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  • DevOps with PureApplication System: Reduce cost and speed delivery with an integrated IBM Cloud solution
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: Clients are working to address the challenges of today's complexities and get to market faster with a quality products, services and applications. Many are embracing the principles of DevOps to accelerate the software delivery lifecycle. DevOps includes a range of capabilities that stretch from project initiation and requirements through managing and optimizing applications in production.

    Expert integrated systems allows clients to accelerate DevOps adoption and provides benefits for all key stakeholders in the software delivery lifecycle: Development, Test, IT Operations and the lines of business requesting new products and services. Join this webcast to hear what ING Netherlands has been able to achieve while deploying DevOps tools from IBM Rational on IBM's market leading Expert Integrated System , PureApplication System. Mark Willemse, an ING executive, will walk through the transformation the company went through and what immediate benefits they have achieved. Senior Technology Architect, Joe Wigglesworth, from IBM will also speak and discuss why the combined value of these two technologies is a winning solution.
  • Accelerate your innovation with IBM Bluemix™
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: Join us for a webcast introducing the new IBM BluemixTM. IBM Bluemix ( is a developer oriented Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment that is based on the Cloud Foundry open source project. It provides you easy access to a rich library of IBM, 3rd party and open source runtimes, services and APIs. Learn about how other developers are using IBM Bluemix to go quickly from coding with confidence to deploying with enterprise class services and scale.

    During this webcast, you'll learn:
    * IBM's cloud strategy and the purpose of IBM Bluemix
    * How developers can benefit from IBM Bluemix
    * What makes IBM Bluemix different
    * How business partners can take advantage of IBM Bluemix


    Christopher Ferris
    IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO for Cloud Interoperability

    Nathan Vega
    Developer Engagement, IBM Bluemix

    Sanjay Joshi
    Project Manager, jStart Cloud
  • Don't Believe the Hype: Not All Containers are Created Equal
    Source: Good Technology
    Webcast: Tired of the containerization hype? Listen in as Good Technology separates fact from fiction. Hear executives discuss the 3 C's of Secure Mobility-content, credentials, and configurations-and learn the inherent security risks to your organization of using MDM as the foundation for mobile security.
  • One Storefront to Rule Them All
    Source: RES Software
    Webcast: Take the load off managing mobile users with IT service request and delivery across all platforms!

    Give your users the on-demand, enterprise app store experience they want without sacrificing the security and control your enterprise needs.
  • Business-driven data protection
    Source: CA Technologies
    Webcast: Data protection infrastructures are just like an onion - layers that you peel and make you cry! That's the heritage of year and years of focusing on backup, often on the basis of knee-jerk reactions to data unavailability events, or disasters. Never was data protection conceived as an integral part of core of businesses. Think about it - most organizations are not in the business of backing up data. Setting up data protection infrastructures with your organizations' core mission or business in mind is key. In this webinar, the ARCserve team will offer insights and solutions to make data protection a strategic component of your business.
  • Introducing Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery From VMware
    Source: VMware
    Webcast: Cost-effectively protect your business applications in the case of a local disaster or disruptive event. VMware is excited to introduce vCloud Hybrid Service - Disaster Recovery, a recovery-as-a-service (RaaS) offering built on VMware vSphere. The service offers a simple, automated process for replicating and recovering critical applications and data in a warm standby environment. Join us for this webinar and learn how this service can help ensure your business applications are safeguarded and operational disruption is kept as a minimum.

    Attend this webcast to:

    Learn more about the service and what it includes
    Find out about key features, including self-service protection, automated failover testing, planned migrations and recovery
    Hear about common DR use cases that are a good fit for the solution
  • Expert Panel: Enterprise Mobility and Data Loss Prevention
    Source: Box
    Webcast: When it comes to enterprise mobility, it's not just about devices, it's about the way people work. Hear this expert panel discuss the fundamentals of mobile content management. With an emphasis on preventing data loss, you'll hear how to:
    - Tackle the top mobile attack vectors
    - Secure unprotected networks
    - Prevent user data leakage
    - Deploy effective mobile collaboration
    - Integrate applications with Salesforce
  • Managing a Mobile Workforce
    Source: AT&T
    Webcast: Learn how this biotechnology company used a mobile device management solution to help secure data accessed by over 125 employees globally.
  • IBM Cloud SaaS solutions: Enabling IT innovation
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: SaaS puts the customer in the driver seat -- and that's the way it should be. Companies become more agile through cloud and SaaS solutions, able to react quickly to customer demands and changes in the marketplace. Companies employing SaaS solutions are also quick to learn it's a very cost-effective strategy. With SaaS solutions on IBM Cloud, companies receive a flexible platform for fast implementation through a cost-effective approach. And since this means decision-makers are no longer reliant on dated IT delivery cycles, it's no wonder that companies everywhere are looking to the cloud.
  • SafeGuard World International Collaborates in the IBM Cloud
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: Cynthia Foster, Vice President of Organizational Excellence at SafeGuard World International, describes how SafeGuard is using an integrated IBM and Trilog Group SaaS solution to easily share and collaborate with people both inside and outside of their organization and to rapidly scale and deploy their infrastructure in response to the company's high growth.
  • Brunswick Moves Messaging and Collaboration to the IBM cloud
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: Gerry Orten, Jr, Electronic Messaging Manager at Brunswick talks about why Brunswick moved to the IBM cloud.
  • Princess Cruises collaborates across the globe in the IBM cloud
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: Norm Ayers, Director of Emergency Response and Social Projects at Princess Cruises explains how IBM and the Cloud helped the company rapidly scale its infrastructure and respond to the growing need to collaborate across their globally diverse enterprise.
  • IBM Global SaaS Study Video
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: This video introduces the IBM Global SaaS study conducted by the Center for Applied Insights. The study reveals how companies are using Software as a Service for better decision making, increased collaboration, and market-focused agility.
  • Deep Dive into Advanced Networking and Security with Hybrid Cloud
    Source: VMware
    Webcast: Security and networking are among the top concerns when moving workloads to the cloud. VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service™, built on a virtualized network, enables you to extend your data center to the cloud using the same security policies and networking topology that you have in your onsite VMware vSphere® data center. Join us for this technical webinar and get a deep dive into advanced networking and security constructs for vCloud Hybrid Service, including complex networks, load balancing, DHCP services, and IP address schemas.

    Attend this webinar and learn about:

    *Best practices for building a network foundation for hybrid cloud

    *Deploying a complex 3-tier Web application in a hybrid cloud environment

    *Applying advanced application security configurations

    Who Should Attend: Infrastructure, Cloud, Security and Network Architects and Managers
  • Secure Mobility in 2014
    Source: Good Technology
    Webcast: Smartphones and tablets are replacing desktops as standard equipment, and app stores are taking over the world. But are businesses really capitalizing on the value mobility offers? Many companies are limiting access to corporate systems from mobile devices due to concerns around security, user experience and IT complexity. However, by actively embracing mobility, companies can unleash enormous potential in productivity, customer experience and the re-invention of legacy processes for the mobile world.

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