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  • Security Innovations in the Cloud
    Source: Amazon Web Services
    Webcast: Wednesday, October 19, 2016 1:00:00 PM EDT - 2:00:00 PM EDT
    In dynamic cloud environments, many organizations have a need to implement a unified threat management solution that enhances visibility across their workloads. Learn how REAN Cloud adopted Sophos Unified Threat Management (UTM) for increased simplicity, visibility, and security of their AWS workloads. Sophos is an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network that provides a reliable, unified security solution capable of scaling to meet the agility and speed of the AWS Cloud. Join the upcoming webinar to hear Ben Butler from REAN Cloud, Bill Prout from Sophos, and Nick Matthews from AWS discuss security innovations on the AWS Cloud.

    Join us to learn:
    *Why Sophos end user REAN Cloud trusts Sophos UTM for simplicity, visibility and security.
    *How easy it can be to protect your AWS workloads, with a proven and scalable solution designed for the AWS Cloud.
    *AWS security innovations, including support across multiple Availability Zones and UTM Auto Scaling.
  • Bot Management Across Your Business
    Source: Akamai Technologies
    Webcast: Before you can apply a bot management solution, you have to understand the security and performance problems they cause in different areas of your organization. This video explains the crucial first step to bot management: discovering the differing solution requirements of the varied stakeholders affected by bot traffic.
  • Real-time Visibility at Scale
    Source: Amazon Web Services
    Webcast: Legacy monitoring and troubleshooting tools can limit visibility and control over your infrastructure and applications. Organizations must find monitoring and troubleshooting tools that can scale with the volume, variety and velocity of data generated by today's complex applications in order to keep pace with business demands. Our upcoming webinar will discuss how Sumo Logic helped Scripps Networks harness cloud-native machine data analytics to improve application quality and reliability on AWS. Sumo Logic allows IT operations teams to visualize and monitor workloads in real-time, identify issues and expedite root-cause analysis across the AWS environment.

    Join us to learn:
    *How to migrate from traditional on-premises data centers to AWS with confidence
    *How to improve the monitoring and troubleshooting of modern applications
    *How Scripps Networks, a leading content developer, used Sumo Logic to optimize their transition to AWS
  • Develop a Custom Data Solution Architecture
    Source: Amazon Web Services
    Webcast: Live Event Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2016 1:00:00 PM EDT - 2:00:00 PM EDT

    Register with AWS to learn how Eliza Corporation and Scholastic overcame this challenge by leveraging a Data Lake solution from NorthBay on AWS to optimize data analytics and provide greater visibility. You will learn best practices for using a Data Lake in conjunction with your existing data warehouse, the key aspects of introducing agile and scrum methodologies into an enterprise, the most impactful cost-savings levers that are addressed via a cloud data warehouse migration, and more!
  • Streamline Identity Management & Administration on AWS
    Source: Amazon Web Services
    Webcast: Thursday, October 20, 2016 1:00:00 PM EDT - 2:00:00 PM EDT
    Legacy on-premises identity and access management (IAM) solutions can slow your organization's efficiency by forcing employees to focus on administrative tasks rather than business needs. Your organization can benefit from a tool to streamline IAM on AWS that securely connects users and ensures appropriate access to resources.

    Okta is an integrated identity and mobility management service. Learn through customer use cases how Okta has helped various organizations connect employees to the cloud by leveraging services such as AWS Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) and logging services like AWS CloudTrail. Register now for upcoming webinar to learn how Okta can enable your organization to simplify the way employees connect, while increasing efficiency and keeping your IT environments secure.

    Join us to learn:
    *Best practices for overcoming IAM challenges in the cloud, such as accessing multiple applications across multiple domains and securing your mobile workforce
    *How to authenticate, manage, and secure your users' access to the AWS Cloud more easily with Okta on AWS
    *How to streamline identity management and the associated administrative tasks
  • A Data Culture with Embedded Analytics in Action
    Source: Amazon Web Services
    Webcast: Data-driven companies have a need to make their data easily accessible to those who analyze it. Many organizations have adopted the Looker application, LookML on AWS, a centralized analytical database with a user-friendly interface that allows employees to ask and answer their own questions to make informed business decisions. Join our webinar to learn how our customer, Casper, an online mattress retailer, made the switch from a transactional database to Looker's data analytics program on Amazon Redshift. Looker on Amazon Redshift can help you greatly reduce your analytics lifecycle with a simplified infrastructure and rapid cloud scaling.

