrow's Infrastructure
    Source: PC Connection | Cisco | Intel®
    Webcast: Listen to this podcast to discover how Crider Foods worked with PC Connection to update their IT infrastructure, while maintaining compliance and control. PC Connection's experts helped Crider deploy Cisco UCS with Intel® Xeon® processors as part of their total data center overhaul.

    Intel®, the Intel logo, Xeon®, and Xeon Inside are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.
  • IT Agility: How Do You Stack Up?
    Source: Brocade Communications
    Webcast: Date: Tuesday, April 15, 2014, 11:00 AM PDT

    Are you faced with increasing pressure to deploy technology faster? You're not alone. This year, over half of enterprises will be prioritizing building a private cloud, a concept introduced less than five years ago. They are on a journey to improve IT agility, increase cloud-based service usage and reduce costs. Join Forrester Research and Brocade as they discuss first-hand industry experience to learn where companies are today, and the #1 reason people are held back.
  • Best Practices: How to Improve Business Continuity with Virtualization
    Source: VMware
    Webcast: It's well known that virtualization is an excellent solution to help drive down costs and simplify management across the IT infrastructure. Another major benefit of virtualization is the ability to improve business continuity to help maximize uptime for the applications and services that are critical to your business. VMware solutions include a range of business continuity capabilities to help ensure availability for applications across your virtualized environment.

    Join us for this webcast where you will learn how:
    *Virtualization provides the foundation to improve business continuity
    *Integrated capabilities simplify and maximize availability across your virtualized environment
    *VMware solutions minimize downtime and enable fast recovery to protect your business
  • Fast, Secure, Cost-Effective: How to Protect Tomorrow's Data Center Network
    Source: Fortinet
    Webcast: Data center networks, whether conventional or in the cloud, must handle ever-larger quantities of data. And those networks must provide access--securely--to an ever-broadening array of mobile devices. In this on-demand Webcast, you will learn how advanced firewall technology can enable you to meet these demands while keeping costs under control.
  • Mining Profit from Location Based Services
    Source: Ruckus Wireless
    Webcast: Businesses understand the high value of getting users just the right content at precisely the right time and at the right place. But delivering on such promise and potential means knowing where these people and their devices are located. That's where location-based services are rising to the challenge, as this insightful webcast will demonstrate.
  • Cloud Knowledge Vault
    Source: HP and Intel®
    Webcast: Learn how your organization can benefit from the scalability, flexibility, and performance that the cloud offers through the short videos and other resources in this HP & Intel® Cloud Knowledge Vault. Your one-stop for cloud computing gives advice and tips on the best strategy for moving to the cloud, how to determine which cloud is best for your organization, how to overcome cloud security challenges, and more.

    Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel® Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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  • Make or Break: New Auto Products Must Go To Market On Time
    Source: Oracle
    Webcast: The pace for new product launches in the auto industry is accelerating dramatically. This Webcast quantifies the value of time to market for the auto industry and highlights how Primavera Enterprise Portfolio Management can help organizations to:
    - Drive profitable innovation, streamline product development and manufacturing processes
    - Improve visibility of product information throughout the value chain
    - Collaborate with global teams and partners without risking intellectual property
    - Ensure better visibility and traceability to improve product quality and mitigate risk
  • Pre-Engineered solutions from VCE Simplify Core Infrastructure Implementation
    Source: VCE
    Webcast: In this video, the CTO of Purdue Pharma, a privately held pharmaceutical company explains how Purdue transformed their data center infrastructure with VCE. Hear how they were able to shrink their data center and reduce costs with VCE's Vblock™ Solutions.
  • Integrated Infrastructure: Simplify Operations, Speed Deployments and Reduce Costs
    Source: VCE
    Webcast: George Weiss, Gartner Vice President and Analyst, and Praveen Akkiraju, CEO of VCE, provide practical information regarding the various aspects of Integrated Infrastructures based on research and customer case uses. They discuss topics such as:
    - Why are customers rapidly adopting Integrated Infrastructure Systems?
    - How do Converged systems help customers modernize and consolidate their IT infrastructure?
    - Are customers putting mission critical applications on Integrated Infrastructure?
    - What are key recommendations and learnings for enterprises and service providers?
  • IBM Flash Webcast: Optimizing your Datacenter for Efficient Storage & ROI
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: If you're like most IT professionals, optimization of all the Big Data that makes your organization "go & grow" is a challenge. How do you store more of your ever growing data if your IT budget is not growing too? Flash Storage is a solution that has helped many organizations expand their datacenters while maximizing their ROI.

    Register for this webcast to learn the benefits of flash storage from IBM Customer, Leonardo Irastorza of Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd and Storage Expert, Jon Toigo.

    IBM® FlashSystem™ Storage Solutions offer technical as well as real economic benefits.
    * Fast. IBM storage technologies provide lower latencies and smarter data management in real-time
    * Agile. Maximize capacity and deliver enterprise reliability, continuity, availability, and data efficiency through extreme performance, mirroring, provisioning, copying and Real-time Compression.
    * Resilient. Save hours of downtime, gain more fault tolerance and better systems management
  • The Hidden Cost of Data Complexity
    Source: Ca Technologies
    Webcast: Every week we hear from our channel partners or our joint customers about their latest data protection challenges. Not that the end of the world happened (who would care anyway?), or that their data center, office building or facility is now a smoking gaping hole. No, it's usually about the complexity of doing something every organization has been doing forever - boring and un-sexy backup. With a backdrop of sustained and apparently uncontrollable data growth, no wonder it's hard!

    But wait, there's more! It's not so much about backup as it is about the ability to recover under a variety of circumstances - from simple logical data corruption, data loss due user error (you wouldn't believe what I can to my laptop), migrations, and yes... unplanned outages. Join CA ARCserve to learn how you can simplify your data protection challenges during this informative, one-hour webcast.

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