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  • Verizon Cybersecurity: Stay one step ahead of cyber attacks
    Source: Verizon
    Webcast: Managing risk should be a top priority for every organization. But every year, thousands suffer a data breach. Get the cybersecurity intelligence you need to protect your organization. Download the Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report by visiting
  • Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance
    Source: Oracle Corporation
    Webcast: Minimize risk to your business with better protection for your critical Oracle Databases - Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance, the only backup and recovery system designed by the Oracle Database team for Oracle Database protection.
  • Verizon and Cisco Present UCCaaS
    Source: Verizon
    Webcast: CVS produced this video for a Cisco/Verizon partnership to promote Verizons offering of Unified Communications & Collaboration as a Service. CVS scripted and designed the video using professional talent and graphics animation to deliver a concise description and demonstration of the new offering.
  • Put Mobile First to Increase Business Agility
    Source: Verizon
    Webcast: The ability to tap into the true potential of mobile collaboration tools with secure voice and video applications has been challenging for business...That is, until now. UCCaaS Mobile First, only from Verizon, combines Private Network Traffic Management (PNTM) over our 4G LTE network to extend Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritize mission-critical voice and video applications. See how Verizon UCCaaS Mobile First enables you to place the mobile device at the forefront of your communications strategy.
  • Verizon Digital Healthcare Solutions
    Source: Verizon
    Webcast: Verizon technology is helping advance patient-centered health care by connecting applications, machines, information, patients and healthcare professionals in their own environments.
  • Issues and Priorities in Modern Workload Automation: Supporting Analytics, Continuous Delivery and Digital Transformation
    Source: EMA Analyst Research
    Webcast: Date / Time: Tuesday, November 15 @ 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern

    This webinar provides insight into new research from leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) that explores the impact on workload automation from recent IT trends. EMA surveyed enterprise IT professionals involved in workload automation as well as business users of workload dashboards on a wide range of topics affecting workload automation operations.
  • The Future of Internet Resiliency
    Source: Dyn Inc.
    Webcast: Recent events have made clear with internet infrastructure experts have known for years, the scale, complexity, and (especially) volatility of the internet is on the rise. From headline-making DDoS attacks directed from infected IOT botnets, to less well-publicized route leaks and hijacks, network engineers may need to rethink infrastructure they once took for granted. There's no better place to start than with DNS.

    As enterprises migrate infrastructure and services to the cloud and increase reliance on public internet for internal and external connectivity, DNS's role has expanded. Analyst research firms such as Gartner states, "If your DNS fails, so does your digital business."

    Join Network World's Chief Content Editor John Gallant as he discusses:

    - The forces behind a more complex and volatile internet
    - Lessons learned from recent internet events
    - Strategies for high-availability at the DNS layer

    Register today!

    Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2016
    Time: 3:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM PT
  • Streamline Your Business for the Digital World
    Source: OpenText
    Webcast: Discover how you can build on your SAP and OpenText investment to adapt and thrive in the digital economy. Learn how customers have effectively been able to digitize and manage all types of content from within SAP.
  • Leveraging Modern Storage for High Availability
    Source: Hedvig Inc.
    Webcast: The modern, digital world requires a vast amount of data to be stored at lightening-fast speed. This challenges IT with not only managing the data, but also maintaining the ever-growing applications, networks, services, and most importantly, storage. This webcast offers some best practices on how to optimize your data center for high availability and leverage modern storage with solutions like VMware-Vsphere Metro-storage clustering.
  • 4 Methods to Streamline the Digital Roadmap for Your Business
    Source: OpenText
    Webcast: View this exclusive video to learn how to build a digital roadmap that empowers your organization to reap the rewards of today's digital economy. Also, implement best practices used by top companies running SAP with simplified, digitized processes.
  • How to Improve Your Business for Safe, Secure, Compliant Information Flows
    Source: OpenText
    Webcast: Hear how simplifying and running digital with the right solutions can help you outperform competitors and boost your bottom line in this new audiobook from SAP and OpenText. Find out how digital transformation helped one company reduce subscriber cancellations to record lows, and saved another company $1 million annually.
  • Seven Disciplines to Support your Successful Digital Strategy
    Source: Software AG Inc
    Webcast: In the summer of 2016, Software AG commissioned Forrester Consulting to study how organizations in retail, retail banking, manufacturing, and government prioritize their digital transformation initiatives. Now, for the first time, Forrester will reveal how over 200 IT professionals around the world prioritize and optimize seven specific disciplines to enable their Digital Transformation strategies.
  • Putting Your Stranded Server Resources to Work and Increasing Utilization
    Source: Jisto
    Webcast: Current workload management approaches leave servers only 10-20% utilized, meaning that 80-90% of your computing resources, whether on-premises or in the cloud, are going to waste. Learn how to get much more out of your existing computing infrastructure by running more of your computing applications on what would otherwise be the unused server capacity, without downtime or compromised performance. Without modifications to your infrastructure or applications, you can run many more applications of any type, including analytics, forecasting, simulations, statistics, imaging, etc., on your underutilized server capacity. This webinar will explain how you can improve that by 2-3x without additional hardware costs, giving you access to a huge amount of additional computing capacity to run additional applications.
  • Planning for Software Adoption
    Source: CDW Corporation
    Webcast: Some of the most common challenges around software adoption are making sure that you have a solid game plan. Hear how CDW can help your organization make software adoption a painless process.
  • They Are Who We Thought They Are - The Need for Identity and Access Management
    Source: CDW Corporation
    Webcast: Ensuring users are accurately identified and have access to applications and services that they are authorized to use is essential to cyber security. Organizations require a comprehensive and accurate solution that works across all IT infrastructure. Working together, Microsoft, and CDW can provide you with the best-in-class solution you need that will provide employees with Single Sign On (SSO) and access to cloud and SaaS applications.

    This webinar will share strategies with you on how to implement an effective identity access management system that meets today's and tomorrow's demands.

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