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  • Forrester: The Total Economic Impact of the Dell | Cloudera Apache Hadoop Solution, accelerated by Intel®
    Source: Dell and Intel®
    Case Study: Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact study to examine the ROI enterprises may realize by deploying Dell | Cloudera Apache Hadoop Solutions, accelerated by Intel®. This report details their findings with quantified benefits, costs, and risks associated with an implementation. Learn how interviewed customers were able to streamline their deployment to increase their time-to-value and focus on growing business offerings rather than wrestling with the configuration, deployment, and management of the Hadoop cluster.

    Intel Inside®. Powerful Data Center Outside.

    Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.
  • Forrester Quantifies Benefits of the Dell | Cloudera Apache Hadoop Solution
    Source: Dell and Intel®
    Webcast: Adopt Hadoop without prior experience or expertise and ensure a rapid ROI using the Dell reference architecture for the Dell | Cloudera Apache Hadoop Solution, accelerated by Intel®. This video quantifies the findings of a Forrester Consulting Total Economic that evaluates the potential financial impact and business benefits of the Hadoop solution on their organizations. The results are determined by speaking to customers about their Hadoop implementations and then using the Forrester method for assessing the cost, risks, flexibility and benefits of their deployments.

    Intel Inside®. Powerful Data Center Outside.

    Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.
  • Case Study: Applying Big Data to the IoT
    Source: Dell and Intel®
    Webcast: Sensus deploys sophisticated, (no comma here) smart meters to monitor and measure energy consumption that generate large volumes of a wide variety of data. Hear from Sensus executives as they explain how migrating from an RDBMS to a Hadoop big data environment, built on a Dell | Intel infrastructure, enabled them to scale out linearly, analyze massive amounts of data in real-time, and leverage predictive analytics to transform the efficiency and responsiveness of their business.

    Intel Inside®. Powerful Data Center Outside.

    Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.
  • IDC: The New B2B: Business Transformation through Big Data and Analytics
    Source: Dell and Intel®
    White Paper: What role does Big Data play in today's business transformation efforts? Big Data has become a team sport in which business and IT executives, managers, and staff are embracing new analytics, new data types, new users, and new metrics. This IDC white paper uses extensive case-based and survey research to explain the value of Big Data and analytics in business transformation and highlights why Dell is among the few vendors that can deliver on the potential of the Big Data value proposition.

    Intel Inside®. Powerful Data Center Outside.

    Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.
  • The State of Mobile Security
    Source: Citrix Systems
    eGuide: Mobile payments, mobile apps, mobile health - new pieces to the increasingly complex and always changing security environment. Enterprises are struggling to keep up with mobile security demands, and one-fifth of IT pros say their companies had a mobile data breach. Yet mobile is here to stay, so organizations must shore up their security strategies.

    In this eGuide, Computerworld, CSO and Info- World take a look at the state of mobile security and current vulnerabilities, and speak with an expert on securing the mobile minimum viable app. The eGuide also includes articles on how to reduce mobile app security risks, and the unique challenges of securing mobile health records.
  • Being Ready for Digital, Explained
    Source: Axway
    White Paper: The greatest disruption in business as usual in the age of digital is that someone else is now calling the shots. It's not the corner office, or board members or stock investors. It's not Wall Street or the government. It's the consumer. Sure, on our way up the career ladder we've all been fed the same clichés:

    "The customer is always right." "The customer always comes first."

    But this time, it's different.

    Centered in a vast digital ecosystem swirling with data, and equipped with pocket-sized portals of connectivity loaded with captivating apps ready to please anytime, anywhere at the slightest whim, today's consumer is now the definitive lord and master of commerce. The genie is out of the bottle and its name is digital business. As IT and enterprise leaders, it now falls upon you to understand exactly what the customer wants.

