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  • The Storage Showdown
    Source: PC Connection
    White Paper: Uncover the solutions and technologies your IT organization needs to consider when strategizing about storage modernization, data protection and business continuity, and optimization and intelligence.
  • The Evolution and Impact of Hidden Mobile Threats: Why your Organization Needs a Multi-Level Security Solution
    Source: Wandera
    White Paper: We only hear about the high profile cyber attacks in the news, but what about the every day threats affecting your organization right now? It's likely that you're already the unsuspecting victim of hidden mobile attacks. Find out what practical steps you can take to uncover and neutralize these threats.
  • Press the Start Button on Information Governance: From 'Big Size' to 'Right Size'
    Source: IBM Corporation
    Webcast: How do ants eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Identifying, analyzing, and then acting on unstructured data in preparation for a data clean-up project, merger/acquisition, eDiscovery request, records classification, internal investigation, cloud migration, or even a data analytics project can seem overwhelming...just like an ant trying to eat an elephant...until we understand where to start.

    Join IBM for a webinar on October 8, 2014 featuring Cheryl McKinnon, Forrester principal analyst, as we discuss how to turn your unmanaged, unstructured data into relevant data, helping you jump start your information governance initiatives.

    As many of you know, the primary source of enterprise data growth, unstructured data, comes from disparate data sources, is spread across departments and locations, and is governed by ever changing compliance mandates and regulations. The nature of unstructured data makes finding that information governance "start button" a real challenge. Practitioners across legal, records, compliance, and IT struggle to answer these basic questions:
    - Do you know how much data you have?
    - Do you know where it's located and how much is classified?
    - Do you know who owns it?
    - Do you know how old it is?
    - Do you know how much is relevant to your business or just taking up space?
    - Do you know if it contains personally-identifiable information (PII) or other highly confidential information?

    Like an ant eating an elephant, it's all about perspective. Join us for a discussion on how to transform your "elephant size" unstructured data into "right size" relevant data and jump start your critical data-driven initiatives.
  • 5 Key Components of an Enterprise Mobility Strategy
    Source: Box
    Webcast: Overcome the top speed bumps in implementing a secure mobile content management strategy for your organization. This Webcast examines the rapid evolution of mobile workers, highlights the key considerations to support mobile collaboration (both within the company and with partners and customers), and examines how to meet the fundamental challenges of mobile security and data protection.
  • Mastering Business with the Speed of In-Memory Computing
    Source: Enterprise Management Associates
    Webcast: One key technique to establish competitive advantage is to decrease the time between data availability and actions taken based on that information. To accomplish this goal, many organizations are turning to low-latency operational and analytical processing. Join Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Managing Research Director for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, John Myers, and GridGain Founder and CTO, Nikita Ivanov, for this informative webinar to learn how your organization can build a competitive advantage.
  • Smart Growth, Smart I.T. at Multi-Color Corp
    Source: CDW
    Case Study: CDW has helped Multi-Color Corp.'s IT department maintain its optimal size while supporting the company's appetite for acquisitions. In addition to providing staff support, CDW helps the company with purchasing and installation. Recently, Larry Morgan, Multi-Color's manager of technology services realized an acquisition would push the boundaries of the company's existing NetApp storage capacity and called CDW. Within a few short days, the new NetApp appliance arrived, and a CDW storage expert installed it, seamlessly adding to the pool of storage resources.
  • Performance Testing of VMware View VDI on Kaminario K2 storage
    Source: Kaminario
    White Paper: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI, enables enterprise IT groups to easily provision, manage and secure the growing proliferation of desktop computing. This technical report covers detailed performance and efficiency tests for the Kaminario K2 array supporting VMware Horizon View virtual desktops that quantify its ability to support a range of critical VDI workloads.
    Continue here to find out more about the test results and how you can utilize Kaminario's All-Flash Array in your VMware VDI environment.
  • Full Speed Ahead for International Speedway Corp
    Source: CDW
    Case Study: International Speedway Corp.'s IT department is not resting on its laurels after upgrading the ISC enterprise infrastructure. In addition to rolling out wireless test pilots over the next several months, the IT staff plans to continue to virtualize as many of its remaining servers as possible. The company has already migrated its email, Microsoft SQL Server databases, financial applications, customer relationship management software and an inventory control application for its marketing partnerships to virtual machines. In all, that covers about 75 percent of its server environment. Now, the IT team plans to move its remaining Tier 1 applications -- including its ticketing system -- to a virtualized environment, says Jerry Ballenger, ISC's senior director of technology engineering and services. In the next year, the IT staff also plans to improve business continuity by turning its backup data center from a cold site to a hot site. The company uses a NetApp FAS2240 storage unit to back up file servers from each of its 13 facilities. "If users lose something and can't find a file, we want to empower them to restore it themselves," Ballenger says.
  • Functional Testing of SQL server on Kaminario K2 storage
    Source: Kaminario
    White Paper: Along with processing transactions and analytic queries, databases such as SQL Server need to perform regular maintenance activities such as creating backup copies or switching to alternate databases in the event of a server failure. This report documents a set of functional tests demonstrating the benefits of Kaminario K2's All-Flash Array storage for Microsoft SQL Server hosts in two key areas - database backups and availability during server failures.
    Read here how K2's writeable snapshots enable efficient database backups and how K2 handles failover of SQL Server databases.
  • Solution Category Overview: Data Center
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: In today's data center, efficiency is key. You need to gear up your infrastructure to keep your organization from hitting the wall. CDW can help you optimize and give your Data Center a head start.
  • K2 V5 Business Benefits White Paper
    Source: Kaminario
    White Paper: Kaminario's K2 All‐Flash Array has the right combination of consistent performance,
    enterprise storage capabilities, and, most importantly, far greater cost effectiveness than even traditional HDD‐based or hybrid storage solutions. K2's low cost per effective GB makes it the perfect primary storage tier for new projects and an optimal replacement for aging legacy storage systems supporting key IT initiatives such as server consolidations, virtual desktops, and any type of databases.
    Learn more about the many business benefits, including extraordinary cost efficiency, of Kaminario's K2 storage array.
  • Solved Video: Data Center
    Source: CDW
    Webcast: Converged Infrastructure: Built and implemented by CDW. Learn how one organization implemented a virtualized ERP system and primed their data center for the future with the help of CDW.
  • Introducing K2's 5th Generation
    Source: Kaminario
    Webcast: The Kaminario K2 is an enterprise-grade, general-purpose, all-Flash storage array designed to work with the mixed workloads of OLTP, analytic and virtualized applications.
    Watch this 2 minute video to get a quick overview of this high-performance, cost-efficient storage platform, its architecture and enterprise-class features.
  • Intigua Powers Up QA Environment on Kaminario K2 v5
    Source: Kaminario
    White Paper: In order to complete management software QA tests, Intigua's development group needed storage that could maintain a consistently high level of performance even under workloads with rapidly varying random blends of I/O. And it needed to be highly cost-effective without compromising on enterprise-grade features like data deduplication and compression.
    Read here how Intigua reduced costs to under $2/GB, achieved 20:1 data reduction a ran 7,000 VMs on a single Kaminario K2 array.
  • The Power of Convergence
    Source: CDW
    White Paper: This white paper explains why smart organizations are moving toward a strategy of converged infrastructure. With CI a cross section of IT components are combined into a single, optimized IT system. In addition to explaining the benefits of CI, the reader will learn about the nuances of three popular converged infrastructure solutions including HP ConvergedSystem, NetApp FlexPod and VCE Vblock.

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