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  • Smarter Talent Acquisition
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: What if you could always hire like your best? The best talent expect great experiences.
  • E-Signatures and the End of Paper - The Lead Story for Digital Transformation
    Source: Silanis
    Webcast: The race to digitize the enterprise is on and paper is an area that slows down any business process. Digital Transaction Management (DTM) is all about making document processes fully digital, including the last mile - the e-signature. In this webinar with Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst of Aragon Research, you will learn the key trends in DTM and what it takes to make your high value document processes fully digital in your core enterprise systems. Key topics to include:

    - How DTM applications and technologies are evolving
    - The value of digitally managing transactions in your Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration systems
    - Getting started with e-signatures in your organization

    Join this Live Webcast on 10/28 to learn more.
  • Changing the Talent Game: Find and Keep More Rock Stars on Your Team with Analytics
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: With top performing talent in high demand, HR leaders need to change how they recruit, engage, develop, and retain people in order to optimize business results. Recent advances in the technology and application of talent analytics provide a key strategy that all HR leaders need to add to their HR toolbox.

    Rather than relying on gut feel, talent analytics can predict the candidates who are best fit for an organization's culture and for the unique demands of high value roles. They can help predict the optimal retention strategies to employ with top talent at risk of leaving, and identify who those high risk employees are. With the use of talent analytics, HR can also help analyze social chatter so that organizations can be in tune with changing employee sentiment in real time, and devise strategies to improve it.

    Hear a panel of HR leaders engage in a conversation about how they are using predictive and prescriptive analytics applied to talent to drive better business results. Join us to explore how you can be more effective in designing pilots, demonstrating the ROI for talent analytics, and translating talent data into talent insight.
  • vGPU technology from Dell, VMware and NVIDIA: Examples from the Real World
    Source: Dell VMware Nividia
    Webcast: In today's digital, anytime, anywhere world, graphics matter. Whether users need a video to play smoothly, or need a full-featured design workstation, IT needs to make it happen. In this webinar, you'll learn how two IT leaders turned to a solution from Dell, Vmware and Nvidia for secure, fast and manageable accelerated graphics, anywhere, anytime.
  • The Untapped IT Strategy
    Source: Intuit QuickBase
    Webcast: Unleashing Citizen Development

    Historically, Citizen Development has been broadly used to describe the value of non-IT employees within business application development. Gartner recently found that, "by 2020 at least 70% of large enterprises will have established successful Citizen Development policies, up from 20% in 2010."

    To date, most IT leaders have focused more on the risk of Citizen Development than on the tremendous value it could bring to their organization. That is because, until now, there have been few definitive authorities on Citizen Development, who could demonstrate its ROI potential to IT leaders.

    Request the on-demand recording and presentation for this webinar to hear Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer of Adjuvi, LLC,and a QuickBase Platform Evangelist discuss the findings from the first in-depth poll on Citizen Development and outline the definitive framework for how IT leaders can maximize the value of Citizen Developers.

    Watch this webinar and discover:

    Quantifiable metrics to assess your Citizen Development opportunity and risk
    Definitive guide on how IT can maximize Citizen Development for business application development
    Real world examples of how this strategy has transformed organizations like yours

    With the hard hitting figures and frameworks presented in this webinar, you'll be able to drive the application development outcomes you desire and eliminate your IT backlog.
  • Accelerated Graphics in VDI
    Source: Dell VMware NVIDIA
    Webcast: The speakers in this webcast will discuss the groundbreaking changes impacting accelerated graphics in the desktop virtualization market. How is the market changing? What are the speakers hearing from their customers? They will discuss the role of hyper converged infrastructure and changing virtualization. Given these market trends, what is it about the approach that leverages technology from three market leaders and changes the game for knowledge workers and high-end workstation users? Rob Enderle has called the solution "VDI on steroids." The speakers will describe what this technology solution means for your business.
  • Flex's Mobile-First Journey
    Source: Capriza
    Webcast: Flex's IT Director of Web, Social & Mobile Solutions shares strategy and results of mobilizing their existing business applications. Learn about how they evaluated options for going mobile, the real-world use cases they focused on, and an innovative approach to mobilizing business applications that requires zero APIs, coding, and upgrades.
  • The SAP Fiori Morning After: What's Next?
    Source: Capriza
    Webcast: With 16,000+ workflows and 300,000+ screens, it's no surprise that IT teams want to simplify SAP. This webinar will help ensure your simplification project's success: learn how to surface high-value use cases, gain a comprehensive understanding of solutions, and find out how to achieve user adoption.
  • Mitigating Risk in Financial Services with Information Governance and Insight
    Source: HP
    Webcast: This webcast looks at how you can mitigate risk in Financial Services with the help of Information Governance and Insight. Watch the webcast to help reduce risks for your business.
  • Smarter Talent Acquisition
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: What if you could always hire like your best? The best talent expect great experiences.
  • Analytics, Analytics, Analytics: The Future of HR
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: Without HR analytics, organizations will lose the race for talent. HR leaders recognize they must change how they recruit, engage, develop and retain people in order to improve business performance and remain competitive. Hear from industry experts, how forward-thinking organizations can use workforce science and analytics to turn data into insights and then into action.
  • Citrix CloudBridge Virtual WAN Overview
    Source: Citrix Systems
    Webcast: This short animated video provides a quick overview of WAN virtualization. Watch and see how Citrix CloudBridge can revolutionize the enterprise WAN for greater reliability and cost savings while providing a better user experience. With seamless failover, application prioritization, and unique features for VoIP only, enterprises can confidently re-architect their WANs to address today's applications needs.
  • Why Mobile, Why Now, and How?
    Source: Capriza
    Webcast: To mobilize existing business applications, you need a business case and project plan, but creating those can be challenging. Learn how to build the case to go mobile, a framework for the journey, and an innovative approach to mobilizing business applications with zero APIs, coding, and upgrades.
  • Security Insights: Examining 2014 to prevent attacks in 2015
    Source: Dell SonicWALL
    Webcast: Keep your organization secure with a combination of knowledge and technology. This on-demand webcast explores key findings from a recent threat report including malware trends, emerging threats and how Dell's Threat Center provides real-time protection to organizations like yours. Watch the Webcast.
  • Transform Hybrid Cloud Backup and Recovery with Veeam and NetApp
    Source: NetApp
    Webcast: Two thirds of your peers are moving to hybrid cloud as one of their top priorities in 2015--don't get left behind! Adding hybrid cloud to your data protection strategy opens new ways to deliver more efficient backup and recovery solutions. Work with Veeam and NetApp to set up a 3-2-1 backup approach delivered by an easy-to-use integrated solution based on AltaVault's secure and efficient architecture. Learn how to tame data growth to minimize your backup storage footprint by using AltaVault cloud-integrated storage and Veeam flexible data management. This webinar will cover:

    - Trends in hybrid cloud data protection
    - How you can reduce time, cost, and risk in your data protection strategy with NetApp AltaVault and Veeam
    - Next steps for getting started with hybrid cloud data protection

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