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  • Modernize customers' IT with Dropbox and grow your business
    Source: Dropbox
    eBook: Download this ebook is designed to help SMB customers:
    • Back up files without worrying about legacy solutions
    • Increase employee collaboration and mobile working
    • Reduce IT costs
    • Increase control over company data

    Create more opportunities to grow your cloud business by attaching Dropbox Business to Microsoft Office 360®, Adobe, and more. Increase recurring revenue with our best-in-class cloud solutions.
  • Estimated $12 billion spent on infrastructure - ZK Research
    Source: CBTS - Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions
    White Paper: IT and business leaders today are focused on creating a more agile business! Evolving the WAN must be at the top of every IT and business leader's priority list because organizations can only be as agile as their least agile IT component - which, today, is the WAN.
  • DoyleResearch - Scaling Large Enterprise SD-WAN Deployments
    Source: CBTS - Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions
    White Paper: SD-WAN deployments are becoming main stream as dozens of Fortune 1000 sized organizations have moved through proof of concepts, initial pilots, and on to rollouts of SD-WAN to their branch locations. Gartner determined that 30% to 50% of Fortune 1000 Enterprise workloads are shifting to the cloud.
  • Top BI Analytics Tools - Definitive Pricing Guide 2017
    Source: SelectHub
    eGuide: Get an in-depth comparison of the costs and implementation models for the top BI tools for 2017. This practical guide reveals actual costs, product limitations and key competitors for the most popular business analytics solutions.

    All solutions in the guide are selected based on SelectHub ratings taken from multiple sources including top analysts and actual buyers of the software - ideal for your shortlist.

    Get the right business analytics tool. This guide provides:
    • The cost structures for cloud or on-premise implementations
    • Actual costs for users, servers and application-based models for the top business analytics tools
    • The costs for customization, data migration, building dashboards and other services
    • The type of training that is offered, and what included free
    • Costs for support, maintenance, upgrades and renewal
    • Key limitations for each of the top solutions that might affect your decision

    SelectHub is a cloud-based platform for Technology Selection Management (TSM). A "best practice" workflow guides you through the entire software selection process - from requirements gathering to product evaluations and RFI/RFPs - to final vendor selection. The platform contains expert software analysis across key criteria and vendor data. These built-in analyst ratings are combined with subjective user ratings to create SelectHub ratings reports - which allow us to provide you with highly accurate recommendations and pricing.

    Want help with your shortlist? Connect with SelectHub to expedite your BI software search with free recommendations based on our expert software evaluations and feedback from actual buyers.
  • Understanding SD-WAN best practices
    Source: CBTS - Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions
    eBook: Confused about SD-WAN? This eBook was created with CIOs in mind. Download the concise guide, Software-Defined WAN For Dummies, and learn everything you need to know about SD-WAN! This free eBook is brought to you by CBTS and it's partner VeloCloud.
  • CBTS provided a 66% reduction in location expansion time
    Source: CBTS - Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions
    Case Study: Once this Concrete Contracting Company switched to Cloud Networking from CBTS they immediately noticed the benefits stating "once we changed over to the new platform, speeds more than doubled!" - Now the customer's 17 locations, gateways and WAPs are now managed from one location in the cloud.
  • $90k per month to $40k with CBTS network reliability
    Source: CBTS - Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions
    Case Study: CBTS implemented advanced equipment and technology using cutting-edge Auto VPN technology, which has lowered costs and delivered a better experience. Now the customer is generating revenue through its Wi-Fi network by selling advertising positions on it's customer authentication page!
  • How To Have The BI Cake And Eat It Too: Best Practices For Deploying Agile But Governed BI Applications
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: Most modern enterprises are data-driven - they make many key business decisions based on the numbers and facts. But being data-driven does not necessarily mean insights-driven. How successfully are you transforming your data into meaningful and actionable insights that produce tangible business outcomes? One key impediment to becoming insight-driven is a tug of war between technology and business professionals. Business professionals want insights at their fingertips and they want them now! Technology professionals are also tasked with delivering enterprise grade platforms and solutions which are stable, scalable, secure and streamlined. But that takes time. Is there a middle ground? Can an enterprise grade BI platform be agile and support self-sufficiency? In this webinar you will learn:

