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  • Taking Control: New Threats Call for Comprehensive Cyber Risk Management
    Source: RiskSense, Inc
    Webcast: Security is a top priority for nearly every organization, and most organizations work hard to keep critical data safe. But threats are changing and too often, the best defensive efforts are falling short. There is simply too much information -- both internal and external -- for security professionals to keep up. In this webcast, renown cyber security expert Dr. Srinivas Mukkamala will outline the challenges posed by today's dynamic threat landscape and explore how companies can operationalize their cyber risk management practices and implement a pro-active, rather than reactive, approach to cyber risk detection, prevention, and response.
  • On Demand Webcast: Analytics Power the Golden Age of Customer Experience
    Source: CA Technologies
    Webcast: Across industries, investments in Digital Transformation initiatives are growing because they can unlock additional revenue opportunities, open new businesses and dramatically improve connections with customers. The missing ingredient with many Digital Transformations is how to measure success. How does your business or IT team know if these projects yield returns? While everyone wants every customer experience to be the best it can be but the reality is that you can't manage what you can't measure. To successfully deliver a five star customer experience you need to understand the complete buyer's journey across all digital channels with insights into user behavior and application performance. The good news is many companies have mastered these practices. View this exclusive online Digital Transformation Summit that showcases the approaches that revolutionize customer experiences. The 90 minute video was made from CNN studios and features IT and business leaders from CNN and Frost Bank. Don't miss this great chance to learn how real world IT leaders optimize their customer's digital experiences with CA App Experience Analytics.

    During the seminar you will learn:
    - How leading enterprises optimize customer experiences through their digital transformation efforts.
    - Why analytics is needed to drive business outcomes.
    - How to become a data driven DevOps organization.
  • IT Service Management and the Digital Transformation
    Source: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Webcast: Join us to discuss how social, mobile, cloud, and big data are impacting IT service management (ITSM), the service desk, and employee self-service in particular. These four topics (social, mobile, cloud, and big data) are regularly identified as the anchor points of the broad digital transformation underway. Whole industries have been built upon each of these, and in this webinar we'll "chat" about how they are effecting the delivery and support of IT and non IT services.
  • Think Outside...for Complete Supply Chain Automation
    Source: OpenText
    Webcast: Automating internal processes is essential. But what about automating transactions with trading partners? Roughly one-third of your organization's information originates outside your network, yet it's vital to business performance.

    According to an IDC survey1, by 2018 half of respondents will need to manage a continuous, collaborative - and complex - flow of information across their supply chains. Automation can help manage complexity, reducing costs and risk.

    How can supply chain automation benefit you? Join us for this live webinar to find out.

    October 11, 2016, 1pm EDT | 6pm BST | 7pm CEST

    1Unlock the Value of Your Supply Chain Through Embedded Analytics report by IDC, May 2016
  • A Revolutionary Approach to Oracle Backup
    Source: Veritas
    Webcast: If your organization uses native database tools, like RMAN, to backup your Oracle databases, you're not alone (82% of Oracle DBs are primarily managed by DBAs). While these tools are simple and convenient, they can create management, scheduling, and governance challenges that put your database team at odds with the backup team and with corporate compliance. There is a better way - find out how NetBackup Copilot for Oracle can help you leverage native tools for protecting databases, without any of the downsides. Join this webcast to learn how to:

    - Avoid common pitfalls that can jeopardize database backups.
    - Empower DBA and backup teams.
    - Shrink Oracle backup times.
    - Improve Oracle data protection without sacrificing flexibility and convenience.
  • Addressing the New Threat Intelligence Problems of Scale and Relevance
    Source: Anomali
    Webcast: Threat intelligence and threat intelligence platforms have become must-haves for large organizations. From large enterprises to government agencies, it is important to understand what threat actors are doing, review threat intelligence and collect indicators of compromise. However, threat intelligence itself has become a big data problem and the number of active indicators of compromise has grown into the tens of millions. Determining the relevance of any of the indicators to your organization is either done manually-an impossible task, or, by pushing this data into your SIEM and ask it to perform a task it was never meant to do.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    -Why a task-based distributed security architecture is a natural augmentation for the SIEM
    -Why Threat Intelligence Data should be considered the next big data problem
    -The importance of organizational "relevance" for threat intelligence data
    -The benefit of applying key indicators of compromise to threat models
  • Optimizing IT for Financial Performance: Is It Really Possible?
    Source: EMA Analyst Research
    Webcast: Date / Time: Tuesday, October 18 @ 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern

