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  • Kung Fu Panda: Master of Data Security
    Source: TechData & HPE
    Webcast: How does DreamWorks Animation keep its data safe? Hear from Kung Fu Panda himself, Master Po Ping, the Global Chief Protection Officer of DreamWorks Animation. Po may be the "Master of Security", but he gets a little help from Hewlett Packard Enterprise to watch over DreamWorks' data kingdom, where hundreds of employees around the world share confidential digital files. "HPE security is something that is essential for us," says Jeffrey Katzenberg, DreamWorks CEO, "Not only in the process of making the film, but also as we bring those films out around the world."
  • IAM's Place in your Breach Prevention Strategy
    Source: Okta
    Webcast: In recent years data breaches have become a common occurrence. What's more surprising is how consistently these breaches occur. It's not just the usual suspects of phishing, social engineering and insider threats; weak and stolen passwords are the majority cause (81% of the time per Verizon's DBIR).

    There's no silver bullet for breach prevention, but there are excellent strategies to defend against today's threat actors. In this session, we'll unveil the findings of a research study from leading analyst firm IDG. You'll learn:

    • Challenges and priorities for IAM as a part of a breach prevention strategy
    • Threats they're most concerned about and the best way to defend against them
    • How they're identifying and responding to account compromise
  • The Data Dilemma: The Challenge of Managing Data in Enterprise IT
    Source: InterSystems
    Webcast: Live Date: Tuesday, August 08, 2017, 01:00 PM EDT

    As technology continues to transform business, organizations are facing a deluge of data. The "third platform" - a wave of data technologies ranging from mobile to cloud to the Internet of Things - threatens to strain infrastructure and rewrite the requirements for information management systems.

    Join this webinar to hear from IDC's Research Vice President of Data Management Software, Carl Olofson, and InterSystems Director, Partner Programs, Julie Locker for the latest survey data on how this challenge is viewed by more than 500 businesses around the globe. Learn how the third platform is affecting organization's strategy and ability to execute.
  • Demystifying the Kill Chain and How to Use Threat Intelligence to Better Protect
    Source: Level 3
    Webcast: New threats are emerging from a broad range of global threat actors. To fight back, you need threat intelligence across all seven levels of the Kill Chain. This webcast explores the best way to gain critical threat intelligence and how to apply it in a layered approach.
  • Microsoft Azure - The Cloud Platform for Digital Transformation
    Source: Connection
    Webcast: As organizations begin their digital transformation, one of the first steps along the path is to ensure that IT infrastructure can support this change. For many of these firms, adding the agility, efficiency, and speed of Microsoft Azure to support both current and next generation applications is the most effective way forward. This webinar will provide you with the specific capabilities that Azure can provide as the platform for your digital transformation. Connection is a widely respected provider of IT services and solutions with the expertise to help you chart the best course to becoming a digital organization utilizing Azure.
  • Moving Sucks: Making Secure Cloud Migration Painless
    Source: Armor Defense
    Webcast: The cloud is a key part of enterprise IT strategy, but migrating workloads to the cloud can be difficult. And security concerns plague many cloud deployments. To run an agile enterprise, you need to be able to conduct a cloud migration quickly, efficiently, and securely. In this webcast you will learn the importance of establishing a Center for Dynamic Transformation, and how to apply the Shared Responsibility Model to carry out a fast, cost-effective, and secure migration to cloud services.

