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  • Mobility: The Game-Changer for your Organization
    Source: Citrix | HP
    Webcast: IDG Research shows a majority of companies (59 percent) allow their employees to do work using their own devices either away from their office or at work. But how can companies make it work together, so employees can enjoy consumer-level ease of use with enterprise-level productivity? In this webcast, hear from two experts on how to make some critical decisions about optimizing your mobile workforce.
  • Is your customer's experience the best it can be? Leverage Analytics to grow customer life-time value
    Source: IBM Corporation
    Webcast: During this digital event, hear from leading retailers around the world, Forrester research and IBM experts on how you can become a more customer-centric organization with the use of analytics at every stage of customer life-cycle and:
    - Build a sustainable customer centric business strategy
    - Use the power of analytics to uncover hidden behavioral patterns and deeper segmentation
    - Assign personalized offer at every point of interaction
    - Maximize customer life time value through enhanced value of analytics

    Consumer expectations are changing; retailers today have challenges in all fronts from acquiring to growing to retaining profitable customer base. 81% of consumers expect the same brand experience across all channels. So bringing predictability to customer intelligence, you can make real-time recommendations based on your customer's buying behavior, transactional data, loyalty data, web activity, social media presence and more. The use of analytics at each stage of customer life-cycle allows your organization to have personalized, relevant and contextual engagements with your customers at any touch point, enhances customer life-time value, improves your customer retention rates and grows customers.
  • Hadoop and Beyond: Unlock Insights in Your Big Data with Predictive Analytics
    Source: IBM Corporation
    Webcast: Big Data is here. As Hadoop continues to grow in popularity as an economical and scalable addition to existing database and data warehouse solutions, organizations are still struggling take advantage and turn the promise of Big Data into business value - they find themselves having to compromise with analytics that don't go deep enough or data sources that aren't robust enough.

    This presentation will demonstrate that it is possible to turn the promise of Big Data into business value by applying predictive analytics to Big Data sources such as Hadoop, Cloudera, and BigInsights.

    This webcast is intended for:

    -Business analysts across enterprise functions who are tasked with finding a needle in the Big Data haystack and turning that needle into business value
    -Business leaders looking for competitive advantage within their growing data ecosystem
    -IT professionals who are responsible for integration of business and technology to help drive change without the need to find specialized analytical expertise within or outside the organization.
  • Endpoint Defense Essentials: Prevention-Detection-Remediation Practices
    Source: Viewfinity
    Webcast: This Live Webinar on March 18th @ 2PM EST will provide a perspective on all aspects of defending endpoints from modern day attacks. The focus will be on understanding what is essential to protect your endpoints from advanced attacks, which includes solid hygiene and configuration practices, focusing on least privilege to prevent exploitation, more effective detection, working closely with network-based defenses, and finally investigating and remediating the inevitable compromise.
  • DNS Security: Safeguarding Your Online Presence
    Source: Neustar
    Webcast: Cyber security threats are persistent and constantly evolving. A vulnerable website puts a business's reputation - not to mention its revenue - at risk. In this webcast, Reynold Harbin, VP of Product Management for Neustar, discusses exclusive new IDG research about DNS deployments, the importance of robust DNS security, and the best way to defend against a rising tide of threats.
  • Dell Ultra HD Monitor Connectors - Display Port vs. HDMI
    Source: Dell Inc.
    Webcast: Maximize the performance and user experience of Dell Ultra HD monitors. This instructional video explains how to choose the right monitor connector with details on the capabilities of Dell Display Port vs. HDMI.
  • The Dell 55" Full HD Monitor: The Best Friend an Idea Ever Had
    Source: Dell Inc.
    Webcast: See the impact the Dell 55" HD monitor can have at your next meeting. With an expansive 55" HD anti-glare screen, better font optimization than TVs, consistent viewing from any angle, and a 3-year warranty, it's the ideal solution for small conference rooms.
  • 5 Things You Must Do to Successfully Scale Your Online Business
    Source: Dyn Inc.
    Webcast: Join Dyn's Chief Technology Officer, Matt Larson, and Eric Rosenberry, Principal Infrastructure Architect at iovation for a Live Webcast March 17th at 1PM EST, as they explore how to scale your infrastructure so you can focus on growing your business and getting your products and services out the door and into the hands of your customers.
  • Dell Engineered Solution for VMware EVO: RAIL
    Source: Dell Inc.
    Webcast: The Dell Engineered Solution for VMware EVO:RAIL is an integrated hardware and software appliance platform designed to accelerate deployment of a virtual infrastructure. The hyper-converged appliance provides simplified infrastructure management and rapid delivery of workloads. Now you can go from power-on to deploying VMs in just 15 minutes with the full feature set of VMware vSphere and vCenter, and the trusted hardware platform of Dell.
  • 3 Things You Must Know About Virtual Machine Backup & Recovery
    Source: CDW
    Webcast: The market is flush with people talking about modern data protection for virtualized environments, but what does it mean to be "modern"? In this session, we'll discuss the key considerations for architecting a data protection strategy for a virtual environment from the smallest VMs to large, mission-critical applications with short SLAs. We'll discuss the use of hardware snapshots, storage replication, incremental forever backups, and multiple, flexible recovery options to optimize data protection to different SLAs in the same environment without overspending.
  • The State of Enterprise Work
    Source: Workfront
    Webcast: The nature of work has changed profoundly over the last several years. Enterprises are getting bigger, with dynamic systems and collaborative teams increasingly spread out across the globe. Unfortunately, communication tools and processes are not keeping pace with this growth and the new paradigm that comes with it.

