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  • Unclogging the Network Bottleneck
    Source: CDW
    Webcast: Software-defined networking is one of the hottest buzzwords of 2014, but saying exactly what SDN is can be a challenge.

    Technologist Deepak Munjal explains how Software Defined Networks (SDNs) deliver performance in this HP and CDW sponsored webinar.
  • 2014 Verizon DBIR Lessons Learned
    Source: Guidance Software
    Webcast: The Director of Verizon RISK Team, shares the most critical new findings from the 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). Based on forensic evidence collected from over 50 partner organizations, and the Verizon Enterprise Solutions caseload, the 2014 DBIR offers a rare and highly detailed view into the world of corporate cybercrime.
  • Increase Your Data Center IQ
    Source: BMC Software
    Webcast: Discover how to improve network efficiency, lower IT costs and more proactively manage your physical, virtual and cloud environments. Join BMC Software and partners, Entuity and Sentry Software, to learn how to build data center success with a comprehensive performance monitoring solution.
  • Optimize Data Center Resources and Plan for the Future
    Source: BMC Software
    Webcast: Eliminate over-provisioning and capacity shortfalls with pro-active capacity optimization. Join us in the evolution from capacity monitoring to capacity optimization in your data center. In this webinar, discover how to significantly extend the value of your performance monitoring system.
  • Have Outages Got You Down?
    Source: BMC Software
    Webcast: Join industry experts to learn how you can improve service resolution. In this live session with industry experts, you will find out how to quickly and easily increase the collaboration between your service desk and operations organization.
  • Threat Intelligence In Incident Response/Management
    Source: Sourcefire, now part of Cisco
    Webcast: Threat management is a hard concept to get your arms around. Where does it start? Where does it end? Isn't threat management really just another way of describing security? Data breaches are expensive, never mind the hit to your reputation and brand. In this webinar, hear from two experts on how you can empower your security team to quickly recover from and proactively defend against attacks while increasing the value of your existing security investment.
  • How to Balance the Needs of Employees and the Enterprise
    Source: Dell | Symantec
    Webcast: Industry analyst Robin Layland joins Melanie Lopez from Symantec and Roger Bjork from Dell Software to tackle the issue of where you should draw the line between giving employees complete flexibility with mobile devices and locking them down. They give their views on the conflicts that can occur and how to strike the right balance. We also cover critical issues in finding the right balance, including security, BYOD and privacy. The discussion ends by reviewing the attributes of a solution that can solve your challenge.
  • Key Requirements for an Enterprise Mobility Management Solution
    Source: Dell | Symantec
    Webcast: Melanie, Roger and Robin continue the discussion by focusing on what you need to know to select the right EMM for your business. We start off by reviewing key questions you need to answer before you talk with vendors. Next, we discuss best ways to secure devices, along with your apps and data. The session ends with a lively discussion on whether you should go with a single vendor's solution for all your mobile management needs, or go with a best-of-breed strategy.
  • Mobile Smarter Process: Making the Mobile Promise Come True
    Source: IBM Corporation
    Webcast: Research shows that 80% of mobile apps are downloaded, used once, and then deleted. Releasing an app is no longer enough! Customer experience is the new battleground, and mobile has become the primary choice not only for your customers to interact, but for your employees and partners to support that interaction. Succeeding in the mobile world requires you to not only build a slick app, but to revolutionize how you engage your customers and transform how your business operates.

    That is why IBM's Mobile Smarter Process offering combines our award winning Mobile, Process and Cloud solutions to allow you to capitalize on mobile's unique capabilities by redefining your organization around the mobile moment.

    Join our experts as they present an overview of Mobile Smarter Process and corresponding demo on Cloud to learn how your organization can get the most out of your mobile initiative through faster time to value. And then you too can make the mobile promise come true.
  • Alert Fatigue is an Epidemic in Cyber Security
    Source: Damballa
    Webcast: How many alerts does it take to shut down the effectiveness of a security team? Adam Burns, host of MeetTheBoss TV interviews Damballa CTO Brian Foster about common challenges enterprises face as they wade through mountains of alerts to find true infections before damage is done.
  • Don't Get Trumped by Advanced Threats
    Source: Damballa
    Webcast: No one wants to be in the hot seat when it comes to enterprise security. 21st Television program host Donald Trump, Jr. interviews Dave Scholtz, CEO of Damballa, to discuss how the security landscape has changed and advice for today's enterprise security teams when it comes to battling advanced threats.
  • What is OmniJoin Web Conferencing?
    Source: Brother International Corp.
    Webcast: Learn why OmniJoin, secure web conferencing from Brother, is the premier choice of companies who are concerned about the security of their web meetings
  • What iBeacons Mean for Your Existing Wireless Network and Your Business
    Source: Aerohive
    Webcast: You may have heard the buzz about iBeacon, a technology that enables proximity-based services for mobile devices. To learn about iBeacon and how it can impact your company, watch the recording of Aerohive's latest webinar, "What iBeacons Mean for Your Existing Wireless Network and Your Business".
  • Charting Your Analytical Future-"Reinventing the analytics experience on the cloud - Introducing IBM Watson Analytics" Webinar
    Source: IBM Corporation
    Webcast: Date: October 16, 2014, 11:00 AM EDT

    IBM Watson Analytics offers full self-service analytical capabilities to business analysts on the cloud. By automating the steps of data access and refinement, predictive analysis, and visual storytelling, Watson Analytics immediately identifies and explains hidden patterns and relationships to accelerate your understanding of why things happened and what's likely to happen.

    IBM Watson Analytics brings advanced analytical capabilities to business analysts who can conduct the kind of analysis that has been limited to highly skilled practitioners such as statisticians, data miners, and data scientists.

    Come to this webinar to learn how you can take control of your analysis and get answers to your most pressing questions.
  • How Do You Benefit from Lifecycle Virtualization?
    Source: HP
    Webcast: When it comes to delivering products and services, it's all about better, faster and less expensive. In this webcast, learn from two experts how virtualizing your testing environment-from users and services to networks and data-can accelerate delivery while improving quality and performance.

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