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  • United Airlines - "We Have Found a Product That Is That Powerful"
    Source: Zscaler
    Webcast: Learn why United Airlines relies on Zscaler to address some of their toughest security challenges. See Michael Kennaugh, VP of IT Business Management at United Airlines, speak about Zscaler at the 2014 RSA Conference.
  • The Future of Commerce and Cloud
    Source: Demandware
    Webcast: With migration to the cloud in full swing, CIOs are following two different strategies. "Cost Center CIOs" recognize the cloud can help cut expenses and reduce infrastructure. "Game Changer CIOs" recognize the cloud improves performance and offers agility in responding to fast-changing business needs. In this On Demand Webcast, Join investor Michael Skok and Michael Hines of Nine West Holdings as they discuss cloud computing and examine the challenges retailers are conquering and benefits they are seeing.
  • Unlock Big Data Secrets with Purpose: The Right Technique, The Right Results with IBM SPSS
    Source: IBM Corporation
    Webcast: As data grows in volume and variety, so must the analytic techniques we use to harness that data to drive better business results. Unfortunately, many organizations are still applying techniques developed in the punch-card era to analyze data streaming in from sensors, social media and lightning-fast enterprise systems - which have produced roughly 90 percent of the world's total data in the past two years alone.

    Join our IBM Big Data analytics experts at this webinar for a discussion of how the right analytical techniques can broaden the possibilities of your analytics infrastructure. You'll learn how you can:
    -Expand both the sources and the quantity of the data you analyze
    -Enable your team to create more accurate predictions.
    -Deliver insights that won't lead you astray-and the business results that your strategy demands.

    Wednesday, May 20, 2015 1:00 PM EDT
    Duration: 30-Minutes
  • Survey Says...You Need Multiple Clouds. Learn How to Make it Happen.
    Source: XO Communications
    Webcast: Why are we seeing a rapid shift to multi-cloud services? And how can businesses ensure that their wide area network (WAN) supports the bandwidth and connectivity demands of both private and public cloud resources? In this live webinar on April 29th @ 2PM EST, IDC analyst Nav Chandler will offer answers to these questions through data and insights from the IDC-XO Communications 2014 Network-Enabled Cloud Study of U.S. enterprises.
  • Remote Access with Dell KMM and KVM Switches
    Source: Dell | Emerson
    Webcast: With Dell KVM and KMM switches you get remote access to the servers in your datacenter from anywhere at any time to fix problems as they occur. It's just one of the many advantages derived from using Dell KVM and KMM switches for remote access. Watch this video clip from Dell World to learn more.
  • Dell KVM Switches
    Source: Dell | Emerson
    Webcast: What makes Dell KVM switches different? It starts with the unique ability to upgrade from analog to digital so you can go from local access to your servers to remote access without having to replace your switch. It is a cost-effective solution when remote access into the data center becomes a real need. Learn more in this video on the benefits of Dell KVM switches.
  • Introducing K2's 5th Generation
    Source: Kaminario
    Webcast: The Kaminario K2 is an enterprise-grade, general-purpose, all-Flash storage array designed to work with the mixed workloads of OLTP, analytic and virtualized applications.
    Watch this 2 minute video to get a quick overview of this high-performance, cost-efficient storage platform, its architecture and enterprise-class features.
  • Techwise: Intelligent Routers for a More Intelligent WAN
    Source: Cisco Systems
    Webcast: Join the team at TechWiseTV for this latest episode, as they delve into the innovations of Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers. See how the architecture and features that make up this new line of Cisco routers are bringing greater levels of integration, performance, and productivity to the branch.
  • Analyst POV:Navigating Operating Costs and Roadmap Uncertainties for SAP
    Source: Rimini Street
    Webcast: LIVE WEBCAST: Thursday, May 14, 2015, 1:00 PM EDT
    Cost Management Solutions and Insights and Implications of SAP S/4HANA

    As the cost burden of "SAP Nation" approaches the GDP of Ireland in size, the gap between what SAP customers pay and what they get in value continues to widen. New innovation and updates in core ERP lag as SAP focuses all its attention on a long-term, high-risk "re-platform" strategy with its newly announced S/4HANA suite. As SAP customers struggle to understand the SAP roadmap and plan for the future, rising SAP operational costs prevent investments in innovative technologies like cloud, social and mobile that support growth.

    Join Vinnie Mirchandani, veteran software industry analyst and author of SAP Nation: a Runaway Software Economy, and Rimini Street as they discuss the state of the SAP Nation and specific SAP customer strategies for addressing the high cost and uncertainty of SAP.

    Gain actionable insights including:

    -Expert opinions and analysis on the state of the SAP economy, based on decades of research and hundreds of customer and analyst interviews.
    -Specific strategies to maximize your SAP investment and application roadmap - Including key S/4HANA considerations vs. other "ring fencing" alternatives like cloud, social, analytical and mobile technologies.
    -Case examples - How to unlock savings opportunities to fund business innovation and support a rapid growth strategy through independent support for SAP.

    Featured Speakers:

    Vinnie Mirchandani - President and Founder, Deal Architect Inc
    David Rowe - SVP & CMO, Rimini Street

    Tom Schmidt - Managing Editor, IDG Strategic Marketing Services
  • Reduce Exposure with Virtual Patching
    Source: Trend Micro Incorporated
    Webcast: In most targeted attacks, threat actors use existing vulnerabilities as the point of entry to exploit unprotected systems. Even if you had the time and resources for constant, immediate patching, zero-day vulnerabilities could still leave the system perpetually exposed.

    Just one vulnerability can allow a system to be catastrophically compromised.

    Watch our virtual patching webinar to learn how to prevent this with new methods to help you mitigate known and unknown vulnerabilities.
  • Docker is not Enough
    Source: ActiveState
    Webcast: Can Docker live up to its promise? Every major private and public cloud vendor is rapidly adopting Docker, yet it's only one piece of the cloud puzzle. Learn how you can maximize the potential of Docker by attending this Webcast that will cover:
    - The race for Docker adoption
    - A look at Docker pros and cons
    - Cloud orchestration, authentication, multi-tenancy, high-availability and resiliency
    - Addressing developer self-service issues
    - The problem of Docker images outside of the platform
    - Accelerating application development with code deployment inside a Docker container
    - Creating your own secure and flexible PaaS
  • Windows Server 2003 End of Support Survival Camp: Application Migration
    Source: AMD
    Webcast: End of support for Windows Server 2003 Release 2 can have a dramatic impact on your business. It will mean no more updates or patches from Microsoft, which can result in a less stable and less secure infrastructure for your organization. That's why now is the time to migrate. Join this webcast to learn how to make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • Evolution to the Next Generation
    Source: AMD
    Webcast: Today's IT executives face unprecedented challenges with managing their data centers. With the end of support for Windows Server 2003 Release 2, how should organizations plan for the next-generation data center? Hear from one expert on how to get started toward an adaptive infrastructure.
  • Achieving True Scalability in the Cloud
    Source: Coresite
    Webcast: Join CoreSite and industry strategist Andrew Schroepfer in this on-demand webinar to learn how your organization can effectively map applications to the right IT infrastructure.
  • Best Practices for Application Release Automation
    Source: Attunity
    Webcast: Getting new application releases into production is challenging. For this reason, Continuous Integration and DevOps tools have become essential parts of any application management environment. This on-demand webinar from Attunity, featuring Amy DeMartine, Senior Analyst at Forrester, features key highlights from her just-published research report: 'Market Overview - Application Release Automation Tools.'

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