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  • The Dirty Little Secret of Storage TCO
    Source: Dell Inc
    White Paper: The average IT department refreshes storage systems every three to five years. But organizations typically don't start this process because the calendar tells them to - often it is because the storage system fails to meet the performance and capacity demands of the organization.

    This white paper discusses the critical storage purchasing and planning strategies IT departments can and should adopt in order to gain control over the costs of storage refresh processes and extend the usability of their storage investments. Read on to learn more.

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  • Building an Enterprise Storage Architecture: What's In It for You?
    Source: Dell Inc
    White Paper: Storage is becoming more difficult for organizations to manage. Learn how a unifying storage architecture can help.

    Intel Inside®. Powerful Data Center Outside.

    Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.
  • eBook: Elevate Data Backup
    Source: Iron Mountain
    eBook: This e-Book shows you how to eliminate tape based backups, and move to cloud data replication - all while leveraging your existing infrastructure in Data Domain or Avamar.
  • Complete OpenStack Storage
    Source: Red Hat
    White Paper: Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Ceph Storage are a perfect fit for enterprises deploying OpenStack.
  • FICO Wins Customers with Red Hat OpenStack Cloud
    Source: Red Hat
    White Paper: FICO, a financial services provider, wanted to address small-to-medium business (SMB) and midmarket customer requests for solutions without on-premise installation. To transition from an on-premise model to a cloud- and services-based infrastructure, FICO chose to build an OpenStack cloud using Red Hat solutions, including OpenShift by Red Hat and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. As a result, FICO generated US$10 million in sales to new customers, reduced solution time to market by 50%, and lowered storage and overall infrastructure costs.
  • Red Hat Ceph Storage Datasheet
    Source: Red Hat
    White Paper: Learn about an open, software-defined storage platform for the cloud.
  • Red Hat Gluster Storage Datasheet
    Source: Red Hat
    White Paper: Red Hat Gluster Storage product datasheet includes product deployment options and technical specs.
  • Is Open, Software-Defined Storage Right for Your Organization
    Source: Red Hat
    White Paper: View this infographic on how to get started with software-defined storage.
  • Convincing Your Boss That Software-Defined Storage Is The Future
    Source: Red Hat
    White Paper: You've probably heard the term software-defined storage. But how do you define it? And what does it really mean for the future of storage. If you've been trying to persuade your boss that software-defined storage is right for your organization, now's the time to arm yourself with all the right information to make your case. Learn more in this brochure.
  • Best Practices For Getting Started With Open, Software-Defined Storage
    Source: Red Hat
    White Paper: A step-by-step guide for adopting software-defined storage as part of a practical, proactive strategy for managing enterprise data. Flexibility is inherent in this technology, and now more than ever, a flexible IT architecture might be the key to facing the once unthinkable challenges of big data.
  • Best Practices for Firewall Change Management
    Source: Skybox Security
    White Paper: Large enterprise networks change by the minute. Ensuring that each change complies with internal and regulatory security policies is a tedious, time-consuming process. A typical firewall change management workflow includes multiple steps or phases; the process is slightly different for each organization, and your security team might combine or break up the phases, but these steps are the foundation of change management. Read this whitepaper to learn how the firewall change management phases are typically handled across multiple organizations, and how integration with Skybox Security's analytics engine can improve the process by reducing effort and risk.
  • Best Practices: 4 Steps for More Automated, Adaptable Network Security Management
    Source: Skybox Security
    White Paper: Today's IT security teams are faced with rapidly mutating threats at every possible point of entry--from the perimeter to the desktop, from mobile to the cloud. Fueled by the fast evolution of the threat landscape and sea of changes in network and security architectures, network security management is far more challenging and complex than only a few years ago. Network security management is a balancing act between a variety of essential functions without room for error. Read about four fundamental best practices to help teams maintain compliance, enable new services, optimize performance, ensure availability, and support efficient and on-demand troubleshooting on an enterprise sale.
  • Best Practices for Reducing Your Attack Surface
    Source: Skybox Security
    White Paper: Heartbleed. Target. Adobe. Businesses are under siege by cybercriminals looking for financial gain and political actors looking for trade secrets. Millions of records containing consumer credit and debit cards can be compromised in a single breach. Enterprise executives are called in to testify to Congress. Vulnerabilities get fancy names and make the mainstream news. Today, no one is immune. It's critical for organizations to find ways to shrink their attack surface and get their risk level under control. Doing so makes it more difficult and more expensive for cybercriminals to find weak points to breach defenses, and more likely that the security team can prevent or contain an attack quickly. Read this whitepaper to learn 5 steps to shrinking your window of vulnerability.
  • 2015 Enterprise Vulnerability Management Trends Report
    Source: Skybox Security
    White Paper: The 2015 Enterprise Vulnerability Management Trends Report explores vulnerability management in enterprise environments looking for factors correlating overall satisfaction with the vulnerability management program. The intention of this report is to help security managers and executives looking to take their vulnerability management practices to the next level and to provide insight to how the industry can rise to meet these needs.
  • How to Deliver Effective Information Governance with Data Lineage
    Source: IBM
    Webcast: This webcast will highlight how organizations using the IBM Information Governance Catalog can extend the content of the catalog by using the new Open Catalog and Lineage framework. Extending the catalog via this framework helps organizations catalog and govern their Data Lake implementations and supports all manner of data storage and data integration technologies including MapReduce.

    This webcast will provide viewers with:

    -A clear overview of the IBM Information Governance Catalog and its ability to support and implement Data Governance requirements
    -A synopsis of the challenges faced by organizations trying to implement Data Governance and what are the best practices that they could follow
    -A brief education on Data Lineage and how does IBM Information Server support it
    -An example of how Information Governance Catalog is helping customers in the real world

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