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  • How to Transform Employee Worst Practices Into Best Practices
    Source: KnowBe4
    White Paper: Despite all the funds you may have spent on state-of-the-art security software, the bad guys are just one gullible user click away from staging an all-out invasion. Such incidents are skyrocketing. According to a recent study by Osterman Research, email is the most prevalent channel of infiltration into the enterprise. This whitepaper provides clear direction on how to go about improving your organization's security posture by "inoculating" employees who fall for social engineering attacks.
  • Best Practices for Dealing with Phishing and Next-Gen Malware
    Source: KnowBe4
    White Paper: Phishing and malware threats are skyrocketing. To combat these attacks, read this new Osterman Research white paper that gives you a list of high-priority actionable items, all related to IT security.
  • Unleash the Power of Video in the Enterprise
    Source: Sonic Foundry
    White Paper: In this whitepaper you'll get a step-by-step guide on how to build a solid video strategy, tips on jumpstarting video use in your organization, a checklist to help you choose the right video solution and a list of metrics you need to track to ensure success.
  • A Beginners Guide to SNMP
    Source: Paessler AG
    Podcast: As business efficiency becomes more and more dependent on connected computer systems, monitoring and ensuring their reliability in performance is absolutely necessary. Because of the huge amount of devices on the market, supplied by various manufacturers, it was imperative to introduce a standard for this kind of monitoring. That is why the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) was developed. Today the use of this protocol as a basis for extensive network management is not unproblematic--it requires comprehensive know-how and sometimes the ability to improvise. Learn how you can use SNMP to more effectively manage your network.
  • HP Network Security Solution Center
    Source: HP
    Solution Center: Access this Solution Center for Analyst Reports, Whitepapers, Webinars, Case Studies, and Videos to see how HP TippingPoint can keep your network secure.
  • HP Information Security Solution Center
    Source: HP
    Solution Center: Here is information and best practices from security experts you need to understand the threat, to protect your business, and to achieve the compliance your industry requires. HP ArcSight provides the clarity you need to act now.
  • Software Security Assurance Solution Center
    Source: HP
    Solution Center: A software security program is not just technology. It's about people and processes and how they leverage technology to assess risk, integrate the latest threat intelligence, prioritize remediation resources and measure improvement over time. Discover the components of an effective SSA program and how HP Fortify can help you cost-effectively achieve your application security goals.
  • Navigating Hadoop Data Lakes
    Source: Attunity
    eGuide: In this eGuide prepared by Gartner Research, we explore the use of Hadoop data lakes. Hadoop data lakes have become increasingly more prevalent in the IT landscape because they support data scaling and accessibility. However, introducing Hadoop into an existing architecture can be a challenge.
  • Managing Rapid Data Growth: A Trial By Fire Hose
    Source: Attunity
    White Paper: Is your data growing out of control? The bad news is that you've got your work cut out for you when it comes to capturing and exploiting that data. The good news is that there is a pretty good chance your company is being rewarded for those efforts. This report from Aberdeen Research explores the impact of rapid data growth on today's organizations and seeks to understand how companies are responding to the challenge.
  • Move It Don't Lose It - Is Your Big Data Collecting Dust?
    Source: Attunity
    eBook: This eBook highlights the importance of ensuring that your data is timely. It includes interesting market statistics on Big Data use today, addresses the challenges of moving Big Data quickly and easily and closes with proven success stories of companies that have overcome data integration hurdles!
  • Has SIEM Lost Its Magic? Top five reasons why SIEMs are failing security professionals
    Source: Sumo Logic
    White Paper: SIEM solutions have been around since 2000, and they were developed with the goal of helping organizations in the early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches. But are they working? Are they delivering enough value? Have they lost their magic?

    In this whitepaper, we discuss the top five reasons why SIEMs are failing security professionals and suggest new emerging technologies that are starting to fill the gap.
  • The New Mindset for Building Secure Services in the Cloud
    Source: Sumo Logic
    White Paper: Cloud computing is reshaping not only the technology landscape, but the very way companies think about and execute their innovation process and practices. But as with any paradigm shift, cloud computing requires different rules and a different way of thinking. Too often there is unnecessary push back when venturing into unchartered waters. In this white paper, Joan Pepin - a recognized expert in Cloud Security - discusses 10 best practices for securely leveraging the cloud and capitalizing on this new disruptive shift with confidence and clarity.
  • Cloud Strategy Best Practices for Mid-Market
    Source: IBM
    KnowledgeVault: In this KnowledgeVault, explore the ins and outs of cloud opportunities within the mid-market segment. What does it take to capitalize on cloud? What does it mean to the market segment? Why is infrastructure so important? Links to additional resources will highlight some of the trends in security and best practices.
  • Using Reports & Dashboards to Give Yourself an Edge
    eBook: Many companies don't know where to start when looking to incorporate data into their sales operations. Learn how finding meaningful insights from your data and becoming a truly data-driven sales organization is easier than ever. This e-book looks at how you can dramatically improve performance with:

    - Beautiful collaborative dashboards
    - In-depth reports analysis
    - Accurate and easy sales forecasting
  • Do You Fit the Profile That Wins More Sales
    White Paper: There are five main ways salespeople behave with customers, and groundbreaking research across thousands of sales professionals by CEB (formerly Corporate Executive Board) has now shown one profile crushes quota more than any other. Do you fit the profile? Learn the different types of sales personalities, and why "Challengers" are more successful.

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