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  • Beyond the Hype. Real-world Testing of APT Solutions
    Source: Fortinet
    Webcast: This Fortinet webcast shares the NSS Labs findings from their group test results, including who's recommended and who isn't.
  • How to Detect the Heartbleed Vulnerability
    Source: AlienVault
    Webcast: Learn how to detect the Heartbleed vulnerability in your environment, get alerted of attack attempts & investigate successful exploits.
  • How to Limit the Risk of Attack on your XP Assets
    Source: AlienVault
    Webcast: Learn what attack vectors to watch out for, warning signs that could signal an attack and immediate steps you can take to limit your risk.
  • Building Tomorrow's Infrastructure
    Source: PC Connection | Cisco | Intel®
    Webcast: Listen to this podcast to discover how Crider Foods worked with PC Connection to update their IT infrastructure, while maintaining compliance and control. PC Connection's experts helped Crider deploy Cisco UCS with Intel® Xeon® processors as part of their total data center overhaul.

    Intel®, the Intel logo, Xeon®, and Xeon Inside are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.
  • Gigabit Speed Wireless Networks with 802.11ac
    Source: Aerohive
    Webcast: With the development of 802.11ac, WLANs surpass the gigabit speed barrier. Watch this webinar recording featuring author of "802.11ac: A Survival Guide" (O'Reily), Matthew Gast, for a discussion on 802.11ac and why it's posed to become the 802.11 standard of choice and how to incorporate it into your network plans.
  • Keep Servers Up and Running and Attackers in the Dark
    Source: F5 Networks
    Webcast: An SSL/TLS handshake requires at least 10 times more processing power on a server than on the client. SSL renegotiation attacks can readily take advantage of the asymmetric workload. Attackers request a connection and then renegotiate the SSL connection repeatedly to max out the server's CPU. The result: No legitimate users can connect. However you can easily mitigate these attacks. Watch this video to learn how you can continue to process valid user requests and keep attackers in the dark.
  • Enhance Your Virtualization Infrastructure With IBM and Vmware
    Source: VMware | IBM
    Webcast: Date: Wednesday, May 14, 2014, 1:00 PM EDT

    Using virtualization for your x86 server infrastructure has become commonplace. Virtualization technology is now expanding beyond the server compute elements to encompass networking and storage aspects as well. IBM x86/PureFlex and VMware have been working closely to help drive better business value from your virtualization projects and delivering technologies to help manage your infrastructure. Attend this webcast and see how IBM and VMware can help you be more responsive to your business requirements.
  • Will the Real Endpoint Threat Detection and Response Please Stand Up?
    Source: Cisco Systems
    Webcast: This webinar will explore new technologies and process for protecting endpoints from advanced attackers and how innovations like continuous data collection combined with big data analytics are pushing the envelope for what security teams can do during and after an advanced attacker puts them in their sights.
  • Six Steps to SIEM Success
    Source: AlienVault
    Webcast: In this webinar, we cover the six key steps every IT practitioner should take to go from installation to insight as quickly as possible with a SIEM solution. You'll learn how to leverage SIEM event correlation to aggregate, correlate and analyze all of the security-relevant log data in your environment so you can:
    - Detect threats (known and emerging)
    - Identify vulnerabilities
    - Accelerate incident response
    - Identify policy violations
    - Simplify compliance management
  • PCI DSS v3.0: How to Adapt your Compliance Strategy
    Source: AlienVault
    Webcast: With version 3.0 of PCI DSS now available, it's time to review your compliance strategy and make a plan for adapting to the revised requirements. While the 12 main requirements remain the same, there are significant changes related to malware defenses, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. During this 1-hour session, you'll learn:
    - What's new in PCI DSS version 3.0
    - Key considerations for adapting your compliance strategy
    - Technology recommendations for addressing new compliance requirements
    - How other companies have simplified PCI DSS compliance
  • Get Real-time Threat Detection Starting on Day 1 with AlienVault USM
    Source: AlienVault
    Webcast: AlienVault Unified Security Management™ (USM) integrates SIEM/event correlation with built-in tools for intrusion detection, asset discovery, vulnerability assessment and behavioral monitoring to give you a unified, real-time view of threats in your environment.

    Watch our recorded demo to see how USM makes it easy to accomplish these key tasks:
    - Discover all IP-enabled assets on your network
    - Identify vulnerabilities like unpatched software or insecure configurations
    - Detect network scans and malware like botnets, trojans & rootkits
    - Speed incident response with built-in remediation guidance for every alert
    - Generate accurate compliance reports for PCI DSS, HIPAA and more
  • How to Leverage Log Data for Effective Threat Detection
    Source: AlienVault
    Webcast: Event logs provide valuable information to troubleshoot operational errors, and investigate potential security exposures. They are literally the bread crumbs of the IT world. As a result, a commonly-used approach is to collect logs from everything connected to the network "just in case" without thinking about what data is actually useful. But, as you're likely aware, the "collect everything" approach can actually make threat detection and incident response more difficult as you wade through massive amounts of irrelevant data. Join us for this session to learn practical strategies for defining what you actually need to collect (and why) to help you improve threat detection and incident response, and satisfy compliance requirements.
  • How to Detect SQL Injection & XSS Attacks using SIEM Event Correlation
    Source: AlienVault
    Webcast: Two of the oldest and most common attacks used against web applications, SQL injection attacks and cross-site scripting attacks (XSS), continue to impact thousands of websites and millions of users each year. Finding these exposures quickly is essential in order to prevent system compromise and avoid information leakage. SIEM solutions can be invaluable in this effort by collecting and correlating the data you need to identify patterns that signal an attack.
  • Transforming Finance, Procurement and Supply Chain Effectiveness with Cross-Functional Analytics
    Source: Oracle
    Webcast: Date: May 6th, 2014
    Time: 1 PM EDT

    To succeed in today's information-driven age, line-of-business managers need to access, interpret, and take action instantly on data that goes beyond their specific functional areas. However, many businesses are failing to meet that need because analytical teams and tools are typically deployed in silos and are disconnected partially or wholly from the rest of the enterprise. Attend this Webcast to find out how Oracle's packaged analytic applications enable line-of-business managers examine all their business concerns - irrespective of which departments the issues arise from - to improve processes such as cash flow management, procure- to-pay, supply chain and order management using out-of-the-box best practice metrics. You will also learn how Interactive Data, a leading global provider of financial market data, gained efficiencies across numerous global operations with Oracle Business Intelligence Applications.
  • Cloud Knowledge Vault
    Source: HP and Intel®
    Webcast: According to market research, 59 percent of enterprises are still identifying IT operations that are candidates for cloud hosting. Learn how your organization can benefit from the scalability, flexibility, and performance that the cloud offers through the short videos and other resources in this HP & Intel® Cloud Knowledge Vault. Your one-stop for cloud computing gives advice and tips on the best strategy for moving to the cloud, how to determine which cloud is best for your organization, how to overcome cloud security challenges, and more.

    Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel® Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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