    Featured Speakers:
    - Dan Mannion - VP of Partners and Alliances, Armor
    - Howard Friedman - VP of Business Innovation, Ascent Solutions LLCs
    - Stan Gibson - Contributing Editor, IDG Strategic Marketing Services
  • Replacing Industry-standard Run-book Automation with ignio
    Source: Digitate
    Webcast: Today, automation needs to be intelligent and adaptive, which is where AI comes in, enabling systems to think and act like experts, accommodate diversity, and deliver quick, sustainable value while automating knowledge work, rather than repetitive manual labor. Learn why robotic automation, with its elongated chain of Level 1, 2, 3 escalation and lack of scalability, are a recipe for costly delay under the extreme pressure of today's changing business operations.
  • Freeing IT from Constant Fire-fighting
    Source: Digitate
    Webcast: Why spend hours and days firefighting, accumulating downtime and putting SLAs at risk? Join us to learn how ignio can free you from the typical insanity cycle. ignio instantly self-learns then automatically finds, triages and resolves the root cause of a problem to assure maximum uptime for faster fixes and freedom from firefighting & finger-pointing. Watch this webinar to learn more.
  • Lighten Your Batch Jobs Burdens
    Source: Digitate
    Webcast: Batch jobs, with their massive volumes, diverse systems and technologies, noise and high complexity, are among the most fraught processes for IT professionals. Lack of visibility, false alerts, delays and outages can cause headaches at any time. Join Dr. Maitreya Natu, a Digitate lead scientist, in this webinar to learn more about an expert solution to help you address the most demanding Batch Jobs challenges.
  • 3 Ways to Leverage Colocation for Business Continuity Planning
    Source: Coresite
    Webcast: Business continuity is moving up the list of enterprise IT priorities, and there are more choices for aligning cloud models with business objectives. When you are evaluating a solution, you should bear three models in mind - classic, virtual and hybrid. In this video, we highlight the advantages of each.
  • Dell EMC Ready Solutions
    Source: Dell Inc
    Webcast: For many customers upgrading to SQL Server 2016, it is often a fork-lift endeavor. The Dell EMC Ready Bundle is designed to simply the implementation process. It is an expert-designed and validated data center solution based on the industry best practices. It delivers superior performance, exceptional scalability and faster time to value. Last but not least, cost saving for customers.
  • AWS Enterprise Data Protection Done Right with Dell EMC
    Source: Dell & AWS
    Webcast: Learn how Dell EMC is helping innovative enterprise companies, like DXC, to provide customers with comprehensive protection, no matter where their data lives. As a leading independent, end-to-end IT services and solutions company, DXC needed a solution that could offer the performance needed to meet strict data protection SLAs across both on-premises and on the AWS Cloud. Dell EMC's unique cloud optimized data protection architecture provided superior performance and scalability at the lowest total cost of ownership. Find out how you too can experience the benefits of Dell EMC data protection on the AWS cloud.

    When: August 30, 2017 | 11 am PDT/2 pm EDT
  • From Bare Metal to Public Cloud and Containers - 5 Best Practices for Monitoring Modern Infrastructures
    Source: EMA Analyst Research
    Webcast: Date / Time: Thursday, August 10 @ 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern

    Leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and CA Technologies are hosting a webinar that will outline the five most important best practices to monitor a hybrid infrastructure. Based on the latest EMA research, this webinar will provide key insights into monitoring hybrid stacks consisting of public cloud, container, hypervisor, hyperconverged and bare metal resources.
  • Four Dimensions of Performance Management Excellence for the Digital Era
    Source: Riverbed Technology
    Webcast: Modern businesses are powered by an increasingly complex and distributed assortment of apps, networks, systems, and services. As a result, IT organizations need performance management expertise to maximize business performance and enable successful cloud-first and digital transformation strategies.

    What do you need to become a performance management expert?

    Find out by joining Riverbed and analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group as we unveil some exciting new research, including a performance management maturity model that shows what behaviors contribute most to your success.
    • Explore the four dimensions of performance management maturity.
    • Hear from industry experts on best practices to advance your organization.
    • Gain CIO-level insights on Riverbed's own cultural transformation.
    • Learn how to assess your practices and receive actionable recommendations for improvement.

    • Edwin Yuen Enterprise Strategy Group Analyst
    • Rich Hillebrecht Riverbed CIO & CISO
    • Mason Coffman Riverbed Solutions Marketing Manager
  • The Power of Two: Network and Application Visibility are Better Together
    Source: Riverbed Technology
    Webcast: Visibility into the live mix of network and application activity being hosted and delivered by the IT infrastructure has always is a 'must-have' for many aspects of IT planning and operations. But the greatest value and impact is achieved when those two viewpoints are blended together into one unified view.

    This webcast reviews the primary challenges that IT teams face in establishing unified visibility, the key requirements that management solutions must meet to address those challenges, and examines a Riverbed solution that has been specifically designed to offer a path to success.

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