    Join us to learn:
    *How to utilize LookML to build reusable definitions and logic for your data
    *Best practices for architecting a centralized analytical database
    *How Casper leveraged Looker and Amazon Redshift to provide all their employees access to their data and metrics
  • Protecting your Organization from Insider Threats
    Source: IBM Corporation
    Webcast: Whether inadvertent, or intentional, insider threats can do serious harm to your organization, your customers, and your bottom line. In many cases, however, they can be prevented or disrupted, before that harm occurs. Join this webinar to learn how management and technology can help prevent, identify and disrupt the insider threats that are already festering behind your security system.
  • Big Data on The Move: IoT and Connected Vehicles
    Source: SAS Institute Inc
    Webcast: Using big data to gain insights about your business and your customers is becoming more common these days. But using big data to create actionable insights from how trucks perform under a variety of weather conditions, to spotting engine troubles well before the vehicles break down? Navistar, a leading manufacturer of commercial trucks, buses, defense vehicles and engines, is using big data analytics to help its trucks run like well-oiled machines. In fact, its OnCommand Connection remote diagnostics system builds 20 million records a day, measuring fuel economy, geolocations, idle times and potential failures, and recommends corrective measures. That's big data on the move. Join us for an engaging discussion with an emerging technology and data science expert as they explore the IoT and connected vehicles.
  • A Tale of Two Pipelines: To DevOps or Not to DevOps
    Source: dynatrace
    Webcast: Trying to move to a DevOps methodology, or improve your current DevOps methods? Need to increase innovation and the speed of your software delivery pipeline?

    In this on-demand webcast, Brett Hofer, Global DevOps Practice Lead at Dynatrace, will show you how. He's led large-scale enterprise DevOps adoption projects at top organizations worldwide. Now he'll give you a tour of two pipelines from his years in the field to illustrate how you can incorporate DevOps practices and rapid innovation into your everyday activities.
  • Ways to Improve Customer Expereince Webinar Featuring Forrester
    Source: IBM Corporation
    Webcast: As digital transformation accelerates, the opportunity to engage customers digitally has never been greater - but so has the threat of not delivering great customer experiences. In order for customer insights professionals to compete, the use of customer understanding to optimize experiences at scale must be at the heart of all digital transformation initiatives. Digital intelligence provides a vision and approach that captures a holistic view of the customer in order to optimize digital interactions, engagements, and experiences. During his talk James McCormick will describe the vision and need for digital intelligence; the approach needed to make it a strategic initiative, and ultimately, how it will provide a competitive advantage.
  • Protect Your Business From Ransomware with Kaspersky Lab's Multi-Layered Protection
    Source: Kaspersky Lab
    Webcast: Ransomware is a form of digital extortion that brings many organizations to their knees. With their data encrypted or systems locked up, companies are at a loss to contain the damage, while every minute that goes by means lost business. But there is hope. Kaspersky Lab's multi-layered system of defense provides protection against ransomware by discerning suspicious patterns, blocking malware and rolling back any harmful actions. Take a look at our video to find out how.
  • Putting Your Stranded Server Resources to Work and Increasing Utilization
    Source: Jisto
    Webcast: Current workload management approaches leave servers only 10-20% utilized, meaning that 80-90% of your computing resources, whether on-premises or in the cloud, are going to waste. Learn how to get much more out of your existing computing infrastructure by running more of your computing applications on what would otherwise be the unused server capacity, without downtime or compromised performance. Without modifications to your infrastructure or applications, you can run many more applications of any type, including analytics, forecasting, simulations, statistics, imaging, etc., on your underutilized server capacity. This webinar will explain how you can improve that by 2-3x without additional hardware costs, giving you access to a huge amount of additional computing capacity to run additional applications.
  • Taking Control: New Threats Call for Comprehensive Cyber Risk Management
    Source: RiskSense, Inc
    Webcast: Security is a top priority for nearly every organization, and most organizations work hard to keep critical data safe. But threats are changing and too often, the best defensive efforts are falling short. There is simply too much information -- both internal and external -- for security professionals to keep up. In this webcast, renown cyber security expert Dr. Srinivas Mukkamala will outline the challenges posed by today's dynamic threat landscape and explore how companies can operationalize their cyber risk management practices and implement a pro-active, rather than reactive, approach to cyber risk detection, prevention, and response.
  • On Demand Webcast: Analytics Power the Golden Age of Customer Experience
    Source: CA Technologies
    Webcast: Across industries, investments in Digital Transformation initiatives are growing because they can unlock additional revenue opportunities, open new businesses and dramatically improve connections with customers. The missing ingredient with many Digital Transformations is how to measure success. How does your business or IT team know if these projects yield returns? While everyone wants every customer experience to be the best it can be but the reality is that you can't manage what you can't measure. To successfully deliver a five star customer experience you need to understand the complete buyer's journey across all digital channels with insights into user behavior and application performance. The good news is many companies have mastered these practices. View this exclusive online Digital Transformation Summit that showcases the approaches that revolutionize customer experiences. The 90 minute video was made from CNN studios and features IT and business leaders from CNN and Frost Bank. Don't miss this great chance to learn how real world IT leaders optimize their customer's digital experiences with CA App Experience Analytics.

    During the seminar you will learn:
    - How leading enterprises optimize customer experiences through their digital transformation efforts.
    - Why analytics is needed to drive business outcomes.
    - How to become a data driven DevOps organization.
  • IT Service Management and the Digital Transformation
    Source: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Webcast: Join us to discuss how social, mobile, cloud, and big data are impacting IT service management (ITSM), the service desk, and employee self-service in particular. These four topics (social, mobile, cloud, and big data) are regularly identified as the anchor points of the broad digital transformation underway. Whole industries have been built upon each of these, and in this webinar we'll "chat" about how they are effecting the delivery and support of IT and non IT services.

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