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  • The Need for a New Approach to Provisioning
    Source: EMC
    Webcast: Lines of business are being asked to move faster and get access provisioned more quickly, yet organizations have to be more mindful of the risk around managing access, and still enterprises want a simpler, more lightweight approach to provisioning. Today's organizations are demanding a business-centric approach to provisioning.
  • The Current State of Identity and Access Management
    Source: EMC
    Webcast: A major shift has occurred with Identity and Access Management (IAM) in the past few years. Organizations have realized that the traditional approach to IAM doesn't work. It doesn't work because IT doesn't have the context to make the decisions around access. It's the lines of business that have the intelligence and business context to make decisions about Identity and Access Management.
  • See what Security, Reliability and Efficiency looks like
    Source: IBM Corporation
    Webcast: When it comes to IT infrastructure, you can't afford to take chances. The new System x servers with Intel ® Xeon ® processors offer innovative technology, offer innovative technology with exclusive new advanced security features to provide enterprise class data protection. With new levels of efficiency and performance from the industry's most reliable server portfolio, you'll be free to focus on innovation for your business. There is no more waiting. Register now to see how you can have tomorrow's servers today.
  • Preventing Data Breaches with Data Access Governance
    Source: EMC
    Webcast: Discover how a real-life data access scenario is solved. Learn how to gain a clear picture of who has access to your data and avoid the risk of a data breach.
  • Using Integrated Digital Data to Create the Ultimate Customer Experience
    Source: Scribe Software
    Webcast: Today's customers are moving toward the future, you need to be in front of that movement. View the webcast where speakers from Salesforce and Scribe discuss how having a holistic view of your customer's data across all digital touch-points will enhance the customer journey.
  • VCE Vblock - The World's Most Advanced Converged Infrastructure
    Source: VCE
    Webcast: VCE™ Vblock™ Systems are the most advanced converged infrastructure available. Designed, tested and built with best-in-class technology from Cisco, EMC and VMware, see how Vblock Systems speed deployment, improve availability, and save time and money freeing IT to work on more strategic initiatives.
  • What are the desktop virtualization market trends and how can you successfully deploy your solution?
    Source: IBM Corporation
    Webcast: You've probably heard about desktop virtualization -- and some of its benefits -- things like tighter security, streamlined management and lower costs. But would desktop virtualization be right for your company? Could you expect to reap all those benefits? And how quickly would you gain a return on investment?

    In this webcast, hear from two experts on desktop virtualization market trends and how to deploy a successful solution.
  • Pre-Engineered solutions from VCE Simplify Core Infrastructure Implementation
    Source: VCE
    Webcast: In this video, the CTO of Purdue Pharma, a privately held pharmaceutical company explains how Purdue transformed their data center infrastructure with VCE. Hear how they were able to shrink their data center and reduce costs with VCE's Vblock™ Solutions.
  • Boost Productivity with Self Service for Middleware
    Source: BMC Software
    Webcast: Middleware continues to play a significant role in the interconnectivity of applications across the enterprise. Find out how BMC Middleware Administration is used to increase productivity and meet user requests. This session will provide insight into how to provide stakeholders with role-based self-service access to WebSphere MQ.
  • Have Outages Got You Down?
    Source: BMC Software
    Webcast: Join industry experts to learn how you can improve service resolution. In this live session with industry experts, you will find out how how to quickly and easily increase the collaboration between your service desk and operations organization.
  • Optimize Data Center Resources and Plan for the Future
    Source: BMC Software
    Webcast: Eliminate over-provisioning and capacity shortfalls with pro-active capacity optimization. Join us in the evolution from capacity monitoring to capacity optimization in your data center. In this webinar, discover how to significantly extend the value of your performance monitoring system.
  • Increase Your Data Center IQ
    Source: BMC Software
    Webcast: Discover how to improve network efficiency, lower IT costs and more proactively manage your physical, virtual and cloud environments. Join BMC Software and partners, Entuity and Sentry Software, to learn how to build data center success with a comprehensive performance monitoring solution.
  • When Downtime Is Not an Option
    Source: SUSE
    Webcast: According to a recent survey, one in three companies has declared a disaster in the past five years because a critical component of their infrastructure failed. In this Webcast, representatives from SUSE and Forrester discuss what it takes to be an always-on, always-available enterprise.
  • How to Balance the Needs of Employees and the Enterprise
    Source: Dell | Symantec
    Webcast: Industry analyst Robin Layland joins Melanie Lopez from Symantec and Roger Bjork from Dell Software to tackle the issue of where you should draw the line between giving employees complete flexibility with mobile devices and locking them down. They give their views on the conflicts that can occur and how to strike the right balance. We also cover critical issues in finding the right balance, including security, BYOD and privacy. The discussion ends by reviewing the attributes of a solution that can solve your challenge.
  • Key Requirements for an Enterprise Mobility Management Solution
    Source: Dell | Symantec
    Webcast: Melanie, Roger and Robin continue the discussion by focusing on what you need to know to select the right EMM for your business. We start off by reviewing key questions you need to answer before you talk with vendors. Next, we discuss best ways to secure devices, along with your apps and data. The session ends with a lively discussion on whether you should go with a single vendor's solution for all your mobile management needs, or go with a best-of-breed strategy.

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