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  • The 2015 Guide to WAN Architecture & Design
    Source: Silver Peak Systems Inc
    White Paper: This e-book describes a hypothetical company, referred to as NeedToChange, which has a traditional approach to WAN design. It then presents Silver Peak's response to how NeedToChange should evolve its WAN. This e-book includes a summary of the key components of some of the emerging approaches to WAN architecture and design and concludes with a call to action that outlines a project plan that network organizations can use to evolve their WAN.
  • Analyst Report: Can Broadband Change the WAN?
    Source: Silver Peak Systems Inc
    White Paper: Traditional WAN's don't support today's requirements, where flexibility, performance, visibility and control are the keys to success for high-performance organizations and their users. Can you accomplish this while reducing costs and infrastructure support?

    A new paper by Moor Insights and Strategy explores this challenge and reviews a new breed of technology and strategies to address this problem. See how to achieve private-line-like performance with broadband economics.
  • Analyst Report: Multi-Path Networking Is a Key to Maximizing Cloud Value
    Source: Silver Peak Systems Inc
    White Paper: Technology is rapidly changing the way we work, yet the WAN has not evolved to meet any of the requirements needed to unleash the power of cloud computing. It's time to explore more efficient, secure and cost effective ways of connecting end users to mission-critical applications, no matter where they reside. Read this paper by Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research to learn:
    - How legacy networks restrict cloud computing potential
    - Ways organizations can reduce dependency on MPLS
    - How multi-path networking improves cloud application performance
  • Evolve IT eBook: 5 Reasons Enterprises Move to Broadband WAN
    Source: Silver Peak Systems Inc
    eBook: The WAN has always been about connecting users to applications and moving data, but times have changed as applications reside more often in the cloud. The way enterprises and users do business has changed -- and so must the approach to connectivity. Read the eBook to learn:
    - Why companies are leveraging broadband for their WAN
    - What a Broadband WAN is, and how it can deliver unrivaled flexibility
    - How to reduce connectivity costs by up to 90%
  • Redefine Your WAN with Broadband
    Source: Silver Peak Systems Inc
    White Paper: This solution brief explains how organizations can work to improve business agility as they learn to reduce their dependency on MPLS for stable, high-performance networking. Leveraging broadband or Internet in the Wide Area Network (WAN) delivers enhanced network flexibility, visibility and control into legacy and cloud applications, improved performance, and dramatic savings.
  • Technology in Action: Kingston Migrates to a Broadband WAN
    Source: Silver Peak Systems Inc
    Case Study: Memory products leader Kingston Technology, improved replication performance across long distances and reduced their dependence on MPLS. Read Kingston's challenges and how they leveraged the Internet to connect 4,000 worldwide employees quickly and securely.
  • Technology in Action: Interroll Evolves The WAN with Broadband
    Source: Silver Peak Systems Inc
    Case Study: Manufacturing leader, Interroll, augments MPLS with Broadband to dramatically reduce WAN costs and improve SaaS application performance. Read the case study to learn how.
  • Killing Enterprise Complexity by Simplifying Business Applications for Users
    Source: Capriza
    Webcast: Complexity is killing business. The enterprise applications put in place to help run business are impacting productivity and speed to market, and it's affecting employees, customers, and partners. Learn how IT departments are successfully tackling this challenge by simplifying the user experience of their business applications.
  • Open your Ecosystem for the Future with Software-Defined Networking
    Source: Dell Inc
    Webcast: As Software Defined Networks (SDN) become the preferred data network architecture, they are also driving the move to open solutions, which offer the flexibility modern customers require. Watch this webcast to see how Dell, cited by Gartner as the "world's most innovative, disruptive, and visionary network vendor," is providing a complete set of future-ready open networking solutions.
  • New Relic Helps FlightStats Improve the Travel Experience of Millions of Travelers around the World
    Source: New Relic
    White Paper: FlightStats is the leader in global flight data services and solutions to travelers and the companies that serve them. The company provides real-time global flight information which includes about 90,000 global flights per day, serving airlines and airports, travel agencies, developers, consumers, and others.
  • Lending Club Disrupts the Financial industry with a Game-Changing Marketplace
    Source: New Relic
    White Paper: Lending Club (NYSE: LC) is the world's largest online marketplace connecting borrowers and investors. The company's mission is to transform the banking system to make credit more affordable and investing more rewarding, helping millions of people achieve their financial goals. Lending Club operates at a lower cost than traditional banks and passes the savings on to borrowers in the form of lower rates and to investors in the form of solid returns. Since launching in 2007 the company has built a trusted brand with a track record of delivering exceptional value and satisfaction to both borrowers and investors.
  • DevOps without Measurement is a Fail
    Source: New Relic
    eBook: The DevOps movement continues to gather speed, and, according to many, it's about time. After all, fostering collaboration and transparency across the entire delivery process has been shown to help everyone get great work done quickly. That means faster delivery of software, fewer defects, faster resolution of problems, and better allocation of limited resources.
  • New Relic for Docker: Shed light into your Docker containers
    Source: New Relic
    White Paper: In today's constantly evolving, modern architectures, distributed applications are being rapidly built and shipped with the ability to run anywhere-and platforms such as Docker are paving the way. New Relic helps Docker users gain visibility into the performance of their containers within the context of their overall environment.
  • Got PaaS? Better Get Visibility
    Source: New Relic
    White Paper: Industry experts believe that PaaS will be the enabling technology for what are considered to be next-generation applications: composite, cloud-native applications composed of modular services or microservices, with each service running in its own container and communicating via middleware and network connections.
  • ReachLocal Keeps its Focus on the Client Experience with New Relic
    Source: New Relic
    White Paper: In 2003, ReachLocal set out to help local businesses in the United States to acquire,maintain, and retain customers via the Internet. Today, the company enables its more than 21,000 clients around the world overcome increasingly complex marketing challenges by delivering state of-the-art solutions that include: search engine marketing, Web presence, display advertising and remarketing, online marketing analytics, and assisted chat service.

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