    The big question is: are you prepared for the journey? Is your organization ready for digital? And what, exactly, does that mean? Download this whitepaper to learn more.
  • Don't Let "Trusted" Vendors Become Cyber-Breach Enablers
    Source: Bitsight Technologies
    White Paper: In a recent IDG survey of more than 260 IT managers and professionals, nearly 70% said they are extremely or very concerned about the security risks posed by third-party vendors and suppliers. Despite this awareness, relatively few companies have implemented the comprehensive vendor risk management (VRM) programs that this threat warrants. This paper examines the state of VRM programs today, and explains how companies can - and should - leverage automated services that continuously track and rate vendor security profiles.
  • Digital Business Enablement for the Supply Chain
    Source: Axway
    White Paper: Transform your supply chain to meet a new digital business reality.

    By underpinning your enterprise with a solid data integration foundation, you become more agile in creating new and innovative business models with full end-to-end visibility, more process-efficient with analytics tools that monitor data flows between systems, and more enabled to digitally engage your ecosystem of partners, suppliers, consumers, processes, data, and devices.

    Is your current integration foundation secure and agile enough to grow with you? Modernize your IT infrastructure with a next-generation data exchange layer that combines file transfer, EDI and API connectivity to improve operational efficiency across many industries. Download this whitepaper to learn more.
  • Making Cybersecurity Manageable with Hi-Fidelity Security
    Source: EMA Research
    Webcast: Join David Monahan, research director at leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and Wade Williamson, director of threat analytics at Vectra Networks, to learn how to implement high-fidelity security to manage today's most challenging threats, efficiently and effectively.
  • How Nicklaus Children's Hospital Implements Secure Mobility
    Source: Citrix Systems
    Webcast: This video shows how Dr. Burke of Nicklaus Children's Hospital relies on Citrix and mobile devices to instantly access critical patient information, saving lives and diagnosing patients from anywhere.
  • Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health Speeds Clinician Access to Critical Patient Data
    Source: Citrix Systems
    Case Study: Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System (FMOLHS), the largest health system in Louisiana, addresses challenges around the secure delivery of EMR, the growth of mobile and BYO devices used by clinicians and the increasing risk of HIPAA security breaches, while reducing IT costs.
  • Optimize Patient Care with Secure Access to Apps and Data
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: Innovations like EHR, CPOE and medical imaging enable clinicians to review and document every aspect of patient care. In this white paper, learn how virtualization can help IT deliver clinical and business apps to any device - enabling clinicians to seamlessly access the data needed to deliver optimal patient care from anywhere.
  • Infographic: Clinical Mobile Workspaces
    Source: Citrix Systems
    Research/Infographic: Healthcare organizations are increasingly challenged to improve patient care while reducing costs. View the infographic to learn about top initiatives impacting healthcare organizations and how to meet these challenges with flexible IT solutions that improve operational efficiency and provide clinicians greater mobility with secure access to healthcare applications and patient data.
  • Security and Compliance in Mobility-Transformed Healthcare Organizations
    Source: Citrix Systems
    White Paper: As healthcare organizations transition to innovative new healthcare models to increase clinician mobility, they need a strategy to maintain security, privacy and compliance wherever they deliver care. This white paper discusses how three leading healthcare organizations implemented IT solutions to deliver patient care more efficiently, while addressing HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS, meaningful use and other regulatory mandates.
  • Liberate Your Enterprise From Expensive DBMS to Drive Digital Business!
    Source: Enterprisedb Corporation
    Webcast: EDB Postgres is more than just a DBMS. EDB enterprise customers drive new and modernization IT initiatives using EDB Postgres to minimize risk and maximize savings. What if IT could free their core database management systems from traditional limitations and become a differentiator instead of a bottleneck to the business?
    Attend this webinar to learn how the open source based EDB Postgres Platform helps enterprises confidently deliver on the promise of digital business. We will present
    - The challenge to deliver digital business initiatives,
    - EDB Postgres value for the enterprise,
    - Steps to Take to Get To Success Quickly, and
    - Customer success stories showing EDB Postgres in action.

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