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  • Solving the Cloud Integration Challenge with iPaaS
    Source: Scribe Software
    Webcast: Enterprises are challenged with how best to integrate their cloud-based applications. Join this live webcast on September 27, 2016, as Forrester Principal Analyst Henry Peyret discusses how an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) can ease integration, avoid custom code, improve agility and reduce the need for specialized integration skills.
  • Get 2x ROI From Your Apps
    Source: Intuit
    Webcast: Spending on IT is expected to rise at less than 1% in 2016, while IT backlogs will grow at 29%. Simply put, IT departments are being asked to do more with less.

    In this webinar you will learn how to manage the widening gap between IT investment and backlog demands by using low-code rapid app development platforms, like QuickBase.

    Download this on-demand webinar to hear QuickBase Platform Evangelist, Steven Duque, share how you can:

    Eliminate redundant spending on point solutions
    Create significantly more bandwidth for employees with technical skills like .NET and Java
    Minimize the tech spend per employee at your company
    Increase speed to market of apps to realize efficiencies sooner
    Reduce time spent searching for and procuring new tools
  • Secure Shadow IT with aPaaS
    Source: Intuit
    Webcast: With as much as 30% of total IT budgets being spent outside of IT departments, technical workarounds by the business, also known as "shadow IT", can no longer be ignored.

    In order to strike a necessary balance between IT control and business-driven efforts, many IT leaders are turning to aPaaS solutions for Citizen Development. Successful implementation of aPaaS hinges on effective change management around people, processes, and technology.

    Join Francois Tricot, CIO of Ceva as he and QuickBase Manager Angela Maglione explore:

    Factors contributing to the rise of shadow IT
    Rules of engagement for IT leaders and business users who both want to benefit from aPaaS
    Real-world examples of effective IT leaders who are currently managing shadow IT
    Actionable next steps and key questions to consider before embarking on your own Citizen Development journey
  • 30 Days to Complete Business Process Visibility
    Source: Intuit
    Webcast: You cant fix what you can't measure. That's why achieving total visibility into your company's processes -- both on their own and all together -- is the key to business growth.

    Join Steven Bonacorsi, President at the International Standard for Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS), along with Adam Hoover and Sean MacPherson of QuickBase, for this exclusive on-demand webinar.

    You'll discover how to:

    - Quickly find areas of waste and build process structures to eliminate them
    - Gain executive buy-in to ensure success of your process improvement projects
    - See real-time status updates of all your initiatives -- all in one place
    - Save valuable time through tailored alerts, notifications, and dashboards
  • Cut Your IT Backlog by 50% in Minutes
    Source: Intuit
    Webcast: In the past 18 months, IT backlogs have risen 29%, and they are slowing down businesses that need to move more quickly. Download this webinar to learn how you can reduce your IT backlog by 50% in just 30 minutes, while creating a sustainable approach for the future.

    This webinar will demonstrate how low-code Rapid Application Development tools, like QuickBase, can help IT handle the increasing number of requests from business counterparts, enabling them to run faster than ever - and ultimately driving revenue, eliminating costs, and improving operational efficiency.

    Download this on-demand webinar to see QuickBase Solutions Engineer, Adam Hoover, demonstrate in real-time how you and your team can:

    Cut your backlog by creating highly customized applications in just minutes
    Create applications with three unique approaches to fit your needs
    Identify how IT and business partners can share application production
    Engage citizen developers safely to take the last mile of development

    With the tools and techniques presented in this webinar, you will be able to begin drastically reducing your IT backlog in minutes.
  • Low Code, High Impact: How to Achieve 260% ROI With Low-Code Apps
    Source: Intuit
    Webcast: Have you heard about low-code app development but wonder what it all means for you and your business?

    For the first time, Forrester Consulting conducted a detailed study, commissioned by QuickBase, of the cost savings and business benefits of its low-code app tools. And the results are in: a composite organization, based on interviewed customers, saw on average a $7.2 million total value from using QuickBase.1

    Find out how to get the full value that companies can get from the low-code space. Join our guest speaker Adrienne Capaldo, Total Economic Impact Consultant at Forrester, and QuickBase for this special on-demand webinar.

