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  • Collaboration 2.0 Death of the Web Conference (As We Know It)
    Source: HP
    Webcast: Meetings. Can't live without them. Can't stand them. You spend a third of your working life in meetings, and most of that is time wasted. Late starts, bad connections and kludgy technology stack the deck against you. Tune into this webinar from by to learn how this instant online meeting app went viral because it makes collaborating easier than ever.
  • Office 365 and Dell Services: Productivity and ROI for SMBs
    Source: Dell Inc.
    Webcast: We're on the go. With cloud technology and virtual apps, Office 365 makes it easier to work remotely from any device, anytime. This webcast highlights the new features of Microsoft Office 365 and Dell Services, driving greater productivity, efficiency and ROI in any workplace.
  • How a Healthy API Program Can Accelerate Innovation and Increase Revenue
    Source: Mashery
    Webcast: As a highly regulated, critical ecosystem of fragmented constituents that provide valuable services and manage our protected health information, the healthcare industry has struggled to break free of legacy systems to adopt the innovative technologies that other industries have already implemented. However, some leading healthcare companies are championing APIs as a secure way to share data and easily create innovative offerings that provide new revenue, improve processes, and enhance patient care. Greenway Health is one such company that has leveraged APIs to facilitate secure partner integrations with its PrimeSUITE integrated EHR and practice management solution for a low total cost of ownership.
  • Fueling the Enterprise: From Legacy Systems to Internal APIs
    Source: Mashery
    Webcast: At Comcast, its CodeBig internal API platform has grown from a dozen to more than 80 APIs, revealing strong adoption and improved data sharing among departments to fuel better product offerings. Join Hai Thai, Senior Engineer, and Rich Ferrise, Senior Director of Product Development and Technology, at Comcast for an in-depth discussion of how the company went from days-long data sharing processes to just 30 minutes' lead time, all with internal APIs.

    This webinar features:
    - The ways internal APIs can save big companies invaluable time and money
    - How to get buy-in for an API program at an enterprise, and how APIs can transform the company culture for the better
    - A real-life use case of how Comcast's API program allows the company to streamline its internal operations to keep it on the cutting edge of consumer media products
  • APIs: The Great Opportunity Beyond Mobile and the Open Enterprise
    Source: Mashery
    Webcast: Join Blake Dournaee, Senior Product Manager at Intel Services, and our guest speaker, Forrester Research Vice President and Principal Analyst, Randy Heffner, as they discuss key strategies for extending APIs within the enterprise while leveraging and enhancing key benefits of SOA technologies. While SOA and APIs are both service-based strategies, it's important to understand their similarities and nuanced differences when applying APIs internally and externally.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    - The value of evolving legacy architecture to support both internal and external API programs
    - How to apply the principles of API Management for scalability and simplicity of services and data for the Internet of Things
    - Strategies for reducing integration pain in the era of connected devices by leveraging hybrid API and SOA application architectures
  • How Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud Eliminates Risk
    Source: Interactive Intelligence
    Webcast: In this 90 minute web event, Dave Michaels, Principal Analyst, TalkingPointz and Tim Passios, Interactive Intelligence vice president of solutions marketing will discuss the total cost of ownership (TCO) debate between a premises and cloud - how "built-in" obsolescence can affect a premises-based purchase; what if your business model changes and you need to make a technology change; where are you if there is a significant downturn in the economy; what if your selected vendor doesn't keep up competitively?
  • Building Your Backup and Recovery Checklist
    Source: Dell Software
    Webcast: Join Greg Shields, Senior Partner at Concentrated Technology, and Ward Wolfram, Technical Marketing Engineer with Dell Data Protection, as they discuss reimagining the requirements checklist for data protection. Watch the webcast to learn all the expert insights.
  • Achieve continuous data protection with Dell AppAssure
    Source: Dell Software
    Webcast: Since moving to Dell AppAssure, the University of West Alabama has achieved a 100% success rate for recovering lost data. The university is also able to back up more data on less space, reducing disk space costs by 50%. How much can AppAssure save your company? Watch the video to find out.
  • Get end-to-end data protection with Dell AppAssure
    Source: Dell Software
    Webcast: Dell AppAssure provides end-to-end protection to ensure both data security and access. With inline deduplication and incremental backups, AppAssure targets new and changed data to reduce backup times and disk space needs. How can AppAssure optimize your data backups? Watch the video to find out.
  • Simplify data protection with Dell
    Source: Dell Software
    Webcast: Spend just two hours per week or less monitoring and managing your backups. NetVault Backup 10 enables you to back up petabytes worth of data across large and diverse environments from a single, intuitive console. How much time can NetVault Backup 10 save you? Watch the video to find out.
  • Vblock™ Specialized System for SAP HANA®
    Source: VCE
    Webcast: Deploy SAP HANA® fast and with low risk. VCE brings together all of the necessary components for SAP HANA® into a single, standardized converged infrastructure system to ensure maximum performance at scale even with high data volumes. The combination ensures SAP HANA® is deployed into production with the trusted predictable performance, one-stop customer support, and security that are consistently delivered across the entire Vblock Systems family and unmatched in the industry.
  • The Need for a New Approach to Provisioning
    Source: EMC
    Webcast: Lines of business are being asked to move faster and get access provisioned more quickly, yet organizations have to be more mindful of the risk around managing access, and still enterprises want a simpler, more lightweight approach to provisioning. Today's organizations are demanding a business-centric approach to provisioning.
  • The Current State of Identity and Access Management
    Source: EMC
    Webcast: A major shift has occurred with Identity and Access Management (IAM) in the past few years. Organizations have realized that the traditional approach to IAM doesn't work. It doesn't work because IT doesn't have the context to make the decisions around access. It's the lines of business that have the intelligence and business context to make decisions about Identity and Access Management.
  • Preventing Data Breaches with Data Access Governance
    Source: EMC
    Webcast: Discover how a real-life data access scenario is solved. Learn how to gain a clear picture of who has access to your data and avoid the risk of a data breach.
  • Building a Hybrid Cloud
    Source: Hitachi Data Systems
    Webcast: Cloud is a hot topic in IT, but so are the security and privacy issues surrounding it. How can IT take advantage of cloud, continue to run critical applications without significant transformation, and maintain visibility and control over data?

    Join Hitachi Data Systems' Peter Sjoberg, (VP & CTO) and Jeff Lundberg (Senior Product Marketing Manager) on September 30th at 2PM ET to learn how to make hybrid cloud a reality.

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