    Optimizing IT for financial performance is not a market; rather, it is many markets brought together in a single critical landscape - encompassing everything from superior discovery, inventory and asset management, analytics and automation, to service catalogs, service modeling, and more effective endpoint and mobile management. Moreover, this kind of optimization requires unique levels of dialog across IT and between IT and the business it helps to empower. Does all this really exist anywhere today?
  • Data-Driven Security Unleashed: The Information Security Practitioner's Guide to Better Security
    Source: EMA Analyst Research
    Webcast: Date / Time: Wednesday, October 12 @ 12 pm Pacific / 3 pm Eastern

    Leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) will be releasing new research from its data-driven security series, entitled Data-Driven Security Unleashed (DDSU). This webinar will highlight key findings that were identified in the areas of SIEM, security analytics, endpoint threat detection and response. In addition to these findings, 15 other classes of security tools, including new comer deception technology, will be discussed.
  • 6 Steps to HIPAA Compliance
    Source: Varonis Systems Inc
    Webcast: HIPAA and HiTech non-compliance can be the kiss of death for a business. Are you prepared?
  • 6 Tactics for Preventing Insider Threats
    Source: Varonis Systems Inc
    Webcast: Protecting against insider threats is difficult, especially when 71% of employees say that have access to information they aren't supposed to see.
  • 6 IT Considerations to Prevent Costly Data Center Mechanical System Failure
    Source: Siemens
    Webcast: Live: September 27th @ 2PM EDT

    If you think that power failures are the only reason costing your business money because of data center downtime-think again. Data center mechanical system reliability is critical to maintaining data center uptime. If mechanical systems fail, massive data center heat is generated causing IT systems damage or downtime, and the results could cost your business millions.

    Join us during this Webcast and find out how you can prevent IT system failure with a proper data center mechanical services approach. Learn what 6 IT considerations you should take for the necessary approach to maintain efficient data center cooling and avoid costly disruption.
  • Accelerating Data Center Modernization and Your Business
    Source: Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel
    Webcast: Delivering IT services in record time requires modern infrastructure. Get best-practice insights for modernizing your data center, from updating core applications to big data to migrating to the cloud. HPE Compute can accelerate your business results.
  • 5 Things IT Should Be Doing (But Isn't)
    Source: Varonis Systems Inc
    Webcast: Learn 5 key actions you can take to optimize information security for your enterprise.
  • Winning the Global War for IT Talent: How to Fast-Track Onboarding, Reskilling and Advanced Upskilling
    Source: Apollo Education Group
    Webcast: Join this On Demand Webcast Presented by Apollo Education Group in collaboration with The Iron Yard and CIO on:

    51% of companies lack local tech talent. And those that have it, are losing their IT stars to competitors. We want to help your company reverse that trend.

    Presented in collaboration with The Iron Yard, this webinar explores how immersive, project-based learning experiences are helping employers to efficiently hire and train IT talent. Using real examples of successful talent strategies, industry leaders will show you ways to accelerate IT onboarding, retraining and advanced upskilling - so your company can keep up with the speed of change.
  • Optimizing Digital Transaction Performance: Why Most IT Organizations Fail and How You Can Succeed
    Source: EMA Analyst Research
    Webcast: Date/Time: Thursday, October 13 @ 8 am Pacific / 11 am Eastern

    Get key insights to safeguard and improve your organization's digital transaction performance, drawing from new EMA research on IT analytics and digital transformation.

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