    You'll discover the impact QuickBase can have on your company, including:

    - New study findings on the ROI your company can expect to receive
    - A helpful framework to evaluate the potential financial impact
    - Specific cost savings and business benefits, detailed in dollars and cents

    See for yourself how QuickBase demonstrates the value of a low-code app PaaS for real-world companies.
  • Unlocking Silos of Data with No-Code Integration
    Source: Intuit
    Webcast: Are you struggling to access vital business data locked in your company's on-premises systems like ERP?

    In this recorded webinar, you'll discover how business professionals can easily and automatically connect to data stored in any system, on premises or in the cloud, via CSV files in the cloud to drive seamless processes and better decisions.

    Hear Michael Wacht and Scott Lasenby from Helm explain how a leading distribution company transformed a key business process, saving their accounting department 300 hours a year.

    Watch now to learn how you can:

    - Access critical data stored in hard-to-reach systems via CSV files in the cloud with no code
    - Leverage data to drive seamless processes and better decisions
    - Eliminate copy/paste and manual imports between systems
    - Use a top application development platform designed for business professionals and its built-in no-code integration feature to automatically pull critical business data and instantly put it to use
  • Citizen Developers Are Integral to the Digital Workplace: Fireside Chat with Mark Driver
    Source: Intuit
    Webcast: Have you seen more business users at your company getting technology solutions or creating apps on their own? These "citizen developers" may want to overcome common challenges around managing projects and tracking their own data.

    Many forward-thinking IT leaders are starting to formally enable business partners to solve to their own problems, lightening workloads for their IT teams and allowing them to focus on truly "mission critical" projects. At the back of these leaders' minds, though, are always broader concerns around security and governance.

    Those who strike the right balance transform their companies to be more productive - and themselves to be more influential.

    Join us for a special replay of the popular session "Citizen Developers are Integral to the Digital Workplace" from the EMPOWER2016 conference.

    In this fireside chat, you'll hear QuickBase, Inc. CEO Allison Mnookin and special guest Mark Driver, Research VP at Gartner, share actionable insights on how to:

    - Free up time to work on complex and Tier 1 apps
    - Expand IT's strategic role in charting a course for technology use
    - Provide focus and process for how IT and business users interact
    - Implement smart governance to heighten security
    - Unify IT and the business on common technology goals
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  • Early Stage Digital Transformation: Leaving Your Legacy Systems Behind
    Source: Intuit
    Webcast: Are the expenses and hassles of legacy systems holding your company back? Your business may spend around 70% of its IT budget just to maintain aging systems such as SAP, Oracle, Lotus, NetSuite, SharePoint, and more. Yet data is locked away from other systems and it can't adapt to your company's needs.

    Upgrading to technology that is more agile, secure, and connected can reduce your maintenance costs and increase business productivity. And making the switch is easier than you think – you have options besides a full "rip and replace."

    In this on-demand webinar, you'll hear actionable insights on how to:

    •Identify the risks of using aging systems
    •Choose the best option for dealing with outdated technology
    •Use our Action Plan to launch your digital transformation
    •Overcome barriers and reduce risk for a successful implementation

    If your challenges with legacy systems continue to grow, join us for this "can't miss" webinar.
  • IT Transformation to Support Digital Business
    Source: Unisys
    Webcast: Digital upheaval is causing a ripple affect not only to the technology plans of IT leaders, it is also affecting the people, the organization and how it is structured, functions and survives.

    There are multiple factors affecting and multiple directions the organization may need to pivot to take advantage of changing market conditions. Getting your organization primed and to be "Digital Ready" is not something that happens overnight, however you can and must start now.

    Join Unisys Senior Client Advisor Rick Leopoldi as he discusses the forces that are creating change on IT organizations and describes the process IT leaders must undertake to reinvent, realign and re-energize their most important asset; their people, to be ready to thrive in the new world of digital.
  • How to Troubleshoot & Optimize Database Query Performance for Your Application
    Source: dynaTrace
    Webcast: According to the recent DZone Performance Guide, "database performance problems are the most challenging to fix" with manual firefighting and lack of actionable insights being the top monitoring challenges. When these three issues converge on your application delivery chain it can mean a long time and a lot of effort to find and fix critical issues.

