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  • Moving Collaboration to the Cloud: Now is the Time
    Source: IBM Corporation
    Webcast: The benefits of the cloud for your collaboration environment-scalability, reduced IT costs and complexity, and access to cloud services like IBM Verse-are considerable. But so are the questions:"Why should I consider leveraging the cloud?" "What best practices are available to ensure a successful transition?" "How would I get started?" "What if I'm not ready to move to the cloud yet?"

    Join experts from IBM and companies just like yours for a Live informative webinar on Thursday, May 28th at 10:00 AM EST, "Moving Collaboration to the Cloud: Now is the Time!"

    Attend this webinar to:

    - Learn how our cloud IBM Connections can help your organization deepen customer relationships, increase effectiveness, optimize workforces and reduce IT costs and complexity.
    - Listen to real-world success stories from IBM customers in Asia, Europe and North America describe their own business transitions to the cloud with IBM Connections, with lessons learned and results.
    - Hear expert guidance about how IBM and the IBM Business Partner community help to ensure a smooth transition.

    As an added bonus, see a short demo of IBM Verse- business email re imagined with a seamless array of social and mobile capabilities, delivered from the cloud. Register now!
  • Live Webcast: 6/15, Building Agile IT Operations with Unified IT and Network Infrastructure Management
    Source: CA Technologies
    Webcast: Live Webcast: 6/15 12PM EST
    Agility has never been more critical to success in the application economy. As businesses strive to serve customers amid rapidly changing conditions, the ability to monitor and manage applications and the underlying IT infrastructure, including servers, storage, database, cloud services and a burgeoning array of network devices, is essential.

    Join this webcast to learn:
    * What do agile IT operations demand of IT staff?
    * How unified visibility and architecture can spur agility across hybrid IT infrastructures
    * What are barriers to adoption?
    * What benefits have organizations achieved by adopting a unified approach?
  • Dell Ultra HD Monitor Connectors - Display Port vs. HDMI
    Source: Dell Inc.
    Webcast: Maximize the performance and user experience of Dell Ultra HD monitors. This instructional video explains how to choose the right monitor connector with details on the capabilities of Dell Display Port vs. HDMI.
  • Lose Yourself within the Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Monitor
    Source: Dell Inc.
    Webcast: Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Monitor performance is ahead of the curve. Discover one of the world's first 34 inch 21:9 curved monitors with a panoramic view, cinematic WQHD resolution and superb sound.
  • The Dell 55" Full HD Monitor: The Best Friend an Idea Ever Had
    Source: Dell Inc.
    Webcast: See the impact the Dell 55" HD monitor can have at your next meeting. With an expansive 55" HD anti-glare screen, better font optimization than TVs, consistent viewing from any angle, and a 3-year warranty, it's the ideal solution for small conference rooms.
  • Securing Application Delivery Networks: The Emergence of the Cloud DMZ
    Source: Soha Systems, Inc.
    Webcast: LIVE WEBCAST JUNE 16th 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT
    While yesterday's client-server architectures were easily protected by firewalls and "layered" security, today's highly distributed service-oriented architectures in hybrid cloud environments require Cloud DMZs for security. In this webinar, IDC analyst Pete Lindstrom discusses Cloud DMZs and how secure application delivery networks will evolve. Soha Senior Director of Product Marketing Robert Berlin will also share insights on today's cloud application and security landscape, and discuss how Soha's solution enables highly secure application delivery networks.
  • Lenovo Webcast: Because Your Mission is Always Critical
    Source: Lenovo
    Webcast: Your IT infrastructure is critical to the success of your business. You need hardware and software that is easy to deploy and manage and an infrastructure that can grow with you. Join us and hear from a customer how his team is able to make faster, better informed business decisions with Lenovo technology featuring Intel Xeon processors. Discover how the new Lenovo enterprise portfolio can help you:
    -Simplify and automate everyday IT tasks
    -Achieve new levels of performance
    -Maintain high availability with advanced RAS features
    -Gain long term investment protection for your IT infrastructure
    -Accelerate real-time analytics on SAP HANA
  • Advanced Analytics at Scale with IBM: Because Business Outcomes Matter
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: As the volume, variety and velocity of information increases, a larger burden is placed on organizations to distribute the right information, at the right time, to the people, processes and applications that rely on it to make better business decisions. But organizations are often challenged by a disjointed data environment and steep ramp-up periods that delay their ability to get to the outcomes they need.