    According to a new study by Workfront, enterprise workers are being pulled away from their work by tools and practices that are supposed to make them more productive. Ultimately, these inefficiencies can turn into conflict, misalignment, increased turnover, wasted resources, and lost opportunities.

    Join us on Tuesday, March 31 at 1:00 p.m. EST for a live discussion with industry experts as we explore:
    -What keeps enterprise workers from getting things done?
    -Where do current processes and productivity tools fail?
    -How can leaders drive more effective collaboration in an increasingly distributed and decentralized work environment?
    -What causes conflict between project teams and departments?
    -How do employees know which work really is highest priority, when multiple people are asking them to deliver now?
  • Cloud Telepresence Brings Flexibility
    Source: CDW
    Webcast: One of the biggest impediments to a successful deployment of a video conferencing system has been the lack of expertise in setting up the backend infrastructure that makes the whole design work. The need is felt even greater among smaller/mid-market companies that want to have a global foot print but don't have the IT staff to manage and maintain an enterprise class video infrastructure.
  • Jumpstart Solution Development with Content Navigator
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: View this webinar to watch how to build new applications and consolidate legacy applications with IBM Content Navigator.
  • Realize the benefits of open private cloud solutions
    Source: Dell Inc.
    Webcast: Cloud computing is driving a rapid pace of change in the datacenter as enterprises look to develop innovative ways to take advantage of its inherent benefits. Open private cloud solutions are quickly becoming a platform of choice as the foundation for hyperscale cloud deployments, but many organizations lack the resources required to implement in a way that meets the specific needs of the datacenter.

    Please join Dell and IDG to learn how Dell Red Hat Cloud Solutions offer an innovative, open private cloud platform to help IT organizations respond rapidly to changing business requirements and customer demands.
  • Level the Playing Field: Cloud Productivity for SMBs with Microsoft Azure and Dell
    Source: Dell Inc.
    Webcast: Many of the 5.7 million companies in the U.S. with fewer than 500 are poised to leverage cloud computing for speed, agility and cost savings. In this webcast, you'll learn how The unique set of challenges they face -- staff, resources, security and skills -- can be addressed through the Microsoft Azure solution powered by Dell.

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