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  • It's not too late...Get Your Mobile Questions Answered Live!
    Source: Box
    Webcast: How can IT provide seamless and secure mobile communications and collaboration for all? Join this live Webcast as IDG asks an expert panel pressing questions surrounding mobile security and management. From how many devices and operating systems to support, to integration of enterprise applications with mobile apps and key uses cases, they'll answer questions on interoperability, security, control and scalability challenges. This event is live, so come prepared with your mobility questions.
  • Transform Your IT Service Management
    Source: EasyVista
    Webcast: IT departments are only as strong as the solution they leverage for their service management. New IT, needs new thinking. Watch this webinar, to learn how EasyVista can increase IT productivity & efficiency and deliver streamlined & integrated IT Service & Asset Management.
  • On-demand webinar - 7 Keys to Service Catalog Implementation Success
    Source: EasyVista
    Webcast: It's time to re-think how you engage with your IT customers or end-users. IT is expected to take customer satisfaction to higher levels, but how do they accomplish this? Watch this webinar to learn 7 crucial keys to make your service catalog a success!
  • Leveraging Flash Storage to Accelerate Oracle Real Application Clusters
    Source: HGST
    Webcast: In a continuing effort to improve the efficiency of the businesses they support, IT organizations often look to SSD technology to solve performance issues for their business-critical applications. With many organizations already deploying SSD and even more considering it, the question has evolved from whether to deploy to how best to deploy.

    Join representatives from HGST at this webinar to gain an understanding of the latest solid-state storage trends, the specific applications driving solid-state storage deployments and the benefits of deploying the Virident FlashMAX Connect software suite to speed up Oracle databases.
  • IBM FlashSystem V840: Leveraging Software-Defined Flash to Drive Your Business
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: A new class of deeply integrated software-defined storage solutions with flash technology is helping businesses increase efficiency and performance simultaneously. Businesses have been using virtualization software to define servers, desktops, and applications for years, and they're increasingly rolling out software-defined networks as well. It was only a matter of time before they began software-defining their storage too.

    Equipped with end-to-end, tightly integrated functionality and super-fast flash technology, products like IBM FlashSystem V840 Enterprise Performance Solution are empowering businesses to do what once seemed nearly impossible: leverage the efficiency of SDS and the speed of flash storage all at once. Join this webinar to learn more.
  • Why do you need an enterprise mobile platform?
    Source: Appcelerator
    Webcast: Today companies must offer great apps that run on a range of devices, and connect to an exploding set of backend data. Appcelerator solves for this new mobile reality: delivering native cross-platform apps at the speed of web, mobilizing any data source, and driving success with real-time analytics - all from an open, cloud-based platform. See how.
  • The Foundation You Need to Build a Better Storage Infrastructure
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: How can real-time compression technology impact your storage infrastructure? Find out in this Webcast on IBM Storewize - a family of software-defined storage systems that transforms data storage economics. In this Webcast, you'll hear about:
    - Virtualized, enterprise-class, flash-optimized modular storage
    - Industry first hardware compression acceleration
    - Support for workloads that are off-limits to alternatives
    - The elimination of post-processing compression
    - Performance improvement of 3x using as little as 5% flash
    - IBM, EMC and NetApp storage cost breakdown comparison
  • Building Tomorrow's Data Center with Converged Technologies
    Source: APC by Schneider Electric
    Webcast: A number of forces are converging: the cloud, converged infrastructure, big data and fabric architectures to name a few. And if those weren't enough, data center professionals must keep systems up 24 by 7, keep data secure, meet compliance obligations and keep costs and energy usage under control. It's a tall order.
  • Responding to New SSL Cybersecurity Threat
    Source: Venafi
    Webcast: Cybercriminals have learned how to exploit the digital trust that cryptographic keys and certificates provide to gain trusted status and infiltrate servers, applications and clouds. The featured Gartner research examines current strategies to address new SSL cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Electric Cloud: Your AnthillPro Alternative
    Source: Electric Cloud, Inc.
    Webcast: Many organizations have become leery about the lack of investment in AnthillPro since its acquisition by IBM. But there is a solution. In this webinar, Anand Ahire, Director of Product Management and Chris Fulton of Electric Cloud Professional Services (who previously spent 5+ years maintaining an AnthillPro implementation) discuss the steps necessary to migrate from AnthillPro to ElectricCommander. Watch now and discover actual customer use cases and the key differentiators Electric Cloud solutions provide over AnthillPro.
  • ElectricAccelerator: Dramatically Faster Builds and Test
    Source: Electric Cloud, Inc.
    Webcast: ElectricAccelerator dramatically speeds up builds and test by parallelizing jobs across clusters of physical or cloud CPUs. Read on to learn how this boosts developer productivity, increases the frequency and quality of releases, all while reducing infrastructure costs.
  • Technology for Everyone
    Source: CDW
    Webcast: A Kansas school district modernizes teaching and learning and paves the way to a one-to-one program with a comprehensive upgrade of its wireless and telephony systems. Get the story!
  • DevOps with PureApplication System: Reduce cost and speed delivery with an integrated IBM Cloud solution
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: Clients are working to address the challenges of today's complexities and get to market faster with a quality products, services and applications. Many are embracing the principles of DevOps to accelerate the software delivery lifecycle. DevOps includes a range of capabilities that stretch from project initiation and requirements through managing and optimizing applications in production.

    Expert integrated systems allows clients to accelerate DevOps adoption and provides benefits for all key stakeholders in the software delivery lifecycle: Development, Test, IT Operations and the lines of business requesting new products and services. Join this webcast to hear what ING Netherlands has been able to achieve while deploying DevOps tools from IBM Rational on IBM's market leading Expert Integrated System , PureApplication System. Mark Willemse, an ING executive, will walk through the transformation the company went through and what immediate benefits they have achieved. Senior Technology Architect, Joe Wigglesworth, from IBM will also speak and discuss why the combined value of these two technologies is a winning solution.
  • The Next Generation of Affordable Storage
    Source: Dell Inc.
    Webcast: As data needs continue to grow and capacity expansion becomes a necessity, companies of all sizes have to address the delicate balance between the need for additional storage and the finite space within the data center. The question is: How can you scale and optimize your storage cost-effectively? Hear from one technical expert who specializes in the storage segment of the industry.
  • Security Vulnerabilities Associated With Having Local Administrator Privileges
    Source: Viewfinity
    Webcast: See how removing admin rights and granularly managing privileges at the application level reduces the attack surface and stop hackers from using administrative privileges as a back door to stealing credentials for pass-the-hash invasions.

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