    Join us for this informative webinar, where you'll learn how IBM BigInsights, IBM InfoSphere Streams and IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics can work together to help you:
    -Tap into new data sources, such as streaming and machine generated data.
    -Enjoy rapid response times without sacrificing analytical depth.
    -Extend the value of your existing systems and applications.
    -Get deeper insights and better outcomes from very large, highly variable data sets.

    Andrew Popp, Portfolio Marketing for Hadoop, IBM
    Mike McRoberts IBM Predictive Analytics Chief Architect
  • Video Spotlight: Mobile App Management Takes Center Stage in the Enterprise
    Source: Apperian
    Webcast: In this video interview Chris Silva, Sr. Research Director at Gartner, and Stephen Wheat, Chief Information Technology Architect at Emory Healthcare, discuss how organizations can utilize mobile application management to securely deliver mobile apps to 100% of targeted workers with a private, branded enterprise app store.
  • Breach Containment: Your Guide to Preparing for the Inevitable
    Source: CDW
    Webcast: Your datacenter is no doubt ripe with valuable data, a target for malcontents. That means you have to plan for the inevitable: a security breach. Tune into this webcast for an informative look at what it takes to minimize the impact of security breaches--from putting in the right controls to building the right strategy. It's a must see for any IT professional.
  • Application Modernization: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    Source: Dell Inc.
    Webcast: As every organization tries to reinvent itself as a customer-adaptive enterprise, the nimbleness to adapt to market changes and drive innovation around products and services is critical, but outdated and closed legacy application architectures act as a major barrier to agility.

    In this webcast, Ovum IT Services Analyst Hansa Iyengar and Cameron Jenkins, Global Practice Director - Application Modernization at Dell discuss the importance of re-architecting legacy applications and provide practical recommendations to address the challenges around migrating legacy architecture.
  • ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Tolly Group - How NetScaler outperforms F5
    Source: Citrix Systems
    Webcast: Get insights directly from the Tolly Group and Citrix on how the new NetScaler platforms:
    . Deliver up to 4.8x the performance of F5's BIG-IP in real-world testing scenarios
    . Provide more consistent performance as more features are enabled
    . Enable significantly better performance when scaling multi-tenant / multi-instance configurations
  • Jumpstart Solution Development with Content Navigator
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: View this webinar to watch how to build new applications and consolidate legacy applications with IBM Content Navigator.
  • How You Can Benefit From IT Operations Analytics
    Source: HP
    Webcast: IDC recently surveyed over 200 US IT Decision Makers for Enterprise Scale Organizations and reported that almost 60% expect to focus on delivering business innovation to increase revenues, margins, and new products, and just 10% expect to focus on maintenance and operations to manage costs and risks. In this session, hear from Tim Grieser Program Vice President, Enterprise Systems Management about the latest views from the CIOs on how they are using analytics in their IT operations.

    - Top 6 challenges for deploying analytics solution
    - Successful ITOA use cases
    - Most utilized data sources
    - Benefits gained from data
    - Top criteria used for solution evaluations

    In addition, learn how enterprise customers are using HP Operations Analytics to help them realize all the benefits from their data for IT operations.

    - Achieve troubleshooting ~70X faster
    - Use predictive analysis to prevent issues
    - Leveraging IT data for business insights
    - Use for long term data store and trend analysis

    Register here.
  • Do You Know Where Your Next Cyber Security Threat is Likely to Come From? Your Employees. Not From Outside.
    Source: Zscaler
    Webcast: The biggest threat to an organization's cyber security isn't malware, phishing scams or even hackers -- it is its employees. According to Gartner Inc., "people continue to be the weakest link in the security chain, as criminal social engineering ploys reach new levels of deviousness."

    A survey conducted by Forrester Research also indicated that 36% of breaches stem from an inadvertent misuse of data by employees. The issue is 3 fold:
    - The proliferation of IT resources, devices, applications, services, websites, coupled with the explosion of threat attacks.
    - IT departments have lost visibility and are no longer in control of the corporate network.
    - Outdated technology -- focusing on, "what's coming in," instead of "what's going on within the company."

    Join Dr. Amit Sinha, Executive Vice President of Engineering and Cloud Operations, Chief Technology Officer, Zscaler, Inc., for a compelling webcast that will address how to protect your employees against your next cyber security threat. This webcast will also tackle key causes for major security attacks:
    - Naive and disgruntled end-users
    - The disappearance of the corporate perimeter
    - Mobile devices becoming ideal entry points
    - Lack of layered defenses

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