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  • 6 IT Considerations to Prevent Costly Data Center Mechanical System Failure
    Source: Siemens
    Webcast: If you think that power failures are the only reason costing your business money because of data center downtime-think again. Data center mechanical system reliability is critical to maintaining data center uptime. If mechanical systems fail, massive data center heat is generated causing IT systems damage or downtime, and the results could cost your business millions.

    Join us during this Webcast and find out how you can prevent IT system failure with a proper data center mechanical services approach. Learn what 6 IT considerations you should take for the necessary approach to maintain efficient data center cooling and avoid costly disruption.
  • Accelerating Digital IT Transformation with Secure Cloud
    Source: Unisys
    Webcast: Digital disruption is changing the nature of business; from how, what type and where services are made available and what it takes to develop, launch and maintain high service availability.

    Use of the cloud is part of everyone's plans; from private, to public, to hybrid. And while basic adoption remains high, full adoption is not there as some underlying security, support and management issues remain.

    How do you completely migrate to the cloud with a zero trust security strategy and deep visibility of your service portfolio? Are you cloud ready? Do you have the right information, architecture, team and insight to completely run your business in the cloud?

    Join Unisys VP of Cloud and Infrastructure services Allen McMichael and Global Director of Service Management Andrew Harsch as they discuss the current issues clients are facing and how you can transform your existing legacy landscape to a secure software defined enterprise with the use of secure cloud to better react, support and innovate to become a more digital IT operation.
  • Secrets to a Simpler Security Incident Response
    Source: Rsam
    Webcast: Most enterprises think security incident response is getting tougher every day. While the daily volume of events is exploding, security programs are typically fragmented, federated and uncoordinated. In this 20-minute webinar, Bryan Timmerman, CISO at Rsam, shares his secrets for building a Security Incident Response (SIRP) Platform that centralizes and consolidates data to empower a coordinated response.
  • Webcast: Database Appliances for Every Organization
    Source: Oracle Corporation
    Webcast: Listen as Oracle Executive Vice President of Converged Infrastructure Dave Donatelli announces the expansion of the Oracle Database Appliance portfolio, and explains how Oracle can provide organizations with a pathway to the cloud. Discover how your organization can reduce database complexity, simplify database administration, and better control costs.
  • Engineered for the Cloud
    Source: Oracle Corporation
    Webcast: Oracle SPARC systems are engineered for the cloud and provide customers with effortless security, breakthrough efficiency, and straightforward simplicity. SPARC delivers complete enterprise cloud services and on-premise compute solutions.
  • Secure and Efficient Infrastructure for Scale-Out and Cloud
    Source: Oracle Corporation
    Webcast: Learn how to create cloud infrastructure that's secure by default and has better core efficiency for Java, database, and big data. Oracle's servers offer hardware acceleration of data analytics and machine learning, with 10X better time-to-insight.
  • The Most Advanced Systems for Cloud and Scale-out: SPARC S7
    Source: Oracle Corporation
    Webcast: Hear Masood Heydari, SVP of SPARC Engineering, discuss details of Oracle's servers designed for cloud and scale-out, which provide security by default, better core efficiency for cloud apps, and accelerate data analytics at X86 commodity cost points.
  • Why IT Needs to Get Great at Managing Change
    Source: Puppet
    Webcast: In this webinar we discuss automation in the context of the larger industry change. While we've come a long way in the last ten years, we still have a long way to go as it applies to how software is built and delivered. Join us in a discussion around the implications of the ever-increasing complexity and compounding speed of change, especially as it relates to user expectations, IT behavior, and tool evolution.
  • How to Connect your Private and Public Clouds
    Source: Coresite
    Webcast: Building a hybrid cloud solution is not easy. Watch the whiteboard demo to learn how colocation allows you to access all of your providers in a single location in order to reduce costs and improve performance.
  • The True Security Risks of IaaS: Don't Worry About The Wrong Things
    Source: CloudPassage
    Webcast: As more organizations are moving their applications to be hosted with various Infrastructure as a Service providers, security teams have a whole new list of security concerns. But are those worries warranted? Should the perceived loss of control be at the top of things to worry about?

    Join this webinar featuring Sami Laine, Principal Technologist for CloudPassage and James Hilliard, as they discuss:
    *Real life data on what your peers are worried about
    *Top security worries that really shouldn't be any cause for concern
    * Areas to focus resources and prioritize to minimize risk
  • Critical Capabilities for Application Performance Monitoring
    Source: AppDynamics
    Webcast: It's imperative to find the right APM solution to support enterprise digital transformation initiatives - one that is fully integrated and delivers on the key capabilities businesses need to succeed.
    In its recent report, "Critical Capabilities for Application Performance Monitoring," Gartner presents the results of its evaluation of 15 APM suites and their critical capabilities. Join the Gartner APM Analyst Will Cappelli and AppDynamics' Vice President of Market Development and Insights Jonah Kowall as they discuss the report in depth.
    In this webinar you will learn:
    - Current APM market trends
    - What the future of APM looks like
    - Why these five critical use cases were chosen
    - How the major APM vendors rank in each use case
  • 4 Forces Driving Digital IT Disruption in Life Sciences
    Source: Unisys
    Webcast: Digital disruption is affecting all industries and the life science and overall healthcare arena is no exception. From ongoing M&A activity to new startups to changes to the digital IT fabric that organizations need to develop, support and launch new products, digital is affecting all areas of the business and of the core IT necessary to support the people and products that drive the business.

    Join Senior Global Director for Unisys Life Sciences Jeff Livingstone, PhD and Alan Connolly, Senior Client Advisor from Unisys as they discuss these global macro forces of change and the changes required by IT leaders to not only adapt but to also thrive in this new world.
  • Introducing Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN
    Source: Citrix Systems
    Webcast: Watch this overview of how Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN allow enterprises to use commodity broadband to build a hybrid WAN that lowers costs while improving application reliability and performance for mobile, remote, and branch users.
  • Danish Ministry of AgriFish​ Customer Case Study
    Source: Citrix Systems
    Webcast: The Danish agency that supervises agriculture and fisheries uses NetScaler SD-WAN to maintain reliable connectivity for ships at sea. Using this solution from Citrix, users to not have to struggle to stay connected and can focus on their inspection tasks and not their network. View now.
  • The Watershed Case Study
    Source: Citrix Systems
    Webcast: Learn how The Watershed uses the Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN solution to create a reliable hybrid WAN using commercial-grade broadband service with 4G LTE and Metro Ethernet services. With a full Citrix XenDesktop environment, The Watershed can now ensure its network is always up and running.

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