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  • How Volkswagen Drives Customer Delight with Web Performance
    Source: Dynatrace
    Webcast: You've spent months getting your app ready for the big launch and now it's go-time. Traffic begins hitting the site and within minutes it slows to a crawl; then goes up in flames. Users are leaving in droves and your brand name takes a beating across every social media outlet.

    It doesn't have to be this way.

    Join James Carra, Manager of Hosting Operations at Volkswagen Group of America, for a Live Webinar on January 15th and learn how they avoided these nightmares and confidently re-launched their flagship site.
  • Enterprise Collaboration Shouldn't Be a Pile of Legos
    Source: Jive Software
    White Paper: Remember getting your first box of LEGOS as a kid? How fun it was putting the pieces together, collaborating with your friends to create something new? Now, as an IT professional, assembling and maintaining a Lego-like collaboration infrastructure isn't what you signed up for. Piecing together disparate systems of record for email, web meetings and other applications is about as painful as stepping on a pile of Legos. Download this paper to learn how implementing a collaboration hub connects systems of record the easy way.
  • IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Enterprise Social Networks 2014 Vendor Assessment
    Source: Jive Software
    White Paper: Enabling a "digital business" is becoming an increasing priority for organizations; the transition to enabling a digital interaction model inside an organization is twofold. There are technologies that underpin interactions as well as the cultural and behavioral changes that support this transition. Enterprise social networks (ESNs), and more broadly, social workflow, can play a significant role in this particularly when thought of as both a platform and a social workflow embedded in business systems where users are getting work done. This study identifies several key areas of market opportunity that lead to criteria by which vendors can be judged now and over the next three to five years.
  • 10 Commandments of Collaboration for Exceptional Customer Service
    Source: Jive Software
    White Paper: For organizations where customer experience is key, customer collaboration is one of the best ways to build trusted relationships and improve customer loyalty. Read this whitepaper to discover best practices that drive brand affinity, repeat business and increased loyalty - all while decreasing your overall customer service cost.
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant: Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace
    Source: Jive Software
    White Paper: With its in-depth guidance and independent third-party vendor evaluations, Gartner's Magic Quadrant market assessment can assist your organization in implementing an effective communication and collaboration solution. The full report covers 17 vendors, with specific information on their ability to execute and completeness of vision.
  • Infographic: How to Solve the Mobility Customer Experience Puzzle
    Source: CA Technologies
    Research/Infographic: Success with mobility is essential to succeeding in the application economy, yet end-user satisfaction with mobility is very low. A recent global study indicated that organizations who adopt an enterprise-wide approach to mobility provide a better customer experience and achieve higher revenue.

    Put the pieces of your mobility puzzle together using the latest research findings. See how an enterprise-wide strategy can improve overall customer experience and help you find success in the application economy.
  • Customer Case Study: EMC IT Virtualizes SAP HANA with VMware
    Source: VMware | EMC
    Case Study: EMC IT is leading the way by leveraging the power of VMware to support its SAP HANA rollout. Find out how EMC IT transformed their SAP landscape with the adoption of SAP HANA and VMware.
  • Solution Guide: EMC Hybrid Cloud with VMware for SAP
    Source: VMware | EMC
    eGuide: ITaaS provides IT leaders flexibility and to meet the needs of a tech-savvy, mobile workforce. EMC's Hybrid Cloud with VMware for SAP solution, optimized to help you take full advantage of ITaaS, is outlined in this Solutions Guide to help SAP architects & IT managers who are considering a hybrid cloud model.
  • Datasheet: SAP HANA on VMware vSphere 5.5 for Production Environments
    Source: VMware | EMC
    Data Sheet: SAP HANA now runs in production on vSphere 5.5, the foundation of vCloud Suite. Combine the power of the SAP HANA in memory platform with vSphere 5.5 to achieve faster time-to-value, better service levels and lower TCO for your production environments and take the next step to the software-defined datacenter.
  • Virtualize Your SAP Environment: A Joint Solution Offering from SAP & VMware to Increase IT Agility & Minimize Virtualization Risk
    Source: VMware | EMC
    White Paper: If yours is like most IT organizations today, you're under constant pressure to do more with less - even as demand for your services continues to increase. You're expected to drive down costs and operate at peak efficiency. SAP and VMware have joined forces to offer you a proven solution that has already helped SAP customers all over the world transform the way they manage their SAP landscapes.
  • Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO: RAIL
    Source: Dell Inc.
    White Paper: As the first 100% VMware-powered hyper-converged infrastructure appliance, the Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO: RAIL is a pre-configured, fully integrated, hyper-converged appliance designed to help you deploy applications faster, scale up and down easier, and better manage infrastructure and workload delivery.
  • Web Security: Protecting The Heart Of Your Business
    Source: Akamai
    White Paper: Much like your home needs electricity or water to make it habitable, companies require the Internet for most of their business-critical functions. The business risks of not being able to connect with customers over the Internet or recovering from a data breach are significant. Download this Forrester whitepaper to learn how you can grow your business through a reliable and secure internet presence.
  • The Importance of Improving and Adapting Web Security
    Source: Akamai
    White Paper: With so much depending on web site availability, Chief Security Officers are considering new ways to be cost-effectively proactive and vigilant. This paper looks at the challenges and options to web security deployment.
  • Improving DDoS Protection
    Source: Akamai
    White Paper: A recent survey reveals a significant disconnect between companies' concerns and their preparedness when it comes to potential DDoS attacks. This survey looks at the high level of concern about the impacts of DDoS attacks and the "always-on" solution to help identify and mitigate attacks.
  • Gatepoint Research: Beyond the Firewall: Protection and Performance
    Source: Akamai
    White Paper: Threats to web and network resources are increasingly sophisticated and costly. Potential sources of threats have dramatically increased as cybercrime has evolved into big business. This white paper will look at escalating attack concerns, how to address the challenges as well as looking at building a cloud-based defense strategy.

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