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  • Polycom RealPresence Media Suite Overview
    Source: CDW
    Webcast: Organizations across the globe need to create quality recordings and webcasts to support training, corporate communications, and knowledge management initiatives cost-effectively, without requiring employees to be experts in video production. That's why Polycom is making it easier than ever to use existing video conferencing endpoints in new ways to reach hundreds or even thousands of viewers with live webcasts or recorded video assets. The Polycom RealPresence Media Suite is an enterprise recording, webcasting and portal solution that makes the creation and delivery of higher quality videos possible.
  • Online Collaboration Made Easy
    Source: CDW
    Webcast: There's a reason Cisco WebEx is logging 24 billion minutes a month: It's easy, frictionless collaboration that makes online users feel like they're all in the same room-no matter where they are or what device they're using. Check out this video to see how Cisco and CDW can empower your users for more engaging and fruitful online collaboration.
  • Reintroducing the Power of Videoconferencing with Frictionless Ease
    Source: CDW
    Webcast: Today, videoconferencing is about one thing: the end user. It's got to be better, faster, and cheaper than ever before. But more important, it must be easy... as easy, in fact, as making a phone call. Check out this video to see how Cisco and CDW can take the complexity out of video collaboration with functional, frictionless endpoints.
  • Collaboration Redefines the Contact Center
    Source: CDW
    Webcast: As expectations soar to new heights, customer engagement is all about collaboration. Customers want a connection with the contact center, but to be effective, it has to be on their terms. Check out this video to see how Cisco and CDW can facilitate integrated omni-channel communications in the contact center with frictionless ease. A happy customer is just a connection away.
  • Relocate Your Office in the Cloud
    Source: CDW
    Webcast: Microsoft Office 365 gives new meaning to the always-on business with 24x7x365 access to the tools users need. Access is frictionless, whether email or video, so collaboration couldn't be easier or more productive. Check out this video to find out what's in store for your business.
  • Microwave is in Your Future with Ericsson
    Source: Ericsson Inc.
    Webcast: For the last few decades, microwave links have been massively deployed in mobile networks, and now there is an increasing interest in microwave for other applications. Businesses and industries are seeing the advantage of the rapid deployment and cost-efficiencies that microwave technologies offer.
  • Ericsson's iPECS UCP, a truly unified communication solution
    Source: Ericsson Inc.
    Webcast: The world is more mobile than ever, but the office is still our hub where people come together, the literal and symbolic center of business. iPECS UCP delivers advanced features and capabilities, connecting people with one another, with customers, and with the technologies that matter most.
  • Cellular and Wi-Fi Converge in the Enterprise with Ericsson
    Source: Ericsson Inc.
    Webcast: With 70% of mobile communication originating indoors, businesses need dynamic mobile networks that handle real-world obstacles. Is your network built for data-intensive usage and growing user needs? Ericsson's indoor solutions cut through the noise to deliver connectivity to help get business done.
  • The Next Generation in Enterprise Authentication
    Source: Entrust, Inc.
    Webcast: Watch this video and discover why mobile is the future of enterprise authentication.
  • Staying out of the Headlines
    Source: Cisco, Damballa, Fortinet, HP
    Webcast: Dave Finger from Fortinet, Dave Stuart from Cisco and Industry Analyst Robin Layland explore the role of sandboxes and big data analytics in finding advanced threats and keeping your organization from being next to make headlines in a bad way. We discuss why sharing information between devices is the key to an effective defense. We also cover the role of automation in effectively responding to the attacks and what to look for when shopping for an advanced threat protection solution.
  • Dealing with Threats that Get Through your Defenses
    Source: Cisco, Damballa, Fortinet, HP
    Webcast: Industry Analyst Robin Layland is joined by Steve Povolny of HP and Brian Foster of Damballa to focus on what you need to do to stop attacks that have made it past your perimeter defenses. We also cover mitigation needs based on your risk profile. We then review how you can spot breaches and how to easily keep your security up to date. Finally we cover what to look for in an advanced threat protection vendor.
  • Accelerate Your Innovation With IBM Bluemix
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: Join us for a webcast introducing the new IBM BluemixTM. IBM Bluemix ( is a developer oriented Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment that is based on the Cloud Foundry open source project. It provides you easy access to a rich library of IBM, 3rd party and open source runtimes, services and APIs. Learn about how other developers are using IBM Bluemix to go quickly from coding with confidence to deploying with enterprise class services and scale.

    During this webcast, you'll learn:
    * IBM's cloud strategy and the purpose of IBM Bluemix
    * How developers can benefit from IBM Bluemix
    * What makes IBM Bluemix different
    * How business partners can take advantage of IBM Bluemix


    Christopher Ferris
    IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO for Cloud Interoperability

    Nathan Vega
    Developer Engagement, IBM Bluemix

    Sanjay Joshi
    Project Manager, jStart Cloud
  • IBM Fluid Query - Unifying Data Access Across the Logical Data Warehouse
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: Wednesday, July 29, 2015 01:00 PM EDT

    The three decade old Data Warehouse is evolving into a Logical Data Warehouse architecture where new types/forms of data require new technologies, and cannot be forced into the data warehouse. Hadoop and other noSQL data stores are becoming more prevalent, as are cloud based data services due to this new, and ever increasing data.

    IBM Fluid Query provides an application, and end user transparent solution to provide access to, and insight from our data - across the enterprise. So, you need not change your existing applications as you start to bring in this new data, to gain a deeper understanding of your business and your customers.

    Attendees will find out how to install and use Fluid Query, and what the benefits are from actual Use Cases.


    Dwaine Snow, Strategy Lead, IBM Big Data & Analytics Platforms and Integration
    Doug Dailey, Product Manager, IBM PureData System for Analytics
  • DocuSign Case Study: Centralize. Automate. Secure
    Source: Okta
    Webcast: Watch this short video and learn how DocuSign, with Okta single sign-on, increased cost savings, end-user productivity and overall security.
  • An Insider's View on Cyberattack Planning and Response
    Source: Everbridge
    Webcast: According to the Ponemon Institute, data breaches cost U.S. organizations, on average, $5.4 million per incident. Join cybersecurity expert Terry A. Stevenson, CEO/CISO at GlobalNSA, and Imad Mouline, CTO at Everbridge, as they present strategies to ensure business continuity in the aftermath of a data breach.

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