    *The key differences between data-driven organizations and insights-driven organizations
    *The importance of business agility in the age of the customer and the role of Agile BI
    *BI governance - a key new component of data governance, which helps finally bridge the gap between business and technology requirements and priorities
    *How an enterprise grade BI platform can be a stepping stone into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing

    Thursday, December 14, 2017, 11:30 AM EST
  • How Peoples Telephone Reboots Equipment Instantly with Automate for Intermapper
    Source: HelpSystems
    Case Study: What if you could reduce an eight-hour outage... to no time at all?
    That's exactly what Peoples Telephone Cooperative did. By automating reboots of
    failed equipment, this savvy telecommunications service provider saves countless
    man hours, makes sure technicians get a full night's sleep every night, and keeps
    customers happy.
  • How Peoples Telephone Reboots Equipment Instantly with Automate for Intermapper
    Source: HelpSystems
    Case Study: What if you could reduce an eight-hour outage... to no time at all?
    That's exactly what Peoples Telephone Cooperative did. By automating reboots of
    failed equipment, this savvy telecommunications service provider saves countless
    man hours, makes sure technicians get a full night's sleep every night, and keeps
    customers happy.
  • Webinar: Learn How Critical DDI is to IoT Success
    Source: InfoBlox
    Webcast: Live Event: Thursday December 7th@ 10AM PDT|1PM EDT

    Sensors, actuators, cameras, monitors, assembly line robots, and more—IoT is a radical change for network managers and a nightmare for security architects. Can tried and proven management tools get the job done?

    Let us reassure you that one traditional IT discipline can. DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI) can be your best bet for making IoT effective and secure. To find out how, join us on December 7 for a webinar about how industrial-grade DDI and DNS security can help you get better visibility, manage your devices centrally and improve overall security in your IoT environments.

    Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst with ZK Research, will present his insights on criticality of DDI for IoT Success where you will learn about:

    • Organization-wide visibility and discovery into all IP-enabled IoT devices
    • Centralized and robust management for effective resource planning and monitoring
    • Context-aware security to protect data and infrastructure in IoT deployments
  • Anatomy of a Mobile App: 8 Steps to Building Great Mobile Apps
    White Paper: What is your organization's approach to mobile? Are your teams effectively addressing all 8 key steps to building a mobile app? This primer takes you through the basics of every mobile app to help execute your mobile strategy.
  • Lightning App Builder Demo
    Webcast: Now everyone in your company can have the right apps to accelerate any business process. From custom HR apps that ensure employee productivity to operations apps that modernize manual processes. And since it runs on the Salesforce Platform, your apps are always up to date ready to scale.
  • MIT Tech Review Intelligent Customer Platforms
    White Paper: When elite skiers set out to conquer the world's most challenging mountains, they need the best equipment. They can't just browse idly at the local ski shop. Going online to buy high-end equipment such as avalanche airbags and climbing skins, these skiers often already know exactly what they need to keep them safe and competitive in the mountains. To expedite the shopping experience, Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd., an online retailer of high-end skiing and hiking equipment, takes an active role in predicting their needs and immediately pushes the right items to shoppers, rather than waiting until they check out to make suggestions.
  • HBR Custom Thought Leadership Content -- Closing the Customer Experience Gap
    White Paper: There is broad agreement in the executive and management ranks that customer experience is a key competitive differentiator today. Companies of all sizes and across all industries see the strategic significance of superior customer experience expanding in the future. Nearly three-quarters of business leaders [73%] said that delivering a relevant and reliable customer experience is critical to their company's overall business performance today, and almost all [93%] agreed that it would be two years from now. However, very few companies have the necessary technology systems in place to support the organizational and process changes required to reorient the business to the customer.

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