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  • Hyperconvergence - Solving Real Issues in the Data Center
    Source: Pivot 3 Inc
    Webcast: If devices, data, power, storage, and risk management keep you up at night, you're not alone. Knowing how to build the right IT environment can put CIOs at ease. In this webcast, you'll learn how to build an IT infrastructure with complete flexibility and Quality of Service policies to allow efficient and simple hyperconvergence of any workload.
  • Automating Insider Threats Detection - What Every CISO Needs to Know
    Source: Fortscale
    Webcast: 80% of breach-losses are caused by insiders or by credentials lost or stolen from insiders, according to Bankinfosecurity. But there's good news: products which automate insider threat detection continue to advance, and IT leaders have a growing number of choices.

    Join Bob Bragdon, publisher of CSO, and Kurt R. Stammberger from Fortscale to learn more about new developments in protecting against insider threats.
  • Demo: How Do Your Apps Stack Up?
    Source: IBM Corporation
    Webcast: IBM MobileFirst Quality Assurance, through its Sentiment Analysis capabilities, delivers the power of analytics to help you mine ratings and reviews and rapidly gain insights into how well your app is doing. In this demo, explore the value MobileFirst Quality Assurance can bring.
  • Regain Productivty by Moving to VoIP
    Source: CenturyLink
    Webcast: The average employee loses 58 days a year due to outdated communications technology. See how CenturyLink VoIP gives you greater efficiency at lower costs. Learn more.
  • Understanding Vendor Risk Managment and Market Maturity
    Source: Bitsight Technologies
    Webcast: An increasing amount of security breaches are stemming from vendors or partners who had access to an organization's information, leaving the so-called "protected" organization vulnerable to cyber attacks. In this webcast, hear from CTO Stephen Boyer on the overall trends in vendor risk management; why risk management matters; the business impact and what's happening with the maturity curve in vendor risk management.
  • Succeeding with Operational Transformation In the Digital Age
    Source: EMA Research
    Webcast: Date / Time: Wednesday, May 25 @ 8 am Pacific / 11 am Eastern

    Join Dennis Drogseth, VP of research at leading IT analyst firm, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and HP Enterprise to get insights from recent EMA research on digital and IT transformation, as well as ongoing industry dialogs surrounding digital transformational initiatives.
  • California Association of Realtors Keeps Member Forms Compliance at 100%
    Source: Progress Software
    Webcast: Learn 5 simple reasons you need business rules to help speed up workflows, bring new products to market and better serve your customers.
  • Getting Real about Complex Business Rules
    Source: Progress Software
    Webcast: One of the most complex parts of a Realtor's job is determining what forms to use, when to use them, and for what transaction. For the California Association of REALTORS (C.A.R), providing forms advice to members was an ongoing challenge. Today, C.A.R. helps its members filter a mind-boggling number of form combinations through the use of Progress Corticon Business Rules Management System (BRMS). Corticon is a strategic technology that encodes complex rules and regulations to enable easier logic maintenance and achieve operational and IT agility.
  • LIVE EVENT: Tuesday, May 24, 2016, 01:00 Be Prepared for Ransomware
    Source: Kaspersky Lab Inc
    Webcast: Join this live webcast for expert insights into ransomware from Kaspersky Lab's Andrey Pozhogin. Learn how ransomware accesses and hijacks your system; the importance of regular and reliable backups; and what steps you can take to prevent a criminal from holding your data for ransom.
  • Find, View and Interact with your data using Cognos Analytics
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: This video provides an overview of the new guided user-experience in Cognos Analytics. It makes it easy for business users to find reports and dashboards and interact with them customize how they view the information. Users can also take their analytics with them with a consistent experience across mobile devices and offline or online.
  • The Rise of the Internet of Things: Connecting Our World One Device at a Time
    Source: EMA Research
    Webcast: Date / Time: Thursday May 12th @ 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern

    Join leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) to get the latest insights into how to take the Internet of Things (IoT) to the next level and fulfill its promise. Discover how the expanding world of device sensors impact organizations, specifically in the manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and transportation industries.
  • Drive to the "Future Factory"
    Source: CDW Corporation
    Webcast: Next Generation technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN), the Internet of Everything (IoE) and IPv6 are poised to make dramatic changes to the way that organizations design, deploy and manage networks. SDN separates control from forwarding of data flows so that these decisions improve traffic optimization around congestion points in realtime to deliver better application performance. IoE can enable almost any device to communicate as a unique Internet Protocol entity.
  • The Role of Software-Defined Networks on the Enterprise
    Source: CDW Corporation
    Webcast: Listen to technology experts and customers discuss the promise SDN will bring to data center environments.
  • How to Achieve Lower Total Cost of Ownership with your Voice
    Source: Level 3 Communications
    Webcast: Trimming costs by eliminating underutilized ISDN-PRI circuits at every office site is the easiest measurement of gained cost/efficiency when an enterprise moves from legacy services to UC&C solutions. But this is really the low-hanging fruit of the transition and doesn't capture medium to longer term savings and gained operational efficiencies that help drive growth. Focus on defined area of true TCO that an IT/Voice Architect, or Procurement VP should evaluate and discuss with potential network service providers.
  • Identity Management Situational Webcast
    Source: RSA Security Inc
    Webcast: 50% of organizations equate increasing IAM difficulties with risks associated with cyber-attacks & data breaches. Watch the webcast to learn about the fragmentation of IAM.

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