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  • Invest In The Right Flash Solution
    Source: TechData & HPE
    White Paper: You're looking at flash storage because you see it's taking the storage world by storm. You're interested in accelerating business-critical applications, consolidating a virtual server or desktop deployment, trying to get ahead of your company's data onslaught, or some combination of the above. This easy-to-read guide was developed to help arm you with key considerations and questions to ask before investing in a flash storage array for your business today, and for the future.
  • Five Ways to Protect Your Digital Assets
    Source: TechData & HPE
    Research/Infographic: Without the right backup and recovery strategies, there are a number of threats that could bring your business to a halt. Follow the five-step path illustrated in this infographic to ensure business continuity.
  • How IoT Will Impact Our Society
    Source: TechData & HPE
    White Paper: Some call the Internet of Things (IoT) the Intelligence of Things or the Internet of Everything. By whatever name, futurists say it heralds the moment when sensor-driven data connects everything to everything else and artificial and human intelligence become a seamless whole - the planet and virtually everything in and on it transformed into a single, thinking entity.
  • How Gamification Is Changing Chores and Homework
    Source: TechData & HPE
    White Paper: Will generations grow up without getting a physical sticker or star or checkmark for feeding the dog or taking out the trash? It's possible. There is no reason to believe that our reliance on technology will slow down any time soon, especially with the younger generation.
  • Kung Fu Panda: Master of Data Security
    Source: TechData & HPE
    Webcast: How does DreamWorks Animation keep its data safe? Hear from Kung Fu Panda himself, Master Po Ping, the Global Chief Protection Officer of DreamWorks Animation. Po may be the "Master of Security", but he gets a little help from Hewlett Packard Enterprise to watch over DreamWorks' data kingdom, where hundreds of employees around the world share confidential digital files. "HPE security is something that is essential for us," says Jeffrey Katzenberg, DreamWorks CEO, "Not only in the process of making the film, but also as we bring those films out around the world."
  • 5 Best Practices for Growing Your Microsoft Cloud Revenue and Profitability
    Source: AppDirect
    White Paper: To grow your customer base, revenues, and profitability, you have to be prepared to think outside of the entry-level, Microsoft reseller box to participate in the broader cloud services marketplace in a more scalable and profitable way.

    Whether you're a current Microsoft cloud solution provider (CSP) or are considering adding Microsoft Office 365 to your cloud services offering, these best practices can help you understand what it takes to effectively plan for and scale your cloud business. It requires careful planning and execution of the right go-to-market strategy for your business.
  • Supercharge Your Apps with All-Flash Storage
    Source: TechData & HPE
    eBook: The tipping point has arrived. Large enterprises are planning their next generation datacenters around flash-based storage, and for good reason. Flash arrays provide read and write performance that is orders of magnitude faster than spinning media at a total cost of ownership that is on par with disk and will soon be lower. The benefits not only include improved application performance, but more consistent performance, lower latency, reduced storage footprint, streamlined storage administration, and lower operating costs. These advantages are too beneficial to your business to ignore. That's why flash is becoming the standard for new storage investments.
  • Top 6 Must-Haves to Succeed in Cloud Service Commerce
    Source: AppDirect
    eGuide: From a compelling product catalog, to billing, to single sign-on, and more, this guide details the six more important elements you need to successfully sell cloud services.
  • Cloud Service Commerce: The Reseller Opportunity
    Source: AppDirect
    Research/Infographic: The emerging cloud service commerce space is growing quickly. In fact, it's set to triple in size over the next few years. Knowing the role that resellers play in buying and selling cloud services is critical to understanding the space as a whole.

    Key highlights include:

    • Companies that partner to sell cloud services see 2.4x faster growth than non-cloud-oriented companies
    • 63 percent of buyers want one source for all cloud services
    • Companies will spend $127 billion on public cloud services in 2018

    Download the infographic to learn more key facts and figures.
  • Evolving Your Business with IoT: Six Steps to Digital Transformation
    Source: AppDirect
    White Paper: Today, most companies have some form of digital asset that either complements their core offering or is the focus of their business. In the new digital world, unlocking the value of these apps, software, and digital assets is imperative to device longevity with customers and revenue growth.

    But monetizing digital assets can do much more than simply drive revenue; it can also transform businesses, disrupt value chains, improve product utilization, and increase the reliability of connected devices through software updates and enhancements. However, it should come as no surprise that digital transformation presents its own set of pain points that can affect organizations of all sizes.

    This white paper details the six steps to digital transformation with IoT, and includes an overview of industry trends that are driving this exciting space.
  • 7 Ways to Create an Innovation-Friendly Atmosphere at Work
    Source: TechData & HPE
    Sponsor Article: Innovation is the driving force in all economies. Indeed, the innovative power of disruptors is shattering industries worldwide. However, knowing you need to innovate and actually doing it are two different things. The good news is that encouraging and nurturing innovation isn't as difficult a task as you might think.
  • IAM's Place in your Breach Prevention Strategy
    Source: Okta
    Webcast: In recent years data breaches have become a common occurrence. What's more surprising is how consistently these breaches occur. It's not just the usual suspects of phishing, social engineering and insider threats; weak and stolen passwords are the majority cause (81% of the time per Verizon's DBIR).

    There's no silver bullet for breach prevention, but there are excellent strategies to defend against today's threat actors. In this session, we'll unveil the findings of a research study from leading analyst firm IDG. You'll learn:

    • Challenges and priorities for IAM as a part of a breach prevention strategy
    • Threats they're most concerned about and the best way to defend against them
    • How they're identifying and responding to account compromise
  • An Easy, Flexible, Alternative to LSMW for Business Users
    Source: WinShuttle
    White Paper: Uploading bulk information to SAP doesn't have to be time consuming and complex. Rather than rely on SAP's Legacy System Workbench (LSMW) which was designed for IT professionals for data migration projects, business users can leverage a non-technical alternative in a few simple steps to create and update data in SAP for everyday business transactions and data projects. This white paper provides a side-by-side comparison of LSMW's 14 step process and Winshuttle Studio's 3 step process to upload/download data and highlights why Winshuttle's business led, IT enabled solution provides many benefits to the organization.
  • 5 Ways Excel Accelerates Your Return On SAP FICO Business Processes
    Source: WinShuttle
    White Paper: How can a finance and/or controller professional access SAP FICO data leveraging Microsoft Excel in a highly usable and interoperable fashion while respecting all of the SAP core security and governance controls? In order to fully explore this question, this white paper highlights five valuable ways to leverage Microsoft Excel to reduce Finance & Controller operational costs while making your SAP FICO systems implementation, management and maintenance life easier.
  • Five Trends Shaping the Future of Global Marketing
    Source: Smartling
    eBook: Smartling commissioned three separate surveys to uncover the global readiness of distinct audiences. Each group responded to questions about their international marketing efforts, plans, notable obstacles and hoped-for improvements. Find out the five valuable observations drawn from across all three surveys.

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