    Is it really your database that's slow? Or is it the way your OR-Mapper or code accesses the database? A misconfigured connection pool on one of your servers? Or a missing table index, a full tablespace, or simply an I/O issue?
    In this webinar we show you how Dynatrace AppMon extends traditional APM through its new Database Agent, providing a view that both Developers and DBAs can trust and use to identify:

    -Problematic SQL Queries, unprepared statements or misconfigured connection pools
    -Performance impacting database sessions, slow queries, waits and locks on your database instances
    -Optimizations by looking at the Execution Plans of your application-specific SQL queries
    -Query patterns like n+1 being implemented in your application

    Eliminate wasted cycles by bridging the Dev-DBA collaboration gap with a consistent view based on app-focused database access metrics, database instance system and performance metrics, and execution plans for your critical SQL queries. Buck the trends that DZone is seeing! Get tips you can use right away.
  • Driving Node.js Innovation: Critical Tools for Your Success
    Source: dynaTrace
    Webcast: No matter how well-built your applications are, countless issues can cause performance problems (even downtime!), putting the platforms they are running on under scrutiny. If you've moved to Node.js to power your applications, you may be at risk of these issues calling your choice into question. How do you identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risk to take the focus off troubleshooting the technology and back where it belongs, on innovation?

    Node.js delivers performance, scalability, and speed of innovation for enterprise applications and has rapidly taken over as the preferred server-side environment.

    Listed to Dan Shaw, CTO of NodeSource, and Daniel Kahn, Performance Advocate from Dynatrace, discuss the challenges facing organizations standardizing on Node.js and best practices that drive success. You'll learn:
    -How to architect Node.js deployments for security, productivity, and performance
    -The best ways to protect your applications in the face of rapid change and innovation
    -Ways to identify vulnerabilities in your application so you can protect revenue and prevent downtime
    -How a holistic view of how your Node application will help you avoid having to hunt down issues
    -How to get the mission-critical support you need to innovate with Node.js
  • Winning the Global War for IT Talent: How to Fast-Track Onboarding, Reskilling and Advanced Upskilling
    Source: Apollo Education Group
    Webcast: 51% of companies lack local tech talent. And those that have it, are losing their IT stars to competitors. We want to help your company reverse that trend.

    Presented in collaboration with The Iron Yard, this webinar explores how immersive, project-based learning experiences are helping employers to efficiently hire and train IT talent. Using real examples of successful talent strategies, industry leaders will show you ways to accelerate IT onboarding, retraining and advanced upskilling - so your company can keep up with the speed of change.

    Join us for this live webcast on 9/14/16 at 2:00 PM EST!
  • Securing the New Digital Enterprise: Trackable, Controlled, and Authorized - Resolving Risks in Document and E-Signature Security
    Source: EMA Analyst Research
    Webcast: While document and file sharing is increasing rapidly, 97% of organizations cite file sharing as a high risk for information loss, and 75% believe their organization is currently at risk for data loss. Learn how you can protect your organization!
  • Ask the Analyst: Key Elements of an Effective Security Program
    Source: AlienVault
    Webcast: The goal of a well-developed security program is to ensure that your team has the data, tools, expertise and processes needed to detect and respond quickly in the event of a threat. So, what are the critical elements of an effective security monitoring program? Join us for an engaging 30-minute discussion where AlienVault CEO Barmak Meftah will interview guest speaker Forrester Security Analyst Joseph Blankenship on how organizations should assess their security program, validate the effectiveness of security monitoring tools, and plan for the future.

    Featured Speakers:

    Joseph Blankenship - Senior Analyst, Forrester

    Barmak Meftah - CEO, AlienVault

    Moderator: Barbara R. Call - Digital Content Director, IDG Strategic Marketing Services

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